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High School





    The adolescent years are particularly important in education, in that students

    are formulating and stabilising the identity and the values that will underpin

    their behaviour in future years.

    A school needs to offer the support of a stable and secure environment,

    yet at the same time, and perhaps paradoxically, be sensitive to changes in

    society itself. More than ever before students must learn to be fl exible and

    to develop the judgement and discernment needed to cope with the change

    in beliefs and attitudes and the explosion of knowledge.

    I believe that Westlake Girls High School fulfi ls this dual role by encouraging

    girls to learn about themselves and their constantly changing environment,

    while at the same time offering support and guidance as they practise

    decision making and social skills.

    The school, as well as fostering high standards of academic, sporting and

    cultural achievements, endeavours to promote social responsibility and

    maturity through its corporate life and discipline. This calls for commitment

    and identity with the schools activities, and fellowship and co-operation with

    its standards of conduct.

    Finally, we welcome an active, continuing interest and involvement of parents

    in the progress and activities of their daughters while at school. Indeed, this

    is essential if we are to achieve the best results for them.

    A J Gernhoefer



    Westlake Girls High School has been administered by the

    Westlake Girls High School Board of Trustees since 1989.

    Before this date, both Westlake Girls and Westlake Boys shared

    a joint Board of Trustees.

    The school opened in 1958, and was designed to serve the

    needs of both girls and boys until Westlake Girls High School

    opened in 1962. Because of our shared history, Westlake Girls

    has always had close links with our brother school.

    Westlake Girls High School is recognised both nationally

    and internationally as a school with an outstanding level of

    achievement in academic studies, music and sport. The school

    has created an environment which supports a wide range of

    learning experiences for our students.

    The school is sited in 10 hectares of landscaped grounds.

    Facilities include classrooms equipped with the latest AV

    and ICT technologies, a comprehensive computer network,

    music suite, science laboratories, drama room, dance studio,

    swimming pool, fitness room and gymnasiums.

  • At Westlake Girls High School we have always worked in close partnership with our school community, as we

    have recognised the mutual benefi ts of a co-operative approach to education.

    This liaison can be on a personal family level, or in special interest support groups formed for a specifi c purpose, or through the

    Parent Teacher Association.

    Responsibilities Of ParentsTo make sure that their children come to school regularly, on

    time, refreshed, alert, correctly dressed and ready to work.

    To take an active and supportive interest in their childrens

    work and progress.

    To support the authority and discipline of the school, helping

    their children to achieve maturity, self-discipline and self-


    To encourage the development of their childrens use of leisure

    time activities and entertainment.

    Responsibilities Of StudentsTo attend school regularly, on time, in correct school

    uniform ready to learn and take part in school activities.

    To aim at the highest standards in all aspects of school life.

    To co-operate with the staff and to accept the authority

    and rules of conduct of the school.

    To consider and respect the feelings and property of other

    people in the school.

    To care for the grounds, buildings, furniture, equipment

    and books provided by the school.

    Parent Teacher Association

    Westlake Girls High School has been fortunate in that it

    has always had a Parent Teacher Association, which has

    supported the school in numerous ways.

    The Parents Association:

    is active in ensuring the parents voice is heard

    ensures close co-operation between home and school


    To create a school climate which fosters self esteem and

    respect for others, and where the development of emotional

    maturity and social responsibility parallels the development

    of the intellect.

    To design a curriculum that involves each student in a wide

    range of learning experiences. These are designed to

    develop communication skills, a exible outlook, a sensitivity

    to people, an ability to solve problems and cope with change,

    an awareness and appreciation of the world in which we live

    and the cultural heritage that we all inherit.

    To foster the personal development of each student so that

    she may fulfi l her potential in as many fi elds as possible,

    through a wide range of academic, cultural, social and

    recreational activities. This concept is exemplifi ed in the

    school motto Virtute Experiamur, which loosely translated is

    Strength Through Experience.

    To provide opportunities for our students to acquire leadership

    skills through practice in a number of different ways, within the

    context of the school and community.

    To encourage and support each student to

    lift her aspirations to the highest level of her

    capabilities and interests.

    To provide an education that is as humanised and

    personalised as far as is possible, with programmes

    designed, within the schools resources, to recognise the

    unique way each student learns.

    To accommodate those students who have special abilities

    and disabilities, within the regular school organisation, with

    adequate auxiliary services.

    To display a commitment to education as a lifelong process

    through the continuing education programme.

    To maintain strong, co-operative links with Westlake Boys

    High School because of our community of interest. The

    shared values make our continued liaison desirable, as it will

    provide enhanced opportunities for meeting students needs.

  • English


    The aim of English is that students enjoy

    the subject while focusing on English related skills so as to

    achieve the best possible results. English is a compulsory

    subject to year 12 and the acquisition of literacy credits is

    very important for NCEA requirements. We have an exciting

    programme at all levels where students learn to critically

    evaluate texts in preparation for exam success. We offer

    Additional/Alternative English classes and Cambridge

    pathways from year 11 -13 for selected students. Students

    have options to enter competitions, debating, drama, theatre

    sports and creative writing groups. In addition, students can

    chose to take Drama and Media Studies courses.

    Science education is a process of helping students to

    explore and investigate their world in a scientifi c way, and

    construct scientifi c understandings that are relevant and

    useful. The courses offered at the school provide a solid

    background for students intending to further their education

    in the Sciences, so that they can enter vocations where

    applying scientifi c principles and knowledge is necessary.

    Science can not be disconnected from the lives of the

    students. Learning contexts and teaching strategies need

    to take into account cultural background, gender, special

    needs and the abilities of all students.

    The Science Department aims to provide an environment

    for learning which can:

    Enrich students with knowledge and skills that help them

    make sense of the World that surrounds them.

    Engage students in cognitive reasoning and concept

    formulation based upon scientifi c principles to assist them

    develop existing ideas.

    Challenge students to develop and apply concepts

    and skills to new situations that help promote scientifi c


    Evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching programme and

    the progression of learning.

    Physical Education

    Physical Education aims to:

    Help students to develop a belief in the value of Physical

    Education and its usefulness to them, to nurture

    confi dence in their OWN physical ability, to foster a sense

    of personal achievement, and to encourage a continuing

    interest in Physical Education/Sport and Well Being.

    Develop in students the skills and attitudes which will

    enable them to cope confi dently with the physical demands

    of everyday life.

    Help students to develop a variety of approaches to solving


    Provide a foundation for those students who may continue

    studies in Fitness and Leisure.

    Help to foster and develop Physical/Sporting talent.

    Courses available to students.

    Year 9 and 10 Compulsory to all students.

    Year11 A full NCEA programme.

    Year 12 A full NCEA programme.

    Year12 18 NCEA credits.

    Year 13 A full NCEA programme.

    Year 13 15 NCEA credits.

    Scholarship Programme.


    Westlake Girls High School offers a wide variety of

    courses in all curriculum areas. A full list of courses

    offered is available on the website.

    An overview from core subject areas is provided below.

    Facilities include modern classroom blocks and gymnasiums

    with some older classroom blocks.

    The proposed new developments will see a new

    administration block and hockey turf added with new tennis

    and netball courts plus new playing fi elds providing Westlake

    Girls with state of the art facilities in the future.

    Library is equipped with state of the art information and

    communication technology.

    Music Suite featuring keyboard laboratory, classrooms and

    instrument practice rooms.

    Swimming Pool.

    Drama Room

    Art rooms, which include a senior art

    area, design studio, photography and sculpture facilities.

    Food and Fabric Technology rooms.

    Technical block for Graphics and Design Technology.

    Guidance Suite.

    Fully equipped Information Technology Computer Suites.

    State of the art Network facilities. On-line learning

    environment with access from home or abroad.

    School website has up-to-date and relevant information for

    the convenience of the community.



    Social Sciences Qualifications

    Social sciences offer courses in a diverse range of optional

    learning areas at the senior level including Geography,

    History, Social Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Classical

    Studies and Travel and Tourism plus compulsory Social

    Studies courses at the junior level. All senior courses provide

    an NCEA assessment pathway from Levels 1-3 with the

    option of Scholarship examinations at Level 3. History and

    Geography also offer an alternative Cambridge International

    examination pathway from IGCSE level (Year 11) to AS level

    (Year 12) -and A2 level (Year 13) for selected students.

    Mathematics is taught across all year levels. Mathematics

    at Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 NCEA Level 1 are

    compulsory courses. At Year 12 and Year 13, we provide a

    continuing opportunity for NCEA Level 2 and 3 Mathematics

    as well as Scholarship at Year 13. As students abilities in

    Mathematics are diverse, two different courses, in addition

    to those mentioned previously, are offered: Mathematics

    Applied at Years 10, 11 and 12 and Statistics in Practice at

    Years 12 and 13.

    An opportunity to take the Cambridge IGCSE examination at

    Year 11 or the AS examination at Year 12, in conjunction with

    the full NCEA examination, is offered to selected students.

    Besides these courses, students have the opportunity to

    enter all the mathematics competitions that are run in New

    Zealand schools. The Australian Enrichment Programme is

    offered to those interested students in Years 9 and 10.

    The National Certifi cate Of

    Educational Achievement (NCEA):

    Level One 80 CREDITS

    8 MATHS


    Level Two80 CREDITS At least 60 at level 2 or higher - Reading

    and writing credits are required at this level for University


    Level Three 80 CREDITS At least 60 at level 3 or higher.

    Students gain credits towards NCEA and other National

    Certifi cates from Achievement Standards and Unit Standards:

    Achievment Standards (AS) These standards identify the learning outcomes students

    have achieved. Some will be internally assessed by subject

    teachers during the year and some will be assessed by

    external examination at the end of the year. There are

    four possible grades that students can be awarded: Not

    Achieved, Achieved, Merit or Excellence. Each standard is

    worth from 1-12 credits and most subjects offer

    approximately 24 credits.

    Unit Standards (us)Unit Standards are offered in many subject areas. There

    are two possible grades that students can be awarded:

    Not Achieved or Achieved. All Unit Standards are internally

    assessed. Each standard (AS or US) is worth from 1-12

    credits and most subjects offer approximately 24 credits.

    The school also offers Cambridge Examinations in a

    number of subject areas. Many other National Certifi cates

    are offered - for example, Computing and Employment




    Visual ArtsThe Art Department at Westlake Girls High School is well

    known for the innovative and exciting courses that are

    offered to the students.

    More than half of the schools population attend core or

    option art classes. Students who select to study an art

    subject in this school are very successful. Because of the

    departments size and the range of teacher expertise, a wide

    range of art fi elds are offered to students.

    This includes Art History at Year 12 and Year 13, with

    Sculpture, Art Design, Photography, Painting and

    Printmaking offered at every level and as single subjects at

    Year 13.

    Year 9 students are offered an option course of Art Design

    as well as the compulsory Core Art. Year 9 students are

    also offered after school art extension classes in the fi rst

    two terms.

    Students work is exhibited annually and parents and the

    community are invited to attend.

    The Department has state of the art facilities with fi ve

    general purpose art rooms, exhibition areas, and specialist

    rooms for Art History, Art Design, Printmaking, Photography

    and Sculpture.

    Students have successfully pursued careers as designers or

    architects. Others have become established New Zealand

    Artists or have become involved in Education.


    Music is an important dimension of the

    school which has excellent music facilities. Students can

    choose from an extensive range of musical groups such

    as choirs, orchestras, jazz or rock bands, instrumental

    ensembles and drama and musical productions. Many of

    these activities are combined with students from Westlake

    Boys High School.

    Many students have been accepted vinto the highly

    competitive performance music degree at Auckland

    University specialising in voice, cello, piano, violin and ute.

    Students from Westlake Girls have also represented the

    school as members of the New Zealand Secondary Students

    Choir and the New Zealand Youth Choir.


    We offer a range of courses such as Graphics, Fabric

    Technology, Food and Nutrition, Hard Materials, Hospitality,

    and Child Development.

    In the senior school students sit both Achievement and

    Unit Standards. Students are given the opportunity to

    work through the technological process to ensure positive


  • Management

    Westlake Girls High School is administered by the Board of

    Trustees through the Prinicipal and Senior Management Team

    of Deputy Principals and Assistant Principals.

    Interviews With The Principal

    The Principal welcomes any opportunity to meet personally,

    particularly the parents of new students, and those who

    have any matter they would like to discuss concerning their

    daughter(s). Appointments to do so should fi rst be made with

    the Principals Secretary (direct line (09) 4893070).

    School Organisation

    Each of the Assistant Principals is allocated a year level

    and has general oversight of all of the activities of that level.

    Each student is placed in a form class with a form teacher

    who is responsible for all day-to-day matters. The Form

    Teacher is the person to whom routine notes about

    absence, health matters, progress and homework should

    be addressed.

    Deans work closely with the Deputy Principal or

    Assistant Principal who is in charge of their year level

    and are involved with class placement, monitoring of

    absences and academic progress. In consultation with

    the Assistant Principal, they may be involved with

    minor matters of discipline. However, serious matters

    of discipline are referred to the Principal and Board of

    Trustees. Fortunately, this happens rarely.


    Students need to develop sound work habits. Parents can

    assist in this development by helping their daughter(s) organise

    homework. At Year 9 and 10 level, on average 1-1.5 hours

    homework is set for each week night. It should be noted in

    the students hand book.

    Homework includes:


    preparation for new work

    completion of work started in class

    revision and practice exercises

    preparation of projects or assignments

    background research (e.g. current events)

    learning vocabulary or important facts

    revising for class tests or examinations

    Parents can assist by:

    taking an interest in homework

    checking the students plan book once a week

    helping students to plan their time effectively

    providing a quiet room, a straight chair, a table and a

    good light


    Interviews With The Principal

    The Principal welcomes any opportunity to meet personally,

    particularly the parents of new students, and those who

    have any matter they would like to discuss concerning their

    daughter(s). Appointments to do so should fi rst be made with

    the Principals Secretary (direct line (09) 4893070).

    School Organisation

    Each of the Assistant Principals is allocated a year level

    and has general oversight of all of the activities of that level.

    Westlake Girls High School encourages participation in

    extra-curricular sporting or cultural activities. We believe that

    it is an important dimension of a young persons education,

    particularly at secondary school level.

    Aims: to foster an active participation.

    to provide opportunities to develop personal skills,

    including leadership.

    to encourage commitment and loyalty to the activities of

    the team/group.

    to provide opportunities for social interaction in a range

    of settings.

    to develop and practise a strong sense of fair play.

    SportsWestlake Girls High School is one of New Zealands leading

    sporting schools with a long-standing tradition and strong

    commitment to sporting excellence.

    The school encourages participation in extra-curricular sporting

    activities offering over thirty sports for students from Aerobics to

    Water Polo.

    The aim is to foster an active participation, provide opportunities

    to develop personal, leadership skills, social interaction and

    practice a sense of fairplay. Participating in sport enables

    students to experience the special benefi ts that it offers while

    building a strong school spirit with staff and students involved

    together leading to mutual enjoyment and positive benefi ts to

    the classroom teaching/learning environment.

    Other activities offered include:

    Christian Fellowship

    Community Service



    Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

    Future Problem Solving

    International Association

    Kapa Haka

    Outdoor Education

    Spirit of Adventure

    Stage Challenge

    Theatre Sports

    Young Enterprise Scheme


  • The school takes pride in the appearance of all of its

    students, as this contributes to the school image.

    The Board of Trustees seeks the full co-operation of all students

    and parents in maintaining a high standard of dress code.

    Years 9, 10, 11 and 12

    The uniform for these levels is a mix and match, all year

    round, wardrobe consisting of:

    Green pleated skirt

    Tartan pleated skirt

    Short sleeved blouse

    Long sleeved blouse

    Long sleeved green jumper

    Sleeveless green vest

    Green blazer

    Black pantyhose or white socks

    An additional choice for Year 11 and 12 students only is

    green trousers.

    Year 13 students are not required to wear school uniform,

    but intending Year 13 students will be given details of an

    appropriate dress code.

    FootwearStudents may wear black or brown sandals during summer.

    However, they must be worn correctly, with the back straps

    up. At other times, black leather (not suede) walking shoes

    are to be worn.

    N.B. Jandals and fabric shoes are not permitted and sports

    shoes may only be worn during Physical Education periods.

    Hair RegulationsHair must be well-groomed, tidy and off the face in

    working conditions.

    Any teacher has the right to insist on hair being tied back

    in the interest of safety, hygiene or concentration.

    Only natural hair colours are acceptable. Ribbon or

    scrunchies used to tie the hair back must be in the school

    colours of green or red.

    JewelleryStudents who have pierced ears may wear one set of gold

    or silver studs (one stud in each ear), but all other jewellery

    is unacceptable with school uniform and may not be worn.

    The only exception is a watch.

    NOTE: Nose studs/rings, eyebrow studs/rings or any

    other visible body piercings are not permitted under any


    Students are not to wear make-up at school.


    For Physical Education and sports Year 9 and 10 students

    must wear the PE uniform. All other students must wear

    suitable shorts or track pants, short sleeved blouse or T-shirt,

    sports shoes (essential for safety). The school polo shirt may

    be worn for Physical Education.

    Uniform StockistThe school uniform is available only at the schools Uniform

    Shop. Opening times are available on website.

    Uniform ExchangeItems of uniform which are in good condition but have

    become too small are available for sale in the school

    Uniform Shop.

    Special Uniforms

    If a student is representing the school in

    any sport, she must wear the offi cially

    accepted sports uniform, available from

    the school, for that code, in the school colours. A school

    tracksuit may be purchased from the Uniform Shop or hired

    for special school occasions.


    Confi dential help is available to all students and their parents

    on any matters of concern to them, on an individual basis.

    Generally, the student should fi rst seek assistance, whether

    for personal or academic reasons, from the Form Teacher.

    She/he is responsible for the organisation and administration

    of matters which concern the form or tutor group, and for the

    welfare of its members. Students may also refer themselves

    to the Deputy Principal, or Assistant Principal in charge

    of a year level, or directly to members of the Guidance


    However, all teachers share a part of the guidance and

    counselling and, according to the need and circumstances,

    it is given by Form Teacher, Dean, Careers Counsellors,

    Guidance Counsellors and Senior Administrative staff


    The school respects the privacy of each student and family

    and will not disclose any confi dential information to outside

    agencies, unless authorised to do so by the student and

    family concerned.

    The Guidance Counsellors have had specialised training to

    assist students with personal diffi culties that they may not

    wish to share with other teachers. They also have access to

    various community agencies, should this be required.

    In addition, the school offers extensive career education,

    which takes a different form at each level, appropriate

    to the needs of the students. All students, at whatever

    level, may take the opportunity to learn interview and job

    searching skills. The Careers Counsellors, in conjunction

    with the Career team, organise displays, talks,

    careers evenings and welcome interviews with students

    and parents.

    Subject Choice, Careers, And Vocational GuidanceAll students are individually counselled by senior staff

    members when they are making decisions about

    academic courses for their next year of study. Parents are

    welcome to attend these interviews.

    Generally, the school policy is to encourage students

    to maintain a broad programme of study for as long as

    possible. This ensures that students have a wide range of

    options when making decisions about future study.


  • Student Hand Books

    School student hand books are designed as

    a communication link between school and home. They can

    be used to note down the students timetable, homework,

    absence notes, teacher or parent comments, as well as

    listing the uniform requirements. Hand books are available for

    purchase at the beginning of the school year.


    The canteen provides a wholesome lunch at a reasonable

    price. A varied menu including sandwiches, rolls, hot pies,

    fruit, cakes etc is available every day.

    Code Of Conduct

    All New Zealand laws and North Shore City by-laws are

    automatically school regulations.

    Acceptance of the school rules and discipline is a condition

    of enrolment.

    Students are expected to show consideration and respect

    for others.

    Students are expected to show respect for the property of

    other people.

    Students are forbidden to have in their possession

    tobacco, alcohol, unauthorised drugs, offensive and

    dangerous weapons or matches or lighters.

    Transport To School

    Motor vehicles and power cycles:

    Students may drive motor vehicles and power cycles to

    school, with parental consent and school approval. There

    is no student parking available within the school grounds,

    and there is very limited parking available in adjacent


    Each student must abide by the terms of her drivers


    Passengers may be carried only with written permission of

    the parents of both the driver and the passenger.


    Public bus companies provide a variety of school bus

    services before and after school at normal student rates.

    Timetables/services are available on the school website.

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