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Why build it when you can utilize e tapestry's standard reports - eTapestry User Group 2013

Date post:07-May-2015
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  • 1.Why Build it When you Can Utilize eTapestrys Standard Reports? Presented by Mark Scott and Joe Boyle

2. Did you know that eTapestry comes with over 40 standard reports? In todays session we are going to show you how to utilize some of our favorites. 3. Agenda Query vs. Report eTapestry Standard Report Sets Whats in each report? Do you knowBlackbaud Confidential3 4. Query vs. ReportBlackbaud Confidential4 5. eTapestry Standard Report Sets Account Reports Recognition Reports Activity Summary Reports Journal Entry Reports Tribute Reports Soft Credit Reports Executive reports Online Giving Reports eStore (Cart) Reports* Mass Email Reports Fundraiser Reports* Defined Fields Reports Social Networking Reports* You will only see these sets if you have the Cart or Personal Fundraiser Modules 6. Whats in each report? You can quickly view what is in each report by clicking on the report icon to the right of each Standard Report. 7. Whats in each report? This will pull up a description of the report and explanation for the columns. 8. Whats in each report? Hover over an image to enlarge it and see an example of the report. 9. Now its time for Do You KnowBlackbaud Confidential9 10. Do You Know Which 10 constituents have donated the most to your organization so far this year? Or the top 5 constituents to a specific Campaign?Run the Top Donor ReportBenefits: Quickly identify the top contributors to your organization or to a specific Fund or CampaignBlackbaud Confidential10 11. Do You Know How many donors youve lost over the last 5 years?Run the Recency ReportBenefits: Great for donor retention because it easily identifies past donors that have not given yet this year or in recent years.Blackbaud Confidential11 12. Do You Know How to identify the auto processing transactions in your database with credit cards that are about to expire?Run the Almost Expired Auto Process Credit Card Report Benefits: Avoid losing out on donations by proactively updating your donors credit card information on their Recurring Gift Schedules or Pledges. You can call them or ask them to go online and submit a new recurring gift.Blackbaud Confidential12 13. Do You Know How to clean up the duplicate accounts in your database?Run the Duplicate Report Benefits: Running the Duplicate Report on a weekly basis will help keep your database clean and your reports accurate.Tip: Make sure each user at your organization has the Duplicate Check on Save option turned on to reduce duplicates when adding accounts manually.Blackbaud Confidential13 14. Do You Know How much money is expected to come in over the next 5 years from pledges and recurring gifts?Run the Cash Projection Report Benefits: This report will allow you to project how much each fund will be making in the future. It can help with budget planning and it allows you to drill into each year for a monthly breakdown.Blackbaud Confidential14 15. Do You Know Which donors have given to your organization consecutively for the last 3 years?Run the Consecutive Years Report Benefits: Identify those donors that have been consistently loyal to your organization. You may want to do some prospect research on these donors and see if you can ask them for a larger donation or to make a larger pledge to your missionBlackbaud Confidential15 16. Do You Know Which approaches have been most successful?Run the Approach Activity Summary Benefits: Identify which approaches have been responsible for brining in the most money to your organization and then strategize on ways to make those approaches even more successful. You can also see which approaches need more work or attention.Blackbaud Confidential16 17. Do You Know Which constituents have increased their donations this year and which ones have decreased their donations? Or how many new donors your organization has obtained this year? Or how many donors your organization has recaptured this year?Run the Giving Dynamics Report Benefits: This report has it all! It allows you to quickly see the health of your organization compared to last year.Blackbaud Confidential17 18. Do You Know How to save time and stay up to date?Schedule Your Reports! Benefits: Most of our eTapestry Standard Reports can be scheduled to run automatically. Scheduling reports saves you time and it keeps you updated on the health of your organizations fundraising efforts.Blackbaud Confidential18 19. Questions?Blackbaud Confidential19

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Why Build it When you Can Utilize eTapestry’s Standard Reports? Presented by Mark Scott and Joe Boyle
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