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Who polluted river?

Date post: 05-Dec-2014
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I am working in KWS Malindi Marine Park as a JICA volunteer of environment teacher. This presentation is for practice nature game named "Who polluted river?" with children.
Who polluted the river? Takatoshi AKAI JOCV/JICA KWS Malindi Marine Park
Page 1: Who polluted river?

Who polluted the river?

Takatoshi AKAI


KWS Malindi Marine Park

Page 2: Who polluted river?

The Tana River is one of the biggest rivers in Kenya.

The water of this river came from west side of Mt. Kenya named Nyari.

Page 3: Who polluted river?

The length is 800km.There are 350 species of birds, lions, elephants, rare sharks, and reptiles exist.

Page 4: Who polluted river?

Page 5: Who polluted river?

From Mt. Kenya the river flows into Nairobi.

Page 6: Who polluted river?

In Nairobi, there are too many cars make traffic jam.The cars emit exhaust gas.This gas increase acid rain.The acid rain flows into the Tana River. (Insert into the bucket: check its smell① )

Page 7: Who polluted river?

The minerals, such as arsenic and fluorine also pollute under

ground water. (Put )②

Page 8: Who polluted river?

The sewage does not treat and dumped into the river. (Put )③

Page 9: Who polluted river?

The tourist throws his gum into the river from the Samburu and Buffalo Springs

National Reserve Lodge. (Put )④

Page 10: Who polluted river?

Fishing line which fry fisherman used, but twined into stone

and flow into the river. (Put )⑤

Page 11: Who polluted river?

According to NEMA (National Environment Management Authority Kenya), they admitted to make 2000 square km plantation of sugar cane beside the Tana River by Mumias Sugar Factory Company in Nairobi.

Page 12: Who polluted river?

This company use agrichemicals, and it flow into the river. (Put )⑥

Page 13: Who polluted river?

Some mothers wash their clothes beside the river.

The detergent flows into the river. (Put )⑦

Environment Poster drawby a girl in Sir Ali School

Page 14: Who polluted river?

This water flows into the Indian Ocean.

Page 15: Who polluted river?

Q: How are creatures in the water?

Please help


Page 16: Who polluted river?

Q: Who polluted river?

Page 17: Who polluted river?

Q: Do you think you are also polluting river?

Page 18: Who polluted river?

Q: How can we make river cleaner?

Page 19: Who polluted river?


• When you go back to home, just remind what you thought today.

• Then recall “The person who polluted river is us”, and think about how to reduce pollution for river.