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Welcome to Science Jan 8 th, 2015 (A day) Jan 9 th, 2015 (B day)

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Welcome to Science Jan 8 th , 2015 (A day) Jan 9 th , 2015 (B day)

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Welcome to ScienceJan 8th, 2015 (A day)Jan 9th, 2015 (B day)

Warm Up Jan 8th and Jan 9th, 2015Imagine traveling deep below the surface of the Earth; describe what you think you might see and feel.


Interactive Notebook Q2Add entry to Table of Contents 6.E.2.1 Structure of the EarthAssign the next number

Interactive Notebook Q2Label Next Available Page: 6.P.2.1 Structure of the EarthNumber page to match Table of Contents entryCircle the number

This weeks MISSION!We will become earth scientists as we dive deep into the layers of the earth and explore what they are made of and investigate why the continents have moved so much since earth was created.

Supplies.Who remembered to bring in their supplies for our Earth model?If we do not get these supplies in, we will not be able to make our models.Please bring these items in by Friday!

Discovery Ed Video.We are about to watch a video that discusses the Earths interior.As you listen to the video, write down 3 important facts you hear from the video into your notebookWe will share these after the video http://app.discoveryeducation.com/player/view/assetGuid/4D09EF7F-386A-4A82-823D-70D23C6127DD

6th Grade StandardStandard 6.E.2.1: Summarize the structure of the Earth, including the layers, the mantle, and core based on the relative position, composition, and density.

Where is this standard posted in our room?

How do we know what is inside the earth?Lets read pg 71-73

VocabularyAdd these vocabulary words to your notebook now.CompositionSeismologySeismic wavesDensity10 minutes to copy the words above and their definitions from the textbook

Earths Layers Foldable

Lets create a slice of earth You will be given a slice of earthYou will complete the information inside Use the class reading set to get the factsWe will work together to complete the outside!Earths Structure FoldableGlue, tape or staple this into your interactive notebook.

Write in notebook:The Earth is mostly composed of rock

Write in notebook:75% (3/4) of the Earths surface is covered by water (liquid water and frozen water)

Write in notebook:Composition of the Earth:4 Distinct Layers:CrustMantleOuter CoreInner Core

DensityChallenge question: Remember the density column? Which substance went to the bottom?Which went to the top?

Knowing what we now know about density, take a look at the 4 layers of the earth in the next slide and tell me which would be most dense, and which would be least dense.4 Layers of the Earth which layer is most dense?

4 Layers of the Earth which layer is least dense?

Increased density as we go to the center of earthThe 4 layers have different densities which causes them to separate

Least dense = crustMost dense = inner core

VideoA Journey Inside the Earth (6.27 minutes)Journey inside the Earth

4 corners .on a blank page!Draw this diagram in your notebook now.Write in notebook:The Earths Crust:Thin, solid outer layerLeast dense layer Contains plates that move over time2 types: continental crust oceanic crusts

Write in notebook:Oceanic Crusts:under the oceansMore dense (because the ocean compresses it)Thinner

Write in notebook:Continental Crust:under the continentsLess denseThicker

Write in notebook:The Earths Mantle:below the crust Made of silicon, magnesium, iron, oxygenCONVECTION CURRENTS: Thick, hot, convective layer

Write in notebook:The Earths Outer Core:Liquid layer made of nickel and ironSpins around the inner coreEarths only totally liquid layer

Write in notebook:The Earths Inner Core:Solid iron and nickel due to extreme pressureDensest layerThe inner core + the Earths rotation, creates the Earths magnetic fieldCompass.How does a compass work?How does it always point North?

Music VideoMr. Lee Layers of the EarthEarth's Layers

In each layer you will include : Made up of- Density- Height-Color Crust-blueCore-YellowOuter Core-OrangeInner Core-Red

Color lightly so the facts can be readPay close attention to the rap videoDojo points for the best rap performance!I will play the song once and then volunteers will perform parts of the song for points!