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Wikipedia Loves Art 2009 / Britain Loves Wikipedia 2010

Date post:30-May-2015
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Nadia Arbach and her talk on Wikipedia Loves Art 2009 / Britain Loves Wikipedia 2010
  • 1. Wikipedia Loves Art 2009 Britain Loves Wikipedia 2010 Tracery Light with King David by Val McG

2. User-generated, collaborative, open Imari Plate by Val McG 3. Purpose: to update Wikipedia articles with images 4. Article illustrated with WLA 2009 entry 5. Wikipedia Loves Art Facebook group 6. V&A Facebook event page 7. V&A Twitter feed 8. Wikipedia Loves Art Flickr group 9. Online registration 10. Photography guidelines 11. Discussion board 12. 13. 14. WLA photo pool 15. Photos from V&A contestants 16. V&A scores 17. I am thrilled to see the project is continuing to grow. I get approximately 30 hits per day on WLA images from all over the world.- Forever Wiser Apart from adding a lot of photos for use on Wikipedia and by the Museums, I found there were a lot of areas in the Museums (and a lot of objects too) which I had either forgotten or maybe never previously discovered. - DJ-Architect There is not currently an article on Ikeda Taishin on the English-language or Japanese Wikipedias, but I would nevertheless like to copy this photo over to the Wikimedia Commons so that it'll be easily findable and usable once such an article is created. - toranosuke Samurai mask by DJ-Architect Mother of pearl basin by Forever Wiser Box for writing utensils by the wee pixie 18.

  • Dozens of requests for images to be added to Flickr groups:
  • The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  • Homer Illustrated
  • Elizabeth I of England (Good Queen Bess)
  • London in the Georgian Era

Beautiful caddy and great photo. I've really enjoyed your excellent pictures from the V&A. Thanks for licensing your work under CC. This has been used to illustrate an answer abouttea caddies. - lelijg Tea caddy by Veronika B Anne of Cleves by the wee pixie Thank you for uploading this. Isn't it an amazing item? I saw a picture of it in the book 'Shells' by Mary Maguire and from the picture credits I could see it had to be in the V&A. I want to visit it and see it close-up.-lottery_dreams Shellwork Vase by mrsraggle 19.

  • Nadia Arbach Digital Programmes Manager Learning & Interpretation Division Victoria and Albert Museum 020 7942 2194
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Ming Sedan Chair by Forever Wiser

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