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Youth Peer Mentoring - FCSUA Dupoint. Vocatio · PDF file VR Youth Peer Mentoring is An...

Date post:17-Jul-2020
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  • Youth Peer Mentoring

    Carmen Dupoint, VR Senior Consultant Jan 2019

  • Objectives • Describe VR Youth Peer Mentoring

    services • Describe the service expectations • Describe the process to become a

    VR Youth Peer Mentor Provider

  • Pre-Employment Transition Services Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

    • Postsecondary Educational Counseling • Job Exploration Counseling • Work Readiness Training • Work-Based Learning Experiences • Self-Advocacy Training

    (which may include Peer Mentoring)

  • VR Youth Peer Mentoring is… An intensive, time-limited self- advocacy training service which uses “like-aged” peers to help youth learn how to advocate for the social and professional supports needed to effectively transition into postsecondary training, education, and employment.

  • Youth Participation

    • VR Eligible Customers • 14-24 years old

  • Peer Mentor Qualifications

    • At least 18 years old • High School Diploma or GED • Within 6 years of age of the VR


  • Youth Peer Mentoring as a Service The three primary objectives of this service are to model self- determined, self-advocating behaviors while introducing and connecting the youth with…

    1. Community Service Organizations

    2. Social Engagement Groups

    3. Employment Related Networks

  • ① Community Service Organizations

    Community Service Organizations may provide the long-term supports the youth may need beyond the assistance they receive from VR. • Centers for Independent Living (CIL) • Disability Services Office (CTE, College or

    University) • Career Source

  • ② Social Engagement Groups

    Social engagement support groups help youth who are socially isolated become more integrated into their communities and helps give them the confidence to create and sustain social networks of peers like themselves.

    • Examples: Disability-Related Groups (e.g. SportsAbility or Florida Outdoors Sports Association), On-campus clubs, Volunteer Florida, Explorers, Scouting, Faith-based Organizations, Boys and Girls Clubs

  • ③ Employment-Related Networking Employment-related social networking helps youth build professional networks and learn more about their career interests. Virtual

    LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, Career Message Boards

    In Person Professional Organizations, Job Fairs

  • Examples of Unacceptable Service Activities

    • Hanging Out • Shopping • Watching movies • Playing games • Eating out • Transporting

  • Examples of Acceptable Service Activities • Discuss current and future needs then how to

    find community service organizations that meet those needs

    • Assist the youth in application processes • Help the youth schedule orientation meetings

    with an organization • Coach the youth on interpersonal

    communication for networking • Help the youth find professional mentor in the

    youth’s desired career field • Help the youth participate in job fairs

  • Service Length

    • Services may run 4-6 months

    • Hours weekly/monthly will depend on the youth’s availability to participate in the service

  • Becoming a VR Youth Peer

    Mentoring Provider

  • Youth Peer Mentoring Provider Requirements

    • Be a VR Employment Services Provider

    • Complete the required Youth Peer Mentoring Service Training

    • Complete a VR Youth Peer Mentoring Provider Application

  • Provider Roles and Responsibilities The Coordinator • Recruits and hires Mentors • Matches the youth to a Mentor • Oversees and coaches the Mentor • Monitors service delivery • Evaluates and monitors the youth’s

    progress • Submits deliverables for payment * Cannot serve as the Youth Peer Mentor

  • Provider Roles and Responsibilities

    The Mentor… • Delivers direct services to youth in

    a one-on-one setting • Models and coaches the youth on

    self-advocating behaviors • Can be new or existing staff (e.g.

    job coaches)

  • Training Requirements Coordinator • Peer Mentor Coordinator Training with Policy Works ($300) • Peer Mentor Coordinator Training (Onsite – 5 hours) • Field Assignment • Mentor Training (Online -20 hours)

    • VR Process Training and post assessments (Free – Online, five modules totaling approximately 1 hour)

    Mentor  Peer Mentor Training with Policy Works ($99)

  • Peer Mentor Coordinator Training Course Outline (5 hours in-person)

    1. Understanding the Role of the Mentor 2. Developing a Position Description 3. Completing an Environmental Scan of Community

    Resources and Connection Points 4. Recruiting and Selection 5. Supervising and Supporting as a Coordinator 6. Evaluating Activities and Performance

  • Peer Mentor Training Course Outline (20 hours online) 1. History of Peer Mentoring

    2. Communication Basics

    3. Communications at Work

    4. Principles and Practices of Self-Esteem

    5. Attitudes

    6. Problem Solving

    7. Campus and Community Resources

  • Peer Mentor Training Course Outline (20 hours online -continued)

    8. Time Management

    9. Basic Civil Rights and Disability

    10. The Role of Work, Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy

    11. Security Benefits and the Impact of Work

    12. Real Life Applications

    13. Pre-Employment Skills Toolkit

  • VR Provider Registration • After the Coordinator completes all training

    requirements, they may complete the VR Youth Peer Mentoring Provider Application.

    • General application • Employee Contact Form • Level II Background Screening

    Complete all Training


    Complete VR Youth Peer Mentoring

    Vendor Application

    Hire a Mentor Ready to Deliver Services

  • Payment Benchmarks

    • Plan and Mentor Assignment - $600 • Receive referral with requested services (plan) • Assign a Mentor (name of matched Mentor) • Sign and date to accept the referral • Submit to VR for payment

  • Payment Benchmarks

    • Monthly Activities Report ($16.50 per hour) • Mentor delivers services to youth • Mentor documents progress • Coordinator reviews Monthly

    Activities Report and submits to VR for payment

  • Payment Benchmarks

    • Final Report and Customer Survey ($750) • Coordinator summarizes youth’s progress,

    achievement of requested service activities; rationale for any incomplete activities, barriers encountered and continued service needs

    • Youth completes a survey to provide feedback on their overall experience

  • Next Steps

    • VR Employment Services Provider application is currently closed and will reopen April 2019.

    • Visit http://rehabworks.org/contracts.shtml, for more information • Coordinator Training is offered once per quarter in 4

    regional areas (Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami). Mentor training is always accessible.

    • For more information and updates, visit our Youth Peer Mentoring webpage at http://rehabworks.org/stw_ypm.shtml

    http://rehabworks.org/contracts.shtml http://rehabworks.org/stw_ypm.shtml

  • Questions? Contact [email protected] or 850-245-


    mailto:[email protected]

    Youth Peer Mentoring Objectives Pre-Employment Transition Services VR Youth Peer Mentoring is… Youth Participation Peer Mentor Qualifications Youth Peer Mentoring as a Service ① Community Service Organizations ② Social Engagement Groups ③ Employment-Related Networking Examples of Unacceptable Service Activities Examples of Acceptable Service Activities Service Length Becoming a �VR Youth Peer Mentoring �Provider Youth Peer Mentoring Provider Requirements Provider Roles and Responsibilities Provider Roles and Responsibilities Training Requirements Peer Mentor Coordinator Training�Course Outline (5 hours in-person) Peer Mentor Training �Course Outline (20 hours online) Peer Mentor Training �Course Outline (20 hours online -continued) VR Provider Registration Payment Benchmarks Payment Benchmarks Payment Benchmarks Next Steps Questions? �Contact [email protected] or 850-245-3299�

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