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Date post: 02-Mar-2018
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  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    WWI Penance #2

    Roleplay Archive

    Crack in the Metal

    Dr. Vaughn SkirnovIn a warehoue in !on"on the light co$e on to reveal the $etallic %or$ o% &Deathtryke& Cyan'o$ar an" &'ni%e ("ge& )ake"a *okou"a.

    An ancient $an walk into the roo$ ai"e" +y an ol" gnarle" woo"en ta%%. ,e wear an over i-e" la+coat with a $onocle over hi right eye hi hea" i +are with long thin white an" ilver hair parely

    populate" aroun" the +ack o% hi hea". )he +al" area i populate" +y liver pot.

    A he walk through the e$pty pace o% the warehoue an aura o% col" "eath ee$ to cling to hi$ an"

    wa%t %ro$ hi$ in wave +ehin" hi$ like a wake %ro$ a pee" +oat. ,i na$e i only known in certain

    circle within the Warha$$er Corporation an" al$ot not at all outi"e o% it.

    Dr. Vaughn Skirnov the Death Maker

    ,e i one o% the enig$atic Seven Sha"ow who control the Warha$$er Corporation lea" Reearchan" Develop$ent Center known a )wilight.

    It ha +een ru$ore" that there are enough weapon o% $a "etruction tahe" away in )wilight to"etroy the worl" $any ti$e over.

    Dr. Skirnov lean in cloe inpecting the tatue through hi $onocle. Depite the col" in the roo$

    hi +reath "oe not clou" the hiny ur%ace o% the aain.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &)he u+0ect ee$ to have +een tran%or$e" or coate" with a $etallic u+tance. )he %irt

    tet per%or$e" will +e to "eter$ine how "eep thi tran%or$ation goe.&

    1)ranlate" %ro$ othic %or your rea"ing pleaure3

    Dr. Skirnov take a $all powere" "rill %ro$ hi pocket. ,e place a "ia$on"4tippe" +it on the en" an"+egin atte$pting to "rill into the ar$ o% )ake"a *okou"a. It oon +eco$e apparent right away that

    he i not getting anywhere e5cept %or en"ing out park. ,e toe the "rill to the i"e when the "rill+it hatter.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &)he u+tance ee$ reitant to +eing cut. I will try another $etho".&

    Dr. Skirnov "raw a i"e ar$ loa"ing an ar$or piercing roun" into it. ,e %ire it into the ar$ o% )ake"a

    to no reult. ,e witche to a phophoru roun". 6o e%%ect.

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    ,e put the gun away an" pull out a kni%e. 7ne with a tate o% the art $ono$olecular e"ge to it. ,e

    trie cutting into the ar$ +ut no e%%ect.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &Su+0ect reit har$. )rying $ore "ra$atic $etho".&

    A pla$a torch. A $all a$ount o% e5ploive. Aci". 6othing ee$ to work.

    8inally Dr. Skirnov pull out a cell phone.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &Sha"ow uar". Secure the area %ro$ prying eye. 6ow.&

    1In thi cae we are tranlating %ro$ er$an...will he peak 0ut one language93

    A %ew $inute later the all clear i given an" Dr. Skirnov turn hi attention +ack to the tatue.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &When cience %ail one $ut call upon it ancetor.&

    1an" +ack to othic...3

    Dr. Vaughn Skirnov %eature +eco$e even $ore gaunt he grow $ore pale hi eye change %ro$ a

    teel gray to a nearly +lack +loo" re". 8ang lengthen to 0ut peer out %ro$ hi upper lip.

    ,e tan" per%ectly till a i% litening to a "itant oun".

    Dr. Skirnov/ &Su+0ect till have a heart +eat though it i glacial in pee". )here i no cent o% +loo"

    though o$ething run through vein. )hi i )hau$atological Science at work here. I will reearchinto $y +ook to ee i% o$ething can +e %oun". I a$ certain o$ething can +e %oun" in the %oul work

    o% thoe practitioner in )ranylvania will +e o% ue in thi cae.&

    1)ranlate" %ro$ Proto4er$anic9 'u"o to the tranlation tea$ %or "ealing with "ea" language3

    Dr. Skirnov +ring the cell phone +ack up.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &I a$ %inihe" here an" I hunger.&

    1:ack to er$an again3

    In $o$ent two Shocktrooper in "ark gray ar$or "rag a $an in 0ean )4hirt an" a +lack leather

    0acket with hi$. )hey "epoit the $an in %ront o% the Doctor an" walk away. When the $an tan" uphi eye go wi"e at the ight o% Dr. Skirnov.

    1)he %ollowing converation ha +een tranlate" %ro$ 8rench3

    Man/ &*ou are...you are. )he cent o% your +loo" i o4&

    Dr. Skirnov/ &Power%ul. Ancient. In"ee".&

    Man/ &Why a$ I here then9 *ou coul" get all that you4&

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    Dr. Skirnov grin a ghatly ight an" "rop hi ta%%.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &*ou illy little youngling. )he vitae o% $ere $ortal will no longer u%%ice %or $y "iet.&

    )he $an growl hi viage +eco$ing +etial while growing claw an" overi-e" %ang.

    Man/ &*ou will %in" Savage Ra-or no eay catch;&

    Savage Ra-or lahe at the %ace o% the Doctor an" cut the kin in three place. ,e tep +ack in hockwhen the cut "o not +lee".

    Ra-or/ &Why wont you +lee"9&

    Dr. Skirnov chuckle harhly.

    Dr. Skirnov/ &My vitae i %ar too preciou to wate $erely +ecaue you %eel the nee" to ren" the %lehwith uch a $inor woun". A $inor e5pen"iture $ight +e re

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    hi way to the "oor o% the warehoue a the loop o% %leh hol"ing the corpe o% Savage Ra-or catch %ire


  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    Spathari/ &I$ %ine Captain Sprigo. 8ine. Well. Rea"y the weapon that we have prepare" +e%ore

    en"ing out our pecial guet to "o thi. I think we coul" lay it...in theory.&

    Captain Sprigo alute an" walk away. 'irio tan" up on hi own an" look out through the win"owagain.

    )hi creature or (l"er o" ha "etroye" :ruel an" with it9 )he very a"$initrative heart o% the>nite" 6ation. )hat an" the power o% the laer %ire" %ro$ hal%4way aroun" the worl". (verything he

    ha +een working %or in creating a uni%ie" (urope i +eing "etroye" a once loyal allie %alter in the

    %ace o% uch a threat to everything.

    'irio clenche hi interlace" %inger +ehin" hi +ack with e5tra trength trying to keep hi anger in

    check. :eing $a" "oe hi$ no goo". :eing controlle" +y hi e$otion will not help hi$ win thi+attle. ,e turn when he ee hi Captain returning to hi$.

    Captain Sprigo/ &We are at the opti$al %iring range ir.&

    'irio no" looking out through the win"ow again. )hough +eing till a %ar "itance %ro$ :ruel9

    )hey can till ee the "etructive vorte5 at thi height. ,e no" an" $otion to hi Captain.

    Spathari/ &Set u "own an" +egin powering up the $icrowave cannon. 7nce we take the hot9 :egin

    working on getting u powere" up to $ake our "rop an" our ecape. We get one hot +e%ore it notice

    u an" co$e %or u.&

    Captain Sprigo/ &Doing it now ir.&

    Spathari/ &oo". !et $e know when we are rea"y to %ire an" have our guet 0oin u.&

    Captain Sprigo/ &*e ir.&

    A %ew $inute later =oeylight 0oin 'irio Spathari at the :ri"ge. ,e ha a curiou lantern tie" to hi


    Spathari/ &I that9&

    =oeylight/ &It i.&

    'irio look +ack through the win"ow.

    Spathari/ &I pent year tu"ying the (l"er o" an" their theology. 6ever "i" I i$agine that the likeo% tuhanai woul" +e actually on the (arth in peron. It a o+ering thought that a ingle $an all the

    way in Cana"a coul" wreak uch "a$age.&

    =oeylight/ &Cana"ian can wreck the +et lai" ilan"...&

    'irio glance at =oeylight %or a $o$ent +e%ore turning +ack to the win"ow. Soon Captain Sprigo i+y hi i"e again.

    Sprigo/ &All i at the rea"y ir.&

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    Spathari/ &)hen en" thi tuhanai +ack to where it ca$e %ro$.&

    Captain Sprigo turn aroun" an" hout.

    Sprigo/ &7pen 8ire;&

    A +lue +ea$ o% energy i let looe %ro$ the helicarrier an" %lie true to it target to hit the (l"er o".

    )he har" +egin en"ing out park an" lightning arc %ro$ the har" to other har" like a wirling

    pi"er we+ o% power. )he eye o% 'irio go wi"e a he watche %ro$ hi own pecial vantage point.

    Spathari/ &Ceae %ire; Ceae %ire;&

    A hi or"er are carrie" out 'irio can ee the "a$age +eing wrought. !ightning now %low %ro$ the

    (l"er o" $etallic har" an" "etroy near+y target +e%ore weeping the$ in to +e conu$e". A

    large +all o% energy tart %or$ing near the center o% the vorte5 an" 'irio can ene the $anevolence

    o% the (l"er o" inhu$an laughter.

    Spathari/ &We nee" to take to the air. 67W; ,ow long until we are powere" +ack up9&

    Sprigo/ &)en $inute ir. Why9&

    =oeylight/ &7oohhh $an.&

    Spathari/ &:race %or i$pact;&

    A giant +all o% lightning race through the air an" trike the i"e o% the groun"e" helicarrier. A thir" o%the cra%t vanihe in an e5ploion an" the ret i turne" onto it i"e %ro$ the +lat.

    'irio Spathari pull hi$el% up to hi %eet on the wall o% the :ri"ge. ,e look aroun" to ee CaptainSprigo "ea" cruhe" +y a %allen control panel. ,e %in" =oeylight laying on top o% the weapon

    conole the weapon e5pert "ea" ne5t to hi$.

    Spathari/ &)hi i your how now. Dont let u "own.&

    =oeylight/ &Right. !et hope thi work.&

    Without another wor" =oeylight cli$+ out o% the airhip through the hattere" win"ow that he an"

    'irio ha" +een looking through. A he walk away he hear the or"er +eing given out to evacuate. A

    $ile away %ro$ where the (l"er o" i tarting to leave :ruel another +all o% lightning %lieoverhea" an" $ahe into the airhip.

    =oeylight igh.

    =oeylight/ &ue Ill +e getting to Draugr Ilan" on $y own.&

    )he walk to :ruel i unevent%ul a everyone ha +een evacuate" %ro$ the area. )here are %ewer an"

    %ewer %orce trying to actively %ight tuhanai a the +o"ie an" $aterial only erve to trengthen it.

    Intea" %orce are ent to tu"y the +eing an" evacuate area along it path to leen the cot to live.

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    =oeylight/ ?I$ gla" that worke" on $e ince it "i"nt on tuhanai. I "ont know what theyre going to

    "o to en" that thing +ack +ut we will not +e a+le to help.@

    Molly/ ?I have a $atch at Penance.@

    =oeylight no".

    =oeylight/ ?oo". !et get rea"y %or it.@

    In the (ye o% the :ehol"er

    Plate il+yPlate il+y it at hi ta+le in ulliver teakhoue tackling a large B o- porterhoue teak. )itani-e" the $enu clai$e".

    Acro %ro$ hi$ hi aociate the $yteriou ($peror Vale it ipping wine %ro$ a chalice.

    A %a$ily o% %ive at the ta+le ne5t to the$ watch the$ nervouly.

    ?)he Steak in thi real$ i lacking %lavor ($peror; An" 0ut a B ounch cut too. Where can a $an get areal teak here9@

    )he pale e$peror Vale look at hi charge an" replie ?Patience $ater il+y. I$ ure even in thiwretche" plane there $ut +e o$ewhere that can prepare our $eal a we like the$.@

    ?Ill +e urprie" i% we %in" uch a place.@

    ?h$$ph@ Vale repon".

    )he two continue to eat %or a %ew $o$ent without any %urther "ialogue an" then Vale +reak theilence.

    ?So Ive %oun" a place that $ight +e uita+le %or people o% our kill et to $ake a living.@

    Plate look upE a $all "a+ o% potato cling to the re""ene" %leh that urroun" the titaniu$ plate in hi

    hea". Vale point to it an" $ake a %licking geture. Plate reache with a %inger pluck the potato onto

    it an" then %lick it away. It lan" at the %eet o% the %ather o% the %a$ily o% %ive at the ne5t ta+le. )he%ather look +ale%ully at plate.

    ($peror Vale raie hi win gla to the Da" an" toat hi$ +e%ore continuing to ip on the "rink.

    Continuing Vale ay ?So the place i calle" Warha$$er Wretling Incorporate".@

    ?Wretling99 What in the na$e o% Vanaeph i that9@

    Vanaeph. )he ho$e real$ o% Plate an" Vale. A cracke" $irror i$age o% :ritain. Vanaeph. A place that

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    apparently "oe not e5it.

    )he govern$ent "enie any knowle"ge o% it when ake" +y the ecret ocietie who '. A %ictional port %ro$ a econ" rate $ovie +eco$e real.

    )ea$ o% gla"iator woul" ae$+le wiel"ing chain $ace clu+ an" other intru$ent o% pain.)ea$ woul" atte$pt to put a "og kull onto a pot. 8irt tea$ to "o o win.

    =ugging i real +uine in Vanaeph. :etting ga$+ling violence...$ur"er. People "ie" ini"e an"outi"e the =ugging arena all the ti$e.

    )hi wretling houl" +e a piece o% cake.

    ?So how thi wretling it work9@ Plate ak +etween +ite.

    ?*ou get into a ring. It got rope. *ou atte$pt to con

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    ha tea"%atly re%ue" to open the "oor until Vanaeph ac

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    ?It no %un at all@ ($peror Vale ay ?+ut it i what they ue here. So i% I re$e$+er $y converion

    right...F tone i e

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    Plate i appalle" ?)o hell you ay; !eave $oney %or the ervant; What kin" o% +ar+ari$ i thi9

    What an unre%ine" place thi i; 6ever in li%e houl" I have thought to ee the "ay when I leave $oney

    %or the$; )hey houl" +e paying %or the privilege o% erving Royalty; I$ a $e$+er o% the royal


    ?'eep your voice "own.@ ($peror Vale whiper harhly. ?We "ont want to attract the attention o% the

    law en%orce$ent here. Alrea"y I notice we are +eing watche". It $ay +e wie to wear a hat oro$ething. It ee$ the plate in your hea" i "rawing their attention.@

    ?What9@ Plate +ellow. ?Any Vanaepian worth hi alt know o% the woun" o% the ga$e; )hi i a+a"ge o% honor an" I will not conceal it %or thee pri$itive.@

    ($peror Vale igh. ,i ol" %rien" wa taking thi har". )rappe" in thi place with "i%%erent cuto$technology an" porting event. Vale %oun" the place "itate%ul +ut otherwie he wa ok with it. Plate

    however wa like a %ih out o% water. ,e woul" nee" ti$e to a"apt. Vale woul" nee" to %ocu hi %rien"

    on the tak at han".

    ?S7. )hi :rice Vient. ,e +een wretling ince he wa very young Plate. ,i %ather wa apparently a

    cha$pion at the port. So "o not +e "eceive" he ee$ to +e well traine".@

    Plate %rown ?Say here he once went on a winning treak %or H year. Di"nt loe once in that ti$e.

    Perhap thi will +e a worthy challenger a%ter all.@

    Plate %rown change to a $ile.

    ?6ow that the Plate il+y I re$e$+er. I recogni-e that look in your eye;@

    ?*e thi i going to +e 0ut right %or $e. I$ going to take thi guy an" I$ going to $ake an e5a$ple

    o% hi$ in %ront o% the whole worl". )hi will give $e the pretige an" repect I "eerve.@

    ?In"ee"; *e Plate;@ Vale laugh out.

    ?!et "rink to thi. Server; *e Server;@

    )he waiter arrive.

    ?I woul" like a $ug o% your %inet ale;@

    ?Sir we "ont erve +eer here@ the waiter ay in a con"ecen"ing tone.

    ?7h you "ont9 ,ow "are you; Ill....@

    ($peror Vale interrupt ?What $y %rien" here $ean i that he woul" like you to go wherever it i you$ay %in" +eer...an" +ring one +ack to hi$. Without "elay.@

    )he waiter look at Plate an" "eci"e it i in hi +et interet to $ake a trip to +ring +ack o$e +eer.

    ?)here we go.@ Vale ay.

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    ?What a +unch o% avage.& Plate practically pit out hi conte$pt evi"ent &)hey "ont erve +eer

    here. P%%%t. What $a"ne i thi9@

    A they wait %or their +eer the two +egin to "ig "eeper into the hitory o% their opponent earching %orweaknee earching %or leverage.

    )here wa no roo$ %or error. )he honor o% the uar" $ut +e uphel".

    )ea$ Warha$$er9 Part 7ne

    'ronin'ronin ran along the nowy %rot covere" groun". ,e ha"nt +een actually 7>)D77RS in arctic

    cli$ate ince hi Arctic training %or the er$an 'S' in 6orway an" he like" the col" harh cli$ate.)he $agnitu"e o% hi acco$plih$ent at the Pay Per View. In one night he went through the top talent

    in WWI one right a%ter the other.. It really "i"nt get $uch +etter or "o$inating a %ar a co$+atper%or$ance went.

    'ronin toppe" hi run a he reali-e" he want alone. A raven ha" ettle" on the +ranch o% a near+y

    tree. Another one lan"e" on a log near a %ro-en lake. *et a thir" lan"e" on a rock 0utting up %ro$ the

    %ro-en groun" a i% trying to +reak %ree. 'ronin looke" aroun" clou" o% vapor %or$ing at hi $outha hi +reath $et the %ree-ing air an" he looke" aroun". ?6o %oo" %or you near+y... a %ew o% you

    "eci"ing to pay $e a viit. 8unny. I "ont %eel like I$ a+out to "ie... $ay+e your Mitre i

    $itaken.@ 'ronin ai". )hough he wa er$an there ha" +een viking tri+e ettle" in er$any an"he knew 6ore legen" %airly well. Well enough to upect what wa going on.

    ?I a$ never wrong 'ronin =ochi$on. 6ever.@ A wo$an ai" a he walke" out %ro$ the the $itan" looke" aroun". )he wo$an $ight well have walke" out o% the $i""le age carrying a pear an" aviking tyle hiel". She wore a %ur cape that curle" aroun" her neck reting on her houl"er an"

    ee$e" to run %ro$ her ar$or. 'ronin raie" an eye+row a he pace" +ack an" %orth. ?>h huh.

    Raven.. your look. Suppoe" to +e a Valkyrie or o$ething then9 *ou got $y lat na$e wrong.. 0utan %yi...@

    )he wo$an $ile" an" looke" at 'ronin with +lue eye that al$ot ee$e" too +lue to +e %ullyhu$an... i% that $a"e any ene. ?*our er$anic na$e i o% little i$portance to $e or thoe in

    Agar". *our %a$ily line trace +ack to the Viking an" =ochi$on wa the na$e they went +y. A %or

    $e.. i it o har" to +elieve youre talking to an Agar"ian9 When an (l"er o" i "etroying citie an"

    ri%t to other worl" are +eing opene"9@

    'ronin ha" to a"$it that point "i" $ake ene. With all the other weir" crap that wa going on it

    want totally un%eai+le. ?7kay... gue that $ake ene. :ut... i% I re$e$+er $y 6ore $ythology..people "ont ee you until right +e%ore they "ie. Doent oun" like goo" new %or $e.@

    )he wo$an $ile a +it an" raie an eye+row. ?Well you are going to "ie 'ronin. At o$e point. Iti the "own i"e to +eing $ortal. ,ow oon your en" will co$e.. well that I can not ay.@ 'ronin

    $irke" a he took a look aroun" the %ro-en lan"cape he wa out on A%ter a %ew econ" o% ilence

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    he %inally poke again. ?7kay.. well au$ing you all are real... you all ee$e" to take a vacation

    "uring the whole Viking v. the Chritian thing. What happene" there9@

    )he wo$an $ile" again an" looke" aroun" the lan"cape her eye ettling on a %ro-en lake near+y.?In the +eginning 7"in the All48ather poke with the Crone. ,e "e$an"e" knowle"ge. 'nowle"ge o%

    all thing. )he pat the preent the %uture. )he Crone warne" 7"in that uch knowle"ge woul" co$e

    at a terri+le price +ut 7"in "e$an"e" the knowle"ge anyway. So he lai" out what woul" co$e.Inclu"ing the terri+le price the Agar"ian woul" pay %or 7"in nee" to know all. A it wa...

    hu$anity turne" their +ack on u long +e%ore we le%t the$. :ut right here.... here i where the %irt

    part o% Ragnarok tarte". ,ere a lone =arl lea"er o% hi people an" the wo$an he love" $arche" outto %ight an ar$y o% Chritian. Right there.. at the +ae o% the lake i where the Viking ha$$er truck

    an" hattere" the ice like gla. Many Chritian "ree" in their heavy $etal ar$or "rowne". ,i

    wo$an an" a %ew +rave $en o% the hol" %ire" arrow into the Chritian ar$y.. :ut the +loo"he" an"the hatre" +etween the two i"e awoke a ea wyr$. )he Chritian calle" to their o" to lay the

    G"ragon +ut nothing happene". )he =arl took a knee preing the hea" o% hi ha$$er to the groun"

    an" calle" on )hor to co$e "own an" lay the great wyr$. !or" 7"in ent $y iter an" I. When

    Agar" anwere" where the the Chritian o" %aile" the Viking rallie" an" the Chritian +egan topanic. )he ea wyr$ wa kille" +ut two week a%ter the $iraculou victory here.. the =arl hi wo$an

    an" their %ew upporter were $aacre" +y an even +igger Chritian ar$y. )he =arl an" hi wo$an

    were choen +y $e an" +rought to Valhalla. A %or what happene" a%ter that... a%ter $ot o% our peopleturne" their +ack on u we %oun" it... har"er an" har"er to get to Mi"gar". *our war with thi.. Dr.

    Claw an" the ri%t he opene" ee$ to have retore" our li$ite" acce... %or now at leat.@

    ?So... will you +e %ighting thi... (l"er o" or whatever that ca$e out in :ruel9@ 'ronin ake".

    ,i eye went +ack to where the wo$an ha" "ecri+e" the ancient +attle taking place. )here wa no

    outwar" ign o% it +ut there wa an.. o""ne in the air. May+e it ha" alway +een there $ay+e 'ronin

    wa %eeling it +ecaue o% the tory he ha" 0ut hear". ,e coul"nt +e ure. )he wo$an hrugge". ?Weare "e+ating that. iven that once again the Chritian o" ha %aile" to protect hi people the

    Agar"ian $ight have to %ill the voi" an" re$in" the worl" that we e5it.@

    'ronin thought a+out thi an" ighe". ?oo" thing I$ +uy with Dr. Claw.. Warha$$er $ight co$e

    looking to $e to han"le thi (l"er o"...@ )he wo$an "i" not $ile. She i$ply looke" at hi$ an"

    no""e". ?)hey will. *ou are a hero 'ronin. )o +e a hero i a great honor +ut alo co$e with aterri+le price. =ut re$e$+er nothing i invinci+le. (ven a o" can "ie. Ill ee you later. I" wih

    you luck in your upco$ing +attle +ut Ill i$ply tell you to %ight well intea". 8ight Well 'ronin.@

    She ai" a he turne" an" +egan to walk +ack a $it ee$ing to %or$ that he wa walking into.

    ?Wait. )he viking you tol" $e a+out... he have a na$e9@ 'ronin ake". )he wo$an paue" an"

    no""e". ?In"ee" he "oe. Perhap ne5t ti$e we $eet I hall tell it to you. 8or now %ocu on the

    +attle ahea".@ She ai" +e%ore turning an" walking into the $it... Soon a%ter the $it envelope" herthey "iipate" revealing no one tan"ing there. )he raven took o%% an" %lew away %ro$ the area

    leaving 'ronin cratching hi hea". ?,uh.@ Wa all he ai" +e%ore he turne" an" ran +ack into town

    an" the hotel therein. ,e ha" a $eeting to get to.

    H$in later aw 'ronin tan"ing in the very well "ecorate" o%%ice o% Drucilla. 'ronin too" an"

    looke" out the win"ow looking over the town a he thought a+out the "ay event an" what lie ahea".?)ea$ Warha$$er9 !illy going to +e pie". I alo "ont re$e$+er igning up to 0oin Warha$$er.@

    Drucilla $irke" a he leane" +ack in her eat. ?)hi $ight co$e a a hock to you 'ronin +ut I

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    really coul" care le a+out what your girl%rien" think. ("$onton Al+erta Cana"a. :ruel 6ew

    Me5ico in the >.S. Dr. Claw an" hi hot !aer $ut +e toppe". *ouve alrea"y agree" to work %or

    u +y taking on Dr. Claw an" hi $inion. )he >nite" 'ing"o$ o% reat :ritain )he entire :ritih

    Co$$onwealth o% 6ation the (uropean >nion the >nite" State...A!! o% thee countrie are akingWarha$$er to trike Dr. Claw o they can avoi" tying the$elve to any retaliation an" thu prevent

    Dr. Claw %ro$ uing hi hot !aer again. So I$ orry Sunhine +ut you" +etter +loo"y well get

    ue" to +eing on )ea$ Warha$$er. When you are I have your ne5t or"er rea"y %or you.@

    ?*ou9 Why int An"eron giving $e or"er9@ 'ronin ake" curiou. Much a he hate" to a"$it it

    an" a $uch a he knew he" +e %ighting a+out thi with !illy Dru ha" a point. 8or her part Dru$ile" an" hrugge". ?I erve" in the $ilitary. ,e thought or"er $ight +e eaier to take co$ing %ro$

    one ol"ier to another. An" there the %act that you er$an have $a"e uch goo" $ercenarie %or the

    :ritih ($pire throughout hitory.. e5clu"ing that little $ihap in the War o% the Inurrection whereyou all $anage" to loe to peaant an" %ar$er.@

    'ronin $irke". ?)he a$e peaant an" %ar$er that %orce" your ancetor to urren"er... !AD*

    Cornwalli.@ Drucilla narrowe" her eye. ?Care%ul 'ronin. 6ow. *our or"er are i$ple. Dr. Claw"ea". 8in" a way to "o it. I% you cant kill hi$ yourel% pair up with Valora or o$eone that will kill

    hi$ an" get the$ to Dr. Claw an" let the$ kill hi$. :otto$ line... kill Dr. Claw an" Warha$$er

    $ight 0ut let your girl%rien" +e.. Deci"e to pare hi$ again an"... well whether he like it or not !illyWI!! +eco$e a $e$+er o% Warha$$er.@

    'ronin clenche" hi %it. ,e knew why Dru wa giving hi$ the or"er now. 'ronin woul" havepunche" An"eron "ea" in the %ace %or that. :ut Dru an" An"eron knew that 'ronin woul"nt trike a

    wo$an outi"e a ring. ?Who the hell are we %ighting anyway9@

    ?Dragon Clutch. Dragaha 7$ega an" her o calle" uperhu$an. Make ure to teach the$ they arein point o% %act

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    wa %uriou at that "evelop$ent.

    ,owever he "i"nt have the chance to lay +ack an" %u$e at the recent "evelop$ent a he hear" the

    tell tale oun" o% the lock to her an" 'ronin hotel roo$ "oor +eing picke". 6arrowing her eye he

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    a he too" up. ?Attack the will $y "aughter. I% Dr. Claw ha you the er$an will +e $uch $ore

    reluctant to attack. I% Dr. Claw can turn you into one o% hi $inion he gain the er$an a well.

    Well have you an" the er$an $ove" to another roo$. Ill report thi to An"eron an" have guar"

    pote" at your new roo$. We cant rik the$ getting lucky.@

    !illy raie" an eye+row. ?While youre talking to hi$... "ont %orget to tell hi$ I "ont work %or

    Warha$$er o he can %orget $e %ighting %or thi Gtea$ Warha$$er he et up.@ !illy $other$irke" an" ighe". ?Dont puh $e "aughter. *ou nee" to help your +oy%rien". We +oth know you

    wont "eert hi$ %or at leat one $atch you will work %or u an" a%ter that $atch... well... were

    continue thi "icuion.@

    !illy growle" an" turne" to +egin packing. ,er $other wa right a%ter all... he woul"nt leave 'ronin

    partnerle in the $atch. Meanwhile !illy $other teppe" out o% the roo$ an" "iale" her phone.?*eah. It $e. Dr. Claw attacke" $y "aughter in her roo$. Well nee" a cleanup crew to han"le the

    +o"ie. I tol" you $y "aughter wa kille" "i" I not9 Well +e $oving her an" the er$an to another

    roo$. Make ure An"eron i in%or$e". ,ell want to know Dr. Claw i till co$ing a%ter u.@

    !illy alo gra++e" her phone an" "iale" 'ronin. etting hi voice $ail he wore an" le%t a $eage.

    ?,ey +a+e. When you get +ack to the hotel "ont co$e to our ol" roo$. So$e o% Dr. Claw goon in

    purple uit ca$e +y to viit $e. )heyre on their way to the $orgue an" well +eing $ove" to anotherroo$. Ill call you +ack when I get the new roo$ nu$+er. :ye.@

    A he hung up the phone !illy ighe". She hate" +eing o hort an" to the point +ut he alo "i"ntwant her $other to overhear too $uch. Walking to the two +o"ie an" retrieving her knive !illy

    wipe" the +loo" o%% a he %inihe" up packing an" turne" to her $other a he re4entere" the roo$.

    ?*ou guy know anything a+out the$9@ !illy $other hrugge". ?6ew $inion o% Dr. Claw. *our

    +oy%rien" kille" a %ew when he recue" Roe =ohnton. I% theyre the $ot elite %orce Dr. Claw ha...he in trou+le.@

    A %ew hour later 'ronin walke" into the hotel looking aroun" a he aw the cleanup un"erway an"walke" to the %ront "ek. ?'ronin I$ with Warha$$er Wretling Inc. I un"ertan" $y roo$ ha

    +een change"9@ )he clerk no""e" an" punche" up the in%or$ation han"ing hi$ a nw key. ?*e ir.

    )here the key to your new roo$.@ 'ronin $ile" an" no""e".

    A he opene" the "oor he walke" in an" only +arely "o"ge" a kni%e %lying %or hi hea" ticking into

    the "oor a %ew inche %ro$ hi hea". ?ScheiJe;;@ 1Pronounce" a GShi-er tranlating a hit or %uck"epen"ing on conte5t. Rea"er choice a to what 'ronin $eant3 'ronin wore in er$an a he

    looke" at !illy who tare" at hi$ wi"e eye". ?Da$n it; Secon" ti$e I $ie" tonight; An" only one

    $i I$ happy %or...@ 'ronin look at the kni%e again an" igh. ?I$ the $i youre happy %or right9

    I $ean i% youre $a" at $e a+out o$ething...@ !illy ighe". ?7% coure youre the $i I$ happy%or. Sorry.. long night. I ha" to kill three o% Dr. Claw purple uite" goon... "eal with $y $o$ A6D

    a an e5tra +onu... were "oing Warha$$er "irty Work;@

    'ronin ighe". ?It one $atch !il. >nle we win. )hen we coul" +e tuck with the$. :ut while

    theyre uually the +a" guy... there wore than the$ to "eal with at the $o$ent. We gotta roll with

    thi %or now.@

    !illy %rown an" look out the win"ow. ?,$ph. Doent $ean I have to like it. So what a+out our

    opponent9@ 'ronin hrugge". ?Dragaha 7$ega Can"ice 'ington an" Claire. Claire ee$ to like

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    tearing girl hirt o%%... $ight wanna +e on guar" %or that. Can"ice i a""icte" to pain an" Dragaha

    think... well I think all three think theyre "ragon or o$ething. )heyre tough... +ut not un+eata+le.

    I think they have to +e $ore worrie" a+out u than we "o o% the$.@

    !illy no""e". ?An" our partner9@ 'ronin hrugge". ?=oeylight. Di"nt "o $uch in the tourna$ent.

    Well ee i% he can han"le hi$el% with u or not. An"eron an" Dru aure $e hell work with u an"

    +e a +ene%it to u. Well ee.@


    :rice St Vient:rice St Vient i watching an interview occur +etween hi ol"er +rother Peter St Vient the 6AB

    )eleviion cha$pion an" a =apanee wretling $aga-ine interviewer. :rice ha +een out o% action inceDece$+er thirtieth when he wa in0ure" +y Dave Da$ente" in an intercontinental title tourna$ent


    :rice it "own in a near+y chair an" lou"ly ni%%leE a he trie to hake the %lu that $a"e it har" %orhi$ to properly train. >n%ortunately %or hi$ he ha to get rea"y %or two $atcheE a he ha to %ace

    'aylen Cro%t in =apan an" then procee" to a Satur"ay $atch in 6orway againt the $yteriou Plate


    :rice 1thinking3/ ?!ook at hi$.@

    )he ca$era how peter with a $ile on hi %ace a he anwer the reporter

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    :rice/ ?I$ goo" Man-ell. )hi %lu i whipping $y tail an" Peter i irritating $e +y +eing hi uual

    Glova+le el%.@

    Man-ell +rie%ly ighK.

    Man-ell/ ?I know. 7ne o% the greatet lie ever tol" wa the i"ea that a cha$pion houl" act like he

    +een there +e%ore. It a lie +ecaue once a peron +eco$e a cha$pion they "ont want to loe thathonorE an" o%ten "ignity int $uch i% a cha$pion ha a chance to how o%%.@

    :rice notice the %ile %ol"er un"er Man-ell ar$.

    Man-ell/ ?)he cha$pion want to keep that glory no $atter the potential e$+arra$entE that coul"

    co$e %ro$ it.@

    :rice continue to concentrate on the %ol"er.

    :rice/ ?I that the %ile on il+y9@

    Man-ell han" the %ol"er over to :rice. :rice +rie%ly cough +e%ore opening the %ol"er.

    Man-ell/ ?Mh$h$. (verything that +een recor"e" which int aying $uch.@

    :rice eye+row %urrow a Man-ell i peaking.

    :rice 1

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    Man-ell/ ?Di" the un get in your eye !ucy9@

    :rice 1raie hi %inger towar" Man-ell3/ ?*ou know....@

    Man-ell/ ?I know 0ut enough +ut I a$ waiting on your anwer.@

    )heir converation i oon en"e" a Peter lowly troll over to the$.

    Peter/ ?,ello you two I ee you are +eing %rien"ly towar" each other.@

    Man-ell/ ?*ou looke" co$%orta+le there. ,ow "i" it %eel9@

    Peter/ ?It %elt like heaven. *ou never get over tar"o$ an" yet you know at o$e point it going to

    en". It like $ortality in a way.@

    :rice an" Man-ell tare at Peter while trying to co$prehen" what he 0ut ai". Peter lowly wipe theleep %ro$ hi eye. ,e oon notice the %ol"er that :rice i currently hol"ing.

    Peter/ ?KKor o$ething i$ilar9 I that %or $e9@

    :rice/ ?6o it %or $e. ,ere a

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    :rice 1yelling3/ ?W,* AM I6 )W7 S)RAI,) MA)C,(S ),IS W(('9@

    Peter/ ?Well you houl" +e heale" %ro$ the Prevail "e+acle o $y +et anwer i >$$$ pro$oter.@

    :rice/ ?So you "i"nt rea" the contract.@

    Peter/ ?Woul"nt have $attere".@ 1Slowly wrenche gully Warha$$er %ol"er %ro$ :rice.3

    :rice/ ?Why9@

    Peter/ ?A long a they "ont have you participate in alcoholic alligator pro0ectile "eath $atche you

    houl"nt have to worry $uch.@

    Man-ell/ ?Well peter the wo$an over at Warha$$erE wor" ha it that he a cloet a"it.@

    Peter/ ?well he a +runette oK..@

    :rice an" Man-ell awkwar"ly tare at peter. Peter in turn +rie%ly +luhe.

    Peter/ ?K...an" that all I got. Sue $eE it +een a long two "ay. ,owever relevance "oe $atter......@

    Peter lowly pull out el+ tat heet an" care%ully perue it.

    Peter/ ?)he %irt i$portant thing a+out plate il+y i not to +rawl with hi$. *ou arent a treet thug

    you are a wretler an" thinking that you are a +a"a :ruce !ee wanna+e will get you ent +ack to

    We5%or" in a ling. ?

    :rice cratche hi hea" an" tart to play with hi hair.

    :rice/ ?So how "o I to?


  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    :rice 1turning hi attention towar" peter3/ ?What the hell9@

    Man-ell again tap the +ack o% :rice hea". :rice

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    An"eron/ &6ot even $y +eat )arra

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    $eeting to go an" get %oo" once we are %inihe" here.&


  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    that can +e ue%ul. !il int a tra"itional ol"ier ha kill that are ue%ul plu... he" +e pie" i% I le%t

    her out. *ou. 6ot a tra"itional ol"ier +ut you got kill that can +e ue%ul. )here a real poi+ility

    that thi $ight +eco$e a WWI v. C!AW %ight at o$e point. I% o your kill in the ring are a plu.

    6ow while you arent a tra"itional ol"ier... I know youre a DAM6 goo" $arkwo$an. *ou alohave a "egree in Cri$inal =utice. Co$+ine that with o$e o% the law en%orce$ent e5perience youve

    ha". *ou can really help $ake a "ent in the cri$inal operation o% Dr. Claw cri$inal e$pire. )he

    %act that youre goo" in a %ight an" I can trut you are icing on the cake.@

    Di5ie %rown a he think +ut 'ronin tep %orwar". ?Di5ie... the +atar" went a%ter !il. I "ont like

    Warha$$er any$ore than you "o +ut Dr. Claw 0ut picke" a %ight with the wrong "a$n $an. 6ow Ilook at you.. I kin"a ee a %e$ale Malcol$ Reynol". )he goo" ol" :rowncoat %ightin %or the little

    guy an" kickin the +a" guy a. ,ow $any $ore citie you plan on letting Dr. Claw attack9 ,e hit

    6ew Me5ico lat ti$e. What i% he hit San Antonio ne5t ti$e9 What i% he hit Sweetwater9@

    Di5ie take her hat o%% an" igh. ?6othin in weetwater ta hit. San Antonio $ight +e a target %or the

    +atar" though... aight 'ronin... ya "un $a"e your point.. Ill help you out.@

    )he converation kept replaying in Di5ie $in" a he walke" through the town they were in. ot

    "a$n... an" he thought it got col" up aroun" Chicago an" uch... thi wa a whole new level... Molly

    %iance an" $anager o% =oeylight the a$e $an who wa et to tea$ with 'ronin an" !illy. !ike !illyhe ha" "eci"e" to try her luck ini"e the ring a well a outi"e it. >nlike !illy Molly ha" little to no

    "icerna+le training pe"igree to %all +ack on. Which $eant Molly wa in %or a rough rough %irt

    $atch. All Di5ie ha" to "eci"e really wa how to han"le her. Di5ie thought +ack to her %irt "ay o%training in San Antonio..

    8!AS,:AC'/ !evel F Wretling School San Antonio )e5a/

    :AM; Di5ie hit the $at without even knowing what hit her. A collective Goooo went up %ro$ the

    other tu"ent haring Di5ie pain at the +low. What ha" hit her o% coure ha" +een a +u--aw kick

    %ro$ Au"rie Mc!aughlin. )he wo$an %ace appeare" over Di5ie a the young )e5an waite" %or theroo$ to top pinning. ?Di" I hurt you "oll9 !iten cheer girl.. i% you cant keep up... there the

    %uckin "oor.@ Au"rie ha" %oun" out that Di5ie wa a %or$er cheerlea"er in college an" wa intent on

    punihing the pretty girl. Di5ie pulle" herel% up an" charge" catching Au"rie o%% guar" an" taking her"own with a "ou+le leg take"own going into the $ounte" poition. )he two went +ack an" %orth an"

    Di5ie wa +loo"ie" +y the en" o% it +ut he earne" repect.

    A%ter the training eion he wa itting there working on the +lee"ing when Au"rie patte" her on the

    +ack an" $irke". ?It get real +etween thoe rope ki". Dont +uy into the Git all an act +ullhit.

    *ou got potential. Co$e +ack to$orrow. Ill give you another +eating.@

    A Di5ie ca$e +ack to the preent he $irke". She %orgot how o%ten he ha" hear" that. Pretty oon

    he tarte" learning. )hen Au"rie took her eriouly a a tu"ent. Soon the two were like iter.

    6ow Molly wa going to tep into the ring an" Di5ie woul" +e there to give her an intro"uction towretling... !evel F tyle.

    A Di5ie %inihe" her walk an" ca$e +ack into the hotel he notice" o$ething o"". Wo$en. A +ittoo $any wo$en. A +it too $any wo$en that werent local to +e $ore to the point. So$e porting

    glae an" +race other looking $uch $ore attractive. All ee$e" interete" in talking to variou

    hotel ta%%. 8e$ale hotel ta%%. Di5ie a"0ute" her hat uing the cover the cow+oy hat provi"e" to take

  • 7/26/2019 WWI Penance 2 RP Archive


    in a +igger view o% the roo$ a he reache" %or her phone only to +e toppe". !ooking up he %oun"

    herel% looking at a %airly attractive girl $iling. ?7, $y go"; *oure Di5ie Cle$ent; I" love an

    autograph.. i% you woul"nt $in"..@ )he girl ai" a he hel" out a picture o% Di5ie Cle$ent that wa

    eaily purchaa+le %ro$ the WWI Merchan"ie tore. Di5ie took a pen an" igne" her na$e an"han"e" the picture +ack to her. ?)here ya go;@ She ai" putting on a $ile a he hea"e" up to her

    roo$. She ha" to let 'ronin know what wa going on.

    )he trip to her roo$ wa even $ore creepy a he knew he wa +eing %ollowe". 8inally right out

    %ront her "oor he reache" into her "uter an" pro"uce" her Colt Peace$aker. ?Co$e on out; Dun

    think a+out Runnin I got N lil %rien" here an" they can all run %ater than you can;@

    )he G%an girl ca$e out an" $ile". ?An" here the $en in purple thought you were 0ut a "u$+

    re"neck... *ou know 'ronin int the only one hopping %or allie...@ )he wo$an walk up an" lippe"a +uine car" into one o% Di5ie pocket. ?Call u.. we really houl" tal4@ She "i"int get another

    wor" out +e%ore Di5ie pitol the girl an" "roppe" her to the groun". Di5ie opene" the "oor an"

    "ragge" the girl ini"e etting up a chair an" propping the girl up +e%ore tying her up with her lao.

    A Di5ie cloe" the "oor he %inally got her cellphone out an" "iale" 'ronin... ?*eah 'ronin9 Di5ieCle$ent here. *all aint gonna +elieve what I got. I got u a prioner.. $ay+e one o% Dr. Claw

    henchwo$en. *eap.. trie" to recruit $e. :unch o% other wo$en akin