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  1. 1. http://updates.my-blackhawkmines.com/2012/05/black-hawk-mines-davy-jones-of-monkees-dead-at-66
  2. 2. The past few months have been a particularly tough time for the musicindustry as the death of The Monkees lead singer came after those of EttaJames and Whitney Houston. Davy Jones, 66, died after a heart attack while in his stable in Florida on the morning of February 29. He was found in his car suffering from chestpains and was promptly rushed to a hospital in Stuart. However, he waspronounced dead due to severe heart attack. His sudden death has a considerably strong impact for someone thatbelongs in a band that has almost never gotten any musical respect in theindustry.
  3. 3. Jones first gained the publics attention as an actor where he was even nominated for a Tony award for his part on the Broadway in Oliver!.Afterwards, and on the same time that The Beatles are gaining popularity,he became part of a singing group that has their weekly sitcom called TheMonkees. The funeral in Florida is expected to be private but there will be publicservices in England and New York to honor Jones. The singers death seems to hit many people so hard, even those who are not claiming to be a fan, perhaps owing to the Monkees influencinggenerations. The height of their career came in the 60s but reruns of their show were aired in the 70s.
  4. 4. Jones propelled to popularity during the 60s as The Monkees TV showbecame a household name. Though the series only lasted for 2 years andthe band eventually broke up, they have left chart-topping hits such as Daydream Believer and Im a Believer.At 18 years old, Jones had his first performance in The Ed Sullivan Show where he sang his piece from Oliver!. Incidentally, that same night TheBeatles also performed for the first time in the show.
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