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WordCamp Boston - Web Strategy in Higher Education

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  • 1. WEB STRATEGY IN HIGHER EDUCATION Jay Collier The Compass LLC July 23, 2011 gehealthcare
  • 2. Web strategy in H.Ed.1. De!nition2. Challenges3. Showcase Plus4. Bene!ts5. Plugins
  • 3. Quiz 1How many of you work with a college oruniversity, either as sta! or contractor? How many are using Wordpress for public-facing communications? How many are using Wordpress for students, faculty, or alumni communities?
  • 4. Web Strategy de!ned Lisa Welchman The translation ofOrganizational objectives and values into High-level management directives for the Web
  • 5. FROM CHALLENGE TO OPPORTUNITY Governance FEDERATED CENTRALIZEDDECENTRALIZED Distributed roles within commonUncoordinated Monolithic vision and goals teams central group jaycollier.net
  • 6. FROM CHALLENGE TO OPPORTUNITY Teams of practice Content development Interface/ Communityinteraction design stewardship Leadership & management Software admin & Multimedia development production Training & support jaycollier.net/management/new-media-teams
  • 7. FROM CHALLENGE TO OPPORTUNITY Common principlesBe meaningful Insight into what matters to youBe personalizable Up to date feeds by interestBe welcoming Online spaces for collaborationBe interesting Appealing, personal, immersiveBe helpful Helpful information and instructionsBe intuitive Simple publishing, searching, !ndingBe dependable Anywhere, any time, any device jaycollier.net
  • 8. FROM CHALLENGE TO OPPORTUNITY Building a strategy INTEGRATED STRATEGY1. WHO: The Charter Governance and authority2. WHEN: The Plan Timeline and schedule3. WHY: Guidance Vision and principles4. WHAT: Direction Goals and strategies5. HOW: Management Projects and resources6. WHERE: User Experience Interfaces and interaction jaycollier.net/strategy/web-strategy
  • 9. FROM CHALLENGE TO OPPORTUNITY Prioritizing projectsINTEGRATED STRATEGY Nominal Group Technique Jay Collier
  • 10. FROM CHALLENGE TO OPPORTUNITY Domain Architecture OFFICIAL CONTENT CONSTITUENT COLLABORATION Formal communications Community-facilitated Highly-crafted editorial and design Simple interface, individual voices, independent domain Core News & Program Communities Public Internet Services site updates subsites of Practice Professional Cloud News People resources servicesGateways Home Search releases Subsite Groups Bookmarks Features Recommendations YouTube Directories Tasks Notations Comments Profile Subsite Ratings Flickr Publications Subsite Skype Enterprise data Ad hoc Learning groups object Gathering Reporting repositories Social media Data Data service service Groups by Facebook content area Twitter Groups by geography bit.ly/whole-domain LinkedIn
  • 11. CORE SITES AND ADMISSIONS www.lafayette.edu
  • 12. CORE SITES AND ADMISSIONS www.wfu.edu
  • 13. CORE SITES AND ADMISSIONS www.queens.unimelb.edu.au
  • 14. CORE SITES AND ADMISSIONS www.bu.edu/admissions/you-at-bu
  • 15. MAJORS AND PROGRAMS ams.lafayette.edu
  • 16. MAJORS AND PROGRAMS www.evsc.virginia.edu
  • 17. MAJORS AND PROGRAMS www.bu.edu/com
  • 18. MAJORS AND PROGRAMS www.bu.edu/abroad
  • 19. MAJORS AND PROGRAMS mat.usc.edu
  • 20. NEWS AND RESEARCH news.harvard.edu/gazette
  • 21. NEWS AND RESEARCH news.vanderbilt.edu
  • 22. NEWS AND RESEARCH edgerton-digital-collections.org
  • 23. INITIATIVES AND CENTERS INTEGRATED STRATEGY www.plymouth.edu/strategic-plan
  • 24. INITIATIVES AND CENTERS www.niemanlab.org
  • 25. INITIATIVES AND CENTERS www.bu.edu/sustainability
  • 26. INITIATIVES AND CENTERS poweredbyorange.com
  • 27. INITIATIVES AND CENTERS med.uth.tmc.edu/comm
  • 28. COURSES AND CONFERENCES history365discussion.umwblogs.org
  • 29. COURSES AND CONFERENCES communication351.umwblogs.org
  • 30. COURSES AND CONFERENCES voices.wooster.edu
  • 31. COURSES AND CONFERENCES www.ut-ent.net
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