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WRITING: headlines

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WRITING: headlines. Headlines. the verbal-visual connection. Verbal. captures & keeps readers with clever diction & clear details reflects the dominant photo’s content. Visual. (an entry point) uses type creatively . Headlines . the verbal-visual connection. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WRITING: headlines

captures & keeps readers with clever diction & clear details reflects the dominant photos content


the verbal-visual connection (an entry point) uses type creatively 2


the verbal-visual connection3Identify contentTell something specific about the season, event, etc. Capture the readers attentionHeadlines

the verbal-visual connection4Headline anatomyPrimary headline The TeaserIntrigues the reader visually and/or verbally (larger than anything else on the spread.)

Provides information specific to the year & identifies the spreads focus (subject and verb are needed.) This is smaller then the primary head.Secondary headline The Teller5secondary headline TellerHomecomingReign DelayGame, field coronation cometo a thundering halt Label (avoid using these)primary headline Teaser Identify content?

Tells something specific about the event? Captures the readers attention?Headline Anatomy6Quote for a secondaryWhen the first notes of the fight song were punctuated by a crash of thunder, the marching band retreated for cover under the stands. A record 1.9 inches of rain fell in less than an hour. We use the 30-30 Rule to insure the safety of the students and fans, athletic director Kevin Brewster said. When the flash to thunder count approaches 30 seconds, everyone is undercover. At first, I enjoyed the light show,but when I realized thatthe storm would probably cancel the game & the half-time ceremony, I was depressed. ~junior Jonah Martin ReignDelay7Literary DevicesClever word play enhances contentAlliterationAntonym, synonym, homonymOnomatopoeiaRhymePun8Homecoming fans experienceWet, Wild Washout

Thunder, lightning cause HomecomingBASHtoCRASH

Get a Reign CheckHomecoming ceremony washes outLightning stormdestroys HomecomingRealReignWreckLiterary DevicesAlliterationRhyme & OnomatopeiaHomonymPun9Editing GuidelinesRefine headlines for strong appeal Keep headlines factual; no editorializing Use fresh, active verbs Eliminate unnecessary words Use a comma instead of and Dont break grammatical go-togethers Use single quote marks in headlines Write headlines in present tense Avoid school name, initials, mascot Maintain style consistency10

Write a headline for a spreadabout the dance team.

Dominant pic:The teamdressed as zombies for the Halloween football game.Assignment:11

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