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WHOLESALE CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - Designer Candy · PDF file Wholesale Price $250.00 + optional...

Date post:25-May-2020
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    HANDMADE IN MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA www.designercandy.com.au

    PH: (03) 9334 2225

    Australia’s leading supplier of handmade personalised rock candy for weddings, birthdays, christenings, and corporate promotions.

  • Standard Candy We have in stock now ready to order! Minimum Order of 1kg.

    Custom colour/flavour generic candy has a 5kg Minimum order.

    A: 31 Allied Drive, Tullamarine, Melbourne, 3043 Ph: (03) 9334 2225 E: [email protected] Open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

    Prices quoted are for registered wholesale clients only and are subject to change. All prices include GST.

    Blue Lemonade Teddies Mr and Mrs Pink Teddies

    Blueberry Hearts Strawberry Pink Hearts Grape Butterflies

    Lemonade Thank You Watermelon Happy Birthday Rose

    Peppermint Bulleye Strawberry Just Married Aniseed Swirl

    Strawberries and Cream Cross Peaches and Cream Stars Passionfruit I Love You

    Mango Smiles Apply Happy 21st Blueberry and Cream Cross

  • We have in stock now ready to order!

    Minimum Order of 1kg. We also do 1kg bags of fruit salad. (mixed)

    We have in stock now ready to order! Wholesale Price has a minimum Order of 6kg. We will also be introducing a best seller, Raspberry Acid Drops! Our same great raspberry taste, in the form of balls! These will begin being manufactured in March 2016, so be sure to keep updated with those too!


    Coming March 2016

    Acid Drops

    Coming March 2016

    CuShion CandyFruit Candy

    Passionfruit Watermelon Orange

    Pineapple Strawberry Banana

    Kiwi Fruit Cherries Lime

    Lemon Apple Nectarine

    Musk Peppermint Aniseed

    Blackcurrent Acid Drops Citrus Acid Drops Lemon Sherbet Drops

    Large Mixed Acid Drops Mixed Acid Drops Mixed Fruit Drops

    Large Raspberry Acid Drops Raspberry Acid Drops Raspberry Acid Drops

  • PaCkaging

    20g 40g 50g 80g 100g

    70g 80g 30g 70g 125g180g


    Personalised Candy Choose your name, middle shape, pinstripe type, colours and flavours.

    Max 16 letters.

    Sold in 10kg batches only Wholesale Price $250.00 + optional packaging

    RRP $320.00

    Note: Leftover candy that doesn’t fit in required amount of jars/small bags will be given in a separate heat sealed bag.

    Than k you


    sharin g our

    specia l day

    Katie &

    David 29th Mach 2017

    Ribbons Stickers Message Tags

  • Our range has been extended in 2016 to manufacture handmade fruit and cushion candy as well as our best selling standard DC Range. We have these all in stock now ready to order!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us on 9334 2225 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help with your enquiries about our new products.




    200g 300g 500g

    1Kg 1Kg 80g or 50g 80g

  • Lollipop Bouquets

    PERSONALISE all aspects of your candy jars to suit YOU

    Corporate Candy


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