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What Does Ibm Do

Date post: 17-Nov-2014
Author: suzyibm
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Shows the extent to which IBM is in the fabric of daily life
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Suzy Gage Nov 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation puttin g into practice IBM in the UK and Ireland
  • 1. Suzy Gage Nov 2011 IBM in the UK and Ireland 2011 IBM Corporation putting into practice

2. A century ofinnovation We are in the fabric ofeveryday life Helping to build asmarter planet We stand for 3. Progress whether a leap or a step, is important if we want to make the world work better. Progress means furthering the aspirations of people, communities, companies and institutions. At IBM we listen and we help to solve their problems. Its in our heritage. Its our ability to think, to innovate and to apply our depth of real-life experience that is our strength.Stephen Leonard General ManagerIBM UK and Ireland 4. Services and Delivery 56.9% IBM is the leading technology and services company in the UK and Ireland Software 22.7% Systems and Financing 19.4% We have embraced progress and re-mixed our business to meet changing client needs, enabling innovation, growth and efficiency. 5.

  • Technology Leadership
  • 200,000 technical people
  • More patents and Nobel prize winners than any other company
  • $62bn R&D investment since 2000
  • Financial Strength
  • Eight years of double digit earnings growth
  • $14 billion added to pre-tax profit base since 2002
  • Robust performance throughout global economic downturn
  • Reputation
  • The worlds # 2 brand
  • The worlds # 1 business brand
  • Global Integration
  • Maximising efficiency
  • IBM is larger outside the US than within
  • IBM employs more people in India than any Indian pure play

IBM globally makes us stronger locally 6. We are woven into the fabric ofeveryday life Powering the latest games consoles IBM microprocessors power theSony PS3, Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 Keeping the shelves filled IBM provides analytical and technology services to improve supply chain accuracy Taking cash out of a hole in the wall IBM Hursley developed CICS software in 1969. Today it is used in virtually every cashpoint in the UK and Ireland. It is regarded as the backbone of business. Predicting the weather The Met Office usesIBM supercomputersfor forecasting 7. Coordinating search and rescue IBM is researching robotics tosearch rescue areas withoutendangering more lives Ourtechnologyand servicesmake things work better Serving up a faultless Wimbledon Since 1990, IBM has worked with Wimbledon to find smarter ways to improve the experience of players and fans alike Creating a cleaner transport system IBM is working with the ETI to evaluate the impact of electric vehicles on the UK electricity grid There are less than 2500 Grevy's zebra left in the wild Marwell Wildlife is using IBM predictive analytics software to identify threats which will help to conserve theGrevy's zebra in the wild 8. Ourtechnologyand servicesmake things work better Designed in Dublin IBM Connections software gives clients fast access to everyone in their network - colleagues, customers and partners Self service at Aer Lingus Aer Lingus delights customers with reduced check-in times after IBM helped design, implement and support automated check-in Taxing vehicles online Every vehicle in Ireland that is taxed online uses an IBM developed solution Flying through check-in with Ryanair IBM worked with Ryanair to introduce one ofthe worlds first implementations of Chipand PIN enabled airport kiosks 9. Transforming customer service Working with IBM, Ecotricity has rapidly reengineered it processes and is now adding 1000 customers per month to the advanced customer service and billing system We applyintelligence , reason andscience to improve business and society Inhibiting infection by HIV Edinburgh University and IBM are using supercomputing to speed up the design of drugsHelping fishermenharvest shellfish In Galway Bay,data is collected froma variety of sources to inform a host of industries Powering university researchUniversity of Southamptons IBM supercomputer has a peak performance of 74 trillion calculationsper second, equal to 4,000 PCs, and is the greenest supercomputer onthe UK academic landscape 10. Ireland Software development and fulfillment,labs in Dublin, Cork and Galway Institute for Business Value leads in economic development, business research and thought leadership Innovation Centre and Venture Capital Centre, enabling start-up companies to create leading-edge software &hardware applications We continually invest in applied innovation Focused on research into Smarter Cities, Risk Science, Exascale Computing and Hybrid Computing One of 12 research laboratories worldwide Dedicated to creating an impact for clients and IBM Collaborates with businesses, cities and universities 11. Hursley The largest development laboratory in Europe 1,400 developers including 28 Master Inventors Part of a worldwide network of research labs We continually invest in applied innovation Manchester Systems software development laboratory established May 2010 Specialises in IBM POWER7 Systems 12. We strive tomake a differencein the community Volunteer initiatives in UK and Ireland such asKidSmart developchildrens IT skills In the UK and Ireland IBM employeeshave pledged over95,000 voluntary hoursin 2011s Celebration of Service IBM has made more than 330 community grants since 2004 Transition to Teaching initiative Encouraging people to re-train as teachers and pass on their expertise 13. Environmental policies were introduced in 1971 66% of IBMs electricity in the UK and Ireland comes from renewable sources Leading edge services help clients manage CO 2 Over 40 years ofenvironmentalleadership IBM has cutits global CO 2emissions by 52% since 1990 14. 70+ different nationalities 150,000+ years of business and technical experience Age range 18 - 69 Progress is made possibleby ourdiverseandtalented people 15. Acolourful , stimulatinganddiverseworking environment promotes innovation Weve been paying men and women the same wages for doing the same job since the 1930s Target Graduate Employerof the Year 2007, 2008, & 2009 2011 Most Popular Graduate Recruiter in Consulting Gradireland Ahead Award 2008 IBM named top employer in Stonewalls 2010 list The Times IT Employer of the Year 2005 2011 16. Collaboration is the essence of how we workThe 2010 IBM Summit at Startconvened over 1000 leaders from business, academia, science, government and the voluntary sector to explore how collaboratively we can move towards a more sustainable future.In 2011 the debate continued with thousands joiningthe conversation online in theIBM Start Jam . One of the most significant eventsof its kind that has ever taken placein this country. Charles Hendry Minister of State forEnergy & Climate Change Collaborating tobuild Smarter Cities Glasgow was recently awarded an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grant, designed to address the wide range of financial and infrastructure challenges facing the city today. This is fantastic news and will help Glasgow as we move forward with our aim to become a European leader in environmental, social and economic sustainability.Gordon Matheson Leader of Glasgow City Council 17. On June 16 th2011 IBM celebrated its 100 thanniversary as a corporation.100 years of continual progress and transformation We have continually delivered groundbreaking technology and provided business transformation services for clients while constantly transforming our own business. Computing age Internet age NOWa smarter planet 18. Instrumented Its a fundamental shift in the way we all live, work and do business. IBM in the UK and Irelandis at the forefront of how we deliver the promise of asmarter planet. Aheadof us, something meaningful is happening the world is getting smarter We live on a planet that is getting smarter A planet that is becoming more: Interconnected Intelligent 19. Challengesfacing the UK and Ireland of UK electricity needs to come from renewable sources in 2020 to meet climate change targets.Irelands target is 16% In 2007, only 5% of UK electricity came from renewable sources and Ireland imported 96% of all energy used 32% 2016 When UK electricity demand will exceed the capacity of present power stations New plants under construction only delay this date until 2020 increase in electricity demand if half of Britains passenger cars were powered by electricity Meeting this demand through nuclear power would require10 new reactors 26% 20. Challengesfacing the UK and Ireland of Irelands produced water is lost before it reaches the customer The water industry is the 4th largest user of energy in the UK 50% of households are without adomestic water meter inthe UK Fitting a meter can reduce demand by up to 10% 67% 46M domestic gas and electricity meters to be changed to smart technology in 26 million UK households. 1.8 million Irish households to have smart meters by 2013 of data generated over a7 year period through nationwide deployment of domestic smart meters 400TB 21. The Co-operative Group The worlds largest consumer cooperative The re-engineering of the POS system so it can be shut down at night clearly underlines The Co-operative Groups continuing commitment to the environment. Mark Hale Director of IS Food Retail The Co-operative GroupChallenge Cut total energy use by 25% by 2012 Solution Software solution powers systems down and automatically brings them back online using "wake-on-LAN" technology smarter energy

  • Benefit
  • Automatically switching offdevices overnight and re-starting them in the morning is expected to:
  • Save 1.68 million Kw hours ofelectricity annually
  • Reduce costs by 120,000
  • Cut CO 2emissions by 722 tonnes

22. smarter cities CovJam The worlds first City Jam in Coventry UK Challenge A streamlined and clear view of operations in order to improve customer service. Solution Using the wisdom of crowds philosophy, IBM hosted a jam for over 800 city constituents. IBM CoBRA (Corporate Brand Reputation Analysis) was then deployed to analyse the results.Benefits First-ever use of the IBM Jam approach in a UK city delivered unprecedented insight into the opinions of local stakeholders.By connecting diverse groups of people and giving them a forum to collaborate and share information, the Jam has generated innovative ideas.Jam format pulls in unstructured information from multiple sources and provides insight that will help drive Coventrys strategic development plans over the coming 30 years. The IBM Jam brought out practical ideas. People know that we cant change overnight, that we need to take baby steps to being a smarter city with low-cost, practical projects. Martin Reeves Chief Executive ofCoventry City Council 23. IBM has 11 Cloud development labs around the world , including Hursley in Hampshire and Dublin in Ireland IBM and Cable and Wireless Worldwides UK Smart Energy Cloud providesscalable, secure and flexible data hubto support Smart Metering The UK is a centre of excellence forCloud security one of the key client issues with Cloud The Irish Cancer Societyis developing a smartCloud-based system for itsCare to Driveprogramme with an IBM Centennial Grant On a Smarter planet, CloudComputing enables the world tobe more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent IBM is working with hundreds of UK and Irish clients to achieve the business benefits of Cloud includingcost reduction and much greater agility IBMs Cloud Services make sure every point played at Wimbledon iscapturedandanalysedin realtime 24. London AnalyticsSolution Centre Links to analytics centres inBerlin, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Washington, Dallas and Zurich The oxygen of a smarter planet is Business Analytics and Optimization IBM Business Analytics and Optimization solutionsconnect people with trusted, relevant informationandfoster a fact-based culture , allowing analytics-driven organisations toconfidently understand, predict, plan and actto optimise business outcomes. 25. This isIBM in the UK & Ireland 26. 27. UK & Ireland Icons of CICS Sabre Innovating the Fan Experience Medicine on Demand Smarter WaterManagement A GlobalInnovation Jam