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  • Zebra’s Professional Services organization is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals with skills and expertise on AIDC design, deployments, execution and support. The team is lead by Project Managers; who are qualified in both OGC’s Prince II and PMI’s PMP.

    The team adds significant value to your implementation and ensures full utilisation of your Zebra infrastructure, working closely with you and your organisation during the implementation process, to ensure on-time, on budget completion and the achievement of the expected business benefits with minimum disruption.

    Zebra Professional Services

    Zebra Professional Services 1

    Zebra Project Methodology Overview The implementation of a critical integrated business solution requires the planning and execution of a significant project, involving a number of stakeholders across a number of organisations. Zebra has developed a structured and proven implementation methodology through hundreds of successful projects worldwide that addresses each aspect of the implementation process through the following elements:

    • Project Management • Implementation ( Phase and Milestone based) Planning • System Design • Application & Technical Education • Data Management and structural best practice • System Verification and Tuning • Cut-Over Planning (preparing to launch) • End User Training • Go Live Support • Post Implementation support and verification

    Each phase of the Zebra methodology draws its strength from the world renowned PMIBoKTM and has been fashioned specifically to meet the needs of your solution implementation. It is supported by our staff of qualified services personnel with delivery processes that are designed to minimise risk and maximise results as quickly as possible.

  • ©2012 ZIH Corp. All product names and numbers are Zebra trademarks, and Zebra and the Zebra head graphic are registered trademarks of ZIH Corp. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    Corporate Headquarters +1 800 423 0442 [email protected]

    Asia-Pacific Headquarters +65 6858 0722 [email protected]

    EMEA Headquarters +44 (0)1628 556000 [email protected]

    Latin America Headquarters +1 847 955 2283 [email protected]

    Rev1 (09/12)

    Other Locations / USA: California, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin Europe: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,

    United Kingdom Asia Pacific: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia,

    Florida (LA Headquarters in USA), Mexico Africa/Middle East: Dubai, South Africa

    Zebra Five Phase Project Approach The project scope is verified, the initial risk assessments and plans are created and the project is started with a meeting detailing the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders and team members.

    Zebra professional experts visit the site and verify the initial assumptions and required processes and then provide a system/solution design that the installer uses to deploy the infrastructure.

    The required solution components are installed and configured to meet your requirements and then adapted to provide the streamlined solution to support your business process requirements.

    End user training is performed and the solution is tuned, tested and verified through a four stage testing process flowing from unit test for any software build through to system and integration tests culminating with a specific UAT (User Acceptance Test).

    Following the business GO-NO-GO meeting upon a successful UAT, the launch of your installed solution takes place.

    ZLS Methodology High Level View

    1. Initiation

    2. Design

    3. Configure

    4. Execute

    5. Close

    Statement of Work

    Customer Project Guidelines

    Partner and 3rd Party WOW

    Preliminary Risk/Assumptions


    Implementation Timeline

    Change Management Plan

    Project Kick Off

    Project Plan

    SOW Sign Off

    Phase Closure

    Initiation Processes


    Initial Opportunity Assessment

    Customer Requirements


    Sales/sales Engineering


    Project Approach

    Partner and 3rd Party WOW

    Initial Business Case/SoD from


    Contracts & Agreements

    Bid Approval Review Process

    PS Handover

    Phase Closure

    Business Development

    Post Installation Solution

    Performance Evaluation

    Benefits Realization

    Client Feedback & Quality Assurance

    Phase Closure

    Post Implementation

    Acceptance and Closure process

    Launch Support

    Site Acceptance Sign Off

    Transition To M&S

    Phase Closure


    Information Gathering

    Initial Education

    Process Mapping

    SD/SRD Creation

    SD/SRD Sign Off

    Phase Closure

    Prepare Production Environment

    Train Trainers and End Users

    Testing/Verification Process/Capability

    Readiness Review

    Production Cut- Over

    UAT Sign Off

    Customer Go-Live Launch

    Phase Closure


    Requirements Definition &


    Development Environment

    Customer Prototype


    Production Cut- Over Checklist

    Create Testing & Training


    Phase Closure

    Monitor and Control Processes

    PS in Project Delivery

    Design Configure Execute


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