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Your Internal Charisma Generator

Date post:21-Jul-2015
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How To Generate Charisma

How To Generate CharismaBeing charismatic is a powerful skill to have.One thing about us humans is we are generally fixated on content, when it's the structure that drives out emotions.Take a pretty good stand up comic. He or she will tell some pretty common stories. Ones that, on their own may not seem like much on paper.But how they deliver them is what makes the difference.Not only do they use incredible gestures and "out of the box" facial expressions, but they take those normal stories, and break them up so we can't help but focus our attention on them.For comparisons sake, take a regular person. They start talking to one or two people at a party. For some reason, they really get into their story. A cool feedback loop is created between speaker and listener.Before long, a crowd grows. But then something happens. The person suddenly gets nervous. Instead of telling their story to close friends, now they're the center of attention, and it may feel a bit strange.What if you could feel outgoing, energetic and charismatic around not only your friends, but strangers as well?What if you didn't have to wait around for moments like that to "just happen"?The truth is that you can. But it takes some practice.The thing about people who are naturally charismatic is that they appreciate life. Not just the awesome parts, but the normal, everyday parts.Remember, it's really not the content (WHAT we are talking about) that people like about us. It's the structure, it's HOW we are talking about it.Now, some people go overboard, and lay on some really fake charisma. This is easy to spot a mile away.This what cheesy salespeople do when you talk about stuff you KNOW they don't care about, but pretend to.What I'm talking about is real, honest to goodness appreciation.How do you practice this?Just take a few moments every day, and take a few minutes off. Close your eyes, slowly breathe in and out, and feel the force of life pulsing through you.Feel and appreciate that deep presence of energy that has been there since the dawn of time, and will be there long, long into the future.Slowly feel this energy resonate through you, and generate genuine appreciation for this energy.The energy of you. The energy that allows you to experience the world, be in the world, and change the world every time you interact with it.Practice feeling that appreciation, and that appreciation will grow.Learn More:mindpersuasion.com/kundalini/

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