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What’s new in LoadRunner 12.55? - c.ymcdn.com · IoT protocols - MQTT and CoAP. Jmeter script...

Date post: 04-May-2018
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September 2017 What’s new in LoadRunner 12.55? Vicky Giavelli – PC & LR Product Manager Lior Avni – PE COST
  • September 2017

    Whats new in LoadRunner 12.55?

    Vicky Giavelli PC & LR Product ManagerLior Avni PE COST

  • AgendaIntroduction

    TruClient Enhancements

    Web Protocol Enhancements

    JMeter Integration



    IoT - MQTT & CoAP

    Desktop Protocols

    Controller & Analysis

  • Questions How-ToDuring the session, please write your questions in the Chat windowOr send your questions to [email protected]

    The WebEx recording will be uploaded to a publicLink and shared with you all, along with the completeQ&A session

  • Performance Center/LoadRunner 12.55

    Wealth of new and enhanced functionality


    New RelicIntegration


    Amazon VPCSupport


    Recording Summary


    Collate Results

    PC Web BasedAdministration




    IoT ProtocolMQTT

    PC Web BasedAnalysis

    DockerizedLoad Generators


  • The value of v12.55Benefits and featured solutions

    Reducing scripting timeReusing developers

    assets and embracing OSS

    Acceleration of root cause analysis

    Getting the most from your testing ecosystem

    Modern protocol support Increased operations efficiency

    Web protocol improvements/ Coded


    IoT protocols - MQTT and CoAP

    Jmeter script utilizationAnomaly detection NV Insights, Client Side


    Integrations with 3rd party solutions - Dynatrace,

    New Relic, JMeter, Dockerized LGs)

    Modernization of PC Web Admin, improved admin reports, Dockerized LG

    LR/PC User

  • LoadRunner 12.55 Key Updates

    HPE Rebranding JMeter Integration Dynatrace IntegrationHTTP Streaming

    Support MQTT Protocol

    ERsUsability &

    Performance improvements

    Recording Summary Correlations TC Coded

  • Web ProtocolCorrelation improvements

    Record SummaryOther Enhancements

  • Correlations: Rules

    o Static update of the rules databaseo Adding new rules, updating existing, removing obsolete

    o Get info from customers, support, QA

    o Emphasis on common frameworks and packaged apps(SAP, Oracle, etc.)

    o Auto DB upgrade

    o Frequent update of the DB which will be on remote server,and suggest the clients once there is a newer version

    o Social network sharing for correlation ruleso Once new rule is created, it will be uploaded to the shared DB for other users immediate usage

    o v12.55o post v12.55

  • Correlations improvementsAttribute Based Correlations (ABC)

    New correlation API that allow dynamic value extraction from HTML documents All the correlation API require forward looking text search (boundary search, XPATH, JPATH) and/or well

    defined text pattern (regular expression)

    Define the HTML node attributes and the attribute value needed for correlation

    The attributes order can change, the value will get extracted every time!

  • Correlations improvements Cont.

    Attribute Based Correlations how does it look like?

    Generic rule:

    Ignore correlation values shorter than RecordingOptions.MinimalCorrelationLength

    Heuristic are used to filter out values

    Disregards excluded strings

    Attributes names are case insensitive

  • User select which correlation type to use

    Correlations improvements Cont.

    Attribute Based Correlations Design Studio

  • Recording Summary Report

    Post record the user will get a summary report Information will include:

    Transport format and versions

    SSL settings Hosts involved

    Headers and HTTP response code

    Content types Recommendation for DFE

    Transaction breakdown

    Filter servers\resources\headers Allow the user to change settings that require

    script regeneration before working on the script

  • GWT 2.7 support. Request Factory (GXT) New Wireshark and PCAP versions support

    PCAP parsing support in Java over HTTP, Flex, WinSock, Oracle

    HTTP/2 completion 64 bit recording

    Client side breakdown

    NV Insights Linux

    Edge browser recording usability

    Streaming support completion live, HLS, Lightstreamer

    Enhanced measurements & graphs

    Web Services protocol security improvements

    Ciphers and security updates

    Enhanced Fiddler import

    Proxy recording improvements

    DFEs multiple enhancements

    Error messages improvements

    Recording troubleshooting enhancements

    Non-standard authentication methods support

    HAR generation as generic feature in VuGen Enhanced measurements in HAR file

    Additional Features Web Protocol

  • TruClient Performance Improvements

    TruClient Coded

  • TruClient Flavors & Integrations

  • Performance Improvements

    Action DelayBefore

    optimization [ms]

    After optimization



    Drag step from 1 to 11 [Chromium] 3420 780 87%

    Group 10 first steps under if clause [Chromium]

    3270 990 70%

    Copy and paste 200 steps [Chromium] Impossible 6000 -

    Copy and paste 200 steps [FF] 16230 11480 29%

    Loading TC from Vugen [Chromium] 9640 7540 22%

    Loading TC Lite extension loading [Chrome] 4600 3300 28%

  • 12.55Before 12.55

    Hybrid applicationsLimited support for hybrid applications

    Multiple applicationsSingle application testing

    Configuration wizardConfiguration Tab/General Settings

    Accurate measurementsLimited measurements

    Object Identification HeuristicsLimited XPath support

    Touch gesturesNot available for web based mobile apps

    Function LibrariesNot supported

    AUT APINot supported

    Use JavaScriptNot supported

    TruClient Native Mobile - Revolution

  • TruClient Coded[Technical preview]

    Convert the recorded TruClient script model to JavaScript. Work on all TC flavours: Firefox, IE and Chromium

    A TruClient script can contain both coded and model Actions Support code completion Object Spy allow you to identify objects from the application and add them to the code

  • TruClient coded

  • JMETER integration

  • JMETER integration

    Run side-by-side LoadRunner and JMeter tests, on local / remote machines


    - Users should be able to run JMeter test on their machine (install JAVA, JMeter)

    - Users should configure basic environment variables (%JMETER_HOME%)

  • How does it look like?

  • IoT Internet Of ThingsMQTT Protocol SupportCoAP Support

  • Internet Of Things - IoT

    20 billion IoT devices will be in use in 2027

    Gartner, Newsroom, Egham, U.K., February 7, 2017

  • Creating an MQTT script using VUGEN Simple, lightweight, replay only protocol Designed to generate load on MQTT broker by emulating sensors/devices behavior Supports broker authentication and SSL/TLS connection

  • MQTT Script

    MQTT publisher script example

    MQTT subscriber script example

  • MQTT monitors in Controller

  • CoAP support in LoadRunner

    The CoAP protocol for HPE LoadRunner (powered by EndPoint IoT) allows performance testing against front-end CoAP proxies with the supported methods/verbs to determine scalability and reliability under heavy use. This is typically for use with IoT (Internet of Things) platforms and applications. The add-in is available in the Market place here


  • Desktop Protocols

  • PCoIP New embedded client VMware HorizonView support in addition to Teradici

    Citrix Generating snapshots under Controller Citrix Agent passes its PID to client-side Session type detection

    Java JOH IP Spoofing JMS in version 8 Debugging capabilities in VuGen


    Desktop Protocols

  • Controller & Analysis

  • NV Insights Reports Client Side Metrics Client side breakdown

    information on waterfall for TruClient scripts

    Resource breakdown page

    Display test execution errors

  • Support Analysis of Bigger Results

    Improved Analysis performance when opening big results

    Retry and Fail Safe mechanism for data collation on LG

  • Before you leave

  • To summarize

    New Features Coded TruClient Your TC Script into Code Recording Summary Filtering made easier JMeter support Enjoy the added value Many New Features & Additions

    Call To Action Visit the Help Center & Community Blog See Whats New In LR 12.55 Download, Install & Tell us what you think


  • Customer Oriented Scenario TestingCome join our programs

    Design Partners Program

    Group meetings Discuss & Review new


    Beta Program Per release 1st look at the product Real Time Feedback

    Early Adopters Program Be the 1st to work on GA


  • Whats next?Performance Center 12.55 Webinar Sep 19th

    Web Protocol Webinar Oct 3rd3 Sessions Series

  • Questions?

  • Thank You!

    [email protected]

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    Whats new in LoadRunner 12.55?AgendaQuestions How-ToSlide Number 4The value of v12.55LoadRunner 12.55 Key UpdatesWeb ProtocolCorrelations: RulesCorrelations improvementsCorrelations improvements Cont.Correlations improvements Cont.Recording Summary ReportAdditional Features Web ProtocolSlide Number 14TruClient Flavors & IntegrationsPerformance ImprovementsTruClient Native Mobile - RevolutionTruClient CodedTruClient codedJMETER integrationSlide Number 21Slide Number 22Slide Number 23Slide Number 24Creating an MQTT script using VUGENMQTT ScriptMQTT monitors in ControllerCoAP support in LoadRunnerSlide Number 29Desktop ProtocolsSlide Number 31NV Insights Reports Client Side MetricsSupport Analysis of Bigger ResultsSlide Number 34Slide Number 35Customer Oriented Scenario Testing Come join our programs Whats next?Slide Number 38Slide Number 39Slide Number 40