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WordCamp Philly Review

Date post:02-Aug-2015
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1. WordCamp Philly October 20-21, 2012by Christina StrommerMonday, November 5, 12 2. Four Tracks User Power User Designer DeveloperMonday, November 5, 12 3. Why? To learn more about WordPress To meet people with similar interests To hear how others use WordPress To determine if Im doing things correctly (i.e. child themes) It sounded fun!Monday, November 5, 12 4. Takeaways Boilerplates - HTML5 and Custom Post Types (i.e. staffTwitter Bootstrappages, recipes, products) Child Themes. Oh The Building a Framework.Themes Youll Do.Create code that can be used across several projects. Fonts - Google webfonts,fontsquirrel.com Frameworks - 960.gs still o.k. - Toast and 1140fluid Responsive. Think mobilefirst, not content first. Be Can use a framework as afluid. Use adaptive media. child theme or boilerplate.Monday, November 5, 12 5. Surprises You can, in fact, rap about WordPress. Matt Mullenweg showed up on developer day for a Q and A. Sat in on a session by Lisa Sabin- Wilson. She wrote WordPress for Dummies.Monday, November 5, 12 6. What did I miss? Sessions can be found on WordCamp Philly blog. The after party!!! A must next year.Monday, November 5, 12 7. Additional Info Coreen: Plan Your Next Event With Inspiration From Philly WordCamp Liam: 5 Marketing Reasons to Attend In-Person Events Twitter @jamminpsuMonday, November 5, 12

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WordCamp Philly October 20-21, 2012 by Christina Strommer Monday, November 5, 12
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