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    About Raven Wide Format2 ravenwideformat.com +724.805.1814 [email protected]

  • Raven Wide Format is the exclusive American distributor of Raven Industries wide format toners.

    Raven has produced sophisticated toners and developers for over 20 years.

    As a proven supplier to the OEMs, Raven has developed the products and testing methods which ensure premium performance in your copiers, printers, mfps and wide format equipment.

    Our mission is to provide premium toners for your wide format equipment at the best value. We guarantee it.




    Ravens lab is equipped with over 400 machines which are dedicated to product development and quality assurance testing. The toner development process allows our team to learn valuable information about the machines toner systems.

    Toners are tested for the life of the machine components (ie. developer, starter and photoreceptor). OEM toner is benchmarked to evaluate its performance. Formulations include critical components needed for optimal machine performance. Toner tests include: taber testing to check fusing properties, yield, background development, resolution, density, waste toner, compatibility with OEM and cartridge fit and function.

    About Raven Wide Format4 ravenwideformat.com +724.805.1814 [email protected]


    1. Our Manufacturing Complex

    Raven has over 113,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office space.

    2. Dedicated Manufacturer

    All toners are developed and manufactured at Raven.

    3. Comprehensive Testing

    Our testing protocols include both our lab and our customer sites to ensure consistent quality.

    4. Technical Support

    We offer technical support and professional service to our customers.

    5. OEM Quality

    Our toners meet the density, line resolution, fixing and yield specifications of the OEM.


  • Since 1991, Raven has manufactured quality toners and developers for use in copiers and printers.What started out as a small operation to make and sell bulk toner exclusively to South American importers has become an International leader in the toner industry. Raven now manufactures toner exclusively for OEMs, Private Label Distributors and large Authorized Dealers throughout the world.

    Over 20 Years of Service

    About Raven Wide Format6 ravenwideformat.com +724.805.1814 [email protected]

  • Compatible Toners for use in Wide Format Copiers and Printers






    Kyocera Mita



    Terms and

    Conditions 11

    Performance GuaranteedRaven toner is formulated to perform the same as the OEM toner. Our products will not impact the operation, reliability, performance or robustness of a properly maintained machine. Each lot of toner undergoes numerous quality tests during the manufacture of the product. Toners are machine tested to assure perfect performance.

    Raven Industries toner products are designed and manufactured to give you the optimum output that your machine was originally designed to produce. Raven guarantees 100% forward and reverse compatibility with OEM toners. Raven warrants that its products will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. New machine warranty requirements are met when Raven products are installed and used according to Raven and machine manufacturers instructions.


  • Wide Format Toners

    KIP Wide Format Copiers/Printers

    For use in Type CMYK CHIP OEM Part No.: Raven Part No.: Description Master Pack

    Kip 700m Toner l 700-103 KPT700m 2 - 200 gm. Cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 1800,1880 Toner l 1800-103 KPT1880-2 2 - 500 gm. bottles 1 ctn.

    Kip 1900 Toner l 1900-103 KPT1900 4 - 250 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 2500,2700,2710,

    2750,2900, KipStar


    Toner l 2900-103 KPT2710 4 - 300 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 2720E,2950,


    Toner l 2950-103 KPT2720 4 - 500 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 3000 Toner l Z050970010 KPT3000 2 - 300 gm. Cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 3000 Starter Toner l KPT3000-Starter 4 - 500 gm. bottles 1 ctn.

    Kip 3100 Toner l Z160970010 KPT3100 2 - 300 gm. Cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 5000,6000, 7000 Toner l 6000-103 KPT6000 4 - 450 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 5000,6000, 7000 Starter Toner l KPT6000-Starter 4 - 500 gm. bottles 1 ctn.

    Kip 7100 Toner l Z240970010 KPT7100 2 - 300 gm. Cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 7170 Toner l l Z340970010 KPT7170 2 - 400 gm. Cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 7700, 7900 Refill Toner l KPT7900B 10 - 500 gm. refill bottles 1 ctn.

    Kip 8000 Toner l 8000-103 KPT8000 8 - 500 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kip 9000 Toner l l 9000-103 KPT9000 4 - 500 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.

    [email protected]

  • Kyocera Wide Format Copiers/Printers

    For use in Type CMYK CHIP OEM Part No.: Raven Part No.: Description Master Pack

    Kyocera KM2420w Toner l TK-980 KPT700m 2 - 200 gm. Cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kyocera KM3650w Toner l 1T05H60N20 MATK950 2 - 420 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.

    Kyocera KM4800w, 4820w Toner l TK-960 MATK960 2 - 500 gm. cartridges 1 ctn

    Oce Wide Format Copiers/Printers

    For use in Type CMYK CHIP OEM Part No.: Raven Part No.: Description Master Pack

    Oc PlotWave

    300,340,350,360, 500

    Toner l 1060074426,



    OCT300 2 - 400 gm.bottles, 1 waste


    1 ctn.

    Oc PlotWave 500

    (universal to OCT300)

    Toner (NEW!) l 1070035957 OCT300 2 - 400 gm.bottles, 1 waste


    1 ctn.

    Oc TDS 100 Toner l 1060023044 OCT100 2-320 gm.bottles, 2 waste


    1 ctn.

    Oc TDS 700,750,

    Plotwave 750

    Toner l 1060047449 OCT700 2-500 gm.bottles, 1 waste


    1 ctn.

    Oc 7050,7051,7055, 7056 Toner l 250.01.867 (Toner


    OCT7050-2 2 - 400 gm. bottles 1 ctn.

    Oc 9300,9400 Toner l 250.01.878 (Toner


    OCT9400-2 2 - 454 gm. bottles 1 ctn.

    Oc 9600, TDS

    300,320,400, 450,600

    Toner l 250.01.843 (Toner


    OCT9600-2 2 - 454 gm. bottles 1 ctn.

    [email protected]

  • Xerox Wide Format Copiers/Printers

    For use in Type CMYK CHIP OEM Part No.: Raven Part No.: Description Master Pack

    Xerox 510dp, 8850 Toner l 6R989 XT510C 1 - 1135gm cartridge 1 ctn.

    Xerox Synergix 721p Toner l 6R1141 XTX721P 8 - 500 gm. cartridges 1 ctn.




    Toner l 6R234 XT2510 2 - 680 gm. refill bottles 12 ctns

    Xerox 3030,3040,


    Toner l 6R395,6R884 XT3050C 1 - 680 gm. cartridge 1 ctn.

    Xerox 6204,6604,6605 Toner l 6R1238 XT6204 1 - 800 gm. cartridge 1 ctn.

    Xerox 6279 Toner l 6R1374 XT6279 1 - 800 gm. cartridge 1 ctn.

    Xerox 8825,8830 Toner l 6R891 XT8830 1 - 1.3 lb. cartridge 1 ctn.

    [email protected]

  • Terms and Conditions

    For product information, to place an order or to check the status of your order, our customer service department will be happy to assist you. We encourage our customers to place their orders by email or fax to ensure accurate order entry. Our customer service hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

    Please call 1(724) 805-1814, fax 1(724) 539-2264 or email [email protected] to place your order.

    PricingPlease contact us for a price list.

    Terms of SaleAll prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Cash or credit card only. Other payment terms subject to our approval.

    Standard PackagingPlease order in carton quantities. This will help to ensure safe shipment of your order.Custom Packaging: Raven is able to accommodate your needs for custom packaging. Please contact us with your requirements.

    Freight All orders shipped through common carrier or UPS, FOB Latrobe, PA; freight and COD charges collect unless otherwise specified.

    Drop Shipments: A fee of $20 will be charged for any drop shipment.

    Payment PolicyRaven requires prepayment of all orders, unless other arrangements have been ap-proved. A service charge will be applied for insufficient funds or closed bank account checks.

    Credit Card: Raven also accepts Master Card, Visa and American Express. Please request an authorization form to be completed and return by fax or email to Raven. Upon authori-zation, your credit card will be charged the day your order is shipped.

    Return Policy Raven is committed to the quality of its products and we stand behind them with the promise of satisfaction. Requests to return defective and/or non-defective product may be made by fax or telephone to Raven. Upon approval, a return authorization (RA) number will be issued and shipping instructions will be given. This RA number will expire 60 days from date of issue. Authorized returns of defective product will be given full credit if returned within 60 days of invoice/ship date. A list of returned products must accompany return shipment in addition to the invoice number applicable to each item returned. Unauthorized returns will not be credited and the product will not be returned to the sender. If you wish to return non-defective merchandise to Raven, a 20% handling fee will be deducted from your credit.

    The following merchandise will not be accepted as a return for credit:1. Merchandise not purchased from Raven.2. Merchandise returned after 60 days from date of purchase.3. Special ordered items.