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Teachers and Parents have six distinct needs while communicating in their group 1. create instant groups on mobile between teachers and parents to talk on subject 2. parents can dynamically join or unjoin the discussion group based on subjects 3. The massive need to maintain privacy of phone numbers while maintaining identity 4. Ability to work across mobile devices including tablets 5. Need to be able to talk even identities exist in different social networks 6. Need to avoid image and video based spams and forwards Grouping addresses these challenges and helps create a community instantly.

2. TEACHERS AND PARENTS HAVE SIX DISTINCT NEEDS WHILE COMMUNICATING IN THEIR GROUPcreate instant groups on mobile between teachers and parents to talk on subjectparents can dynamicallyjoin or unjoin the discussion group based on subjectsThe massive need to maintain privacy of phone numbers while maintaining identityAbility to work across mobile devices includingtabletsNeed to be able to talk even identities exist in different social networksNeed to avoid image and video based spams and forwards 3. OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO THEM TODAY ADDRESS ONLY ONE OR FEW OF THEIR NEEDSFacebookGroups is complicated and Web Based, not too mobile friendly and definitely not instantWhatsAppallows groups but mandates that each ones phone numbers is known to other and an administrator whose ends up doing the laborious task of adding all other parents or teachers.LinkedInis designed for a completely different purpose and research shows that it is not that user friendly for instant messagingTwitterlists are not that apple simple for many and the list goes on 4. NONE OF THEM, NONE OF THEM REALLY ADDRESSES THE REAL NEED OF TEACHERS AND PARENTS. 5. GROUPING IS DESIGNED TO ADDRESS ALL THE SIX NEEDS OF TEACHERS AND PARENTS BYBoth Teachers and parents can create instant groups to talk on any subject, think PTA on mobile between teachers-parents, parents-parentsGrouping gives and parents the freedom to join or unjoin the groups based on their likes. After all, in real life, and parents do want do walkout of groups and walk back when they want to..Does not mandatethe sharing of phone numbers and hence maintains privacy of all and parents while maintaining their identityWork across the popular mobile devices on iOS and Android including tabletsHelps and parents login using different social networks, just the way you would want toBased on massive 1-1 research,Grouping not allow forwards and thus helps avoid spam- forwards of text, images and video. 6. APPLICATIONS OF GROUPING IN A SCHOOLAll teachers of a classParents of students within a classAd-hoc circles / groupings within a classTeachers of every section / subjectAlumni groups for every class / yearAdmissions and InformationAdministration staffSecurity and Support staffStudents of a classStudents and head-teacher of a classEvery teacher and students of a classEvery teacher and every parent for a class 7. HOW TO USE GROUPING MESSENGER FOR TEACHERS OR PARENTS 8. GROUPING IS A CROSS-PLATFORM, FREE AND FAST MOBILE MESSENGER SERVICE THAT ALLOWS AND PARENTS TO CREATE GROUPS AND HAVE CONVERSATIONS IN LESS THAN 60 SECONDS. GROUPING IS AVAILABLE ON SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS RUNNING IOS OR ANDROID. 9. DOWNLOAD GROUPING FROM HERE HTTP://WWW.DOGROUPING.COM/DOWNLOAD.HTML 10. STEP 1: TO LOGIN CLICK THE GROUPINGICONClick on the Groupingicon on your device. If you do not have one you can download the Appfor FREE from iTunes App Store or Google Play 11. STEP 1A: LOGIN THROUGH YOU PREFERRED SOCIAL NETWORKClick one of the options on screen to login via Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter 12. STEP 2: CREATE A GROUP OR JOIN ONEWhen you have just logged in for the first time there will be no groups that will show upYou can create a Group yourself (Step 3) or You can chose to join an existing Group (Step 4)Subsequently, all the groups to which you are already a member of will be displayed here.Add/Create GroupSearch/ Join GroupLog Out 13. STEP 3: CREATE GROUP: ADD DESCRIPTIONAdd a description to explain what the group best represents. Short, yet descriptive enough for new members will be the best way. E.g. Jackfruit lovers based in Sydney or Labrador owners in Manila 14. STEP 3B: CREATE GROUP: ADD NAMEAdd a group name.You may not use spaces and the total length cannot be more than 50 characters.Tip: Start each word with upper case to help in ease of reading 15. STEP 3C: YOU CAN SEE YOUR GROUP APPEAR ON YOUR SCREEN ALMOST INSTANTLYGo ahead, share that name with your friends and ask them to join the group. 16. STEP 3D: START YOUR CONVERSATIONSIf you have started the group, you may want to start the conversation by laying the ground rules. 17. STEP 4: SEARCH/ JOIN GROUPSearch/ Join Group 18. STEP 4A: SEARCH/ JOIN GROUPSearch for the Group Name if you already know.If you are browsing type in the possible keyword and look at the options that are thrown up. 19. STEP 4B: CHECK GROUP DESCRIPTIONYou can check if the group descriptions appropriately describes what you are trying to join 20. STEP 4C: CONFIRMATION TO JOIN GROUPMake sure you click yes to confirm if you want to join this group. 21. STEP 4D: JOIN CONVERSATIONSOr you can join the conversations that already are happening in your community/ group 22. STEP 5: UNJOIN GROUPSwipe on the group from right to left and you will see the Delete basket 23. STEP 5D: UNJOIN GROUP CONFIRMATION 24. STEP 6: LOG OUTClick on the Logout button when you want to sign out.We recommend that you remain logged in to receive messages.Log Out 25. STEP 6A: LOGOUT CONFIRMATIONA logout confirmations helps you avoid from accidentally logging out. 26. REFERENCEShttp://www.DoGrouping.com/how-to-use.htmlhttp://www.tumblr.com/blog/DoGrouping 27. DOWNLOAD GROUPING FROM HERE HTTP://WWW.DOGROUPING.COM/DOWNLOAD.HTML

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