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Wine Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

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Wine Marketing Tips For The Holiday SeasonTips on your wine, beer and spirits marketing for the holiday sales season and how you can get the maximum benefit from this unique consumer mindset.

Here are ten marketing strategies designed just for the holiday shopping season.

Develop a marketing campaign just for the Thanksgiving to New Year period. From now until January 1, the buyer mentality - the retailer prevails. Retailers are planning to budget their quantity buying and will take advantage of the retail programs that are offered to them.

1. Products and Services for Every BudgetTo maximize revenues, smart distributors get their retailers to develop gift ideas to fit every budget -- for example, Gifts for $10, For $50, and Over $200, etc. As a distributor, you can help retailers develop products or services to fit every budget in your business. And, they feature your brands, not the competitors!

2. Holiday and Gift Box PackagesHoliday gift packages are the HOT sellers right now! Why? Because they take the thinking out of buying. For example, pre-package gifts of beers, popcorn, glassware, nuts, t-shirts, and collector cans or special beers in bottles.

3. Bundled Products or ServicesRather than sell single items, offer theme combos. For example, a holiday spiced ales gift package, or imported beers, or craft beers from one state or beers which have 90 point ratings or higher from BA. Or a beer book that was just released, or home brewing equipment or recipes and brew for a day certificates at a brewpub. You can bundle complementary products services to create your own theme offering.

4. "Consumer Loyalty Programs

Create customer loyalty and longevity with this winning strategy. The options are endless. For example, Beer of the month club, Package of the month club, Pick 12 Program, 20% off for $200 purchase or Free delivery for $100 purchase or more, etc. These programs work best when you give significant discounts in exchange for a long-term buying commitment of your products or services. Use your creativity when you adapt this strategy to your business.

5. Start promoting holiday sales early.

According to a 2012 survey conducted by Compete, 54% of shoppers had completed at least a quarter of their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving weekend. Many more are shopping online or looking for ideas before Christmas arrives.

6. Order supplies well in advance of the holidays.Check to see that you'll have enough merchandise on hand to satisfy customers. Use last year's records to estimate the quantities of supplies you'll need to meet this year's demand. Check to be sure you'll have enough holiday bags, logoed wooden boxes, tissue paper, holiday wrap, logoed pails, logoed waste baskets, foil or dripping wax for bottles, and other items you'll need to wrap or deliver customers' purchases. Stay on top of your vendors, because if they miss your deadlines, youll miss the Holiday sales opportunity. Holiday sales for some beers and wines are 30-40 percent of the entire years volume!

7. Be sure your website is customer-friendly.

Consumers do a lot of their holiday window shopping online. To be sure your online store is consumer-friendly, ask a friend who has never used your site to make a purchase. Give them something specific to buy, then watch as they try to find the item and buy it on your website.

8. Make the shopping experience easy.

Be sure to include the business phone number, business hours, time zone, customer service email address, return policy and guarantee can all be found from all pages. The easier it is for customers to find contact information, the more confident they'll be about placing an order. If at all possible, have a way for customers and prospects to reach a real person on the telephone. There's nothing more frustrating to potential customers than to call a company to request information, only to be pointed back to the website to create a support ticket with no indication of when to expect an answer.

9. Get your ads ready now for local print media.

If you can write the ads now, you'll have ample time to have several people proofread them before they run. Check with the media you plan to use to find out if they have special holiday editions you'll want to advertise in, and to find out what the closing dates are for ads.

10. Social Media is changing the way people shop

Encourage current site visitors to sign up for a mailing list, like you on Face book, follow you on Twitter and read your newsletters. If you fail to capture their email address the first time they visit your site, chances are slim that they will return to your site.

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