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online Recharge is a first of its kind, 24x7, multi operator web based, instant pre-paid recharge...

Date post:31-Mar-2015
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Slide 2 www.rechargeandticket.com online Recharge is a first of its kind, 24x7, multi operator web based, instant pre-paid recharge station. It specializes in delivering next generation online prepaid recharge solutions. www.rechargeandticket.com online Recharge.com will offer its customers a high quality of service with the convenience of access from your desktop. www.rechargeandticket.com At www.rechargeandticket.com online Recharge, we believe that the Internet and Mobile is a powerful medium that will very soon graduate from being an engaging pastime to an indispensable and ubiquitous home tool, bringing with it, for consumers, enormous benefits and convenience.www.rechargeandticket.com With a vision of creating a pre-paid recharge station through which customers can make all their recharges anytime from any location using the internet & Mobile, giving them the freedom to recharge according to their convenience. www.rechargeandticket.com online Recharge is focused on providing a compelling value-add service that will simplify Any Time Recharge(ATR), deliver on reliability, efficiency and performance and most importantly provide a secure zone where customers can transact with confidence.www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 3 Firm Account ID & Address Proof Computer, Internet Mobile No. & E-mail Minimum 200 Retailer Creation ability Registration through the Online www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 4 Every top amount you May Get 0.25 - 0.5% commission. Every Retailer Joining Commission 300 Rs. offer Available for Distributor. www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 5 Type of Sale Retailer Per Day Sale Commission Per Day income Monthly Income On Time income Six Month Saving Investment By you100010000.5%5000150000300000900000+300000 =1200000 105000 www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 6 Make Retailer & Take Commission Provide Retailer Top-Up Amount Total Work on Internet Base No Hard Work www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 7 Online Registration One Time Registration Fee 5000. (Non-r efundable ) Within 5 Minute Your Account Activated. You May Receive ID & Password in Your E-mail ID. Create Retailer After E-mail Verification & Run Your Business. www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 8 Mobile Recharge by SMS, Web, USSD DTH Recharge by SMS, Web, USSD Data Card by SMS, Web, USSD Postpaid Bill Payment by USSD, Web, SMS www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 9 Bus Ticketing Rail Ticketing Air Ticketing Movies Ticketing Utility Payment Policy Payment Money Transfer www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 10 Your are Able to Register Unlimited Retailer TOP-UP Retailer Activate any Retailer If any wrong Transaction then we will reverse facility. No Server Jam Problems Recharge within 5 to 10 Second. www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 11 One District = one Distributor User Friendly operations in our Portal Unlimited no of Retailer Creation Facility Big Range for Distributor Guarantied income 2 Lac in 6 month (Depend on Your Marketing ) www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 12 24*7 Support Online Transaction & Every Report on your Portal Suggestion, Complain, Query Fast Solution. Fully Secure for All Users Print Your Transaction Data www.rechargeandticket.com Slide 13 Slide 14

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