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Welcome to the Dive Crew of The Dive Academy Welcome to the Dive Crew of The Dive Academy.

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Welcome to the Dive Crew of The Dive Academy Welcome to the Dive Crew of The Dive Academy Slide 2 2 WELCOME PERSONAL INTRODUCTION PAPERWORK Course Overview Course Materials Academic Sessions Pool Sessions Open Water Dives (Optional) Course Certification Slide 3 3 TO BECOME A COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT DIVE LEADER IT TAKES FOUR INGREDIENTS: Proper Knowledge Proper Skills Proper Equipment Proper Experience Slide 4 4 LOOK FOR THESE ICONS: Pearl Continuing Education Environment Slide 5 5 SECTION 1 THE ROLE OF THE DIVEMASTER Slide 6 6 OBJECTIVES Understand the Role of the Divemaster List the Components of the Divemaster Crossover Program State the Requirements to Be a Working Divemaster SECTION 1 Slide 7 7 THE ROLE OF THE DIVEMASTER Course Intent You will be qualified to 1.Work in Resort Areas and in Retail Stores 2.Take of certified divers on diving activities and guide them on underwater tours 3. Assist an active Instructor in training classroom, pool and open water sessions under the direct supervision SECTION 1 Slide 8 8 THE ROLE OF THE DIVEMASTER Course Prerequisites 1.18 Years Old 2.Current Medical History 3.Have Logged at Least 60 Open Water Dives 4.Specialty Training or Experience of minimum 5 Dives: Boat Diving Deep Diving Night/Limited Visibility Equipment Techniques Navigation Enriched Air Nitrox Diver (Optional) 5.Specialty Training in Diver Stress&Rescue or Equivalent SECTION 1 Slide 9 9 THE ROLE OF THE DIVEMASTER Course Overview 1.3 Academic Sessions 2.1 Pool/Confined Water Workshop SECTION 1 Slide 10 10 THE ROLE OF THE DIVEMASTER Course Content 1.The Working Divemaster 2.History and Philosophy of SSI & The SSI Educational System 3.Divemaster and Beyond Your Career Options! SECTION 1 Slide 11 11 THE ROLE OF THE DIVEMASTER SSI Renewal, Dealer Affiliation & Liability Insurance Member Status 1.Active Status: Dealer Affiliation Payment of Annual Fees Insurance (where applicable) 2.Inactive Status 3.Cancelled Status 4.Review Status (in severe cases of Grievance Resolution) SECTION 1 Slide 12 12 THE ROLE OF THE DIVEMASTER Earning Potential 1.Leading Dive Trips 2.Guiding Certified Divers 3.Assisting in Training 4.Selling Equipment SECTION 1 Slide 13 13 DIAMOND DIALOGUE 1 As a Divemaster you will be called upon many times to resolve or prevent issues. Discuss what issues may be encountered and how to handle them. SECTION 1 Slide 14 14 WORKSHOP 1 Simulate several issues that the future Divemaster will encounter. From their previous Diver Stress & Rescue training the candidates should know how to see the signs of an approaching problem. SECTION 1 Slide 15 15 SECTION 2 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SSI & THE SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM Slide 16 16 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SSI OBJECTIVES Illustrate the Major Difference Between SSI and Other Dive Training Agencies State the Major Advantage of the SSI Dive Center/Dive Professional Relationship List Two Criteria That all SSI Dive Skills Must Meet SECTION 2 Slide 17 17 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SSI The History of SSI SSI was founded in 1970 by a group of retailers with a clear vision that the best place to train divers is a professional diving business The SSI Business Philosophy Become Divers Not Just Learn to Dive. SECTION 2 Slide 18 18 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SSI Foundation of the SSI Dive Center Network 1. Dive Center 2. Instructor Training Center 3. Diamond Dive Center 4. Diving School Foundation of the SSI Dive Resort Network 1. Dive Resort 2. Instructor Training Center 3. Diamond Dive Resort 4. Dive Boat SECTION 2 Slide 19 19 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SSI The SSI / Dive Center / Dive Professional Relationship Benefits of the Relationship for the Dive Center Benefits of the Relationship for the Dive Professionals SECTION 2 Slide 20 20 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SSI The SSI History 1.Proper Knowledge 2.Proper Skills 3.Proper Equipment 4.Proper Experience Skill Training and Diver Accidents Why People Learn SECTION 2 Slide 21 21 DIVER DIAMOND PHILOSOPHY & BENEFITS Slide 22 22 SECTION 2 Slide 23 23 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SSI The SSI Teaching Philosophy 1.Real World Skills Designed to Work with any Equipment Configuration, and Under any Condition 2.A Clear Need to Know 3.Comfort Through Repetition 4.Diver Independence 5.Learning Must Be Fun SECTION 2 Slide 24 24 DIAMOND DIALOGUE 2 Discuss and review how the entire Customer Loyalty Cycle works towards creating as well as retaining future divers. Integrate each section of the Diver Diamond in this discussion to re-emphasize the importance of this philosophy for the success of the customer. SECTION 2 Slide 25 25 WORKSHOP 2 Role play how the Dive Center and the Divemaster work together to make long term divers and loyal customers. SECTION 2 Slide 26 26 SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM OBJECTIVES List the 9 Components of the SSI Total Teaching System Describe the 7 Ways People Learn State the 2 Standards That Dictate How We Train Define the 2 Components Required for Continuing Education Certification SECTION 2 Slide 27 27 SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM The SSI Total Teaching System Components of the Total Teaching System 1. The Student Manual 2. The DVD 3. The Session Review Questions 4. The Final Exam 5. The Student Training Record 6. The SSI Total DiveLog 7. The Instructor Manual 8. The Instructor Cue-Cards 9. The Presentation Enhancement Guides (PEGs) SECTION 2 Slide 28 28 SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM The SSI Total Teaching System The Flexibility of the SSI System The 80-20 Rule How People Learn 1. Motivational Phase 2. Instructional Phase 3. Processing Phase 4. Retention and Retrieval Phase 5. Performance Phase 6. Evaluation Phase 7. Reinforcement Phase SECTION 2 Slide 29 29 SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM Training Standards 1. Industry Training Standards 2. SSI Training Standards 3. Training Standards vs. The SSI Educational System SECTION 2 Slide 30 30 Slide 31 31 SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM The SSI Educational System 1.Levels and Ratings SSI Diver Courses 1.SSI Courses Building Blocks for Continuing Education 2.SSI Continuing Education: Training + Experience SECTION 2 Slide 32 32 SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM SSI Continuing Education Certification Requires Training and Experience 1.The SSI Educational System Assists in Developing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty During the Training Process 2.The SSI Educational System Encourages Employee Loyalty 3.The SSI Educational System Uses Online/Home-Study to Promote Sales SECTION 2 Slide 33 33 SSI EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM Introduction to Online Training/Home Study 1. Educational Advantages of Online Training/Home Study 2. Financial Advantages of Home Study 3. Scheduling Advantages of Online Training/Home Study SECTION 2 Slide 34 34 DIAMOND DIALOGUE 3 Discuss how the 80/20 rule works. Also reflect the flexibility of the SSI Education System in regards to Continuing Education and why it allows SSI to better educate student divers. SECTION 2 Slide 35 35 WORKSHOP 3 Simulate your own Master Diver pathway and explain the benefits of your course combination to a virtual student. SECTION 2 Slide 36 36 SECTION 3 DIVEMASTER AND BEYOND Slide 37 37 DIVEMASTER AND BEYOND OBJECTIVES SECTION 3 State Skills That Must be Maintained as a Divemaster List the Way How You Can Qualify as an Instructor Slide 38 38 DIVEMASTER AND BEYOND Staying Current 1.Magazines 2.Books and Technical Manuals 3.Special Interest Groups 4.SSI Specialty Courses 5.Consumer Dive Shows 6.Networking 7.Experience The Next Step, Dive Control Specialist Program 1.Program Overview SECTION 3 Slide 39 39 Slide 40 40 DIAMOND DIALOGUE 4 Discuss how the Divemaster can continue to learn and become an SSI Instructor. SECTION 3 Slide 41 41 WORKSHOP 4 Have the Divemaster candidates find what it takes to become an Instructor (SSI Standards) and have them work through the process of how to reach that goal. SECTION 3 Slide 42 42 HOW FAR DO YOU WANT TO GO? Dive Professional 1.Dive Guide (DG) 2.Divemaster (DM) 3.Dive Control Specialist (DCS) 4.Training Specialist (TS) 5.Open Water Instructor (OWI) 6.Specialty Instructor (SI) 7.Advanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI) 8.Dive Control Specialist Instructor (DCSI) 9.Instructor Trainer (IT) Slide 43 43 CONGRATULATIONS! Joe Diver Divemaster

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