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Who's Who in High Tech Recruiting Guidebook Winter 2014

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Who's Who in High Tech Recruiting guidebook showcases the latest tools and technical recruiters servicing the high tech sectors. Whether you are looking to hire a search firm or acquire the right sourcing tools for your recruiting project, you'll find them here! Articles included in this edition: P.6 Find Almost Anybody's Email Address With Linkedin P.9 The Five Websites All Tech Recruiters Need to Know About P.12 Somebody resigned. Don't be a fool. Stay cool. P.14 How The CIA Keeps Employees Happy P.17 Employment Branding for Passive Candidates P.20 Effective Recruiting Steps 1 to 4 P.25 How Hubspot's First VP of Engineering Hired Their First 40 Technical Hires P.31 Top 10 Pitfalls in Managing in Employment Contracts as You Go Global P.35 Broaden Your MBA Talent Search
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    Find Almost Anybodys Email Address With #LinkedIn by Irina Shamavea .6

    The Five Websites All Tech Recruiters Need

    to Know About by Gild..9

    Somebody resigned. Dont be a fool. Stay cool by Greg Savage...12

    How The CIA Keeps Employees Happy by

    J.C. Carleson...14

    Employment Branding for Passive Candi-

    dates by John Sumser...17

    Effective Recruiting by Marilyn Manzi

    Step 1: Meeting with the hiring manager...20

    Step 2: Creating a sourcing matrix ......21 Step 3: Creating an email template .......22 Step 4: Phone Screen ......23

    How HubSpots First VP of Engineering Hired Their First 40 Technical Hires by Entelo..25

    Top 10 Pitfalls in Managing in Employment

    Contracts as You Go Global by Ute


    Broaden Your MBA Talent Search.35


    LaBine & Associates.36

    GDI Infotech..37

    Hatstand Ltd.....38

    Kismet Staffing..39

    Michael Page US.........40

    Talent Avenue...41


    Randstad US......43


    Southeast TAX Connection...45

    Devon Wright46

    Recruiter Listings by Industry.....47

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    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Whos Who in High Tech Recruiting Guidebook is produced by enetRecruiter, LLC. enetRecruiter is a service plat-form built to better connect hiring companies to essential HR & Recruiting tools and resources. All the resources and individuals featured

    in the guidebook are for general reference. enetRecruiter does not guaranty or warrant the accuracy, completeness of the information

    contained in this guidebook, or the qualifications, competence of the individuals and companies featured. Certain information con-

    tained in this guidebook is subject to change. Be sure to confirm with featured companies regarding their service offerings and pricing.

    Additionally, the authors of featured articles may have paid a fee to be included in this guidebook and featured recruiters includes

    both members as well as non-members on enetRecruiter.com.

    Copyright 2014 enetRecruiter, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this guidebook may be reproduced without written permission

    from enetRecruiter, LLC. Contact us at [email protected] or visit our site at www.enetrecruiter.com.

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    Many of you have read through the post Find (Almost) Anybodys Email Address by Rob Ousbey and use his technique. Rob has developed a Google Doc email permutator bit.ly/

    name2email to create a list of potential correct email addresses of a person. Rob suggests

    that after populating the list with the possible email addresses we use http://

    rapportive.com to verify which one is correct.

    For those who may need more than an occasional email guesswork: Here is how to do the

    same verification faster and, in some cases, more reliably, using #LinkedIn. The technique

    below is a variation of my 2010 post, that worked beautifully for almost four years, but is no

    longer working for those of us who got the new LinkedIn Contacts.

    The technique below is good for some other sourcing hacks besides the address guessing.

    Have a name and a company name?

    Step 1. Use the famous bit.ly/name2email tool to generate a list of possible email address-


    Step 2. Use this file: Outlook-Export-Format (download the csv file). Paste the list of emails

    from the Step 1 into the email column.

    Example. Suppose we want to find the correct address for Siobhan Neilland who works at

    Amazon. The Outlook-formatted file, which is the result of the steps 1 and 2, will look like this:

    Find Almost Anybodys Email Address with #LinkedIn By Irina Shamaeva, Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting

    | Recruiting & Sourcing |

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    Step 3. On the Contacts Settings Page on LinkedIn select the Outlook contacts import op-tion to import the saved file.

    This is it!

    Here is what you will see in this particular example in the Contacts MS Outlook-imported section, found among the Sources. The person number two on the list is the one.

    So here is the result: we

    have identified the email

    of the person in question. If

    you look at her profile, you

    will see this email listed

    now for us personally in the Contact Info section of the profile. (Finding her

    correct email wasnt such a hard task in this specific

    case, since she also lists

    the email address publicly

    on the profile.)

    As a side effect in this case we have found one

    more real person who is

    using another one of the

    generated email address-


    Apparently, the rest of the

    email addresses do not

    point to any LinkedIn


    Now if you are looking to verify the correct email addresses of several people, you can do this in only one step 2/step 3 action for all of them, just by pasting the emails in ques-tion to the end of the outlook export files email column. The file will get extra rows but will continue working just fine. You can accomplish all of the guesswork about many people in

    one shot.

    Find Almost Anybodys Email Address with #LinkedIn By Irina Shamaeva, Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting

    | Recruiting & Sourcing |

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    Further Applications of the Hack

    Here is a variation of quickly solving another sourcing task, using the import function as de-

    scribed above.

    You could use the technique in the steps 2-3 for a different sourcing task: verifying that for a

    given list of employees at a specific company everyone has email addresses following a

    specific pattern. In this scenario you may start with auto-creating a list of Emails instead of

    the email permutator.

    Theres another thing or two that can be done with this later.

    If the target professional population you are working with is typically registered on LinkedIn,

    then this method of locating their correct email address may find more up-to-date results

    than Rapportive. This is because Rapportive crawls social profiles and is behind compared with straight checking with LinkedIn, as I have explained in this post. In any event its quick and is worth trying.

    For those people who are not on LinkedIn but are on another network such as Google+,

    Rapportive may work better; the two approaches can be combined, of course.

    Please keep an eye on this blog for other methods to be described, soon. Irina Shamaeva is a recognized leader in Sourcing, Social Recruiting, and Internet

    Research. She is Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, an executive search

    firm with the focus on placing software development and management consulting can-

    didates nationwide. In addition to sourcing for her agency, Irina takes on Sourcing /

    Name Generation/Internet Research projects across numerous industries and geogra-

    phies which she loves doing!

    Find Almost Anybodys Email Address with #LinkedIn By Irina Shamaeva, Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting

    | Recruiting & Sourcing |

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    Certification Program Designed and regularly updated by industry leader Irina Shamaeva, taught by a team of Master

    Sourcers, the Program stands out in the content quality and the practical value it provides.

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    classes we provide. Visit us at http://sourcingcertification.com

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    The Five Websites All Tech Recruiters

    Need to Know About By Gild

    | Recruiting & Sourcing |

    Hunting for developers to hire is time consuming and rather difficult, if you dont know where to look.

    Normally, when recruiting, you might start your search on LinkedIn. But the problem is devel-

    opers dont use it regularly. With tight hiring deadlines and low developer activity on a go-to professional network, one question comes to mind: where are the developers?

    In this article, well cover five websites that developers are

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