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Yangfan He’s Self Introduction

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Yangfan He’s Self Introduction. Yangfan He 2011-04-11. Content. Brief introduction of WHU&SKLSE Education and Experience in Higher Education Research Interests Collaboration with TWC. Wuhan University(1/2). Having a history of more than 100 years - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Brief Self Introduction

Yangfan Hes Self IntroductionYangfan He2011-04-11

1ContentBrief introduction of WHU&SKLSEEducation and Experience in Higher EducationResearch InterestsCollaboration with TWC

22Wuhan University(1/2)Having a history of more than 100 yearsAmong the first modern universities in China

A top 10 university in China since the establishment of P.R.C

A national key comprehensive university directly under the management of Ministry of Education


3Wuhan University(2/2)

44State Key Lab of Software Engineering (SKLSE) 1/3The national lab for software engineering research Established in 1985Research theme : Software Engineering for Web-based Information Systems

55State Key Lab of Software Engineering (SKLSE) 2/3Major achievements in fundamental software engineering research web service oriented software engineerigsemantic software engineeringanalysis of complex systemsenabling technologies in data and knowledge engineeringinformation securitysemantic computingevolution computing and grid computingThe Research Group I work inRequirement Engineering, Software Component based SE, Web Service oriented SE, MDA, Complex Network, Cloud Computing.66State Key Lab of Software Engineering (SKLSE) 3/3Has broad contacts with universities and research institutions around the world

77ContentBrief introduction of WHU&SKLSEEducation and Experience in Higher EducationResearch InterestsCollaboration with TWC

88EducationJune, 2001 B.S in Computer Software and Theory, Wuhan University

June, 2007 Ph.D in Computer Software and Theory, Wuhan UniversityThesis title: Research on Ontology Management Metamodels for Semantic Interoperability

2001-2002: Volunteer

99Experience in Higher Education2007.7-2007.11Teaching assistant, SKLSE, Computer School, Wuhan University

2007.12-2009.10 Lecturer, SKLSE, Computer School, Wuhan University

2009.11-Associate Professor, SKLSE, Computer School, Wuhan University

Taught Professional English Course

1010Selected PapersYangfan He, Lu Li, Keqing He, Xiuhong Chen. A Contextual Information Acquisition Approach Based on Semantics and Mashup Technology. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Cloud Computing (CloudCom 2009),China,2009:510-518(EI) Yangfan He, Keqing He, Jian Wang, Chong Wang. Toward a context driven approach for semantic web service evolution. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology(ICCIT 08), Korea,2008:1089-1094.(EI) Yangfan He, Keqing He, Chong Wang, Jian Wang. MFI-3: An Enable for Semantic Interoperation Between Enterprise Information Resources. In Proceedings of International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications(IESA '09), China, 2009:47-52(EI) Yangfan He, Keqing He. Prepare Networked Software for Complex Network Analysis: A Case Study. Dynamics of Continuous Discrete and Impulsive Systems - Series B, Special Issue on Software Engineering and Complex Networks, December 2007:125-131. Ming Wei, Yuanxiang Li, Dazhi Jiang, Yangfan He, Xingyan Huang, Xing Xu. A new evolutionary algorithm based on quantum statistical mechanics. In proceedings of 2008 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2008),Norway,2008:1722-1727. (EI) Cheng Zeng, Keqing He, Bing Li,Chong Wang, Yangfan He. A MFI4OR-based Approach of Semantic Annotation for Web Service. In Proceedings of Technological Developments in Networking, Education and Automation 2010: 615-620

11Book12Ontolgy & MetamodelingHow to utilize the two technologies to resolve some problems in Software Engineering domain.The rational of ISO/IEC 19763-3The application of the ISO standardsSemantic based model mapping

ISO Standards13

Projects2010.1-2012.12 Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education Research on Key Technologies for Context Driven Web Service SelectionPrincipal Investigator Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. 2009.1-2010.12 Specialized Research Fund for Young College TeachersResearch on Methods and Key Technologies for Context-Aware Web Service Selection Principal Investigator , Ministry of Education2007.12- Research and Application of GEMET (GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus) in China, Main Contributor, Ministry of Environmental Protection 2007.11-2010.9 11th Five Years Key Programs for Science and Technology Development of China, Research on ISO/IEC 19763 Related Standards, Main Contributor, Ministry of Science and Technology 2007.1-2011.10 Major State Basic Research Development Program of China, Requirement Engineering-Basic Research on the Software Engineering of Complex Systems, Participant, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China 2006.12-2010.12 National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, Mechanism and Methods for Semantic Interoperation and Integration between Complex Information Resources , Participant, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China

14Honors2010 Outstanding Patent Award, An Ontology based Classification Method for Software Components , granted by the Government of Hubei Province Special Award, Research on ISO/IEC 19763-3:Metamodel for Ontology Registration(2nd Edition), Special Award for the Development of Standards granted by the Government of Hubei Province2009 First Rank AwardResearch on ISO/IEC 19763-3: Metamodel for Ontology Registration, Special Award for the Development of Standards granted by the Government of Wuhan City 2008 First Rank AwardSemantically Interoperatable Software Repository for Manufacturing Industry based on ISO StandardsScience and Technology Advancement Prize, granted by the Government of Hubei Province

15ContentBrief introduction of WHU&SKLSEEducation and Experience in Higher EducationResearch InterestsOntology management and sharingContext acquisition and context driven web service selectionIntelligent learning environmentCollaboration with TWC

1616Ontology management and sharing1717MotivationOntology provides common basis for the interoperation between information resources.When the number of ontology increases dramatically, we need efficient mechanism to organize and manage them.Three basic problems for ontology managementOntology RegistrationOntology Evolution Ontology Mapping1818ISO/IEC19763-3 (1st edition)2002-2007, China, Japan, Korea, US, UK, CanadaObstacles to ontology-based interoperationProblem1 Each ontology is developed independently and evolves autonomously.Problem2Ontologies are described in several languages, sometimes with different names for same things in UoD or with the same name for different things in UoD.ISO/IEC19763-3 aims to solve these problems, providing a general registration framework of ontologies.1919Scope of ISO/IEC19763-3 (1st Edition)

MFI Ontology registration: ISO/IEC 19763-3

202021Metamodel for Ontology Registration

21Reference Ontology & Local OntologyLocal OntologyOntologies constructed to meet the specific requirements of particular information systemsSome content originates from RO With some modificationSome new content addedReference OntologyPublished by Standard OrganizationsRelatively Stable2222 Ontology_Whole----Ontology_Component----Ontology_Atomic_ConstructOntology_Whole : an abstract metaclass that designates an ontology and contains the associated administrative information.Ontology_Component: an abstract metaclass that designates a sentence contained in an ontology and contains the associate administrative information.Ontology_Atomic_Construct: an abstract metaclass that designates a non-logical symbol that is used in a sentence and contains the associated administrative information.2323Reuse of ontology_components and ontology_ atomic_ constructsROx, LOy: Reference_ or Local_Ontology ROCx, LOCy:Reference_ or Local_Ontology_ComponentROACx, LOACy: Reference_ or Local_Ontology_Atomic_ConstructLOLOCLOACRO1ROC2ROC3ROAC1ROAC2ROAC3consist_ofuseRO2ROC4ROAC4ROC1ROAC52424

The web page of ISO/IEC 19763-3 (1st Edition )25

http://www.iso.org/iso/iso_catalogue/catalogue_tc/catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=38637ISO/IEC 19763-3,200725Manufacturing Software Component Repository based on ISO/IEC 19763-3BackgroundSince 2004Main collaborator: KaiMu Software Company( The major CAD Software provider in Central China)Wanted: Create CAD applications in a quicker manner, Streamline the communication between users and software engineersOur proposal :Ontology Based Software Component RepositoryUse ontologies to annotate software componentUse ontologies to facilitate the communication between users and software engineers.Use ISO/IEC 19763-3 to promote the semantic interoperation between CAD systems2626Fragment of Software Component Ontology27


ISO/IEC 19763-3 Based Ontology Registy

RO & LO in the repository28Used by CAD app A Used by CAD app B RO SC_OntoUsed by the SC repository 2829Application in more than 240 companies in China


Including 10 top 500 companies

On-Going Research: Application of ISO/IEC 19763-3 in Eco-Informatics DomainSince 2007GEMETGeneral Multilingual Environmental thesaurusCo-dev by EEA and EPAUnder the management of EIONET European Environment Information and Observation Network Has been widely applied in many information systems in EU, US and UN.With the joint invitation from EEA, EPA, Wuhan University participated the GEMET project with support from the Ministry of Environmental Protection(MEP) of China.

3030Work in ProgressApply it in some systems designated by MEPShare some of China's environmental information on the webUse ISO/IEC 19763-3 to manage the GEMET ontology and the other ontologies in environment domain Translate the terms and explanation

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