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"Why Social Media?" A Trend Report & by Social Media Expert Lesley Scott of

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Does the whole Social Media "thing" have you perplexed or wondering what the big deal-io is? Do you wish you knew why everyone is pushing you & your business to tweet more, Facebook frequently, tap on over to their Tumbr, pin stuff, LinkedIn with them? Whether you're looking to brush up a bit on why Social Media is all that or just like overview'y slideshows, "Why Social Media" by Lesley Scott, a longtime blogger (as in almost a decade) & EIC of the Fashiontribes.com blog will have you evangelizing all things Social Media in no time...or at least knowing why it matters so much, what's driving it & even finally get an answer to the burning question: what's the best way to measure ROI on it?
  • 1. Is this you or someone you know?(image: source)

2. Maybe Social Media just feels like a big why?I s t hi s you or som eone you know? Doest hi s whol e Soci al Medi a j ugger naut(image: source) 3. Yes, theres a lot of chatter. But look beyond the likes, tweets, status updates (thejargony blah blah blah)Yes, t her e sa l ot ofchat t er .But l ookbeyond t heubi qui t ousLi kes,t weet s,pi ns, st at us (image: source) 4. Like reading the tea leaves, its not about the leaves but what they reveal.Li ke r eadi ng t he t ea l eaves, i t s notabout t he l eaves t hemsel ves ( t he bl ah 5. & what t heyAnd what they reveal isbig drumrollthat the more things have seemed to change, the morethey stay the same.r eveal i s B - I - Gdr um ol l ,r pl ease t hat t he m e t hi ngsorseem ed t ohavechanged, t he(image: source) m e t hey ve or 6. Have you s een Wow, I j us t hadt hat new John t hi s gr eat newW ayne movi e t hat dr i nk. I t s Have you seen that new John Wayne movie that just came out? Wow, I just had this great new drink. Its called Coca- Cola!j ust cam out ? ecal l ed Coca-Col a ! (source: quotes; image) 7. Make no mistake about it, media has always been Social. Its always been shared. he only difference today isthat its so much easier to share content. And not just to your circle, but to the world. - Tony Chen, a Social Media Strategist for StudioNorthM ake no m st ake about i t , miedi a hasal ways been Soci al . I t s al waysbeen shar ed. The onl y di f f er encet oday i s t hat i t s so m uch easi er t oshar e - cont ent . And Soci al j Medi a t o atyour f orTony Chen , a not ust St r egi st(source: quote; images) 8. And as t he wor l d now And as the world now turns, you can build a relationship with anyone anywhere.t ur ns, you can bui l d ar el at i onshi p wi t h anyone anywher e.(source) 9. The tools we use to share (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) get all the hype, but thats all they are - tools thatmake it easier to share and listen to content/information you care about. The t ool s we use t o shar e ( Facebook,Twi t t er , Li nkedI n) get al l t he hype, butt hat s al l t hey ar e - t ool s t hat make i t (source: quote; image) 10. At the end of the day, its really various types of content (i.e., media) that is shared (i.e., social) with people inour spheres of influence. (source: quote; image) At t he end of t he day, i t s r eal l yvar i ous t ypes of cont ent ( i . e. , m edi a)t hat i s shar ed ( i . e. , soci al ) wi t h peopl e 11. In other words: trust & relationships.I n ot her wor ds: t r ust & (source: quote; image) 12. (all except for joggers) (source) 13. Tr ust i s gener at edt hr oughTrust is generated through relationships & its relationships that are driving Social Media.r el at i onshi ps . Rel at i onshi ps ar e dr i vi ng(source: quotes; image) 14. Maybe you know someone who s been Whether youve been diagnosed with a degenerative disease and are now able to tap into an entire communityfor information, support and trading notes; or are looking to connect witha di agnosed wi t h other social entrepreneurs by using the Twitter hashtag #socialentrepreneur; or perhaps a LinkedIn group with of thousands of members all takingabout your particular business or degener at i just finding the best sushi in the city by perusing the industry issue. Or even ve you need, want or find interesting -seaseof how common or unlikely the ensuing relationship(s). di regardless & want s t o hundreds of reviews of the top-rated restaurants. With Social Media, theres an active community for whatever f i nd ot her s i n t he sam pr edi came ent ? Per haps you r e l ooki ng t o connect wi t h ot her soci al ent r epr eneur s. Tr y a Twi t t er hasht ag l i ke #soci al ent r epr eneu r.W sh you coul didi scuss apar t i cul ari ndust r y i ssue?(source: text; image) 15. Tappi ng i nt o aTapping into an entire community for information, support and trading notes is now but a keyboard tap away.t hr i vi ngcom uni t y f or mi nf or m i on,atsuppor t andt r adi ng not es- r egar dl essof wher eanyonephysi cal l yhappens t o bei n t he wor l d -(source: image) 16. W t h Soc i al Miedi a,t her e s an act i ve With Social Media, theres an active community for whatever you need, want or find interesting - regardless ofhow common or unlikely the ensuing relationship(s).com uni t y f or mwhat ever you need,want or f i ndi nt er est i ng egar dl ess rof how uncom onmor unl i kel y the(image from Unlikely Friendships via source)ensui ng 17. R at i ons hi ps elRelationships happen on the web through social media. - Tony Chen, Social Media Strategisthappen on t he webt hr ough soci alm edi a. Tony Chen ,(source: quote; image) -Soci al Medi a 18. Rel at i onshi ps ar e t he (image: source) busi ness of Soci al Medi aRel at i onshi ps ar e t he busi nessofSoci al Medi a.(image: source) 19. Except f or one t eensy pr obl em r el at i onshi ps ar e messy & t ake on al i f e of t hei r own. Except for one teensy problemrelationships are messy & have a way of taking on a life of their own.(image: source) 20. Br andsSome interesting corporateSocial Media experimentsl ar ge andsm l al ar e 21. 73% of sm lal 73% of small businesses use Social Mediabusi nesses use 80% of Fortune 100 companies are active in one or more Social Media channelsSoci al Medi a80% of For t une100 compani esar e act i ve i none or m e orSoci al Medi achannel s(source: facts; image) 22. Red Robi n used aFB l i ke appr oacht o i nt r oduc e anew bur ger ,cr eat i ng a vi deo& doi ng st at usupdat es t o t eachm anager s t he bestway t o m ake &sel l t he bur ger s.Fast - i nc om ngicust omer f eedbackr esul t ed i n(source) 23. I n choosi ng wher et o l ocat e t hei r own f r anchi ses, BKcl osel y f ol l owsM cD s t weet s on f ut ur e f r anchi se(source) 24. Kel l ogg s t ook a j oki ngt weet f r om t he l ead si ngerof The Char l t ans who sai dhe want ed a cer eal c al l ed" Tot es Am ebal l s az act ual l y m& ade i t a(source) 25. Walmart Pinterest appeals to our customers who use the social media platforms to find and collect creative recipes, tips and how tos - helping their5 peopl e won $500 each t o spend at families save moneyW m t f or cr eat i ng Pi nt er est al ar and live better.boar ds f eat ur i ng t hei r m ch t hat eri nspi r ed t hem t o be mThomas Walmart senior - Andrea or e eco- vice president of sustainabilityf r i endl y. 26. Vent ur eOpenview capi t al f i r m Openvi ew def i es t he st i f f cor por at e st er eot ype by showcasi ng t hei r st af f i n pr of essi onal yet r el axed phot os. They (source) 27. Shar pi e usedSoci al M edi at o gar neral m t 90% osm ket s har e.arHow?I nt er est i ngar t dr awnwi t h Shar pi eson FB;hi ghl i ght i ngt hei r f ans vi deos onYouTube; 28. Sharpie I t s not aboutus put t i ng outbr andedcont ent . I t sabout usam i f yi ng t heplpas si on t hatexi st s i n our - Ryan Rouse , t ygl obalcom unim .di r ect or of Shar pi e m ket i ngarat Newel l Rubber m d ai (source) 29. ongoi ng upheava year s f l a newI t t akes about f i ve or t ec hnol ogy t oshow i t s f ul lim pact oncompani es t hatdepl oy i t . Atm t comos pani es,soc i al net wor ki ngi s about t wo ort hr ee year s i n.- M T s Er i k IBr ynj ol f ss (quote: source; image via source) 30. 44% of al l i nt er net user s ar e on et hi ng 1 bi l l i on sompeopl e know how t o (source) 31. W hen peopl e Twitter f ol l ow a br and on Twi t t er , al m t 70% os r epor t bei ng m uch m e or- Soci lal kel y Pl aybook f or i M a buy edi what ever nes s B i t heus - (text: source; image via source) 32. BRANDS PEOPLE LOVE:Sout hwes tAi r l i nesHal l m karDove SoapCr estCadi l l acAppl eI k ea(source: image; brands) 33. (source) what mso akes a br andt hi s l oveabl e onl i ne? 34. 3Thi ngs: s#1: $weet deal #2:bei ng a par t ner(image: source)#3: a r i vet i ng 35. (source: statistics; image) What businesses think consumers want from Social MediaWhat M arket ers Thi nkCons umers W ant From Soc i alBrands : i nf o t o hel p peopl e dec i de whatt o buy ( 59% ) c us t om s ervi c e ( 58% er ) t he di s h on new produc t s ( 53%) 36. What Cons um ers#1: people look to Social Media forshopping deals & discounts #ac t ual l y WantFrom Soc i al1Brands : deal s & pr om i onsot( 83%) r ewar ds pr ogr ams( 70%) excl usi ve cont ent( 58%)(source: statistics; image) 37. but don t over s har e! Keep i t s i m e.pl( TM i s never a goodI 38. M ket er s ar e ar gener al l y pushi ng out t oo much i nf or m i on,at causi ng peopl e t oover - t hi nk pur chasedeci si ons andm aki ng t hem m e orl i kel y t o changet hei r m nds about a ipr oduct , be l ess(source: quote; image) 39. Peopl e t end#2: people like online brands with personality that theycan partner with t o val ue br ands wi t h per sonal i t y#2 & t hat t heyhad a handincr eat i ng/ mak- THE I iKEA EFFECT:nkng ( t hiW hen Labor I KEA)t .oLeadsLove. Har var dBusi ness School (source: fact; image) 40. (source) 41. For a br and t o f i nd itsper sonal i t y, i t s souli f youwi l l , t he f i r st quest i on t oanswer : what t ype of humanwoul d i t be?Pr of essor? Best i e?Cooluncl e? ami n - Jef f Benjcr eat i ve head ofJWT (source: quote; image) 42. Once consumers like a brands personality, they want to team up with them in some way. They dont want aone-way flow - they want a collaboration where they have input. Like assembling Ikea furniture. People likeconsuming items with some assembly required, dubbed the Ikea effect.Af t er f al l i ng i n l ove wi t h abr and s per sonal i t y, peopl e want apar t ner . Someone t hey cancol l abor at e wi t h. Just l i ke I keaf ur ni t ur e t hat ar r i ves wi t h someassem y r equi r ed - par t of t heblr eason consum s l ove i t so m er uch -so br ands t hat col l abor at e wi t ht h

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