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www.BuildABetterAgency.com AMR Agency Growth Webinar Series Slide 2 www.BuildABetterAgency.com Next months webinar: Glenn Towle, Momentum Agency Advisors Agency Operations: Think Leadership, Not Overhead March 5 th at 11 am eastern Slide 3 www.BuildABetterAgency.com This months webinar: Stephen Woessner: Predictive ROI Method how to deliver measurable ROI-focused outcomes to clients Slide 4 Stephen Woessner Digital marketing expert, bestselling author, and president of Predictive ROI Helps AMR agencies apply a patent-pending digital marketing system Result outcomes: eliminate digital commoditization and generate higher agency profit through premium fees Slide 5 Stephen Woessner: Best Selling Author Slide 6 Stephen Woessner: Cited Expert Slide 7 Todays Agenda The Top 4 Money Draining Mistakes and Money Making Opportunities most agencies / clients miss I will teach you how to use all 4 and make serious money Q&A throughout Slide 8 Result Outcomes Agencies who apply my patent-pending Predictive ROI Method have sold engagements to their clients for $5,000 to $20,000 in monthly retainers. Some recent feedback: Thanks, Stephen for your direction. We got the deal! An $8,500 month retainer for 12-months. Anything else we can get (mailers, traditional media, PR, website development) will all be on top. I wouldn't have mustered the confidence without you. The results we've had with others on our own also played big part. Thanks again for being there for me. -- agency owner, AMR network Matt used your ideas and the client thought he was an absolute genius! Thank youthank youthank you! I am so happy about this. -- agency owner, AMR network Slide 9 Money Draining Mistakes #1 Establish Baselines and S.M.A.R.T. Predictives Slide 10 S = specific M = measurable A = attainable R = relevant T = time sensitive Slide 11 #1 Establish Baselines and S.M.A.R.T. Predictives What are your clients goals for increasing website visitors (uniques) in 2013? From: X to (y) increase What are your clients goals for leads, customers, and revenue for 2013? From: X to (y) increase The answer is not... We just need MORE Slide 12 Money Draining Mistakes #2 SEO Done Poorly Slide 13 Predictive Keywords Selection Formula variables: GDE = Google Daily Estimate CTR = Google Click-through-Rate SCR = Your Sites Conversion Rate ACV = Your Average Conversion Value $MRP = Monthly Revenue Prediction Slide 14 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Create a FREE account Slide 15 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Represents GDE Slide 16 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Represents CTR Slide 17 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Conversion Rate (CR) Web-based leads = XX Unique site visitors = X,XXX X.X% The industry standard of 2% to 4% should be one of your goals (www.fireclick.com)www.fireclick.com Slide 18 #4 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Formula: (GDE x CTR) x (SCR) x (ACV) x (30 days) = $MRP Keyword: water softeners (1,094 x.4213) x (.02) x ($1,000) x (30) = $MRP 1,094 daily searches x.4213 click-through-rate = 460.90 daily site visits 460.90 site visits x.02 conversion into leads = 9.21 leads per day 9.21 leads per day x.50% order closure rate = 4.6 orders per day 4.6 orders per day x 30 days = 138 orders per month 138 orders per month x $1,000 per order $138,000 in new monthly revenue from a single content page Slide 19 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Toyota Dealer Serving North Canton, OH | Cain Toyota Slide 20 Write custom pages titles for each optimized page Use the two keywords and separate with, or | #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Google uses your Page Title as the link to your site in its search results! Slide 21 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Use the same keywords and format as your Page Title Slide 22 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Use keywords at least twice in description and keep to 23 words or less Slide 23 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Quick recap: Example of an Optimized Page Title: Leasing versus buying a car | Buying a new car in Madison Example of an Optimized Keywords: Example of an Optimized META Description field: Slide 24 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Your SEO Action Plan: Apply steps 3 through 15 of my SEO book Result outcome... Top 10 rankings in Google for keywords that matter to your clients in 30-days or less! Slide 25 Money Draining Mistakes #3 Lack of Distinction Slide 26 Create distinction in 2 simple steps Step 1: schedule a mastermind session with each client and lead them through this exercise: We do X __________ (products and services) For Y _____________ (customer profile) So they can Z ____________ (result outcome) Slide 27 #3 Lack of Distinction, cont. Step 2: feature the XYZ message on: The left side of your clients Home Page And... above the fold Slide 28 Money Draining Mistakes #4 High Bounce Rate Slide 29 30% Should Be Your Goal Slide 30 #4 High Bounce Rate, cont. Step 1: be distinctive (X, Y, and Z) with your clients message Step 2: eliminate visual clutter Step 3: create clear calls-to-action Slide 31 Question: what is the most valuable asset to any client? Apply the Money Making Opportunities Slide 32 #1 Build Their List Apply the Money Making Opportunities Slide 33 #1 Build Their List Slide 34 #1 Build Their List, cont. 6 to 13%... of the visitors to your websites will give you their email address if your value exchange (free PDF, video series, exclusive audio insights, etc.) is truly valuable enough. Every day. Slide 35 #1 Build Their List, cont. Slide 36 Step 1: create free / screaming cool value exchange for the visitors to you client sites that share expertise and... X, Y, and Z Top 10 Secrets to...? Or, Exclusive Insights video series, etc. Step 2: feature throughout the site for maximum distribution Slide 37 #2 Nurture Relationships and Increase Sales Apply the Money Making Opportunities Slide 38 #2 Nurture Relationships and Increase Sales Create well-prepared prospects, leads, and sales for your clients! Slide 39 Value Exchange PDF Featured on Landing Page Email Acquisition via Landing Page PDF Send Exclusive Insights Optin Email to Full List 3% of Your List Opt-ins For Your Content Value-based Email #1 No Sales Message Value-based Email #3 No Sales Message Value-based Email #2 No Sales Message Exclusive Invitation to Your Webinar Seed and Open Loops within Each Email 6 - 13% of visitors Deliver Webinar with Sales Message at Close Or, Registrations for Workshop(s) New Member Intake Slide 40 Awesome Tool! Slide 41 #3 Multiply Conversion Rate 200% to 400% Apply the Money Making Opportunities Slide 42 #3 Multiply Conversion Rate 200% to 400% Slide 43 www.BuildABetterAgency.com Account Service Advanced Training February 18 & 19 th Las Vegas Wow I thought my account supervisor Kelly was good before I sent her to your workshop but now shes unstoppable. She just sold a client a new initiative worth about $50K in AGI to us. She says shes just invoking her inner Drew! ~ Bailey Jasper, agency owner Slide 44 www.BuildABetterAgency.com

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