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[Webinar] Nuxeo platform 5.8 webinar

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This new Long Term Support version of the Nuxeo Platform offers new possibilities for quickly prototyping and building content-centric applications. An accumulation of multiple Fast Track versions, the main features of this release have already been installed and vetted by the Nuxeo community. Join Brendan and Thibaud for this special online release event that will introduce the Nuxeo Platform 5.8 with a live demonstration.
  • 1. /Content Management Platform For Business ApplicationsDiscover Nuxeo Platform 5.8Webinar Brendan Coveney Thibaud Arguillere

2. Content File + Metadata! Right? Right? Yes, in 1998 2 3. Content is information created by or for people.3 4. DataContent INVOICE STATEMENTCASE4 5. Content Lorem Ipsum DolorJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepNovOctDec25LoremLorem28%28%28%5028%28%7528%28%10028%Data0 LoremLoremLoremLoremLoremLorem5 6. DataContentharvest analyze segment compute input output level etc.create collaborate version share exchange transmit distribute etc.6 7. We help you build applications to create, store, manage and distribute business content......by enabling collaboration, processes and business logic.7 8. Case Studies8 9. Great Customers9 10. Case Manager for Big Data Help users make the link between results of their analytics engine and real life facts so they can take action Repository for visualizations and related content Create cases, apply business rules, and content from ndings of the analytics engine Enable collaboration on these objects 10 11. Michelin TP chose Nuxeo for its new DAM system Store assets (pictures) and point of interest data Manage the collaboration and workow on the content Publish the assets to various consumers (web, guides, etc.)11 12. Nuxeo Platform 5.812 13. Nuxeo Platform 5.81,161 tasks completed960 bugs xed8,375 commits65,000+ builds500+ build jobs3,500+ tests on commits Fast Track release cycle New REST API endpoints Workow capabilities Nuxeo Drive Monitoring with Metrics Digital Asset Management13 14. Release CycleOne year5.65.8Long Term Support release5. Track releases14 15. REST APIs js : nuxeo.doc(path).fetch() http: GET /api/path/{pathOfTheDoc}! js : nuxeo.doc(id).fetch() http: GET /api/id/{idOfTheDoc}! js : nuxeo.doc(id).update({...}) http: POST /api/id/{idOfTheDoc} { "properties": { ... "dc:title": "The new title", ... }}! js : nuxeo.doc(id).op({...}) http: POST /api/id/{idOfTheDoc}/@op/{opId} { ...} New resource-oriented endpoints (REST) for: documents, tasks, workows, directories, etc. Integrated with Operations to pipe content into commands With a congurable data level No framework required. Consume directly from browser js, node, ruby, php, python, dart, you-name-it! 15 16. Nuxeos New REST API Resourcehttp://...:8080/nuxeo/api/path/default-domain/workspaces/myWorkspaceGETRetrieves the documentPUTUpdates the documentPOSTCreates a documentDELETEDeletes the document16 17. Nuxeos New REST APIDocuments are rendered in JSON Perfect for the web17 18. nuxeo.io - Developer friendly Business application developer friendly APIs Access to rst class resources and Context parametersGET /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/workspaces/@bo/ TitleDescription AdaptorsPOST /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/.../myFolder/ @children/@op/makeAZIP Customizable endpointsGET /nuxeo/api/v1/product/{productId}18 19. 25-min Demo Videonuxeo.com/api Introduction to AngularJS Nuxeo REST API Code a simple application19 20. Nuxeo Drive Conict handling HTTP proxy support Sync status menu icon Dynamic content lists Direct open from browser Developer Oriented20 21. Workow New nodes: multi-task, exclusive Support for sub-processes Rule-based escalation Task resolution screen Processes dashboard New operations for controlling processes REST API21 22. Scalability & Operations Unied database caching layer Monitoring via Metrics & Kibana Persistent distributed queues for background jobs via Redis Better SQL Server support22 23. Monitoring23 24. Graphite Dashboard24 25. Visualize with Other Tools25 26. Digital Asset Management Refactored UI for easy customization Integration with Nuxeo Drive UX: dragndrop, navigation, action buttons Search: save, share, tags Widgets: video storyboard, video reader, picture web view DAM-related document types: Video, Picture, PictureBook and Sound DAM facets and schemas are now available 26 27. Digital Asset Management27 28. And Much More Operation Tracers nuxeo.js More widgets in Studio Multi-tabs in backoce Injection of Services SafeEdit for forms New look for Studio Select2 integration Hybrid widgets New asset browser Long running tx Collaboration in Studio OpenID / OAuth2 AngularJS blueprint Job Management and hundreds more! 28 29. We support the complete app lifecycle Design & Build ! ! ! Nuxeo StudioIDE Plugins! Client SDKsTest FrameworksHot ReloadDeploy ! ! ! Marketplace PackagesUpdate Center! Cloud Infrastructure Run ! ! ! Deep Monitoring ! Long Term Maintenance & SupportNuxeo Connect Subscription (priced per repository & developer) 26 29 30. Integrated Experience new nuxeo.io Premium support to help your teamsnew Proactive monitoringSoftware maintenance via hot xesconnectStudio to design applicationsnew Postgres supportMarketplace to get or distribute addons Access to high-end consulting & training30 31. Thank You!Brendan Coveney- GM, Americas and APAC Phone: (+1) 408-506-8630e-mail: [email protected] me: @bcoveneyThibaud Arguillere, Sales Engineere-mail: [email protected] me: @ThibArg31

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