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  • 1. Why God Made TeachersWhen God created teachers,He gave us special friendsTo help us understand His worldAnd truly comprehendThe beauty and the wonderOf everything we see,And become a better personWith each discoveryWhen God created teachers,He gave us special guidesTo show us ways in which to growSo we can all decideHow to live and how to doWhats right instead of wrong,To lead us so that we can leadAnd learn how to be strongWhy God created teachers,In His wisdom and His grace,Was to help us learn to make our worldA better, wiser place.

2. Why God made teachers? PRESENTED IN A EACHER TRAININGWORKSHOP FROM-SADHNA PANDEY-VICEPRESIDENT ACADEMICS 3. Once upon a time therewas a bunch of babyfrogs........ 4. participating in acompetition.The target was to get tothe top of a high tower. 5. A crowd of people had gathered to observethe race and encourage the participants..... 6. The start shot rang out....... 7. Quite honestly:None of the onlookers believed that the baby frogscould actually accomplish getting to the top of the tower. Words like: "h, its too difficult!!!Theyll never reach the top."or: "Not a chance... the tower is too high!" 8. One by one some of the baby frogs fell off...Except those who fastly climbed higher andhigher..The crowd kept on yelling:"Its too difficult. Nobody is going to make it!" 9. More baby frogs became tired and gave up... ...But one kept going higher and higher..... He was not about giving up!At the end everybody had given up, except the one determined to reach the top! 10. All the other participants naturally wanted toknow how he had managed to do what none of them others had been able to do!One competitor asked the winner, what was hissecret? 11. The truth was.......The winner was deaf!!!! 12. The lesson to be learned:Dont ever listen to people who are negative and pessimistic...they will deprive you of your loveliest dreams and wishes you carry in your hear!Always be aware of the power of words, as everyting you hear and read will interfere with your actions! 13. Therefore: Always stay POSITIVE! And most of all:Turn a deaf ear when people tell you, that youcannot achieve your dreams! 14. How to be a good teacher? What makes a good teacher? How should the teacher talk to the students? How should the teacher give instructions? Who should talk in class? What are the best kinds of lessons? 15. WHAT MAKES A GOODTEACHER? 16. What makes a good teacher?(2)Representative answers of the students1. They should should make their lessons interesting so that you dontfall asleep.2. A teacher should love her job. If she really enjoys it, thatll make thelessons more interesting.3. I like the teacher who has his own personality and dont hide it fromthe students so that he is not only a teacher but a person as well- andit comes through the lessons.4. I like teachers who has lots of knowledge, not only of his subject.5. A good teacher is an entertainer and I mean that in a positivesense, not a negative one. 17. What makes a good teacher?(3)Representative answers 6. It is important that you can talk to the teacher when you have problems and you don not get along with the subject. 7. A good teacher is somebody who has an affinity with the students they are teaching. 8. A good teacher should try and draw out the quiet and control the more talkative ones. 9. She should be able to correct people without offending them.10. A good teacher is someone who helps rather than shouts.11. A good teacher is someone who knows our names.Conclusion: Good teachers care more about their students learning than they do about their own teaching. 18. What is a best teacher?(4)|Complete the following sentence about you When I was at school, the best teacherwas The best teacher I ever met is The best English teacher is I think the best English teacher should be I want to be an English who 19. What makes a good teacher(1)?Rate the following teacher qualities in order of importance? A. They are good looking. B. They are entertaining. C. They can control the class. D. They give interesting classes. E. They know their students. F. They can keep control. G. They prepare well. H. They know their subject. 20. Always believe:We can make it! 21. How should teachers talk to students(1)?Rate the following statements:A. A teacher should speak very slowly and clearly to their foreign- language students.B. Teachers should always use well-constructed sentences when they speak to their students.C. Teachers should speak to their students like parents talk to their young children.D. Teachers should speak normally to their students-as if they were talking to their own friends.E. Teachers should only say things to students which the students will understand totally. 22. How should teachers talk to students?(2)How do parents talk to their children?A.They use more exaggerated tones of voice.B. They speak with less complex grammatical structures.C. They restrict their vocabulary.D. They make more eye contact. E. They use more body languages .How do experienced teachers talk to the students? A. They adapting their language to the level of the students. B. They use physical movement. C. They naturally show their happiness and sadness. 23. How should teachers give instructions?(1)Which of the followings ,do you think, is good?1. Now I want you to work in pairsyes(gesturing)thats rightyoutwoyou twoyou two. Good. Now listen carefully. I want you toread this text(holding up the book and pointing to it) on page 26 andanswer the questionsOK?2. OK, this is the deal-and I hope you really enjoy this cos I spent muchtime planning it, you know? I thought you could probably solve accessthis grammar problem yourselves, by looking it up in your book ingroups. OK?3. (Sitting at desk) Open your books on page 26. What the answer to thequestion 1?4. (Hold up large picture)Right, were going to do something a bitdifferent now. Now ask me questions about the picture(Pointing to thepicture)questions with whatAnybody? Yes, Tim, please! 24. Who should talk in class?(1)Choose the one which is suitable to you:1. In class, I take up most of the time, reading, organizing and doing explanations, but the students seem to have difficulty tounderstand.2. In class, in order to make the students do what I said, I have to useChinese regularly.3. In class, my students occupy most of the class time, they have more than 3 chances to practice(say) what they are required openly.4. I usually offer some minutes to make the students to talk, but they can not utter a word, let along to say a sentence or a paragraph.5. It all depends what kinds of lessons I am conducting. 25. So that you may feel the of 26. The PATH,that leads us through the MOST OBSTACLESoften provides the RICHEST JOURNEY. 27. Together we can make adifference 28. What is a best teacher?(4)|Complete the following sentence about you When I was at school, the best teacherwas The best teacher I ever met is The best English teacher is I think the best English teacher should be I want to be an English who

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