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Westlake Boys High School Welcome to Westlake Evening

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  • Westlake Boys High School Welcome to Westlake Evening
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  • Welcome and Introduction Mr David Ferguson Headmaster
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  • Senior Leadership Team Mr Alex Reed Associate Headmaster Mr Joe Cachopa Deputy Headmaster F7 Leadership Mr Arnold Van den Heuvel Deputy Headmaster F6 and CIE Leadership Mr Mark Jackson Deputy Headmaster F5 and NCEA Leadership Mr Shane Young Deputy Headmaster - F4 Leadership Mr Steve McCracken Assistant Headmaster F 3 Leadership
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  • Other People Who Can Help Form 3 Deans: Mrs Rachel Peak Mr Peter Rea Learner Support:Mr Gary Francis Music: Mr Warwick Robinson Sport: Mr Rob Taylor
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  • Standards 1.Uniform and Grooming 2.Respect and Manners 3.Attendance and Punctuality
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  • Involvement - Academic Homework groups Peer Tutoring Academic Mentoring iLearn
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  • Student Timetable
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  • Parent Portal
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  • Form 3 Curriculum and Beyond
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  • Placement Test (October 2013) Three tests (from The University of Canterbury) determined which band and stream your son was placed in at the beginning of the year. The three tests were in: 1.English 2.Mathematics 3.Reasoning
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  • The Junior Curriculum In Form 3 [core subjects]: English Mathematics Science Social Studies Physical Education In Form 3 [rotation subjects]: Materials Technology Information Technology Graphics Electronics Music Art Drama
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  • The Junior Curriculum Also in Form 3: At least one language, from: French German Japanese Chinese Maori Gifted and Talented Students: Academic Institute A second language Music Institute Sports Institute
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  • The Junior Curriculum In Form 4 [core subjects]: English Mathematics Science Social Studies Physical Education Option subjects in Form 4: Three from: Economics and Accounting Art Music Technology Graphics Food French German Chinese Japanese Maori Media Studies Music Institute Sports Institute All Band A students must take a language
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  • Form 3 A, B, C Bands (all students) Form 4 Cambridge Preparation A Band (Top 40%) Form 4 B & C Bands Form 5 Cambridge IGCSE Form 5 NCEA Form 6 Cambridge AS Level Form 6 NCEA Form 7 Cambridge A Level Form 7 NCEA Dual Pathway
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  • FORMS 3 & 4 EXAMINATIONS 1.Mid Year Examinations (19 th -23 rd May). All examinations are 1 hours. 2. End of Year Examinations (18 th -20 th November). All junior examinations are 2 hours. 3. Streaming for Form 4, and CIE and NCEA is based on 1/3 Mid-Year Examinations and 2/3 End-of-Year Examination
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  • Reclassification Process (May) After the mid year examinations, there is a reclassification process where students may move up or down to another band. Reclassification is based, at the moment, only on the four core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, because all students do these subjects. There are three Bands: A, B and C. Each band contains 5 classes, or approximately 140 students.
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  • All students are ranked in order after the mid year examinations, but only those who have done significantly well will move up or down into another band. If a students results still have him in the same band, he will not move classes. The reason for this is that he doesnt change his subject teachers unnecessarily. However, any improvement or drop will be indicated on the mid year report.
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  • Maths Regular assessments tests and exams Assessment schedule in exercise book Calculators: CIE: Basic Scientific NCEA: Graphical
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  • Help is available through a variety of sources: His class teacher Peer tutoring Learner Support MyiMaths software (Free) which will also be used as a source of Homework tasks as well MathsBuddy software ($30) External tutor via HOF but this should only be used as a last resort and should be seen as a temporary arrangement to fix to sort out a particular problem. You talk and encourage HIM to seek help
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  • ilearn & BYOD iLearn is the schools Moodle site http://ilearn.westlake.school.nz/ Courses pages for information and work. BYOD from term 2 Preferred device to have a full operating system
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  • Reports 1.Progress Report (Terms 1) List of Subjects. Grades A, B, C, D, E. Academic Attainment, Attitude, Effort, Homework/Equipment.
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  • 2.Mid Year & End of Year Reports (Terms 2 & 4) All Mid Year and End of Year Reports will have: List of Subjects. Percentage Marks. Place in Subject. Effort Grade. Rank in Year Group Attendance (number of days absent to date). For junior reports: Mid Year Report: no Subject Comments. End of Year Report: Subject Teachers and Form Teacher Comments.
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  • How do I get involved?
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  • Involvement Music/Dance Big Band Chamber Orchestra Choralation Choir Concert Band Rock Bands Barbershop Hip Hop Dance Troupe Musical Shows Symphonic Band Symphony Orchestra Taharoto Orchestra Voicemale Camerata Stage Band
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  • Music at Westlake Boys Getting involved in a Westlake music group. Getting Instrument/Singing lessons at Westlake Boys. Events throughout the year.
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  • Getting involved in a Westlake Music Group Getting involved in a Westlake music group. Symphonic Band, Stage Band, Taharoto Orchestra, Rock Bands, String Orchestra, Momentum Choir. Signing up Attendance at rehearsals Performance uniform
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  • Getting Instrument/Singing lessons at Westlake Boys Guitar, Drums, Bass, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Rock Band & Singing. Once a week for half and hour (during school time) Cost $220 per year (Fees due by March 21 st ) Priority given to students taking music as a subject
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  • Events Throughout the Year Equinox Concert (March 20 th ) Proms Concert(April 4 th ) The Big Sing(June 10 th 12 th ) Westlakes Got Talent(June 16 th ) Gala Concert(July 30 th ) KBB Festival(August 4 th - 10 th )
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  • Involvement - Sport Athletics Badminton Basketball Cricket Cross Country & Road Running Cycling Dragon Boating Football Frisbee Golf Hockey Judo Mountain Biking Multi Sport Orienteering Petanque Rock Climbing Rowing Rugby Rugby League Skiing Snowboarding Squash Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Touch Rugby Triathlon Volleyball Waterpolo Wrestling Yachting
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  • Sports Vision: To be the number ones boys school in NZ at both the elite (12 top 4 in NZ 2013) and participatory level (teams)
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  • Sports Mission Statement WBHS is committed to the promotion of traditional team sports where all students are provided the opportunity to participate and excel
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  • Summer Sports Each sport has a TIC to oversee the registration, entries and smooth running Cricket: Mr Buckingham/Wedderburn/Dale (Science/PE) Athletics: Mr Butler (PE) Orienteering: Mr Saville (PE) Water polo: Ms Wright ( Commerce) Sailing: Mr Davies ( Maths) Tennis: Mr Kennard ( Science) Rowing: Ms El-Labany (Science), Learn to Row programme: Mr Rea (Social Sciences) Swimming: Mrs Houzet (Maths) Volleyball,Touch: played in term 4 Other options: Ultimate, Chess, Debating, Golf,Multi sport
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  • Winter Sports These all start in term 2. The school notices will inform you of when to sign up and register. This happens last two weeks of term one. Basketball: Mr Sullivan/Mr Jorgenson (English) Badminton: Mrs Thorpe ( Commerce) Cycling: Mr Van Rossen (Science) Football: Mr Buckingham/ Mr McBride (PE) Hockey: Mr Jacobs (Graphics) Rugby: Mr McGahan (Director of Rugby) Squash: Mr Calver (Maths) Table tennis: Mr Lee (Maths)
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  • Key Reminders We expect each student to play both a summer and winter sport for the school By playing sport for the school each boy finds new friends, feels part of the school and gains confidence. We can then celebrate together their success in assemblies, form class and round the school Commitment to Westlake sport will ensure your son finds his place, flourishes and becomes a dedicated student determined to do well in all areas of the school. The opportunities are limitless (oversees tours, exchanges, top coaching) School notices: now online parents should check and encourage their sons to register Learn to Row: starts this week Winter sports registration starts last two weeks of term Feb 20 House Athletics: all Form 3 compete: Millennium stadium March 19 House swimming April 1 School X country: all compete
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  • Involvement Culture/Service Debating Drama Duke of Edinburgh Environmental Club; SEED 40 Hour Famine Chess Kapahaka Group Pasifika Group Robotics Club Theatre Sports Future Problem Solving Amnesty International ICT Student Team Young Enterprise Backspace Imprints SADD Youth for Christ Fitness Centre Mentoring Ignite Taro Patch Travel wise
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  • Westlake Community Relations Office Purpose
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