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Working with Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea - reasons to be optimist

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Manuel FriasMaster on MSPSeville January 2015Working with MSPIs there hope? OF COURSE THERE IS!!

How did these peopleend up working with MSP?

Jan Schmidtbauer Crona

Hello, I am Jan and I am a biologist /environmentalist with focus on EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

I have worked a long time in terrestial planning until I ended up working with MSP

Now I work in SwAM. I am responsible for the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach and the Strategic Environmental Assessment

My advice to you: get a solid education in something you like. MSP is multidisciplinary and there is a need for natural and social scientists

Also, build your experience by working on project or even for free in the beginning, if necessary

Hire me!And dont forget building a network. Networking is about making friends!!

Hermanni BackerIve always been surrounded by planners - my parents are architects. Thinking in terms of design and maps comes naturally to me.

I keep a healthy skepticism towards MSPMSP can save the world!Really?

Wide field interest is a must. Even music, art and literature!

Get professional qualifications in MSP

My personal ADVICE

Its all about networkingUse social media!!

Now someGOOD NEWS for youMSP Directivemore projectsREGIONAL BALTIC MSP ROADMAP 2013-2020

5.1 Promote the education and5. Education for MSP

professional developmentof MSP planners.

Measures to restore the healthof the Baltic Sea could bringSource: WWF, BCGhttp://goo.gl/YyvWza550.000by 2030jobs

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