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X007 E Data Cabling Reference Sites Winter 2010

Date post: 31-May-2015
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Winter 2010 Data Cabling Reference Sites Able Data Installations Plc Able House, 1 Figree Hill Hemel Hempstead Herts HP2 5XL Tel: 01442 219580 www.abledata.co.uk [email protected]
  • 1. Winter 2010Data Cabling Reference SitesAble Data Installations PlcAble House, 1 Figree HillHemel HempsteadHerts HP2 5XLTel: 01442 [email protected]

2. Able Data SCS Reference SitesReed SmithSummary Installation of Data & Voice Cabling over 13 FloorsContact Nick BennettColeman Bennett International19th Floor30 St Mary AxeLondonEC3A 8ADLocationBroadgate Tower, LondonContract400kSystems Systimax GigaSPEED XL Cat 6Installed Sept 2008 - Feb 2009ConsultantColeman Bennett InternationalContractorISGProject Reed Smith, one of the 15 largest law firms in the world with more thanDescription 1,500 lawyers, have consolidated its London operations by relocatingfrom two legacy sites to a single new London Headquarters at BroadgateTower, London.As part of the fit out Able Data were contracted to install 6,000 dataoutlets distributed over thirteen floors. The installation time spent on sitewas greatly reduced thanks to the use of pre-terminated cable looms,which were manufactured and tested off site.One of the key challenges to solve was the running of a fibre and coppercable backbone over thirty floors from the IT computer room at the footof the building to the office floors.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 1 3. Able Data SCS Reference SitesAshmolean MuseumSummary Cabling of Major New Building ExtensionContactDr Jonathan Moffett Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2PHContract 200KSystemsMolex Cat6InstalledDec 2008 - Oct 2009BuilderBAMProjectThe Ashmolean Museum, dating from the 17th century, is the oldest public museum in the UK. Award-winning architect Rick Mather created a new building that has doubled the Ashmoleans gallery space and state-of-the-art facilities. In November 2009, the 61M redevelopment opened to the public. Able Data installed a structured cabling system, consisting of nearly a thousand outlets, spread over 6 floors of the new building extension. Each of the 13 remote patch cabinet locations had a fibre & copper backbone linking to the Basement computer room. As well as the provision of the computer cabinets at each location Able Data supplied & installed an APC UPS & 3Comm Switch. The biggest challenge was the complexity and range of cable routes. Whilst some outlets are located in low floor boxes, others for high gallery points (overhead projectors etc) are at more than eight metres high. Another challenge was fitting cabling around a complex building program; many outlets could not be terminated or tested until after the exhibition cabinets had been installed.Pictures Autumn 2009Page 2 4. Able Data SCS Reference SitesMisysSummaryCabling & moves into new headquarters buildingContactPhil Davies, IT Manager. Misys One Kingdom Street, Paddington. W2 6BL Tel: 020 8879 1188Location Paddington, LondonContract 300KSystemsBrand-Rex Cat6 & OM3, Cooper B-Line CabinetsStart & Finish Feb Aug 2008Consultant April ManagementContractor Mastercraft DesignProjectMisys were consolidating four regional offices into one newDescriptionheadquarters building. The new offices required 3,000 Brand Rex LSOH Cat6 outlets installed over three floors, each floor being cabled from two patch rooms. Able Data connected the patch rooms through diversely routed OM3 fibre and voice backbones. In the main computer room, Able Data installed Cooper B-Line cabinets, fitted with the Unite Hawki-2 intelligent power monitor and control products. Able Data also managed the movement of 500 users into the new building. Scheduled over five weekends, this included providing an asset register of all of their computer equipment and a full moves service into the new offices, including connection and test of all of the desktop equipment.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 3 5. Able Data SCS Reference SitesAshburton CourtSummary Hampshire County Council Office HQ & Data CentreContact Bob Davis, Senior ICT ConsultantMaceAtelier House, 64 Pratt StreetLondonNW1 0LFTel: 020 7554 8000LocationWinchester City CentreContract850KSystems Nexans Lanmark-6 10G F/UTP, Nexans LANsense System, Excel Cat6Installed Sep 2007 May 2009ConsultantMaceContractorBAMProject In 2009 Hamshire County Council (HCC) completed a major officeDescription refurbishment of its HQ building at Ashburton Court. The conversion ofthis 1960s council office building to a naturally ventilated, low energyfacility included a heat recovery from the internal Data Centre as a sourceof heat to service the office areas.Able Data were contracted by BAM to install a data cabling systemproviding 4,000 Cat6 outlets to the new offices and meeting rooms. AbleData also won the contract to build the new Data Centre facility, completedover eight weeks in Spring 2009. With 70 Prism server cabinets, 5,000copper links and 2,000 fibre links, this new data centre has become HCCsprimary Data Centre. The facility incorporates leading edge Data Centretechnologies to maximise space and power usage and to enable remoteoperation. Functionality installed by Able Data included a Nexans 10GCa6a copper cabling system, a Nexans Intelligent InfrastructureManagement (IIM) system, Nexans remotely control Intelligent PDUs anda Data Centre wide Austin Hughes KVM system.PicturesAutumn 2009Page 4 6. Able Data SCS Reference SitesVeolia Three Valleys WaterSummaryCabling of buildingContactBob Davis, Senior ICT Consultant Mace Atelier House, 64 Pratt Street London NW1 0LF Tel: 020 7554 8000Location Hatfield Business Park, HatfieldContract 200KSystemsMolex PowerCat 6 UTP Cat6Start & Finish Nov 2008 Jan 2009Consultant MaceContractor ComoProjectVeolia Water (formally Three Valleys Water) consolidated theirDescriptionoffices into the new HUB building in Hatfield, a building to house 750 office staff. Able Data were contracted by Como to install a 3,000 outlet Cat6 data cabling system. Run over four floors, outlets were terminated in a grid of 8-way consolidation points installed under the false floor. Desk outlets were connected to the consolidation points through solid patch lead connections. The project was completed over a period of two months.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 5 7. Able Data SCS Reference SitesJohnson & JohnsonSummary Johnson & Johnson Pinewood Building, WokinghamContact Paul LeinsterJohnson & JohnsonThe BracconsLondon RoadBracknellBerkshireRG12 2ATLocationNine Mile Ride, Wokingham, Berkshire.Contract300KSystems Siemon 10G 6A F/UTP SystemInstalled Aug 2008 Jan 2009ConsultantJ&J Information Technology ServicesContractorComoProject Johnson & Johnson, the global American pharmaceutical giant, built aDescription brand new three storey Building at Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham.Able Data quoted and won the contract with Como to install 3,000 Dataoutlets covering three floors, including the cabling of a state of artAuditorium.Able Data installed a high performance Siemon shielded Cat6a system,tested to provide the full 10G performance over the full 90m required bythe installation. Most of the outlets were installed under the raised floor ina grid pattern of 3-way outlets boxes, providing full flexibility for movesand changes.Able Data installed a single mode fibre backbone and fitted out a smalldata centre with Minkel equipment cabinets.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 7 8. Able Data SCS Reference SitesFidelity Oakhill Data CentreSummary New Data Centre at the Fidelity HQContact John Brogan, Project ManagerFidelity InternationalOakhill House, 130 Tonbridge RdHildenborough, Kent, TN11 9DZTel: 01732 361 144LocationTonbridge, KentContract2.5MSystems Systimax Cat 6, LazrSPEED 300 OM3, iPatch, CPI Patch FramesInstalled Jul Oct 2009Project Fidelity International is a world-wide leading investment provider. AsDescription part of their UK data centre consolidation strategy, Fidelity required anew Data Centre facility at its HQ facility at Tonbridge.Spread over two underground data halls and two office floors, theproject required the installation of 30,000 Cat6 copper links and 11,000OM3 duplex fibre links to 300 Rittal cabinets and used more than700km of cable. All links connect to a patch field of 80 x CPI patchframes, each monitored with the iPatch Intelligent patch system.The Data Centre was cabled overhead on three levels of CPI ladderracking. One of the biggest challenges faced by Able Data was todeliver the required high quality of cabling. To work out the optimumcable routing schemes, Able Data built an offsite mock up of a row ofpatch frames and the associated cables. To speed up installation whilstminimising unsightly cable slack, Able Data single end pre-terminatedall copper and fibre links. The entire installation was completed over a14 week period.As well as building and configuring a 40,000 port iPatch system tomanage patching and monitor network devices, Able Data implementedadditional bespoke functionality tailored to Fidelitys requirements,including auto server provisioning.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 6 9. Able Data SCS Reference SitesNorth Kent PoliceSummary North Kent Police HQContact Justice Support Service (North Kent) LtdLocationGravesendContract200KSystemSiemon System 6 UTPStart & Dec 2007 April 2008FinishContractorImtech MeicaProject North Kent Police new Head Quarters is a new build state of the artDescription 11,500 Metre2 four-storey building, which houses police officers, civilianstaff, evidential stores and includes a 40-cell custody suite.Able Data installed 2,000 outlet Siemon Cat 6 LSZH data outlets acrossthe four floors and custody suite. The computer rooms, fitted with Dellequipment cabinets, were interconnected through a Siemon OM3 fibreand Cat6 copper backbone. Able Data also installed a TV distributionsystem.The biggest challenge of the installation was to install and protect thecabling amidst the confusion of a large building site.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 8 10. Able Data SCS Reference SitesBucks New University (BNU)SummaryInstallation of Data & Voice Cabling over 13 FloorsContactAndy MacFarlane BAM Construction Centrium, Griffiths Way St Albans, Herts. AL1 2RDLocation High WycombeContract 150KSystemsExcel Cat6InstalledApr 2009 Dec 2009Contractor BAMProject Buckinghamshire New Universitys camp has undergone an extensiveDescription 60m programme of rebuilding in 2009. A new, high-tech learningresources centre, known as the Gateway, forms the focal point of theUniversitys technology-led learning experience.Able Data were contracted by BAM to install an 1,800 Excel Cat6UTP cabling system, spread over the six patch rooms on the six floorsof the new Gateway building extension. Able Data also installed anBlown Fibre (OM3) & a voice link backbone cabling infrastructurebetween each patch room and the main computer room on the 4th floor.PictureAutumn 2009Page 9 11. Able Data SCS Reference SitesReynolds Porter ChamberlainSummary Cabling of RPCs new London HQContactsNeil Davidson, IT Manager Carl Stowe-Smith, Project ManagerReynolds Porter Chamberlain OverburyTower Bridge House77 Newman StreetSt Katharines Way LondonLondon, E1W 1AA W1T 3EWTel: 020 3060 6000Tel: 020 7307 9083LocationTower Bridge House, LondonContract400KSystems Beldon CDT Cat6PeriodFebruary 2006 June 2006ConsultantColeman Bennett InternationalContractorOverburyProject RPC, a leading UK law firm, consolidated their London operationsDescription into the prestigious Tower Bridge House.As part of the fit out of the new building, Able Data supplied andinstalled 6,000 Cat6 outlets over four floors. These were installed in aflood-filled under floor grid of 4-way outlet boxes, so that outlets canbe pulled through the floor and mounted on desk positions as required.Able Data also installed an OM3 fibre backbone, using redundantroutes and supporting backup focal points to the building of a faulttolerant network.Able Data also installed an iTRACS cable management system,providing facilities for RPC to manage their cabling infrastructure andto support moves and changes. This included the iDiscovery module,which allows RPC to dynamically discover and monitor ip networkdevices on the network & to map these onto the cabling infrastructure.PicturesAutumn 2009Page 10 12. Able Data SCS Reference SitesNorthumberland HotelSummary Mayflex, Excel Cat 5e - Northumberland HotelContact Northumberland HotelThe Club QuartersTrafalgar SquareLondonLocationNorthumberland AvenueContractData, Telephone and RF CablingSystems Mayflex Excel Cat 5eStart & November 2006FinishMay 2007ConsultantContractorMeicaProjectDescription The Installation of Telephone, Data and RF cabling to over 1000Hotel rooms.The Club Quarters Trafalgar Square is located in a beautifullyrestored building dating back to the 1880s, situated just offLondons historic Trafalgar Square which houses NelsonsColumn, the church of St. Martins in the Fields and the NationalGallery.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 11 13. Able Data SCS Reference SitesPenguinSummary Penguin London Ortronics Cat6 Outlets 2000Contact Dean MooreColeman Bennett International19th Floor30 St Mary AxeEC3A 8ADTel: 020 7638 2000LocationThe Strand, LondonContract400KSystems Ortronics Cat6 & OM3PeriodMarch 2007 - December 2007ConsultantCBIContractorFaithdeanProject This project was part of the Penguin Publishing refurbishment atDescription their headquarters in the Strand.The project was spread over threefloors and involved the upgrade andinstallation of a new Ortronics UTPClarity Category 6 structured cablingsystem. Where possible, existingequipment and cables was re-used.A feature of the installation was theuse of the Ortronics Clarity Jak-Pak 6-way outlet boxes to offer avery neat desk end solution.The project also included installation of the highly popular MightyMo 6 open patch frames.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 12 14. Able Data SCS Reference SitesLondon Transport MuseumSummaryStructure Cabling & AV CablingLocation Covent GardenContract 100KSystemsExcel Cat 5e UTPStart & Finish February 07 - November 07Contractor Imtech MeicaProjectThe new museum in Covent Garden opened in November 2007 after aDescriptiontwo year 22M redesign project. The Museum tells the story of the development of London, its transport system and the people who travelled and worked on them over the last 200 years. Able Data installed a structured flood wired system throughout the Museum and Gift shop. This involved installing cables at large heights in order to reach all parts of the museum. Different sections were also interconnected with a fibre backbone. Able Data also installed a network of specials AV links to support the equipment to enable visitors to enjoy a full vision and Audio commentary as they walk around the museum.PicturesAutumn 2009Page 13 15. Able Data SCS Reference SitesFidelity InvestmentsSummary Cabling of Fidelitys Date CentresContact Dexter BairdOakhill House, 130 Tonbridge RoadHildenborough, KentTN11 9DZTel: 01732 777627LocationActon Colt Data Centre, LondonGlobal Switch 2 Data Centre, LondonContract650K (Total)Systems SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL Cat6SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED OM2, OM3Start & Jan 2003 May 2003FinishNov 2005 Dec 2005Jul 2006Project In three separate projects, Able Data have cabled Fidelitys LondonDescription based Data centres.In the first project Able Data supplied and installed thirty datacabinets and the required cabling infrastructure. The initial installationof 4,000 copper links was completed within four weeks. All RJ45patch panels are of the Avaya Fleximax variety, where standard outletmodules are clipped into the panel.The second and third projects were similar, but on a larger scale. Thethird project at Global Switch involved 10,000 links, installed over aperiod of one month, made possible by the use of off site pre-termination,As part of the initial project, Able Installed also 1,000 10Gbit OM2fibre links, terminated onto SC connector outlets. The later projectsused LC connectors.PicturesAutumn 2009Page 14 16. Able Data SCS Reference SitesAllianceBernsteinSummary New structured cabling system for AllianceBernsteinContactsMartyn ChadawayCBI19th Floor30 St Mary AxeLondonEC3A 8ADTel: 020 7638 2000Location50 Berkeley Street, LondonContract400KSystems Tyco AMP Cat6PeriodJanuary 2006 June 2006ConsultantColeman Bennett InternationalContractorWatesProject AllianceBerstein is on of the largest publicly traded global assetDescription management firms in the world.When AllianceBernstein were refurbishing their offices in BerkeleyStreet, Able Data were contracted to build a new structured cablingsystem. Spread over four floors, Able Data installed 5,000 new outletsand over 4,000 computer room links. A tight programme requiredcompletion in less than size weeks, achieved by using pre-terminationto pre-build cable assemblies off site and night working on site.Each floor was flood wired back to two patch rooms per floor. All ofthe patch rooms were connected to the main and backup computerrooms through diversely routed Cat6 copper and OM3 fibre.Able Data were subsequently awarded the contract to review thecabling at Devonshire House, another AllianceBernstein site inLondon.PictureAutumn 2009 Page 15 17. Able Data SCS Reference SiteseBay BerlinSummaryCabling of building in Berlin.ContactKevin Wenman Protek Systems Ltd Flexford Road,, North Baddesley, Southampton SO52 9DF Tel: 023 8026 7733Location Europarc-Dreilinden, BerlinContract 350KSystemsSYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL7 Cat6Start & Finish Aug -Sep 2005Consultant N/AContractor DirectProjectEBay required a new cabling system for its new J9 HQ building inDescriptionBerlin. This was to be based upon the eBay US model of cabling and would form the 1st of a number of similar installations around Europe. Able Data installed 2,000 SYSTIMAX outlets over five floors. As per the eBay standard, these were implemented in groups of four on US style faceplates. To fit in with the strong eBay logo branding, the outlets were implemented using coloured jacks, yellow and green (Cat6 for data) and blue and red (Cat5e for voice). These were cabled back to the patch rooms through three cables, the voice outlets sharing one cable. As well as a number of local patch rooms, the project also involved the installation of a data centre. All were built using CPI open frame racks for patching and servers, including full overhead ladder racking. The impressive effect was further enhanced in the data centre by the installation of an overhead Panduit Fibrerunner system for the containment of the fibre interconnections. A crucial aspect of the project was the logistics of shipping specialist materials from UK, US and other parts of Europe in short timescales.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 16 18. Able Data SCS Reference SitesAPAXSummary Molex Cat 6 OM3Contact Stephen Grabiner020 7872 6300Location33 Jermyn StreetLondonSW1Y 6DNContract130kSystems MolexStart & 6 Month ProjectFinishConsultantCBIContractorISGProjectDescription Able Data Installations installed a Molex Cat 6 & OM3 Fibre Opticcabling systems over 6 floors of the new London headquartersBuilding of Apax and Partners in Jermym Street.Apax Partners is a global private equity group that invests in fiveindustry sectors. Founded more than 30 years ago, the firm uses itssector expertise, deep local presence and broad global platform tocreate value for its stakeholders. The history of Apax is Interwovenwith the development of the private equity assest class on both sidesof the Atlantic.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 17 19. Able Data SCS Reference SitesCommerzbank Infrastructure SupportSummary Infrastructure support for CommerzbankContact Russel Sargent, Data CentreManagerCommerzbank, 30 Gresham StreetLondon. EC2P 2XYTel: 020 7623 8000Locations 30 Gresham Street London Watford Data Centre Camberley Data CentreContract500K per annumSystems Siemon 10G System with MAPIT IIM & iTRACSStart 1988 - OngoingProject Able Data have been supporting Commerzbanks (formally DresdnerDescription Kleinwort) infrastructure for over twenty years. The focus of the service hasalways been on fast response and quality of service.With 50,000 managed ports in London and more than 60,000 managed portsat the two Data Centres at Camberley and Watford, the facility is probablyamongst the largest IIM installations in Europe.Able Data provides a permanent site based team to manage the infrastructureand to plan & implement moves and changes for both the uses and thecomputer servers. Duties include:7:00 17:00 daily coverIsolating and fixing infrastructure problems as they are reportedGeneral administration of the iTRACS system & maintenance of the MapIT Intelligent hardware Management & use of iDiscover to monitor network equipment and track assets General maintenance of patch frames throughout the buildings Patching new services Planning & installation of infrastructure upgrades Using iTRACS to plan moves and changesAble Data is a Siemon approved installer and an iTRACS iPSP.Autumn 2009Page 18 20. Able Data SCS Reference SitesDebenhamsSummary Data Cabling for new and refurbished Department StoresContact Peter Craven, Project Manager.Bedford Road, Park Street, Taunton,Somerset, TA1 4DBTel: 01823 364 303LocationVarious retail sites including Hemel Hempstead, Thanet, Woking,Portsmouth & Slough.Contract150KSystems SYSTIMAX PowerSUM Cat5e & Excel CabinetsStart & November 2004 (Thanet)FinishMarch 2005 (Portsmouth, Woking, Sough)April 2005 (Hemel Hempstead)ConsultantN/AContractorVariousProject Debenhams has an ongoing program of opening new stores. In eachDescription they install a structured cabling system to serve the shop floor tills andpay points as well as the general offices. It is Debenhams policy to useSYSTIMAX PowerSUM cabling throughout.By the nature of shop premises, most of the cabling work is in theceiling void, requiring the extensive use of platforms.Each store floor will normally have its own cabling cabinet. Thesecabinets are joined to the master cabinet via either fibre or copperinterlinks, depending on the distances involved.Part of this project involved the fast track conversion of three Aldersstores to Debenhams in March 2005. This involved the use of threeseparate cabling teams working on the different sites.PicturesAutumn 2009 Page 19