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Worry box competition entry

Date post:21-Jun-2015
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  • 1. Worry Box

2. The 5 Ws Worry Box; -Who? Students/teens KS3 -What? Students who are experiencing bullying -When? Social time, after school -Where? At school or online -Why? To help them deal with a difficult situation 3. The Problem Students are being bullied either at school or on the computer and arent sure what to do or how to handle their situation correctly. They dont know who to go to for advice so they leave the situation as it is and allows it to escalate into bigger, more serious things. 4. Question. Who can you go to for advice and how can you handle your bullying situation correctly? 5. Key insight statement. One complication in the life of a teenager can be bullying. This can get really serious, and students can endanger their lives if they do not get help. We want to use our app to help people manage their situation and get help if they are being bullied. We know our app can not stop bullying, but we can design an app to help students deal with their problem. It will have scenario based problems to help students depending on the situation they are in. It will then also have answers . It will have a search facility on where to find advice. We also want our app to have an online chat facility. 6. Our team, is developing an android mobile app to help students and teens, who are experiencing types of bullying and dont know where to turn for advice or how to handle their situation correctly. This app will provide contact details and a chat-room enabling them to discuss their situation and get advice. 7. statistics Statistics on bullying collated from government reports and research. 38% of young people have been affected by cyber-bullying. 31,599 children called ChildLine in 2011/12 about bullying. Almost half (46%) of children and young people say they have been bullied at school at some point in their lives. 38% of disabled children worried about being bullied. 18% of children and young people who worried about bullying said they would not talk to their parents about it. 8. User Profiles. Jane is a new student at school. She is in Year 8 and is 12 years old. Jane loves reading about new technology and is also part of the ICT after school club. She is currently being bullied for being the new student at school. She has an android phone, and regularly uses the internet to help her with her school work. 9. John is an exchange student from Zimbabwe, he is 15 and is currently in year 10. He enjoys football, reading and playing games on the internet. John has an iPhone and uses it often. At the moment he is currently being bullied. User Profiles. 10. Business model We think that schools and anti bullying organisations such as CEOP will fund our App, Worry Box. Our app will be free for students We want to gain sponsorship from schools to help us fund our app We also want to get financial support from various government agencies that support anti- bullying 11. Competitors. 12. Key wireframes-1 13. Key wireframes-2 14. Key wireframes-3 15. Key wireframes-4 16. Wildcard. We contacted CEOP thinkuknow asking if we could use the information they provide on their website and if we could use their logo on our app and thankfully they were more than happy to allow us to use their information and logo. They seemed enthusiastic about our app and said they believed it was a good idea.

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