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Winter 2011/2012 shutdown On-call service - FSU Future projects AOB 2011-12-02G. Olesen - PH-DT-DI.

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Magnet Control ProjectMCPWinter 2011/2012 shutdownOn-call service - FSUFuture projectsAOB

2011-12-02G. Olesen - PH-DT-DIMCP ProjectWinter 2011/2012 shutdown Normal MCP maintenance No major changes foreseen Standard verifications according to internal list

MCS: Upgrade of PVSS MSS: Battery maintenance done by MCP-FSU (training 28-29-30 November) Change of MSSB optocouplers (MTBF 6000 pcs ordered!) Verification of alarm levels - Functionality

MDS New software/hardware if possible Vacuum system Demounting of diffusion pumps for End-Cap opening (detector repair) Maintenance oil change etc.

Shutdown planning (also FSU)

2011-12-02G. Olesen - PH-DT-DIMCP ProjectOn-call service - FSU Systems On-call Service - SOS Running during shutdown New ATLAS member Training has started (Team Nicolas Bourgeois) Doing double piquet service

FSU PH-02 12 persons in unit 1 extra person from now until end of shutdown Perhaps 1 engineer for electronics pool Many external projects Flexibility works Shutdown planning meet week 49

2011-12-02G. Olesen - PH-DT-DIMCP ProjectFuture projects MSS2 Slightly delayed due to involvement in other projects Software being programmed and tested Hardware Chassis mounted Interface cards being developed (production time?) Many details still remains Progress meet: Week 49-50

2011-12-02G. Olesen - PH-DT-DI

MCP ProjectFuture projects M1 Oldest supraconducting magnet at CERN Large aperture 3 Tesla Control Safety by PH-DT-DI MSS2 prototype testing validation Project leader MCP: Sylvain Ravat Hardware: Pascal Blanc Planning - budget meet: Week 49-50

2011-12-02G. Olesen - PH-DT-DI

MCP ProjectAOB Any Other Business:

Battery Course (Nico, Laurent, Gerard, Houari)

AEgIS? ArDM? Compass?


2011-12-02G. Olesen - PH-DT-DI

PH-DT-DIXmas drink Apero partyFriday 9/12 11:30Contributions:Funds PH-DT-DI Project LeadersFood Drinks (Mar)Location: MCP workshop in B20/21/168Music Christmas Songs (Gert) Laptop (Mar) Speakers?DecorationBackground slides Projector - WallVolunteers


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