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Yum Yum Nutrients Yum Yum Nutrients By: Ivana. Y Computers 8.

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  • Yum Yum Nutrients Yum Yum Nutrients By: Ivana. Y Computers 8
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  • Carbohydrates Broken down carbs enter bloodstream energy source Only energy source for brain Encourage growth of healthy bacteria when digesting Two types- Simple simple sugars, quick, low energy - Complex starches, longer form of energy Grains, Candies, Milk, Fruits, etc. Complex carbs= 50% of diet 1 carb= 4 calories
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  • Fats Fuels you with energy, helps you grow High fat diet= cholesterol, obesity 3 Types- Unsaturated Fats good fats, lowers cholesterol - Saturated Fats bad fats, raises cholesterol - Trans fatty acids liquid oil turns to solid fat Corn, avocadoes, candies, donuts, red meats, etc. Recommended fat intake= 67 grams- 600 cals. Need fats so nervous system develops good Eat foods with 30% fat= healthy
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  • Protein Builds up, maintains, replaces body tissue makes haemoglobin, carries oxygen 2 types- complete contains all amino acids - incomplete lacks some amino acids Meats, Dairy Products, Nuts, Lentils, etc. eat 0.5 grams every pound you weigh Every 1 gram= 4 calories Protein deficiency = hair +muscle loss
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  • Fibre Keeps body running, prevents cancer Prevent diabetes, heart problems, cancer 2 Types- Insoluble- allows muscle movement in intestine - Soluble- traps & carries salts out Fruits, Whole Grains, Beans Should eat equal to age + 5 grams People ate 10x more fibre Part of plant foods
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  • Vitamins Different roles for different vitamins Strong bones, night vision, heals cuts, etc. 2 types- Fat Soluble stored in body; A,D,E,K - Water Soluble travels through quickly; C,B Fruits, Milk Products, Grains, etc. Fat Soluble A,D,E,K Water Soluble C and B Vitamin C prevents colds + good teeth
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  • Minerals boosts immune system support normal growth & development 2 types - Macro minerals need large amounts - Trace Minerals only needs traces dairy products, veggies, fruits, grains, etc. calcium, iron, copper, iodine, potassium, etc. builds strong bones keeps nerves and muscles working
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  • Water Fluid that helps fight off illnesses Makes up more than half of weight Helps digest and rid of food Every fluid you drink contains water Tea, Coffee, Milk, Fruits, Etc. Get 20% of fluid from foods Water helps lose weight; no calories.
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