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  • 1. WHO WE ARE Greetings from Primary School in Strumien (Poland).

2. CLASS 6A SENDS GREETINGS 3. IZA AND KLAUDIA 4. Iza 5. Klaudia 6. DANIEL AND MARCIN 7. My name is Daniel. Im interested in computers. Im in class 6A. I like running and playing computer games. My favourite music is heavy metal. I often go to my friends house to playa game called: Counter Strike. I sometimes help my mum. My favourite film is Harry Potter. What about you? My name is Marcin. Im twelve years old. I go to school in Strumie. I like playing computer games and football. I help my mum in housework. I listen to music but I dont like to do homework.Daniel Marcin 8. Grzesiek, Damian and Dawid 9. Dawid 10. Grzesiek 11. Damian 12. Ada and Angela 13. Dear friend, My name is Ada and I go to class 6A. I go to primary school in Strumien. I have got blue eyes, brown hair and red lips. My favourite school subject isEnviroment because I like nature and animals. My favourrite song is Love me by Justin Bieber What about you? Ada 14. Angela 15. DAWID 16. Dear penfriend, Im Dawid. Im twelve years old. I have got brown hair and green eyes. I like watching TV every day. I like hip- hop. I dont like disco. I dont like dance. IT is my favourite subject.I dont like history. I like Maths too. Hope to hear from you soon. Dawid 17. Gosia, Jola and Sandra 18. Gosia Hallo My name is Gosia. Im twelve years old. I live in smalltown called Strumien.Like pop music and playing the guitar. I dont like homework and cheese. I have got a friend her name is Sandra. I like her because she is friendl and cool. I have one sister. Her name is Martyna. I love riding a bike nad running. Im friendly, funny and ambitious. I liek meeting new friends. Gosia 19. Jola 20. Sandra 21. Dawid 22. Dawid 23. Krystian 24. 25. Dorota and Patrycja 26. Dorota 27. Patrycja

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