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    Fall 2014 Vol. 23 Issue 4yakimavalleymuseum.org Your View of the Valley Begins Here

    Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up, pages 2-3 Art Exhibit Planned for 2015, page 3 David Childs Shoe Collection, pages 4-5 Summer Intern, page 5 Journeys With John, page 6-7

    2014 Raffle Quilt, page 7 NEH Success, page 8 Red into Black VIII, page 9 Calendar of Events, page 11

    All Saints Prepare to Bid at Red into Black VIII. San Domenico Altarpiece, Fiesole, Italy. Fra Angelico, 1424.

  • Yakima Valley Museum Newsletter, Fall 2014 Page 2


    By Andy Granitto, Curator of Exhibitions

    Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up 2014October 10-12 at the Yakima Valley Museum

    Install it and they will come!

    When Sasquatch Revealed opened in April, Christopher Murphythe writer, artist, and researcher who compiled and curated the exhibitwas overwhelmed by the installation design. He praised our work, stating emphatically that the exhibit never looked so good, even when it premiered at the prestigious Museum of History in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Murphys entourage of noted bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts who came to the exhibit opening agreed and quickly spread the word, encouraging all to come to Yakima and see the exhibit. Thus began a plan to gather the bigfoot community in Yakima, around Sasquatch Revealed. The museum staff offered to help facilitate any sort of rendezvous or informal gathering. Murphy contacted Tom Yamarone, who organizes and coordinates such events from his California home; and, before we knew it, Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up 2014 was born.

    The event will open on Friday evening, October 10, with an informal mixer and a tour of Sasquatch Revealed by Christopher Murphy, followed by a talk on pioneers of bigfoot research, including Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin of Yakima, who released the first alleged film of the creature in 1967. It was this film that introduced the mystery of bigfoot/sasquatch to American popular culture.

    On Saturday, October 11, the museum will be filled with Bigfoot Round-Up attendees, many of whom are traveling from far and wide to gather in Yakima and hear the latest research findings

    Bill Munns (above) and Dr. Jeff Meldrum (right) will present recent research findings at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up 2014 on Saturday, October 11.

    Above: A well-known image captured on film by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin at Bluff Creek, California, in 1967. Above right: Cliff Barackman, of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, and Bob Gimlin of Yakima will speak at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up in October.Below: A section of the Sasquatch Revealed exhibit focuses on Bluff Creek and the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

    Above, left-right: John Kirk, Thomas Steenburg, Bob Gimlin, Christopher Murphy, and an unidentified guest at the opening of Sasquatch Revealed on April 5, 2014.

  • Yakima Valley Museum Newsletter, Fall 2014 Page 3

    from Dr. John Bindernagel, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and Bill Munns, who will present programs in the museums Centennial Hall. Bob Gimlin will also speak, recounting his experience in Bluff Creek, California, on October 20, 1967, when he and his late friend and companion Roger Patterson encountered a strange creature and caught the event on film.

    Saturday evening, there will be a Tribute Banquet in the Great Hall, under the Neon Garden. After drinks, conversation, and dinner, there will be a special program celebrating the pioneering work of many early bigfoot/sasquatch researchers.

    Sunday will be a special "squatchers only" day at Yakima Valley Museum. Although the museum is closed to the public on Sunday, it will be open for Bigfoot Round-Up attendees. There will be programs in the Great Hall discussing sasquatch habitat, curious sounds recorded in the Sierras, and a talk on footprint evidence from Bluff Creek and the Pacific Northwest by Cliff Barackman of Animal Planets Finding Bigfoot television show. Everyone will also get to tour the Sasquatch Revealed exhibit one last time and socialize with old and new friends before leaving Yakima to continue their quest for this popular and elusive creature.

    If this sounds interesting to you, hurry and get your tickets right away; they are selling fast. Maximum attendance for the Friday and Saturday programs is only 150, but there will be room for 200 on Sunday, so there will be an extra 50 tickets available. Prices are very reasonablestarting at $15 for a lecture series and topping out at just over $100 for all events with reserved front-rows seating for lectures. We expect all events to sell out in advance.

    For more information on the event and ticket prices, visit the museum website at www.yakimavalleymuseum.org or Tom Yamarones site at www.bigfootsongs.blogspot.com. To purchase tickets and reserve your place at Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up 2014, please email Tom Yamarone at [email protected]

    Art Exhibit on the HorizonAn extensive sampling of Yakima Valley Museums collections of fine, decorative, and commercial art will open in February of 2015.

    Although the museum focuses on regional history and artifacts, we have been slowly amassing quite a collection of art. A special exhibit that will open in February 2015 will feature this diverse collection of art in the broadest sense. Everything from architectural drawings and advertising design to quilts and beadwork to paintings and sculpture will be placed on exhibit, many pieces for the first time. Because the exhibit will be so variednot an art exhibit in the traditional sensewe have not yet decided on a title. Similarly, we have not yet made our choices from the hundreds of art objects in the collections. There will be approximately 50 objects in the exhibitselections that illustrate the range and variety of what art can be, as well as what we are saving and conserving for future generations of Yakima Valley residents.

    Watch for updates on how this exhibit is coming together, and prepare for its opening next February.

    This oil painting and charcoal study by Sarah Spurgeon (recent gifts from Jane Orleman) are just two of the hundreds of pieces being considered for a new exhibit in 2015.

    Roger Patterson of Yakima (now deceased) is one of the most significant figures in the world of sasquatch/bigfoot research.

  • Yakima Valley Museum Newsletter, Fall 2014 Page 4

    By Mike Siebol, Curator of Collections

    COLLECTIONS Through the Keyhole

    David Childs Shoe Collection Becomes a Permanent Part of the Yakima Valley Museum

    A stunning selection of 177 pairs of shoes and five perfectly matching handbags from the shoe collection of David Childs have been donated to the museum by the collector's estate. From February 2011 to the end of December 2012, The Yakima Valley Museum displayed over 600 pairs of high-heeled shoes, about half of his collection, in the exhibit Head Over Heels Over Heels: One Collectors Love Affair with Shoes. David was very instrumental in developing the exhibit with Exhibit Curator, Andy Granitto. While his shoes were on display, David was at the museum almost every day. His excitement was shared with everyone as he gave exhibit tours to both small and large groups. David continued collecting more shoes

    Left: David Childs considers a pair of high-heeled shoes for the exhibit Head Over Heels Over Heels in 2011.Below: Head Over Heels Over Heels.Right and Opposite: Shoes from David Childs, now in the museum collections.

  • Yakima Valley Museum Newsletter, Fall 2014 Page 5

    A Big Thank You to Our Summer Intern!This summer we had the pleasure of working with Katie Patterson, a senior attending Eisenhower High School, as a summer intern. After thinking about options for her future education and career goals, and inspired by her interest in history, Katie decided to use this summer as an opportunity to gain some knowledge and experience in museum work. What better way than to intern at her communitys museum?

    Katie got to work in almost all of the departments at the museum. In the Collections Department, she assisted Mike Siebol in cataloging 60 of the 177 pairs of shoes recently donated from the David Childs Shoe Collection. She also learned about the duties of a museum collection manager, including principles of collecting, ethics, filing, proper handling of artifacts, environmental monitoring, creating drawer inventory cards, and museum database research methods.

    In the Education Department, Katie worked with Jessica Knapp, assisting with the Summer Camp with Sasquatch and Explore Central Washington programs. Katie was able to learn about the wide range of opportunities for educational programs at the museum while also experiencing what it takes to create those programs. Katie was a key part of planning, preparing, and presenting these successful summer programs.

    In the Exhibits Department, Katie worked on interpretive labels for some of the museum's newest exhibit additions. Label-writing is a

    unique skill, and Katie's inate writing ability combined with her love of history resulted in some excellent labels, which will soon be mounted and installed in the museum galleries.

    The Yakima Valley Museum has had great success with our interns over the years. Some of the recent success stories include Kaili Lockbeam (Contractor, Smithsonian Institution), Melissa Beseda (Marketing and Communications Associate, MOHAI), Mickel Yantze (Museum Curator, Cherokee Heritage Center), Kristin Stena James (PhD Researcher, University of Leicester), and Sadie Thayer (Director, Kittitas County Historical Museum).

    Katie Patterson working at the Yakima Valley Museum's Summer Camp with Sasquatch.

    throughout the duration of the exhibit and was often at the museum to check if any of his recent shoe purchases had

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