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Your online presence

Date post:16-Jan-2015
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  • 1. Your Online Presence
    Presented by
    Pamela Comer

2. Whats on your mind?
3. Most Recent
1.2 millionjob losses
unemployment is currently at 9.6%
the largest companies are shedding
as much as 10% of their workforces
1.5 million college graduates this year
Job growth rateis at a six year low - 1.3%!
Jobs posted online decreasing at over 13%,
Ratioof 3.3 job seekers per each job
4. Top News
More employers are using Social Networks to check out applicants.
One in fivehiring managers conduct background checks using social networks (primarily Facebook).
One in tencollege admissions officers do the same.
5. Edit My Profile
Update resume
Iron professional outfit
Practice interviewing skills
Tidy up Facebook
Google myself
6. About Me
Thirty-five percentof employers decided not to offer a job to a candidate based on what they found on a social networking site.

  • Provocative photos 50%

7. References to drinking and drug use 44% 8. Bad mouthing previous employers / colleagues 9. Poor online communication skills

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