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Who Else Wants To Maximize Their Google Adwords Success?

Date post:12-Jun-2015
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  • 1. Who Else Wants To MaximizeTheir Google Adwords Success?

2. "Discover Three Simple But Incredibly Powerful StrategiesThat You Can Implement Right Now About The One ThingYou Must Do To Ensure An Awesome Adwords ROI!" 3. If youre not familiar with using Google Adwords, please check out my getting started article on my site. 4. Basically, with Google Adwords you can put your ad infront of people as they are searching for information and solutions online. 5. However, there is a bit of a learning curve to get a goodsteady campaign and Return On Investment (ROI) with Google Adwords. 6. The One thing you really have to remember and focus on with Google Adwords is to... 7. TARGET YOUR AD! 8. Always use your keywords as often as you can in your Ad: in the title, in the body and even in your domain name. 9. These words will be highlighted for the web surfer that isviewing their search results, so why not make it easy forthem to choose your ad? 10. TARGET YOUR AD! 11. Dont create an Ad Group and throw all your hundreds ofkeywords in, unless they all show up within your ad text. 12. Instead take a little more time and create one Ad Groupfor each keyword or phrase. 13. This will allow you to maximize the use of your specific keywords. 14. TARGET YOUR AD! 15. Recent searches for "work from home" 16. 310780 work from home 17. 12538 work from home job 18. 9384 home work 19. 3399 data entry work from home 20. Even though there are thousands of people looking to"work from home" your business or opportunity may not include "data entry" positions right? And those "homework" searchers may not be business opportunity seekers at all. 21. So, use the negative keywords tool (which will exlcudesearches with those keywords) religiously. 22. If you dont exclude these searchers from your adimpressions your click-through rate (CTR) will suffer, which will affect your ads placement and costs. 23. Also, a very low CTR will slow down the number of times your ad is displayed, until eventually it is disabled untilyou increase your bid. 24. So to review: 25. Target Your Ad by: 26. 1. Using your keywords all over your ad. 27. 2. Creating a separate ad group for each keyword (dont lump tons of them together) 28. 3. Use the negative keywords to qualify the searchers youare targeting. 29. Well there you have it: three simple strategies to target your ads and maximize your Google Adwords ROI! 30. Please visit:http://bestpayingjobsinthefuture.com/form.php?id=7829for more info

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