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YouTube:� Making it work for | Jo Parlett | October 2014

Date post:05-Dec-2014
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Presentation on the merits, the pitfalls and the value of the use of Youtube by councils. Presented by Jo Parlett, Communications and Marketing Manager at Colchester County Council at the Bury St Edmunds Really Useful Day on social media on 10 October 2014.
  • 1. YouTube:Making it work for YouJoanne ParlettCommunications and MarketingManager

2. Colchesters CommunicationsTeam In-House agency Income generation Need to advise clients Manage reputation 3. Social Media Policy Various opinions single or multipleaccounts Define ownership and accountability Manage channel re: Responses Trolls 4. The Power of Social Media Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and BritneySpears have more followers than theworlds population The need to take notice 5. Pit falls Organisational Reputation Official accounts Decommissioning sites 6. The merits of YouTube Images say a thousand words Manage position Target content Income generation 7. The Value ????Integration across all social mediaCreate #Target audienceMeasure ROIBusiness value

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