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Xcelsius Dashboards

Date post:06-Feb-2016
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Xcelsius Dashboards. Xcelsius Dashboards that Engage Executive Leadership. Agenda. What is Xcelsius? What can I do with Xcelsius? What you should be aware of? Let’s create one Best Practices Learning Resources Questions and Comments. Powerful reporting tool – Flashy Interactive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Xcelsius Dashboards that Engage Executive LeadershipXcelsius Dashboardswww.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

What is Xcelsius?What can I do with Xcelsius?What you should be aware of? Lets create oneBest PracticesLearning ResourcesQuestions and CommentsAgenda

# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

What is Xcelsius?Powerful reporting tool FlashyInteractivedrill down capabilityScenario planningWeb ConnectivityIntegrated in ClarityCan connect to multiple Data Sources# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

Communicate with your target audienceCould drive change or new functionalityDashboards One spot shopCould become your reporting hub and reduce number of interfacesCan report Clarity data on other platforms like Sharepoint and JiveReduces time spent by the team in collecting and reporting MetricsProduce InfographicsBest of allyou already have the licenseWhat can I do with Xcelsius?# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

It is a reporting toolcannot update or delete data Summarized dataDevelopment timeFlash on iPad/MacFlash player add-in for browsersAutomatic Browser upgradesWhat you should be aware of?# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

How to create one.

# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

Purpose drivenFocused on a goaldrives change Know your target audience Tells a story Highlights key issues 5 minute rule (GIGWYNGOGO)Simple look and feel. Attractive. Apple Approach.Drill down capability

Best Practices# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

Mockup before creating queriesSummarized dataAgile Approach Set ExpectationsDevelopment process is agile/iterativeOpen to new ideas/ways of showing Integrated with ClarityDoesnt have to be real time Dashboard Development Best Practices

# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444

YoutubeLinkedIn GroupsSAP whitepaperseverythingxcelsius.comMyxcelsius.com Learning Resources

# www.regoconsulting.comPhone: 1-888-813-0444


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