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Date post:11-Apr-2020
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  • Company Providing Product Sourcing & Inspection Services

    to International Customers


    Your Sourcing Partner in India

    Shubhya International

  • www.shubhya.com

    We provide our international customers direct and convenient access to Indian manufacturers. We assist

    them from the very initial stage of inception of an inquiry to the final shipment. Shubhya is an effective solution to all

    needs not only for a successfully doing business in India but also one that is cost and time effective.

    Shubhya International is a Sourcing Company serving international customers for their product sourcing

    requirements from India. Shubhya’s services include Product Sourcing, Supplier audit & factory evaluation,

    Order follow-up, in-process Quality checks and pre-shipment inspection.

    Shubhya is managed by a well organized team of professional technocrats having many years of experience in

    sourcing quality products from established Indian manufacturers. We work only with the finest manufacturers in

    India having State-Of-The-Art manufacturing facilities to guarantee our customers the highest Quality of products,

    packaging and delivery punctuality. We maintain quality of our services through continuous assessment of our

    suppliers and the products they supply. These suppliers have traceability codes that run through all their processes

    and they operate to ISO 9001 : 2008 Management Systems.

    We have adopted a system that is constantly focussed on customers and their needs and expectations.

    Company Profile

  • www.shubhya.com

    Our Mission To continue to be global buyer’s first choice for

    their sourcing needs of Quality Products from


    Our Vision Become a strong sourcing base in India for

    sourcing world class products with quality


    Why Us ?

    Wide and well

    established Indian

    suppliers network.

    Developing strong




    trustworthy, fast and

    flexible Sourcing


    Sound marketing

    and technical


    Adhere to high

    standards of Ethics

    and Integrity.

    Loyalty and

    commitment to


    Our Mission & Vision

  • www.shubhya.com

    Product Sourcing

    Progress monitoring visits to factories

    Logistics Support

    Vendor audit & factory evaluation (Supplier Qualification)

    Prompt response to all RFQ’s (Request For Quotation)

    Supplier performance monitoring to ensure delivery punctuality

    Keep up-to-date with customer order through Periodic Status Reports

    In-process Quality checks & Pre-shipment inspection

    Our Services

  • www.shubhya.com

    Product Sourcing Fasteners (Hot & Cold Forged) and Precision Brass parts have always been our focus. However, over the years

    we have also extended our product portfolio to include Sheet Metal parts, Precision Machined components,

    Castings (High Pressure Die Casting/Investment Casting/Grey Iron Casting), Forged parts, Aluminium

    Extruded profiles and Stainless Steel wires.

    We work with audited approved suppliers. We have a highly trained inspection and auditing team who ensure all

    sourced products are from approved sources and meet the highest standards required by Shubhya and its

    customers. Our sourcing team bring insight and value to each client. Our team monitor supplier evaluation and

    auditing, as well as products and processes.

    Ÿ Current workload and equipment capabilities Ÿ Material and product control processes Ÿ Handling and storage of materials Ÿ Human qualification, Hardware and resources Ÿ Workshop facilities and manufacturing

    techniques Ÿ Testing procedures Ÿ Management structure

    Ÿ Business ethics Ÿ Quality Management System Ÿ Quality Assurance audit Ÿ Health, Safety and Environmental

    Management Ÿ Risk Management strategy Ÿ Financial security

    We have spent many years building a highly reliable network of Quality Suppliers. One of our advantages is that

    many of our key suppliers have worked closely with us for more than 10 years. Our Pan India supplier network

    guarantees speedy order fulfilment and supply chain flexibility.

    Supplier assessment and technical audit by our team covers the following necessary details :

    Supplier Qualification

    Ensuring supplier quality is our topmost priority. Our team audits every single supplier to ensure delivery of Quality

    products to our customers. Not only are the suppliers manufacturing processes closely checked, but also product

    quality stringently monitored.

    Our selection and approval process for new suppliers is designed to be fair and transparent. The suppliers are

    selected, evaluated and developed using Shubhya's most rigorous Supplier Selection Process. We make sure

    that supplier has adequate resources and manpower to meet Quality Standards and delivery schedule. Supplier is

    selected through evaluating their infrastructure, production capability and industrial reputation.

    Environmental protection also plays an important role while selecting supplier. We prefer suppliers who reduces

    environmental risks, avoids waste, carries out active recycling and uses energy saving alternatives wherever


  • www.shubhya.com

    Our qualified team of high grade inspectors inspect 100% of the orders before shipment. We do in-process Quality

    checks and pre-shipment inspection to certify that the product complies with customer’s technical requirements

    including packaging.

    Pre-shipment Inspection

    We conduct pre-dispatch quality control in India to help our customers to operate their international transactions

    by minimizing the risk of receiving non-conforming products.

    Parts are carefully inspected by our inspection team with all testings being made in laboratory of respective

    factories. We ensure that the same high standards of Quality checking are maintained for each consignment.

    We submit the necessary quality reports to our customers for Quality, Quantity and Technical compliance prior to


    Designated Test Performance :

    Dimensional Control

    Tensile Testing & proof load testing

    Testing for tightening and over-torqueing

    Hardness Measurements

    Coating Thickness Measurements

    Corrosion Testing

    Spectral Analyses

    Marking on parts

    Appearance & Cleanliness


    Inspection & Quality

    Coating Thickness Measurement Dim. Checking Hardness Measurement Impact Test.

    Label Check Packing Proof Load Test Tensile Strength Test

  • www.shubhya.com

    Industries Served

    Textiles Electronics

    and Communication Oil & Gas

    Power Generation OEMs Traders and Distributors

    ConstructionAgriculture General & Heavy Engineering

    Wind Energy Railways Automobiles

  • www.shubhya.com

    High Tensile Fasteners (Hot & Cold Forged)

    Hex. Head screw partial thread DIN 931 (ISO 4014), Hex.

    Head screw full thread DIN 933 (ISO 4017), Hex. Head

    Screws DIN 960 (ISO 8765), Hex. Head Screws Full

    thread DIN 961 (ISO 8676), Large Hex. Head Screws DIN

    6914 (EN 14399) , Hex Head Screw DIN 601 (ISO 4016),

    Hex Flange Bolt ISO 4162 & DIN 6921 (ISO 1662) , Hex.

    Head Screw UNC/UNF ANSI B18 2.1,Wing Screws

    Hex. Head Screws

    Hex. Nuts DIN 555, Square Nuts DIN 557 & DIN 562, ISO

    4034, Hex. Nuts DIN 934 (ISO 4032), Hex. Thin Nuts DIN

    936 (ISO 4035), Hex. Flange Nuts (DIN 6923, ISO 4161),

    Nylon Insert Self Locking Nuts (DIN 982, DIN 985, DIN

    6924, DIN 6926), Hex Castle & Slotted Nuts (DIN 935, DIN

    937), Cleve loc & Self locking Nuts (DIN 980, DIN 6925,

    DIN 6927), ANSI B18 2.2 (UNC/UNF),Weld Nuts DIN 928,

    DIN 929.

    Hex. Nuts

    ISO 4014 + Nuts ISO 4032 , ISO 4016 + Nuts ISO 4032 ,

    ISO 4016 + Nuts ISO 4034 , ISO 4017 + Nuts ISO 4032 ,

    ISO 4018 + Nuts ISO 4034 , DIN 601 + Nuts DIN 934 , DIN

    931 + Nuts ISO 4032 .

    Hex. Head Bolts (Assemblies)

    CE Approved High Strength non-

    preloaded bolting assemblies acc to

    DIN 15048-1 : 2007


  • www.shubhya.com

    Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts DIN 603, Flat Counter

    Sunk Nib Bolts DIN 604, Flat Counter Sunk Square Neck

    Bolts DIN 605, Flat Counter Sunk Square Neck Bolts with

    short Square Neck DIN 608.

    Carriage Bolts (With Hex. Nuts)

    Round Head Nib Bolts DIN 607

    Round Head Oval Neck Bolt

    Road Crash Barrier Fasteners (Guard Rail Screws with Hex. Nuts)

    DIN 912 (ISO 4762)

    Socket Head Cap Screws with low Head DIN 6912

    Button Head Socket Screws ISO 7380

    Socket Head Cap Screws

    Channel Nuts Top Grip

    with & without Spring

    Spring Cotter Pin

    DIN 11024

    Eye Bolts

    DIN 444 B

    Lifting Eye Bolts

    DIN 580


  • www.shubhya.com

    Flat Washer NFE 25513, Flat Washer A & B DIN 125, Flat

    Washer DIN 126, DIN 134, DIN 4

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