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  • Whale Instant Match Pumped ShowerDrainage System

    Model Whale Instant Match Kit

    Flow Sensor Kit SDS223T

    Mira Advance Extra 9.0 kW 1.1643.009

    Mira Advance Flex Extra 9.0 kW 1.1643.010

    Installation guidelines for

    These kits may be used with the following Mira Advance showers:

    To use the Instant Match with other Electric Showers an additional flowsensor is required. For installation and settings please see the separateinstructions enclosed

    This booklet should be given to the customer after installation and demonstration

    For i



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    Typical Instant Match tray gulley installation Typical Instant Match wet floor gulley installation

    Now with

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    This kit has been designed for the pumping of showerwaste water.

    When the shower is turned on the internal Mira flowsensor or external Venturi sensor signals thetransformer to supply dc voltage to the pump.

    Whilst showering, information about any variation offlow through the shower is sent to the Whale InstantMatch transformer. This modifies the dc voltage tothe pump, maintaining optimum pump speed.

    When the shower is turned off the transformer stops the supply of dc voltage to the pump after apre-set delay.

    After a further 15 minutes the pump will switch onautomatically for a short time at a reduced pumpingspeed removing any water pooled in the showerarea.

    The pump has the ability to run dry without causingdamage to the pump.

    Before installation read the instructions.

    Plumbing installation must comply with the plumbingregulation as specified in the latest WRAS leaflet forplumbing systems.

    The electrical wiring must conform to BS7671: 2008Part 7 (17th Edition).

    Contact the Technical Helpline

    (0845 0694 253) if you need further assistance.

    The front cover illustrates the product in a typicalHealthcare installation.

    Assess your installation prior to fitting so as to ensurethat the pump and transformer will be situated in anaccessible position.

    Typical installations would have these components in anadjacent cupboard i.e. airing cupboard or in a false wallwith an access panel.

    Incorrect installation may invalidate the warranty.

    Principles of Operation

    1.1 90mm Gulley 3

    1.2 Venturi Sensor 3

    1.3 Pump Mounting Instructions 3

    1.4 Plumbing Layout 4

    1.5 Pump Orientation 4

    1.6 Rotation of Pump Head 4

    1.7 Clamping Ring Fixing 4

    1.8 Tray Gulley Installation 5

    1.9 Wet Floor Gulley Installation 5

    2.0 Plumbing 'Waste Fittings' 5

    2.1 Macerator Connections 5

    2.2 Transformer Mounting 6

    2.3 Sensor Wire Connections 6

    2.4 Transformer Settings 7

    Illustrations Page

    Principles of Operation 2

    List of Parts included in the kit 3

    Additional Parts 3

    Plumbing Specification 4

    Plumbing Gulley 5

    Plumbing of Waste Pipe 5

    Transformer Installation 6

    Electrical Connections 6

    Transformer Settings 6

    Specification 7

    Aftercare 7

    EU Declaration of Conformity 7

    Contents Page

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    Item Part No. Qty

    Shower Drain Pump SDS021T 1

    Pump Cover Base 755.178 1

    Pump Cover 755.177 1

    Transformer, Instant Match 755.449 1

    Wet Floor Gulley 755.274 1

    Tray Gulley Kit 755.108 1

    Tricuspid Valve Holder 755.59 1

    Tricuspid Valve 755.57 1

    Rubber Waste Adaptor 2 part, 22 mm-11/2 fitting 1

    22 mm-22 mm fitting 1

    22 mm-15 mm fittings 2

    Electrical connector block, two core 1

    Cable ties 2

    Fitting kit:

    Female crimp spade connectors 2Mounting screws 8Washers 8

    These parts are not supplied with the kit and may beordered from your distributor or stockist:

    90 mm Gulley (O/A dimensions 64 mm h x 111 mm dia) Part No. AK1695 See Fig 1.1

    Flow Sensor Part Number SDS223T See Fig 1.2

    Service Kit

    Diaphragm and Valves Service Kit Part No. AK1550

    List of Parts included in kit Additional Parts



    Use the backplate asa template to markthe position of themounting holes.

    Use a 7mm bit to drillholes at markedpoints and insert No 8 wall plugs.

    Use pliers to open up desired cable entrypoint on backplate.

    Fix pump to wall using No 8 screws. Use crimpssupplied to terminate 24v cable from transformer,connect to pump and feed cable through entry point.Hold cable in place using adjacent cable bracket.

    To fit cover, first locatebottom lug into backplateand pivot cover forward untiltop clips click into place.

    To remove cover use two hands to push backplate clipstogether. As clips disengage, the cover will fall forwardand may be lifted away.

    Note The front cover may not fit properly if uneven

    walls or tiling distorts the flexible back-plate.Loosen the pump fixing point causing thedistortion so that back-plate is flat and cover fits.Fill any gap between wall and back-plate withmastic or similar.

    If the pump is misaligned on the back-plate orpump head not parallel with back-plate thepush-fit connectors may prevent the front coverfrom fitting properly. Adjust pump, pump heador connecting pipework to achieve a good fit.

    Pump Mounting Instructions Quick Guide1.3

  • Rotate the pump head if necessary to connect thegulley to the pump by the most direct route. Loosenclamping ring screw, rotate and retighten as shown.See Fig 1.7 and 1.8

    Do not combine pump discharge with otherappliances as there is a risk of induced syphoning.Use an antisyphon trap where necessary.

    Before running water through the system ensure thatthe shower area and gulley are completely free ofbuilding debris, especially tile grout, screed materialand laytex.

    4Plumbing Specification - Do Not Exceed This Specification




    Horizontal to waste pipe - To increase pump life ensurethat 11/4 or 11/2 pipe is usedwith a gravity fall where thepipe length is greater than 1 m. If less than 1 m use 22 mm pipe.

    With Instant Match systems do not use topsuction or side exit trays. Do not use insertsin plastic pipe.

    Maximum pipe length for typical installation - extra elbows will reduce performance

    Pipe from gulley to pump must be 15 mm. (Do not use 22 mm pipework. This will increase gulley noise).

    Use only 22 mm pipe on pump outlet

    Use only 15 mm pipefrom gulley to pump

    Formed Bend

    3m (max)3 m (max)

    0.5 m (max)

    1 m (max)lift on


    0.2 m (min)0.4 m (max)

    Formed Bend

    Whale pump is IP45 compliant and may be installedin zones 1, 2 or 3. Locate pump in accordance withBS7671: 2008 Part 7 (17th Edition).

    Max flow rate 8 ltrs/min in 15 mm inlet pipework.

    Use slow radius bends where possible.

    Ensure pipe edges are burr-free.

    Pipework must be secured. Inserts should not beused with plastic waste pipe. Do not use stemelbows. See page 3, Fig 1.3 pump mountinginstructions.

    Push home pipe into push-fit fittings and Twist Lock.

    Mount pump, head down, as shown.

    Mount the pump on a solid wall to prevent vibration.Use a back board if this is not possible. See Fig 1.6

    The shower floor must have a fall of at least 1 in 40 or 25 mm in 1m.

    Pump and transformer must be accessible after installation.

    Use one vertical lift to the pump and one vertical liftfrom the pump. See Fig 1.5


  • V33


    5Plumbing Gulley

    The outlet of the pump may be connected into thewaste pipe, e.g. former bath waste. Black rubberfittings are provided for this.

    In confined bathrooms pump discharge may go intothe sink waste pipe using suitable adaptors. See Fig 2.1 for McAlpine examples.

    Use with a Macerator Pump

    Discharge from the pump must go into the top of the macerator box, not into lower side entries.

    Do not use the bottom entries. See Fig 2.2

    It is preferable to have two separate discharge linesto waste as any failure of the macerator will not bedetected by the Whale pump.

    Plumbing of Waste Pipe




    Top Tip: Leave the tray gulley hand tool in place or dustseal on wet floor gulley to keep out building debris, grout,etc. Only remove tool or seal after installation is finishedand shower area has been thoroughly cleaned.



    Orientate gulley so that it exits towards the pump inletto avoid unnecessary bends.

    When fitting in solid floors if copper pipe is used, itmust be sheathed to prevent corrosion.

    Tray Gulley

    The tray gulley has a 35 mm profile to enable theshower drain to fit into a screed floor withoutpenetrating the damp-proof membrane. See Fig 1.9

    Use silicone on top of the seal to ensure propersealing beneath tray.

    Use the hand tool provided to tighten the lockingflange. See Fig 1.9

    Fit the gulley cover into the sockets and push downto secure. See Fig 1.9

    Wetfloor Gulley

    The wet floor gulley has a 40 mm profile to enable itto fit into a screed floor without penetrating thedamp-proof membrane. See Fig 2.0

    Where a tray former is not used the gulley has twolugs either side of the discharge pipe to enable thegulley to be fixed to the floor whilst screed is laidaround the gulley.

    Where a tray former is used these lugs can bebroken off easily and the gulley mounted into the 160 mm gulley opening.

    The gulley has a conventional clamping ring toaccommodate vinyl flooring.

    The gulley cover clicks into place and may be easilyremoved for cleaning if required.

    From pump

  • 6Transformer Installation

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