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    Anchorlinet h e g ra dy - w h i t e o w n e r s n e ws l e t t e r

    G R A D Y - W H I T E | T H E U L T I M A T E I N B O A T I N G S A T I S F A C T I O N | W W W . G R A D Y W H I T E . C O M | W I N T E R 2 01 3 | V O L U M E 3 3 N O . 1

    Winter Sales Event!see page 3

    Its Rigged! An Ohio Familys Adventure 208 Goes Camping. By Mike and Michelle Manion

    Yes, thats right, its rigged for either hardcore fishing, or cruising, or tubing/water skiing. That is the flexibility our Adventure 208 provides. Our ski pylon/rod holders/umbrella holder helps in the transformation. What began as a ski pylon quickly became a staging rack for rods with the addition of well-placed holders. We also added aluminum industrial pipe brackets to secure a square patio umbrella that covers the entire cockpit with shade or protection from rain.

    Our home base is Catawba Island in Lake Erie. Forever Three is mostly rigged for walleye trolling while docked in the lakes western basin. However, at a moments notice she goes from fishing machine to a water sports Olympian. Although not readily thought of as a ski boat, ours does the job and shows great out of the hole acceleration. She is quite the draw with the younger generation and even attracts a superhero now and then.

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    Mike and Michelle Manion of Cleveland and Catawba Island, OH, are active in the Lake Erie Grady-White Club, with Mike having served as club president. Since their Adventure 208 is easily trailerable, the Manions take her to one of the most pristine freshwater areas of the countrythe Kinzua Dam Reservoir in the Allegheny National Forest close to Warren, PA, three-and-half hours out of Cleveland.

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    G R A D Y - W H I T E | T H E U L T I M A T E I N B O A T I N G S A T I S F A C T I O N | W W W . G R A D Y W H I T E . C O M | W I N T E R 2 01 3 | V O L U M E 3 3 N O . 1

    Its Rigged! continued from page 1

    Im a die-hard fisherman, reports Willie Mitchell. When you grow up with the ocean as your front yard you learn how to fish. My father passed along his pas-sion for fishing to meand my 208 was originally his; I bought it from him because there are so many memo-ries. I may be a better fisherman than a hockey player! My favorite ocean waters include Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago. Im pretty old school tradi-tional, mooching cut herring either motor mooching or using the downrigger. No flashgear for me. Chinook salmon is my favorite ocean fish. I have been vocal about protecting wild salmon from disease infection from salmon farms, and am a proponent of closed con-tainment sustainable salmon farming. From where I live in Telegraph Cove I can walk down to the boat in my slippers and within minutes Im fishing chinook in the sound. The Grady handles any type of big water and is just the right size for the fishing I do. Gradys are the Cadillac of boats in how they are made.

    Trophy FishingWho are you proud to take fishing? If you are Willie Mitchell, defenseman of the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup winning LA Kings, its Lord Stanley, shown here with Mitchell on his Adventure 208 at his favorite fishing hole near his hometown of Port McNeill, British Columbia. Members of the team each got a week with the trophy.

    This summer we headed to the Kinzua Dam Reservoir. There are a few campgrounds within the reservoir area. The sites are quite private, treed and cut into the Allegheny Mountains. Many have water access and provide a nice boating dimension to the camping experience. There are no commercial or residential

    buildings to be seen with the exception of the Wolf Run Marina. There are a number of boats docked for the season as well as slips for vacationing guests. Even the law enforcement folks who dock at the marina got it right and Got a Grady. What adventure is your family looking forward to next?

    SPIDERMAN MAKES AN APPEARANCE! (l) Justin Greenspan, (r) Adam Cane tube behind Manions 208. FOREVER THREE ANCHORED in the cove by the campsite at the Kinzua Dam Reservoir


    TO B

    Y K


    S G




  • Winter boat show season is here, and theres never been a better time to Get the Grady! Let us reveal for you all the innovations and enhancements to be found on every new Grady-White. From the Fisherman180 right up to the Canyon 366, all of our models are superbly engineered for full enjoyment of the Grady Life. With the versatility, value and fun offered by a Grady-White, its clear that nows the time to buy your dreamboat!Youll find a warm welcome and hearty incentives at your local winter boat show and dealer showroom. Go to www.gradywhite.com for lists of shows and a dealer near you.


    G R A D Y - W H I T E | T H E U L T I M A T E I N B O A T I N G S A T I S F A C T I O N | W W W . G R A D Y W H I T E . C O M | W I N T E R 2 01 3 | V O L U M E 3 3 N O . 1

    Captain and the KidsBy Paul Schwartz

    We trailered my 257 with a F250 King Ranch diesel from Mount Pleasant, SC, to Fort Lauderdale. The trip took about 14 hours. We made the crossing the next morning. Weather was a little bumpy but took two-and-half hours to cover 48 miles. We cleared customs and checked in at The Big Game Club. We stayed there three nights. We fished offshore for the most part, landing mahi to 37 pounds. One blue marlin we lost at the boat was approxi-mately 200 pounds. We did some inshore fishing to catch many triggerfish

    and yellowtails at the reef just outside the entrance to the harbor. The trip was excellent, the boat handled excellently and I would do it again soon. The 257 is a great all around boat, from trailering to the Bahamas to pulling up on a sandbar in Charleston with the family. The weight and hull flare of the boat provide a stable and dry ride, and the twin Yamahas provide the safety of two powerhouses that are bullet proof. The origin of the name Capt and the Kids is threefold. I am a captain on an oil tanker that operates in the Gulf of

    Me and my buddies have been talking for years about making a trip to Bimini, and finally got the green light from the wives to go! We timed the trip for the First Annual Bimini Big Game Billfish tournament held by Guy Harvey in May 2010. We were not going to fish in the tournament but wanted the tournament atmosphere.

    Mexico and East Coast bringing petro-leum and chemical products. Captain and the Kids is a cartoon from the 1930s. And, I am the father of twin nine-year-old boys who love to fish and be on

    the water. I have been married for 15 years to Andrea Schwartz, and she is the one that pushed me for the 257 opposed to a smaller Grady. Great wife!

    CAPTAIN PAUL SCHWARTZ took this shot of compadres Ernie Davis at the helm, Matt Bartlett, and Roy Biggs at the stern aboard 257 Capt and the Kids in Bimini.

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    G R A D Y - W H I T E | T H E U L T I M A T E I N B O A T I N G S A T I S F A C T I O N | W W W . G R A D Y W H I T E . C O M | W I N T E R 2 01 3 | V O L U M E 3 3 N O . 1

    The Grady Life: Owners Clubs Here are highlights from recent Grady Owners Clubs events and outings. If you have Grady club information to share or are interested in information about Grady clubs in your

    area, email [email protected] Go to www.gradywhite.com for links to club websites.

    Roche Harbor, San Juan Islands, was the scene of the spring rendezvous for the NORTHWEST GRADY-WHITE BOAT CLUB.

    Cape Fear Grady-White Owners Club members headed to Bald Head Island, NC, for an October rendezvous. This pleasant day trip offered interesting venues for everyone. Those who trav-eled by boat docked at the Bald Head Island Marina, where there was a wel-come reception. The island is otherwise reached by private ferry out of Southport. Atlantic Marine of Wrightsville Beach, NC, sponsors the Cape Fear Grady-White Club.

    The Chesapeake Bay Grady-White Club had an enthusiastic group of members attend the meeting at The Severna Park Batemans Bistro on September 25. The group was pleased to hear a presentation by Ruth Christie, senior editor of Prop Talk magazine. Ruth gave us a great review of fall destinations for short cruises in the mid-Bay area with suggestions for anchorages and marinas, reasons to go there, as well as where not to go. Tri-

    State Marine, Deale, MD, sponsors the Chesapeake Bay Grady-White Club.

    The Lake Erie Grady-White Clubs beloved Lake Erie was once again rambunctious for the fall Perch Tournament. A small craft advisory had been posted for Lake Erie east of the islands. The advisory was effective as of 10:00 A.M., right smack dab in the middle of the tournament window. The fleet was released for at least a three-hour tournament with each cap-tain being responsible based on the comfort and safety of their crew. Fleet homeports and launching sites range from the islands all the way to the east side of Cleveland, close to 70 miles of coastline. The wave conditions could be and were certainly different at each end. As can be expected when you get a bunch of Grady competitors in the mix, it was hard to hold them back. Reports had folks fishing in five-foot

    waves on the far eastern end of the range, which are a lot different than five-foot ocean wavesthese waves do not have much distance between them. Even with the weather being a bit questionable, the turnout was one of the best ever! It is great to see the huge increase in the num-ber of Grady Ladies attending as well as dinner-only guests coming out for an event filled with good food, raffles, door prizes, and the crowning of the champi-ons. A big thanks to club sponsor South Shore Marine, Huron, OH, for bringing three new Grady-White boats for inspec-tion and trial. First place, Joe Nicholas, 57.75"; second place, Justin Lopriore, 53.5"; third place, Bill Rauterkus, 53.25"; fourth place, George Kussai, 51.375"; fifth place, Randy Smith, 50.5"; and larg-est perch, Joe Nicholas, 11.875".

    The Northwest Grady-White Club held their Fall Rendezvous at beautiful Port Townsend, WA, September 21-23. Ten

    The CAPE FEAR GRADY-WHITE CLUB daytripped to Bald Head Island in October, and began with a welcome reception at the marina.


  • G R A D Y - W H I T E | T H E U L T I M A T E I N B O A T I N G S A T I S F A C T I O N | W W W . G R A D Y W H I T E . C O M | W I N T E R 2 01 3 | V O L U M E 3 3 N O . 1


    boats attended along with 38-40 members. A salmon derby was held with Bob Bond, past commodore 2010, taking first place. On her first fishing trip, six-year-old Toby Neumann took second place. Vera Jensen placed third. New friends were made and all caught up with old friends! Jacobsens Marine of Seattle sponsors the Northwest Grady-White Club. The Tarpon Coast Grady-White Boat Club was honored to again host a group of Wounded Warriors through Operation Second Chance for a picnic this year on November 1. Tarpon Coast Club member Ret. Col. Ben Knisely donates his time/tal-ent to Operation Second Chance, arrang-ing trips for the soldiers during their reha-bilitation process. Grady Club members transported the servicemen and their guests to Don Pedro State Park, FL, which is accessible only by boat. There were a few challenges to overcome with the weather, among other things. A couple ser-vicemen were not able to make the event due to Hurricane Sandy. Regardless, every-one had a great time and the servicemen and their spouses/girlfriends enjoyed the day. The servicemen said they were impressed with the clubs organization and especially the feeling of family. Ingman Marine, Port Charlotte, FL, sponsors the Tarpon Coast Grady-White Club.

    The Tidewater Grady-White Club sup-ported the Virginia Beach Sail and Power Squadron, commanded by Frances Zahn, Marlin 300, Following Zs, as they sponsored a Wounded Warrior fishin and cruisin event August 18 out of Vinings Landing Marina on Little Creek, Norfolk, VA. Boats from both organizations braved the breezy condi-tions on the Chesapeake Bay to take a group of Marines and family members out on the water. While the chop was a bit rough, and the fishing was limited, the cookout back on shore was out-standing! Club President Brian Hodson thanked the Marines and their families for their service and for participating in the event despite the weather, and all the organizers for all their work. Norfolk Marine sponsors the Tidewater Grady-White Club.

    Vance and Samuel rode along with grandfather Tom Ertter on his Freedom 255 during the LOW COUNTRY GRADY CLUBs cruise to Dataw Island, SC. This club is sponsored by Hilton Head Boathouse, Hilton Head, SC.

    LAKE ERIE GRADY-WHITE CLUB's fall tournament: you can only measure the perch, not the beer!

    Vinings Landing Marina was the setting for the TIDEWATER GRADY-WHITE CLUB Wounded Warrior cookout.

    The TARPON COAST GRADY-WHITE CLUB hosted Wounded Warriors for the second year, on a day trip to Don Pedro State Park.

    Twenty-six was a great turnout for the SOMERS POINT GRADY CLUB in Ocean View, NJ, at sponsor Island Marine Centers showroom, and at least three new members signed up for the upcoming year of activities including plans for a table at the Atlantic City Boat Show to showcase a slice of Grady Life. Al Cortese, center, with Island Marines Rick Castellini and Tina Cortese, won the grand prize cooler in the club raffle.

  • Letters & Photos6

    Whats happening? Have an interesting story or photo? Email us at [email protected] or write to Anchorline, P.O. Box 1527, Greenville, NC 27835.

    G R A D Y - W H I T E | T H E U L T I M A T E I N B O A T I N G S A T I S F A C T I O N | W W W . G R A D Y W H I T E . C O M | F A L L 2 01 2 | V O L U M E 3 2 N O . 4

    Journey of a LifetimeDear AnchorlineI would like to tell my story about all of the Grady-White boats Ive had in my lifetime. It all started in 1992 with my Overnighter 204. From the first purchase, I knew there was something special about this breed of boat. I caught a lot of fish on this rig, and I recognized the quality and ride right from the start. All-in-all I have owned seven Gradys: Overnighter 204, Adventure 208, Gulfstream 232, Express 265, Sailfish 282, Marlin 300, and presently a Chase 273 center console, which my wife Donna and I love to fish. Thinking back to 2003, when I bought my Gulfstream from Boats Incorporated in Niantic, CT, I realize I had not been alone in this journey. I became very good friends with sales rep Mark Davies. Not only did he know everything about these boats, he would always steer me in the

    right direction with my Grady fleet. I would ask, Mark what about this or what about that? He would always give me a truthful answer. Donna and I toured the Grady-White plant and met Kris Carroll, and also attended the Grady Fest in Ft Myers, FL. Most people that know me down at City Point Yacht Club come up and say, Wow, Cal, another Grady! and I would chuckle and say, Yep, another Grady. How many is this now? they would ask me. So my thoughts to those thinking about purchasing a Grady are, first, dont hesitate and just do itits the best built boat on the market today, and as for the ride, well theres a reason why I have owned seven. That must tell you something! Cal DeMaioWest Haven, CT

    JIM WHELAN enjoyed successful tuna trips in August of this year out of Hyannis, MA, aboard his 2008 Canyon 336.CAL DEMAIOS SEVENTH GRADY: a Chase 273.

    NICE STRIPER! Markos Koutsos sends in this photo of his brother, George, with the catch from their new Express 330 out of Greenport, NY.

    PAUL SMITH AND HIS WIFE, RITA, fishing on their 2007 Fisherman 222. Paul, 74 years old, can't think of a better boat to enjoy to wrap up over 60 years of fishing. The Smiths previously owned a 180.


  • To share a photo of your furry Grady friends, email us at [email protected] or write to Anchorline, P.O. Box 1527, Greenville, NC 27835.

    G R A D Y - W H I T E | T H E U L T I M A T E I N B O A T I N G S A T I S F A C T I O N | W W W . G R A D Y W H I T E . C O M | W I N T E R 2 01 3 | V O L U M E 3 3 N O . 1

    Whos Your Grady Buddy?


    JASON JACKSONS FAMILY purchased their mint condition 1989 Tournament 190, Bucket List, this past spring. The boat had been stored by the original owner until 2005, and both the boat and original Yamaha 130hp motor had only 150 hours. The 190 has a new top, refurbished stainless trim plus restored teak trim and platform. A diehard fan, Jason's mother had to own a Grady-White as it is on her bucket list! Heres the Grady on Big Hawk Lake, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario, Canada.

    GRADYS AROUND THE WORLDhere is Eugenio Atalas Tigercat F26, M.R. Cat, on General Carrera Lake, Chile, South America.

    JAMES PEREZ, LEO COLIN AND ROGER MULLER, JR. are happy about striper fishing out of Hoboken, NJ, on Mullers Marlin 300, Slice of Life.

    SCOTT COX AND STEVE HICKS bring up a beauty of a mahi out of Pirates Cove, NC, aboard Doug Smythers Journey 258. Two of the guys riding with me have other boats, and they were impressed with the 258s performance and very appreciative of the ride back in bumpy seas!

    MIKAEL MILLER SHOWS OFF HIS PUPPY DRUM caught on his familys Fisherman 180. The Miller family is making memories!

    HOBIE AND GRACIE relax at anchor on Lynn and Bill Bickleys Escape 209, out of Chestertown, MD. We have three poodles who love riding down the creek.

    STORMY THE ENGLISH BULLDOG accompanies the Brian Arni family on their 2009 Fisherman 222 out of Ocean City, MD. Stormy goes everywhere with me, writes Brian, to work everyday and as far as 41 miles offshore fishing.

    MILLER doesn't miss a thing on the Chesapeake Bay aboard Brett and Amanda James 1997 Sportsman 180 out of North East, MD.

    BARKLEY, Bob Branans 12-year-old Boykin spaniel, loves cruising Lake Norman near Charlotte, NC, on the familys 2006 Journey 258.

    CHARLIE wonders why he isnt swimming beside Adam Glushakows Escape 209 in the Chesapeake Bay near Deal Island, MD.

  • 252-752-2111 www.gradywhite.comGrady-White Boats, P.O. Box 1527, Greenville, NC 27835

    Anchorlinet h e g ra dy - w h i t e o w n e r s n e w s l e t t e r

    Kris Carroll, president Eddie Smith, Jr., chairman, ceo

    Dear Grady-White Owners and Enthusiasts:

    For smartphones

    2012 certainly has been an eventful year for many of our dealers, Grady-White owners and friends. Weather events, including that stormy Sandy, affected homes and marinas and damaged property throughout the country, especially in the Northeast including hard-hit New Jersey, Long Island and surrounding areas. Yet Northeasterners have proven resilient, and have an ability to persevere through difficulties with incredible determination and energy. We salute this proud spirit. Our prayers and our support to all those affected. From personal experience we know that, soon, happy times will come again, filled with warm skies, sunny days and fellowship. Towards the dreams of happier days for every family, Grady-White is busy building advanced features in every model and particularly our spectacular new boats. You cant find a larger or more varied line up of center console, dual console, express and walkaround cabin styles. Come to the shows this winterincluding, yes, the New York,

    Long Island, Providence, Hartford and Atlantic City shows (see gradywhite.com for a complete listing)and begin your own adventurous escape. Climb aboard the stunning Freedom 335 and beautifully versatile Freedom 285 dual consoles or any of our other 25 models from 18-36 feet. Without any doubt, there is a Grady-White thats perfect for your family. Youll find a warm welcome and hearty incentives at your local winter boat show or dealer showroom. Time to clear away the gray skies and Get the Grady! Many of us from the factory will be at the shows and we like nothing better than to meet with our friends and customers. So come on out and say hello. We look forward to seeing you! Heres to blue skies and Happy Boating


    Denis Baskin on Flathead Lake, Montana, aboard a 1992 Explorer 246.

    GRADY-WHITE DEALER SALES REPRESENTATIVES MET IN NEW BERN, NC, in early December for our annual training seminar to learn about the new features and models in the 2013 line. Our dealers are the most knowledgable in the industry, to help you select the Grady-White and options that are perfect for your familys boating style.

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