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wob brand afternoon 12 - B2B 2.0

Date post:18-Nov-2014
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„Case Study Corus“ (Marc Keating, Head of Digital, IAS b2b BBN, UK) http://www.wob.ag/ueberuns/brand_afternoon
  • 1. Corus Social media case study wob brand afternoon

2. 2 About me Head of Digital at IAS B2B Marketing (project lead BOSS) Involved with Web marketing since 1996 Social media junkie: Blog (http://marckeating.posterous.com/) Twitter (http://twitter.com/MarcKeating) Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/people/keatster/) LinkedIn (http://uk.linkedin.com/in/marckeating) YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/marckeating) 3. 3 Beat the wolf Corus Colors Integrated Campaign 4. 4Business Development Plan for Munier-BBN - Next Steps - English Version 5. New build 6. Refurbishment Refurbishment projects are too small to be listed within Glenigan No sales and marketing database (property owners, landlords, property management companies) No awareness in the market for Refurbishment 7. 7 We would like some ads please Property owners, landlords, property management companies Architects Contractors Property developers 8. 8 9. 9 Social media research 10. 10 Research Over 8k members within facilities management Over 11k members within the property management Key target prospects active within Twitter and YouTube 11. 11 Contact strategy SMPR News room Web TV, Podcasts, FAQs, Ask the expert, Samples, 3D examples, Downloads, Brochures Corus Colors group MD profile property groups LinkedIn strategyTwitter strategySlideshare strategyYouTube strategy Staff profiles Target customers SMPR Press targets and social media cloud http://www.beatthewolf.com Property targets Comment tracking on key journalsCorus Colors Web site SEO PPC Trade ads E-mail Wordpress Blog Text ads LinkedIn Architects and main contractors only Architects and main contractors only 12. 12 From fireworks 13. 13 From fireworks 14. 14 Campaign site View by business goal Segmented entry points Integration of social streams including Twitter, Blogs and YouTube video 150+ pages of content Targeted user journeys 3,538 - Visits 8,906 Page views Business Development Plan for Munier-BBN - Next Steps - English Version 15. 15 Step 1 Step 3 Step 2 16. 16 Blog & social media integration 17. 17 Corus TV 18. 18 Interactive features 19. 19 Social media channels YouTube LinkedIn Blog Twitter 20. 20Business Development Plan for Munier-BBN - Next Steps - English Version Twitter 82 tweets posted over course of campaign 425 click throughs 5 clicks per tweet - CTR of 4% Received 2 twitter listings 123 followers on twitter (Building surveyors, architects, contractors, property developers, property advisors, HSE, asbestos organisations, building media, journalists) Following 97 people on twitter 21. 21 Twitter 22. 22 Twitter 23. 23 Blog 9 blogs produced 620 blog views 64 click throughs (10% click thru rate) Flat roof blog most read 24. 24 LinkedIn 4 LinkedIn profiles created Corus Refurbishment Group created Joined 16 key groups Started 64 discussions across LinkedIn Received a total of 27 comments across 8 groups Engagement of 42% 25. 25 Profiles Links to other campaign Web sites and channels Wordpress blog feed pulled into site Keyword optimised profiles 26. 26 Profiles Groups that Dave has joined and is posting within 27. 27 Group discussions 28. 28 Influencers 29. 29 Search optimisation and pay per click (PPC) 30. 30 Segmented e-mail 4 x segmented emails (Architects, Main Contractors, Sub-contractors, Building Surveyors) E-mail 1 stats: Total 4,303 contacts targeted Reached 3,778 (delivered) 791 opened (20.9%) 159 clicked thru (4.2%) Average time on site: 00:02:38 31. 31 Analytics and management tools 32. 32 Follow up campaign 33. 33 Key learning's Content is key and can also be the biggest barrier The client has to get internal buy in and build a support team Have a plan for dealing with comments (positive and negative) Dont expect results overnight Dont let the bonfire go out! 34. 34 BMA awards Award of excellence 35. questions?

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Corus – Social media case study wob brand afternoon
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