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  • Campus Life ~ YFC/Fresh Start ~ The UNION ~ Teen Parents Page 4

    Teen Parents (Laura Riemersma) Laura is moved by the pregnant teenager. The Teen Parents pro-gram began last year with a mission to support, encourage, and equip expectant and parenting teens with the life, relationship, and parenting skills they need. Our goal is for them and their children to become healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually and to become successful and responsible adults. Highlights were:

    2 parents obtained high school diplomas 3 students enrolled in local colleges 3 students moved into their own apartments 2 students earned their drivers licenses and obtained vehicles 4 students became employed

    Each Parent receives a Mommy Manual, filled with parenting advice, goals, and community resources. Practical help is offered through cooking classes. Life skills and parenting tips are taught weekly meetings. Please pray for our next goal; to offer safe and dependable childcare

    for parents in school or at work, which is especially difficult for those in dysfunctional relationships.

    The UNION Youth Center Waupun (Kim Venhuizen) We are excited to recently welcome Kim Venhuizen as Operations Director for the Union. Kim volunteered several years and has a great love for students. Programs and events draw students, enabling staff and committed volunteers to build relationships. As kids enter the doors, incredible conversations convey the love of Christ. In addition to the Campus Life meetings, the Union is a busy place, offering:

    Movies ~ Skating in our indoor skate park Basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball in our Gym Area Youth Group Super-Clubs Monthly Middle School dances averaging 250 students Weekly High School Drop in Night Rentals to dance classes and area basketball teams

    We dream about further improvements, including: A coffee shop ~ Larger gaming area ~ Roof repairs ~ Developing the lower level

    YFC Ministry Center Fond du Lac Affectionately called 303, the Ministry Center houses administrative offices and a place for kids to talk, eat, study or just be.

    Recently remodeled, it sports a trendy open area containing games and activ-ity areas. The basement is cozier, with couches, a kitchen and big screen TV.

    Closets and freezers are stocked with Popcorn, Pizza and Jones Soda to of-fer hospitality for Campus Life, Fresh Start, and Teen Parents meetings, as well as the Saturday Night Drop-In.

    Other groups use the building for bible studies, Project Linus, and an occasional graduation or birthday party.

    Hundreds of hours of volunteer craftsmen, artists and laborers have made the facility what it is.

    ...for kids victim to sexual choices

    ...to provide a special place We are so grateful for such great places to carry out ministry to kids.

    Our Staff

    Ron Riemersma Executive Director

    Scott Ritzema Waupun and Laconia Ministry Director

    Jerry Wallendal

    YFC/Fresh Start

    Ministry Director

    Hans Gochenaur Beaver Dam Campus Life Director

    Laura Riemersma Teen Parents Ministry Director

    Steve Daniels Campus LifeFdL Ministry Director

    Nichole Oehmcke Waupun Middle School Campus Life

    Kim Venhuizen The UNION Operations Director

    Karen Den Hartog Administrative Assistant

    Luanne Romuald Support Staff

    Dan Springborn Maintenance

    Campus Life ~ YFC/Fresh Start ~ The UNION ~ Teen Parents

    Fond du lac area Fond du lac area Fond du lac area Fond du lac area YOUTH for CHRISTYOUTH for CHRISTYOUTH for CHRISTYOUTH for CHRIST

    From the Director Ron Riemersma

    Our staff has a genuine passion to reach students with the love and hope of the gospel. Our adult volunteers, Board of Directors, and committee members share

    the same concern for young people and make our ministries possible.

    Did you know? Suicide kills our kids Suicide is the third leading killer of kids ages 15-24 1 of 5 high school students seriously considered killing themselves

    Casual sex mangles our kids 3 of 10 teenage girls become pregnant before 20 years of age 8 of10 teen pregnancies are single moms

    Substance abuse ravages our kids 3 of 4 students have consumed significant alcohol while in high school 1 of 2 students have tried an illicit drug while in high school

    Violence destroys our kids 3 of 10 students, grade sixth thru tenth, were involved in bullying 1 of 6 high school students reported carrying a weapon

    These numbers paint a picture Not just a snapshot of teen culture; but a reality being lived out right in front of us.

    Its not the numbers that break our heart; its that a student we know and love

    had to be talked out of suicide last night. Its the despair we heard from a student who told us Im pregnant for the third time.

    We care about kids kids we meet at:

    2 Youth Centers (FDL and Waupun) Campus Life Clubs for 6 different schools 2 Jails (FDL and West Bend) Teen Parents Club and After Care Groups Countless Conversations

    Did you know? YFC is here...

  • Page 2 Fond du Lac Area Youth For Christ

    Campus Life Fond du Lac (Steve Daniels) Led by Steve, whose strength is in serving the unexpected, the weekly meetings at the Fond du Lac ministry center encourage discussion about teenage issues while challenging

    with biblical truths. Steve is grateful for his volunteers, as he and they

    build trust by attending school games & concerts, running fundraisers, and working arm in arm at service projects. A winter retreat to the northwoods and the Colorado Trip in July, offered valuable opportuni-

    ties to build relationships. Kids say the trips have huge impact on their commitment to Christ.

    Campus Life Waupun & Laconia (Scott Ritzema) People say Scott is consistent, reliable and intentional in expressing his deep passion for all kids. The Waupun Campus life weekly meet-ings at the Union have the dumb games that disarm kids, yet are structured, themed and with a point.

    During the past seven years of Scotts ministry he has met kids by serv-ing as Girls Varsity Softball coach at Laconia, leading a weekly Herme-neutical Club at Laconia, and as Key Club Advisor in Waupun. Relation-ships developed over coffee cups, fundraising brat fries, and just hang-ing out.

    Community involvement is a YFC essential. A highlight was partnering with United Youth Outreach to bring Audio Unplugged to The Union for a time of ministry and encouragement.

    Campus Life Beaver Dam & Wayland (Hans Gochenaur) Hans incredible energy attracts kids, motivates staff, and implores one to follow Christ. His transparent personality gives him permission to pose challenging questions, and conversations quickly turn significant.

    As a track and cross country coach for Beaver Dam High School, Hans spends time on campus, building relationships with staff and students. In its second year, Beaver Dam Campus Life increased student attendance, leadership, and faith com-mitments. Beaver Dam students made their first trip to Colorado Camp this year.

    Hans has multiplied his passion for kids, by leading a summer internship for Alison Johnson, developing her potential and reaching more students.

    The new meeting place is the Beaver Dam Family Ice Center. This change was temporarily challeng-ing, but students are excited about their new home and Hans feels we can reach more kids, more effectively.

    ...for kids transitioning into adulthood

    Record 55 studentsColorado Trip 2010

    Campus Life ~ YFC/Fresh Start ~ The UNION ~ Teen Parents Page 3

    Campus Life M Waupun (Nichole Oehmcke) Nichole cares. She cares about kids. She is also wired to en-gage with adolescents with fluctuating hormones and very short attention spans. The Union gym and large activity areas are well suited for the spontaneous and highly physical weekly activities, as Nichole and her volunteers minister, listen and care. The leaders develop relationships using trips to Brewer games, Noahs Ark, and Great America.

    Kids outgrow the program quickly so relationship building time is short. Nichole is at the monthly Union Middle School Dances, just to develop those fragile relationships. The leadership team spends quality time in small groups that are focused and topical.

    Campus Life M Fond du Lac Presently we have no staff dedicated to fill this critical role. We are working on the funding to fill this position, but also recognize that the right volunteer, with a passion for these kids would also fill the need.

    The past years of ministry in the Fond du Lac middle schools, have built great relationships with the teachers and principles who encourage us. We are still in one school (of 3) on a limited basis, but our vision is for a thriving ministry, led by that right person.

    YFC / Fresh Start (Jerry Wallendal) Jerrys patient mentoring and discipleship of at-risk students has had a long-term transformational impact. The Fresh Start program pursues kids who have spent jail time or have very difficult backgrounds. His growing, weekly ministry in the Fond du Lac and West Bend Jails demonstrates his passion, which is also evident every time he talks about a student or his faithful volunteers.

    Jerry connects students with more supporting environments by introduc-ing them to area youth groups, retreats and church services. Fresh Start offers an after care program of weekly bible study and mentoring. Rela-tionships are built in social activities such as snow tubing, b

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