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Work, energy and power

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A new work, energy and power ppt to replace the old one
  • 1. Chapter 5 Work, Energy and Power01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)1

2. ENERGY Energy is the crown for physics. It is found in every branch of physics. Definition: Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, solar wind, hydroelectric or other forms.01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)2 3. Some Energy Considerations Energy can be transformed from one form to another Essential to the study of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy and other topics. Can be used in place of Newtons laws to solve certain problems more simply01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)3 4. Forms of Energy The type of energy to be covered in this power point is the Mechanical Energy. In order to fully cover the subject we have to start with work, Then study energy, And later relate them together.01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)4 5. Work Provides a link between force and energy The work, W, done by a constant force on an object is defined as the dot product of the force and the displacement W = F xW = ( F cos ) x 01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)5 6. Work, cont. W = ( F cos ) x F is the magnitude of the force x is the magnitude of the objects displacement is the angle between the force and the displacement01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)6 7. Work, cont. This gives no information about the time it took for the displacement to occur the velocity or acceleration of the objectWork is a scalar quantity01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)7 8. Units of Work SI Newton meter = Joule 01/22/14Nm=J J = kg m2 .s-2IB Physics (IC NL)8 9. Work as a function of W = Fx cos If = 0 then cos 0 = 1 W= F x x When the work is positive then it is called a motive work ex. The work of any tractive force01/22/14IB Physics (IC NL)9 10. Work as a function of 0

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