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Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough

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  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    The Legend of__ / ____| | __ \ \

    / __| | | | _ \/ | | | | ___ \

    ____|_____|_____|____/_/ _\

    O C A R I N A O F T I M E

    FAQ/Walkthrough by Banjo2553Current version: COMPLETE v. 5-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Introduction

    Welcome to my Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time FAQ. Sure, it's not fancylooking, but this will have all you need about the game. This'll be the startof my Legend of Zelda Guide-a-palooza. I'll be creating guides and FAQs forevery Zelda game that's out. Down below is the Table of Contents, and eachsection will have letters and numbers in brackets. Press Control + F to bringup a window. Type in the bracketed text for the appropriate section to lookfor what you want.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the first 3D Zelda created, and thusmany consider it to be the best one. It may be, but it's all a matter ofopinion. Some think A Link to the Past is better. I personally love Twilight

    Princess, and think it easily surpasses OoT. In fact, Wind Waker could'vesurpassed OoT had it not been rushed for a Christmas release. Anyway, Ocarinaof Time features an expansive world of it's time, taking at least 5 minuteswithout the aid of anything else to cross from one side to another. It hasmany sidequests and a lot of dungeons and temples; 8 or 9, to be exact. Thisisn't including mini-dungeons like the Bottom of the Well. Be prepared tospend a lot of hours on this game.

    If you have just downloaded Ocarina of Time on the Wii's Virtual Console and amlooking for a good FAQ, then you came to the right place. I hope that Ocarinaof Time will bring in new people as Zelda fans, like this game did for me, andthis guide can help you through the toughest spots. Finally, there's a SpoilerFree Walkthrough, as will be a tradition for all my Zelda FAQs. I hope you'll

    enjoy reading this.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-



    =:=I +++====OOOOD+++=III??,~,,:=?I +++==~~=====NNNN~=+II?I??+~:::~+?I= ?++==~~~~~=+?:++??=?II+I??+?=:::~=?I7 ++==~~~~~:~?OO8NI=?+II??+?++,I+~:~~=+?I7I =+==~~?O8Z?:~~IOOODO,?II+++++++

    II+~:~=+II?IOZ+~ ?+=~~~:$OOMNN?~~=+88Z=?++??++???



  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough






    I. IntroductionII. Version History [Vers]III. Gameplay basics [Gmp]IV. Game Story [Gmstry]V. Walkthrough [Wlkthru]a. Fairy-less Boy [Wlk1]b. Deku Tree Danger [Wlk2]c. Journey to Hyrule Castle [Wlk3]d. Hyrule Collection Quest 1 [Wlk4]e. Gorons and Death Mountain [Wlk5]

    f. Dodongo Trouble [Wlk6]g. Hyrule Collection Quest 2 [Wlk7]h. The Zora King's Trouble [Wlk8]i. Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly [Wlk9]j. Hyrule Collection Quest 3 [Wlk10]k. The Start of a New Adventure! [Wlk11]l. Saria's Secret [Wlk12]m. Bottom of the Well and Collection Quest [Wlk13]n. Sworn Brothers Reunite! [Wlk14]o. Ice Cavern and Collection Quest [Wlk15]p. Marriage? ...Oh crap. [Wlk16]q. Shadows Lurk in Kakariko... [Wlk17]r. Training and a Massive Desert [Wlk18]

    s. Past and Future Spirits [Wlk19]t. The Final Voyage! [Wlk20]VI. Master Quest Walkthroughs [MQWlkthru]VI. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough [SpFWlkthru]VII. Heart Piece Locations [Hrtpcs]VIII. Upgrade Locations [Upgrd]IX. Items and Equipment [Itms]a. Normal Itemsb. Equipmentc. Quest Status Itemsd. Maskse. Sidequest Items

    1. Young Link

    2. Adult Linkf. Common Pick-upsg. Dungeon Itemsh. Bottle Items

    X. Magic Bean Plots [Mgic]XI. Gold Skulltula Locations [Skll]XII. Great Fairy Fountains [GrtFary]XIII. Ocarina Songs [Ocrna]XIV. Fishing Hole [Hylch]XV. Secret Caves [Scrt]

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    XVI. Enemy List [Enemy]XVII. Boss Strategies [Boss]XVIII. Credits and Legal Notices [Crdts]

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-'_______ [Vers]

    ' ----------------------------------- _________________________ ----------------------------------- /

    . . ----------Version History---------- /,--, ,--, ----------------------------------- /.__. .__. ----------------------------------- /


    ---------------v. 1.0, 12/25/06:The start of the FAQ. Covered all of Young Link's dungeons.---------------v. 2.0, 1/01/07:Covered Adult Link's Forest Temple.---------------v. 3.0, 1/05/07:Covered Bottom of the Well mini-dungeon, Fire Temple, and part of the WaterTemple.

    ---------------v. 3.5, 1/20/07:Did some repairs to the FAQ, such as spelling, and added checkboxes to most ofthe items in their respective lists after the walkthrough. Also added ItemSummaries to help understand what you should have after the end of everysection.---------------v. 4.0, 1/25/07: Covered the rest of the Water Temple.---------------v. 5.0, 1/26/07: I covered the Shadow Temple and the Gerudo's Training Groundmini-dungeon. Final update should be it. (Other than minor changes.)---------------v. 6.0, 2/03/07: Final update, covering all of the Spirit Temple, and Ganon's

    Tower.---------------COMPLETE v. 1, 2/26/07: Submitted the FAQ, added a site to host it in the LegalNotices. Other updates will probably be just tips and tricks, or site hostage.---------------COMPLETE v. 2, 3/20/07: Added a site to host this FAQ in the Legal Notices, andadded a note about the second Deku Nut upgrade. The note is in both the walk-through and the upgrade list.---------------COMPLETE v. 3, 6/29/07: Added a site in the Legal Notices section, corrected asmall typo for the first prize in the Gold Skulltula prizes.---------------COMPLETE v. 3, 7/07/07: Bryson Gordey emailed me some tips on a couple bosses,

    so you should check them out. (For Queen Gohma and Shadow Link.)

    ...Woah. Look at the date. It's lucky number sevens!---------------COMPLETE v. 4, 3/06/08: Fixed some clarity errors in the FAQ, added a coupletips and tricks. First trick is some explanation of how the shield stab (crouchwith R, then press B to stab) works in the Gameplay Basics, and new tips forShadow Link, and the Iron Knuckle fights. Also, added a complete Small Key listto the Gerudo Training Ground sub-dungeon in the walkthrough, PLUS added aSpoiler-Free Walkthrough. Check them out. Finally, changed up the Legal Notices

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    a bit. I guess you could say this is my first major update since I finished thewalkthrough, though I plan for this to be the final major update.---------------COMPLETE v. 5, 6/05/09: Fancied up the FAQ a bit considering my latest work,and also decided to put in walkthroughs for the Master Quest dungeons! Yeah, Iknow I said I would only do it if it was highly requested, and it wasn't, butI decided to make the most out of what was going to be a tiny update. Also,added in some user-sent tips about things in the game and fixed up anyremaining errors that I might've overlooked. I messed up pretty badly in WaterTemple, so I fixed it. I also switched around Gold Skulltulas #80 and #81because of this mess up.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-'_______ [Gmp]

    ' ----------------------------------- _________________________ ----------------------------------- /

    . . ----------Gameplay Basics---------- /,--, ,--, ----------------------------------- /.__. .__. ----------------------------------- /


    You control a boy named Link (although you can name him anything else youwish...) throughout the game, and he attacks with a sword among other weapons.

    The story is the simple save princess from evil guy story, but you won't mindthe story, as the gameplay is excellent. You explore many lands in search ofthings to help you defeat this evil person. Controls are below:

    ---------------Control Stick: Moves Link, makes menu choices

    A Button: Performs various actions; check the A button display to see whatit'll do; also confirms menu choices

    B Button: Perform an attack with the item assigned to the button (usually asword, but can be other things); cancel menu choices or pick no on certainchoices.

    Z Button: Lock on to an enemy. (More will be explained later in this section.)

    Right, Left, Down C Buttons: Assign an item to any one of these buttons forfuture use. (Again, explained in more detail later in section.)

    Up C Button: First-Person View, Call Navi (Explained later.)

    Control Pad: Show or hide Map

    R Button: Bring up Shield

    L Button: Show or hide Map.

    Start Button: Bring up subscreens---------------

    You see, this is an FAQ for the Nintendo 64 version of the game, but this canbe used for the Gamecube version as well. You see, for those who don't know,this game and a few other Zelda games (Majora's Mask, Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2:Adventure of Link) have been combined into a disc called The Legend of Zelda:Collector's Edition, which came as a bonus for preordering Wind Waker or FourSwords Adventures. This game is also available on a disc with Master Quest,

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    which is essentially Ocarina of Time with harder puzzles and slightly harderenemies. If you have Master Quest, well, you can use this FAQ too, as Iincluded the Master Quest versions of the dungeons and any other puzzles thatmight've been changed up in the game as walkthroughs.

    Anyway, the only difference in the Gamecube version is that the Lock-on ismoved to the L Button while its Z Button is not used, and you'll have to usethe Control Stick instead of buttons to do their actions. Everything else isthe same, even the game content. (Though there are slight graphical updates.)

    X---------------XA More In-Depth Look at the Controls:

    Here I'll discuss some things a little further. Let's start with the C Buttons.These assign a certain item to be used later. To do this, simply press Start togo to your Subscreens, and go to the Items subscreen. Here you'll see all theitems you've collected. (If you're at the Equipment subscreen with a model ofLink showing what he's currently wearing, you're at the wrong subscreen.) Movethe cursor over the item you want, and press any of the three C Buttons toassign that item to the button you pressed. Now whenever you press that buttonyou assigned the item to, you'll use that item. This is the only way to use theitems you have collected. I'd recommend that whenever there is an item you'llbe using a lot, to keep it assigned to a button at all times. (Such as anOcarina)

    Next is Lock-on Targeting. Now, you can just attack an enemy normally withoutlocking on, and it's possible to complete the game that way, but by pressing Z,you'll lock on to an enemy, with the help of Navi, your fairy partner. (Keep inmind if you don't have Navi you can't lock on, but there are rare times thatyou don't have her.) With the lock-on turned on, Link always faces the enemy,and circle-strafes the enemy whenever you move left or right. There arespecial actions that can only be done during lock-on (or just holding Z when anenemy isn't around) such things are jumping sideways, which can be used toquickly escape an attack or to get behind an enemy quickly by pressing A whilewalking left or right during lock-on; backward somersault, another way to dodgeincoming attacks (plus, it's cooler-looking), which can be done by pressing Awhile moving backwards; Jump Strike, which strikes the enemy with twice the

    power of a single strike, and can be performed by simply pressing A or thebutton a weapon is assigned to. Those are all the attacks and moves done onlyduring lock-on.

    You exit lock-on if you get too far away from the target, or you can manuallyexit lock-on by pressing Z again. Pressing Z when in a mass of enemies willswitch between enemies to lock-on. You can also change what type of lock-onyou want in the options menu. You can use Switch mode, which will just switchto lock-on mode when you press Z, or there's Hold mode, in which you staylocked on for as long as you hold the Z Button. Switch should be the defaultmode, which I like better anyway.

    An often unforeseen sword attack is what I call the shield stab, or crouching

    stab. You can hold R while NOT locked-on and press B to stab. You can do thisrepeatedly faster than a normal slash, and is recommended for defeating bossesin the shortest time possible. Kyle Duffy sent me this tip on how the shieldstab works. It basically has the attack power of the last attack you did. Forexample, if you used a jump slash for a Deku Stick, then immediately get rid ofthe stick and do a shield stab, each stab will have the same power of that jumpslashed Deku Stick. This is helpful to know if you want to beat the bossesquickly.

    The final, and shortest thing I should tell you is about the Up C Button.

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Under normal circumstances, pressing the button will switch you to First-PersonView, which lets you view the world in Link's eyes; only while standing still,though. However, pressing the Up C Button whenever Navi flies out and yellsHey! will let you listen to Navi, who may or may not have somethinginteresting to say. (Usually not, but she may really help you out in times ofneed...if you're not using a walkthrough.)

    That should be all the basics you need to know. Now get out there and savePrincess Zelda!

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-'_______ [Gmstry]

    ' ----------------------------------- _________________________ ----------------------------------- /

    . . ------------Game Story------------- /,--, ,--, ----------------------------------- /.__. .__. ----------------------------------- /


    Long ago, a Hyrule mother had just given birth to a boy, who would later turnout to have a great destiny. However, an evil man born of the Gerudo tribe hadattacked the family. The mother, severely wounded, made her way to KokiriForest and left the boy in the Great Deku Tree's care. She died, leaving the

    young boy Link with no parents to look up to. Because Link wasn't a Kokiri, hedidn't have a fairy guardian like every other Kokiri, and thus was consideredto be an outcast, especially by Mido, the supposed leader of the Kokiri tribe.All of a sudden, Link kept on having mysterious dreams about a young princessescaping from an evil king. He couldn't tell what these dreams meant, untilone day the Great Deku Tree decided that Link must let his fate be known.....

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-'_______ [Wlkthru]

    ' ----------------------------------- _________________________ ----------------------------------- /

    . . ------------Walkthrough------------ /,--, ,--, ----------------------------------- /

    .__. .__. ----------------------------------- //-------------------------------------------------

    To start a new game, simply choose an empty game slot. After choosing, you'llhave to enter a name. This will be the name that all the characters in the gamewill be calling the main character. (Link) So if you think that's awkward, goahead and type Link. Once all is said and done, select your file again and itwill start. At the end of each section, I will give an item summary. Use it todouble-check on the things you should have when you finish the section. Thenumber in parentheses beside the number of Heart Pieces you have totalindicates how many pieces the Quest Status screen currently shows.

    X---------------------------XFairy-less Boy [Wlk1]The game starts out telling basically the same story I told in the Game Storysection, calls Navi the fairy to assist Link, and the game starts shortlythereafter.

    Get used to the controls, and walk outside the hut. Once outside, Saria willgreet you. You've been called to see the Great Deku Tree, so head east fromyour house (facing away from it) to reach the entrance to the Great Deku Tree

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    meadow, and a Kokiri is blocking the way. He tells you that you need a swordand a shield in order to pass. Alright...head back to your house, and head westto the maze of fences beside it. Past all the fences, there's a hole you cancrawl into by pressing A while directly facing it. (There's a Kokiri boy nextto the hole who teaches the basics of locking-on to objects.) Once at the otherside, you'll be at a small maze with a giant rolling boulder. At your rightthere's a Blue Rupee (worth 5). Collect it. You'll need 40 Rupees to buy thatshield. Now, from the hole, head left, then take the first right, then left(there's a Blue Rupee in the corner on the right), then right again. You'llfind a treasure chest with the KOKIRI SWORD inside. Congratulations, you'vegotten the sword you need! Now let's gather money for that shield. I'll startwith Blue Rupee locations. Here:

    - A Blue Rupee is found by locking-on to the rock beside the entrance to thehole to the maze. Lock-on, face your house, and backflip. You should get aBlue Rupee.

    - To the east of your hut is another hut with a path spiraling up it. Head upthe path, and follow the wooden bridges to a Kokiri girl and a Blue Rupee.

    - North of your hut is a small pond with three platforms. Start at one end,and jump across all of them. (You jump automatically after running off anedge.) A Blue Rupee should appear on the last platform.

    - There are two Blue Rupees in the maze, but you should have them already.

    - There's also a Blue Rupee behind the Great Mido's house. (Check the signsbeside the huts to see where his house is.)

    After finding those, head to the hut that's to the east of the northern-mostpond. Before entering, a Kokiri girl might try to get your attention.Z-targeting her before pressing A will allow you to talk to her from the hut'scanopy. Aside enemies, you can also Z-Target people to talk to them over adistance, which she taught you just now. Head into the hut. (Which is a shop.)

    Before buying anything, head through the little extra space on the far end ofthe shop to find another Blue Rupee, which should now get you 40 Rupees. Now,

    talk to the shop owner and buy that DEKU SHIELD. Now, this is an okay shieldmade with very strong wood, but remember, it is still wooden, and can be burntcompletely off, rendering you defenseless, so remember that and be carefulamong fire or fire-based enemies. You shouldn't worry about that at thisparticular moment, but there will be a time when you will be facing fire-basedenemies. Now, head out of the shop and head east to talk to Mido again. He'lllet you pass now that you have your sword and shield equipped. (Go to theEquipment screen and press A on the sword and shield to equip them.) Go throughthe path and defeat the Deku Babas. (They shouldn't harm you.) They'll dropsome DEKU STICKS. Grab some, you're gonna need a few for the upcoming dungeon.Continue and you'll find the Great Deku Tree. He'll explain to you what'sgoing on and will then open his mouth to allow passage. Head inside.

    --------------ITEM SUMMARYEQUIPMENT:Swords: Kokiri SwordShields: Deku ShieldTunics: Kokiri TunicBoots: Kokiri BootsOther: Bullet Bag (Holds 30)

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    ITEMS: (shown left to right)Deku Sticks




    UPGRADE ITEMS:Gold Skulltulas: 0Heart Pieces: 0 (0)Upgrades: 0Boss Heart Containers: 0


    Total Health: 3 Hearts

    X---------------------------XDeku Tree Danger [Wlk2]Welcome to your first dungeon! This is the easiest and shortest, of course.In this very tall room, there's a cobweb covering a hole in the center and a

    bunch of Deku Babas surrounding it. Kill the Deku Babas if you want and climbeither the ladder or the vines on the wall to climb up. Either way, head overto where the treasure chest is. Open it to get the DUNGEON MAP! To view themap, press START and go to the map screen whenever you're in this dungeon.Blue rooms shown are ones you've been to already. There are multiple floors inmany dungeons. Continue along the path and enter the door at the end. (Press Awhile standing in front of a door to open it.)

    The door will lock behind you, leaving you to face a Deku Scrub. This Scrubfires Deku Nuts at you. The problem is, when you try to come up to them toslash them, they retreat into their hole. The trick is to guard using yourshield. You see, whenever a projectile hits your shield, it bounces back(usually). Shielding against the Deku Nuts fires them back, so deflect the

    Deku Nut back at the Scrub and it'll run away. Catch the Scrub and he'll talkto you and open the doors again. Head into the next door to reach a room witha floating platform. Get on the platform and then quickly jump to the otherside. (The platform will fall soon after you land on it.) Open the chest hereto get the FAIRY SLINGSHOT.

    This item needs Deku Seeds as ammunition. Luckily, this chest has ammunitionfor it as well. To the left of the chest is a ladder. Climb it to reachanother chest. Open it for a mere RECOVERY HEART. Climb back down and facethe gap where the platform used to be. Take out your Fairy Slingshot and aimupwards toward the ladder there. Shoot at it to make it drop down and serve toget you back to the entrance door. (You can also Z target it for easieraiming.) Drop down (slash some grass for some Deku Seeds if you need any) and

    climb up the ladder. Head back to the main room.

    Head back to those vines near the treasure chest that had a map. Aim up at thespiders (Skullwalltulas) and use the Fairy Slingshot to kill them. It shouldtake one Deku Seed to kill them. Climb the vines after getting rid of allthree (you may have to aim manually to get the top one) and get off on eitherside. Head along this path, defeating any Big Skulltulas you come across(striking the stomach kills them), and come into the door here.

    Again, the door locks behind you. This room is a little larger than the others

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    you've visited, but nothing too much. First, step on the switch here to raisethe three platforms ahead. Head into the left alcove, but be careful of theBig Skulltula that may come down. In this alcove is a Gold Skulltula. Theseare special Skulltulas that drop a token (spirit) when defeated. It can bedefeated using any means, and touch the token to collect it. There are 100 ofthese Gold Skulltulas, collecting certain amounts will get you prizes. (More onthat later, or see the Gold Skulltula locations section.) Kill the Skulltulaand collect the token it leaves behind. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 001 out of 100) Thechest here contains another RECOVERY HEART.

    Head over to the other side with a treasure chest (you may have to hit theswitch again to raise the platforms again). Open the chest to get the COMPASS.Now when you view the map, it'll show the locations of any treasure chestshidden in this dungeon. Also on the mini-map, it'll show where you are in theroom, and the red arrow shows where you entered the room/area from. Head backto the entrance of this room. Whip out a Deku Stick and light it using the littorch here. Bring it over to the unlit torch to light it, thus releasing thebars on the exit door. You have to hurry; the Deku Stick will burn out after afew seconds, wasting a stick. Once you are done, press A to put the stick awayand burn out the flames, saving the Deku Stick you used. Head back into themain room.

    OK, time for a leap of faith.....You may have noticed the bridge-like platformsreaching out to the middle of the room. You must jump off one of these and

    land on the cobweb patch on the ground to break it. It helps if you stoppressing up on the Control Stick after you've jumped. If successful, you'llfall far into a watery room. Get onto dry land, and look along the vines toclimb back up. There's another Gold Skulltula here. Kill the Skulltula andclimb up the vines to get the token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 002 out of 100) There'syet another one. Look over to the northern grate to see another Gold Skulltula.Kill it with a Deku Seed, then jump over to the token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 003out of 100)

    Get on the platform with the switch. There's a chest near the unlit torch herewhich contains another RECOVERY HEART. Step on the switch to light the torch.Now, get out a Deku Stick, and drop down to the raised part of the water. Onceon that raised land, get on the southern ledge. Once on there (make sure the

    stick is still lighted) head over to the cobwebs blocking the door and burnthem down with the lit stick. Put the stick away then head into the next room.There's another Deku Scrub. Kill it the same way as the other one. Talk tohim and he'll tell you how to defeat his three brothers. Remember the sequence.Fairy Slingshot the silver eye switch on the wall to unlock the door here.Enter.

    Here's a room with a couple interesting things: A spiked log suspended above adeep lake of water, and a moving platform moving back and forth. Jump into thewater and dive down (holding A) to the switch to the left. When you hit theswitch, the water will be lowered temporarily. Use this time to get back ontosurface and hop onto the moving platform. If you're fast enough, you'll passunder the spiked spinning log unscathed. After crossing this moat, kill the

    Big Skulltula, then push the block to the other side of the indentation of thefloor so you can enter the next door. (To push or pull a block, press A whilefacing against it to grab it, then use the control stick to move it. To climbonto a block, push the Control Stick towards the block then press A.)

    In this room, ignore the Deku Babas (they respawn) and light the torches herewith a Deku Stick to proceed into the next room. Kill the Big Skulltula uponentering here, then head into the center of the room. Gohma Larvae will dropdown. Hitting them in the eye will kill them. After killing them all, burndown the cobwebs with a Deku Stick, and head through the hole that was behind

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    one of them. Past the hole, you'll find that you're at the higher ledge in thewatery room. Go over to the block, and push it into the water, that way youcan get here without going the long way. Now get a Deku Stick and light itfrom the torch below. Now use the block and quickly get to the cobweb on thefloor of the higher ledge, and burn it by waving it around (press the C Buttonthat the Deku Sticks are assigned to to swing the stick, you might have to keepswinging until Link does his upward swing). Once the cobweb is burned, dropdown. (There's water below, so don't worry about losing health.)

    In this room, there's RECOVERY HEARTs in the water, and the three Dekubrothers. Remember that order the other Deku Scrub told you to get them in?Harm them in the correct sequence and they'll open the door to Queen Gohma.

    ---------------BOSS: Queen Gohma, Parasitic Armored Arachnid

    This is the first boss, so it should be fairly easy to figure her out. Butfirst, you have to start the fight. Look up toward the ceiling once you enterthe room, and you'll see a huge eye. This is Queen Gohma. She'll see you, thendescend so you can see her full body. The last Deku Scrub you hit told herthat she has to be stunned before she can be hit. Well, the eye is a big hint.Hit the eye with the Fairy Slingshot to stun her, then get up to her eye andslash at the eye repeatedly. This is the way to hurt her. After slashing afew times, she'll run away and start crawling up the walls. Once she's at the

    ceiling, she'll drop eggs that contain her offspring. Break the eggs beforethe Larvae hatch so that you won't have any trouble. After this, she'll try todrop on you. Move around so she can't. Once she drops down, repeat the processuntil she's dead.

    SPEEDY STRATEGY:Stun her with the Fairy Slingshot, then jump slash with a Deku Stick to do alot of damage. Afterwards, hold R while facing her (without locking on) andpress B repeatedly to stab her to death. This method should only require onesequence. If by chance you don't kill her in time, when she's at the ceilinglaying eggs, shoot her in the eye while it's red with the Fairy Slingshot, andshe'll fall to the ground, open for another attack. (Thanks to Bryson and...some other guy who's name I forgot for this tip....sorry, other guy! >_

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Deku SticksDeku NutsFairy SlingshotFairy Ocarina




    UPGRADE ITEMS:Gold Skulltulas: 3Heart Pieces: 0 (0)Upgrades: 0 (Deku Seeds: 30, Deku Sticks: 10, Deku Nuts: 20)Boss Heart Containers: 1


    Total Health: 4 Hearts

    X---------------------------XJourney to Hyrule Castle [Wlk3]

    Alright, welcome to Hyrule Field. Head forward and you'll meet an annoyingowl. He'll tell you about a few things and then fly off. Now before headingforward, wait until it's nighttime, then head back into Kokiri Forest. Lookbehind the Know-it-All Brothers' House for a Gold Skulltula. After killing it,lock-on to the token and jump slash to reach it. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 004 out of100) Now, time for a few things. Go to Lost Woods; to reach it, go up theledge behind Mido's house, and follow the path up until you get to what lookslike a wooden entrance. Head inside to head into the Lost Woods. Now, let'sget our first piece of heart. The Lost Woods is a sort of maze; heading throughthe right entrance will progress you forward. The wrong entrance gets you backto the Lost Woods entrance. Heading right will lead you to two more entrances,and a target across the gap. Whip out your Fairy Slingshot and try to hit thecenter of the target three times. If you do, a Deku Scrub will pop out and give

    you a BIG BULLET BAG, which allows you to carry 40 Deku Seeds, as opposed to 30for your Slingshot. Now drop down and head right.

    You should see two Skull Kids with flutes. Get on the lone stump and pull outyour Fairy Ocarina while facing them. They'll ask you to follow along withtheir songs. If you do it successfully three times, (you may need a piece ofpaper to write down their songs) they'll give you a Piece of Heart (HEARTPIECES: 01 out of 36). If they don't, keep playing their game until they do.After getting it, head up the ladder and head straight forward until you reacha room with another Skull Kid with a flute. Head to the left entrance here andyou'll be at the bridge leading to Hyrule Field. Head under the bridge and youwill find a Business Deku Scrub. Deflect a Nut back at him and he'll give youa DEKU STICK UPGRADE, allowing you to carry 20 now. (Note: You must have 40

    Rupees before you can get this.)

    We should have everything now. Head back to Hyrule Field. Now, you must headstraight ahead to Hyrule Castle. If the drawbridge is closed, wait untildaytime arrives. While you wait, you can kill some skeletons (Stalchilds) forsome money - you're gonna need it. As soon as you enter the Town gates, headinto the guard's house. In here are a bunch of pots. Breaking them will giveyou a lot of money, but the main reason we're here is for a Gold Skulltula.You see the guard standing there? Roll (press A while running) into the cratenext to him to break it and reveal the Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 005 out of

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    100) Now, head out and get into the Market.

    The Market holds quite a few things. First, get to the Shooting Gallery. It'sthe place with a target above its entrance. In here, you must hit all theRupees that appear with your Slingshot. If successful, you'll get the BIGGESTBULLET BAG; an item that lets you carry 50 Deku Seeds. This is the last DekuSeed upgrade in the game, so you need not to look for any more. Each gamecosts 20 Rupees, so try your best and make sure you have a lot of Rupees.(Note: If you hit at least 8 targets, you'll get a free game. Make sure you dothat!)

    Next, head to Hyrule Castle itself. To get there, just head down the path tothe right of the Shooting Gallery. You'll notice in the Castle Grounds thatday passes just like in Hyrule Field; use this opportunity to make it nighttime again. (The owl is here again; he basically tells you what I just toldyou.) While waiting, roll into the lone tree you see to knock down another GoldSkulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 006 out of 100) Once it's night time, head backinto the Market. Head into the Back Alley (via heading left once reaching theShooting Gallery) and continue walking through until you see a rather obesewoman complaining that her dog is loose. (She's inside one of the houses.)Let's retrieve her dog. Head back into the main Market, and look for the whitedog near the house with the guy looking out his window. The dog willautomatically follow you. Bring the dog back to the woman's house and she'llgive you a Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 02 out of 36)

    Head back into the Castle Grounds. You should see the red-haired girl (Malon)here now, singing a song. Talk to her, and she'll give you an EGG, as long asyou find her dad. She gives it to you automatically, so I guess we have tofind him. He's here in the Castle Grounds, so let's start searching by climbingup the vines. From up here, get on top of the gate and climb down the ladder inthe hole. Head through the door here to end up on the other side of the gate.Now, the guards here won't let anyone intrude, and they seem to have a pooreyesight. Face the two guards on the path, and head up the rocky hill on theleft of them, making sure not to get too near the guard on the left on top.Once past these guards, head across the grassy field to the wierd-looking partof the cliff here - the bridge to the castle is guarded by some more guards.Head up the climbable wall left of the bridge (that wierd-looking section I

    told you about) and drop down into the moat. Follow the moat until you can geton land again. Up here is Malon's dad, Talon, who looks like Mario. It shouldbe daytime by now, and the egg should've hatched. Use the CUCCO that hatchedfrom it to wake up Talon, then talk to him. He'll run back to Malon all in aworry.

    Near where Talon was are two blocks with bull heads on them. Push these blocksover to the moat where the indentation leads to. The second block fits overthe first one. Once you have them at the correct spot, you should hear ajingle. Climb up the blocks and jump across to the alcove. Crawl through theopening where the water is coming from to enter the Castle. Here, there are abunch of guards that actually move. You have to wait until they are at acertain spot to pass by them. The first section here, wait until after the

    guard moves away from you and moves up before you pass. In the next section,wait until the two guards are on the other side of the fountains beforepassing. One of them moves faster than the other, so it's a little bitdifficult. The next section is pretty hard - you have to cross the other sidethrough a hard to see wooden pole covered in vines. You'll have to walk acrosshere carefully. Ignore the Rupees down below, a guard is there. After thissection, wait until the two guards are behind the statue to pass. At the finalsection, wait until the two guards just get to the right side of the maze ofhedges in order to pass. Enter the next area to meet Princess Zelda. Beforetalking to her, fire a Deku Seed into the right window for a Red Rupee worth

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    20 normal Rupees. Talk to Princess Zelda and she'll tell you a story about herdream. After the lengthy explanation, (make sure to pick the top optionwhenever given it) she'll tell you to get the two other Spiritual Stones(Kokiri Emerald is one of them), and also give you a LETTER with her signature.This letter replaces the Chicken you had from the egg, but there's no need toworry the Chicken is no longer needed.

    Head out and Impa, Zelda's bodyguard will escort you out of Hyrule Marketnicely, after teaching you ZELDA'S LULLABY, which is very important in thegame. You can play this song on your Ocarina. She'll also point you towardwhere you need to get the next Stone. How nice!

    --------------ITEM SUMMARYEQUIPMENT:Swords: Kokiri SwordShields: Deku ShieldTunics: Kokiri TunicBoots: Kokiri BootsOther: Bullet Bag (Holds 50)

    ITEMS: (shown left to right)Deku Sticks

    Deku NutsFairy SlingshotFairy Ocarina

    OCARINA SONGS:Zelda's Lullaby




    Gold Skulltulas: 6Heart Pieces: 2 (2)Upgrades: 3 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 20, Deku Nuts: 20)Boss Heart Containers: 1


    Total Health: 4 Hearts

    X---------------------------XHyrule Collection Quest 1 [Wlk4]Before getting the next Spiritual Stone, let's get a few items. First, head

    into Lon Lon Ranch. The ranch is the circle you see in the map on the screen.Make sure it's day time first. Once inside the ranch, head into the largehouse on the left. Inside is Talon, with a bunch of Cuccos. Talk to him andhe'll ask you to play a game at the cost of 10 Rupees. You have to find threeSuper Cuccos (they look the same as ordinary ones) within a limited time. Tryto keep at least one Super Cucco on your eye before the time starts. If you doget all three, Talon will reward you with a BOTTLE of Lon Lon Milk. The milkhas two servings, and each drink will restore some hearts for your health.Very helpful. The bottle itself is even more useful. You'll get to keep itonce you drink all the milk. Bottles in this game are very valuable. You can

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    hold virtually anything inside them. There are four that you can find in thegame. Exit the house and head toward the horse corral. At the left of thehouse that had Talon inside is a lone tree with a couple crates beside it.Roll into the tree to knock another Gold Skulltula off. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 007out of 100)

    Head into the silo at the back. You'll see two cows and a bunch of crates atthe far end. Move the crates in such a way so that the crawlspace in thecorner is revealed. Head through the crawlspace to find a Piece of Heart.(HEART PIECES: 03 out of 36) That was easy. Head out of the silo and headinside the corral and talk to Malon three times. (She should say somethingabout singing a song together on the third time.) After that, equip the FairyOcarina in front of her. She'll teach you EPONA'S SONG for your trouble. Nowthat you have this song, whenever you're near a cow, playing this song willplease the cow and fill one of your Empty Bottles with Lon Lon Milk for free.How nice! This song also has another use, but it can't be used yet. Exit theranch, then enter again once night arrives. Head to the back of the horsecorral and you'll see a Gold Skulltula on the back of the feeding pen. Killit. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 008 out of 100) Now exit Lon Lon Ranch and back to KokiriForest. We're gonna look for Saria and get another song. Make sure to findsome bugs to put in your new bottle. (You can easily find some under a rock bythe lone tree in the Castle Grounds. There's also some in Kakariko Village.)

    Once back in the forest, head to the dirt plot to the east of the Kokiri Shop.

    Drop your Bottle of Bugs on the patch of dirt and they'll burrow right into thelittle hole in the center. (Make sure to catch another bug before all of themdig into the hole.) A Gold Skulltula should pop out. Kill it and collect itstoken. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 009 out of 100) Head into the Lost Woods next. Headleft from the entrance, then head left again to reach another plot of dirt.Drop some more bugs from your bottle (you should've caught another one at thefirst plot of dirt) and yet another Gold Skulltula will pop out. (Again, makesure to catch another bug before they all disappear.) (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 010 outof 100) Head back to the entrance of Lost Woods, then go right, then left, andthen the owl will stop you to talk with you. He basically tells you that theentrance where you hear the music fully is the correct entrance to get to whereyou need to go. Head into the right entrance, then left, then left again.You'll be at a grassy area. Behind one of the Deku Scrubs is yet another patch

    of dirt. Drop the bugs here to make a Gold Skulltula pop out. (GOLD SKULLTULAS:011 out of 100) (By now, it should be customary to recapture a bug once yourelease them onto these plots of dirt.) Exit this room, then head left,(there's a bush hiding some bugs, just in case you lost the bugs you had) leftagain, then right.

    Welcome to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Walk a few steps and a Wolfos will appear.He's slightly tougher than other enemies. Just shield yourself and wait for himto attack, then as soon as you block it, jump slash him. You might need to trya few times, but he'll eventually be defeated. Once he is, the gate will open.Head through to find a small maze. Just head to the end, defeating the DekuScrubs along the way. (These are the evil ones; you have to slash them to killthem after deflecting their Nut.) After the maze, head up the stairs, killing

    two more Deku Scrubs, and you'll meet Saria. She'll teach you SARIA'S SONG,which you can use to call upon her at any time, no matter how far you two areapart. How sweet. Once you've learned it, head back to the maze. You should seea ladder. Climb up it, then drop into the hole right in front of you. Inside isa Fairy Fountain. This contains health-restoring fairies that you can store ina bottle. Not yet, though. Just run into one of the fairies to instantlyrestore five hearts, if you need some health. Head all the way back to theentrance of Lost Woods. Head left from here to find a lone Skull Kid with aflute. Step onto the stump in front of him and play Saria's Song on yourOcarina. He will be so pleased with the melody that he'll give you a Piece of

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Heart in return. You have four now, so you've just completed a Heart Container.You now have 5 hearts at your disposal! (HEART PIECES: 04 out of 36)

    Now, time to head to Kakariko Village. To get there, just head due east fromthe Castle in Hyrule Field. You should see a giant stairway leading up to theVillage. (Death Mountain is in the background, for further reference.) By theway, now that you have Zelda's Lullaby, whenever you see a Gossip Stone, andneed health, play the Lullaby in front of the stone. It should grant you afree health-restoring fairy.

    --------------ITEM SUMMARYEQUIPMENT:Swords: Kokiri SwordShields: Deku ShieldTunics: Kokiri TunicBoots: Kokiri BootsOther: Bullet Bag (Holds 50)

    ITEMS: (shown left to right)Deku SticksDeku NutsFairy Slingshot

    Fairy Ocarina

    OCARINA SONGS:Zelda's LullabyEpona's SongSaria's Song




    Gold Skulltulas: 11Heart Pieces: 4 (0)Upgrades: 3 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 20, Deku Nuts: 20)Boss Heart Containers: 1


    Total Health: 5 Hearts

    X---------------------------XGorons and Death Mountain [Wlk5]We're still not done with collecting items yet, but I thought I should just get

    this section going, seeing as how the path to the next dungeon will be shortanyway. This is Kakariko Village. First type of business is to visit the GoldSkulltula House. This is the house of the people who are cursed by thosethings. Once you gather enough tokens, the curse will be lifted on a familymember. We have enough already (need 10), so head into the house. It's thefirst small house to your right. (Forgot to tell you, make sure it's day whenyou arrive in the village.) The entrance is on its east side. Once inside,talk to the man who isn't a spider, and he'll give you the ADULT'S WALLET,which can hold 200 Rupees. Next, look for the distraught woman near the chickenpen. (southeastern side of town) Talking to her will reveal that she lost her

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Cuccos and wants them back at the pen.

    Alright, time for some chicken hunting.

    - You may have seen one near the entrance to the village. Grab this one andstart heading over there, but stop once you reach the Skulltula House's eastside. There's a Cucco on a ledge here. Get on the ledge across from it, thenhop off. The Cucco should carry you to the now reachable ledge. Carry THISCucco over to the pen and throw it in there.

    - Pick up the Cucco you used to get the first one, and go up the stairs nearthe Cucco woman. Jump off from here towards the smaller gate to fly just overit. There should be another Cucco here. Make sure to throw the Cucco you'recarrying over to where you can reach it again, grab this Cucco, and throw itover out of this fenced area. Go down the hole here later to find a smalltreasure chest with a Red Rupee. Climb the ladder here (not the one that leadsto a door) to find yet another Cucco. Take this Cucco over to the pen.

    - Bring the two Cuccos you threw over the fence to the pen, then throw the oneby the pen into it.

    - Head toward the northern stairs and you should see a crate against a house.Destroy the crate (roll into it) and a Cucco should pop out. Bring it to thepen.

    - Up at the far northern part of town is the last Cucco.

    Bringing her all the Cuccos will net you another EMPTY BOTTLE. Now go and getthat Red Rupee if you wish. You couldn't get it before because entering anyplace during the Cucco hunt would've reset their locations. Exit the village,then re-enter when night arrives. There's quite a lot of Gold Skulltulas tofind. First, roll into the lone tree near the entrance to knock down this GoldSkulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULA: 012 out of 100) Next, head to the south wall of theSkulltula House. There's another one right at the window. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 013out of 100) Head up to the building under construction. There's a GoldSkulltula up there within easy reach. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 014 out of 100) Next,head up to the northern part of town, up to where the Death Mountain entrance

    is. There's yet another one here. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 015 out of 100) South ofhere is a tall lookout tower. Another one is on the ladder of the tower. Killit with two shots from the slingshot, then climb up the ladder to get thetoken. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 016 out of 100) Head into the Graveyard next, locatedat the southeastern side of town.

    The creepy guy walking around with a shovel is the gravekeeper. He has a jobon the side to dig up stuff from dirt. Talk to him while he's standing on asection of dirt and he'll ask for 10 Rupees so he'll dig in that place. Whatwe're looking for is a Piece of Heart. Let him dig once in each section ofdirt on the path until the Piece pops out. (HEART PIECES: 05 out of 36) There'salso a plot of dirt similar to the ones in Lost Woods. Drop bugs here, makingsure to catch another before they disappear, and another Gold Skulltula will

    pop out. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 017 out of 100) Pulling a lot of these gravestoneswill reveal Poe ghosts. After defeating them, they can be stored in bottles.However, devouring them after capturing them depletes a heart from your health,so I wouldn't suggest capturing one yet. There's one particular grave withflowers in front of it. Pull this gravestone to reveal a hole you can dropdown. In here is a treasure chest containing a HYLIAN SHIELD. This is a goodshield that is made with metal. It's too big and heavy for you to use it fully,however. There's a bombable wall behind the chest; take note of it until we canget the Bombs.

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    Equip the shield if you want (remember, you just hide under it while shieldingwith it, thus it can only protect from overhead attacks) then go over to thebig gravestone with a Triforce mark on it. Play Zelda's Lullaby near it toopen it. Head inside. There are a bunch of Keese here (bats). Pick them alloff with the slingshot and the door ahead will be unlocked. Head through...toencounter Redeads. These are mummified beings that freeze Young Link in histracks whenever they stare at him. Try to sneak behind them and slash them todeath before they look at you. Or you could try to avoid them altogether.Head forward and you'll see a poem. It reads about a certain song that cancalm the tortured, and there's a musical staff showing the notes. Follow alongthe notes, and you'll learn the SUN'S SONG. Now whenever you play this songnear Redeads, they freeze in their tracks, and can't look at you. You can alsoplay this to change the time of day anywhere. Exit this grave. Now, facingaway from the grave entrance, pull the second left gravestone to reveal anotherhole. (Make sure it's night, otherwise Navi won't let you pull it.) Fall downthis hole, kill the Redead, then play the Sun's Song on the steps to reveal achest containing a Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 06 out of 36) Now it's timeto head to Death Mountain. Up at the northern part of town is the (closed)gate to Death Mountain. Equip Zelda's Letter, then show it to the guard.He'll let you through.

    Head up the trail, killing the Tektites. (Large jumping spider-like things.)You'll eventually reach a Goron next to a big boulder. He'll tell you abouttheir race and the importance of Dodongo's Cavern, our next dungeon. We can't

    enter because of the big boulder though. Double back and continue upwards,ignoring the sign leading up to the summit. Keep going forward, and you'llenter Goron City. Drop to the very bottom, then head to the plush carpet infront of the door. Play Zelda's Lullaby to open it, then head inside. You'llmeet a Goron called Darunia here, and he's very mad because of Dodongo's Cavernbeing blocked. Cheer him up by playing Saria's Song. He'll dance to it, thengive you the GORON'S BRACELET, which allows you to pick up the bomb from a bombflower, as you may have seen throughout the city. Now, get out a Deku Stick,light it on the torch, then light all the torches on the bottom floor to makethe big pots spin and move around. Light one of the bomb flowers on the wallto blast open the wall beside them, opening the Goron Shop. Keep headingupward, lighting torches, until you get to the two torches at the entrance of astone cave. Light those two, then carry a lit Deku Stick (you needed those

    torches lit because Deku Sticks don't stay lit very long) over to the bombflowers. Light them, and they'll blow up the boulders blocking the entrance.This is in fact a warp over to Lost Woods. Quite useful indeed, especially fora certain fetch quest.

    Now, head to the level just above those circling pot, and grab a bomb from abomb flower. Time your throw so that the bomb lands into the pot. If it landson the very happy face, a Piece of Heart pops out. (HEART PIECES: 07 out of 36)Head out of the City the same way you came in. Once you exit, head alongsidethe right wall to find a Goron and a Bomb Flower. Pick up the Bomb Flower andthrow it down towards the boulder. If you threw at the correct spot, theboulder will be blown to bits. Drop down, and you'll see that a plot of dirthas been revealed. Drop some bugs on it (No need to recapture any for right

    now.) and a Gold Skulltula will pop out. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 018 out of 100) Headinside.

    --------------ITEM SUMMARYEQUIPMENT:Swords: Kokiri SwordShields: Deku Shield, Hylian ShieldTunics: Kokiri Tunic

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    Boots: Kokiri BootsOther: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Goron's Bracelet

    ITEMS: (shown left to right)Deku SticksDeku NutsFairy SlingshotFairy Ocarina

    OCARINA SONGS:Zelda's LullabyEpona's SongSaria's SongSun's Song



    UPGRADE ITEMS:Gold Skulltulas: 18Heart Pieces: 7 (3)Upgrades: 3 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 20, Deku Nuts: 20)

    Boss Heart Containers: 1


    Total Health: 5 Hearts

    X---------------------------XDodongo Trouble [Wlk6]Right as you enter, you'll see a wall that won't allow you further passage.That can be easily arranged. Grab a bomb from one of the bomb flowers here andplant it beside the wall to blow it up. Welcome to Dodongo's Cavern, whichfeatures a lot of lava and other fire enemies. I suggest you equip the Hylian

    Shield now if you haven't already; we don't want that Deku Shield burning up.There are four openings in this main room, with a menacing-looking dragon'shead. First, head to the west side of the room. Grab a bomb and blow up thewall here. Behind it is a large treasure chest. Opening it will get you theDUNGEON MAP for this area.

    Head to the southeast entrance. It needs to be blown up with a bomb flower.Use the bomb flower to kill the Beamos first though. After blowing up thisentrance, head inside and you'll be attacked by two swarms of Baby Dodongos.Now, Dodongos seem to have a habit of blowing up once they're dead, so becareful of that. Kill the first swarm, then lure a Baby Dodongo over to thebombable wall on the right from the second swarm. Kill that Baby and it'llblow up the wall. After its blown, head through and open the large steel door

    behind it. There are a bunch of Keese, a torch, and a Gold Skulltula. (GOLDSKULLTULA: 019 out of 100) Be careful of the Keese, as they'll fly into thetorch to turn into Fire Keese. If they run into you while your Deku Shield isout....bye bye Shield. That's why I told you to equip your Hylian Shield soyou won't carelessly lose it. Anyway, the main reason we were here is for theSkulltula, so grab it and leave.

    Head right from here and you'll see a couple of statues. Push one of them ontothe blue switch to open the gate. (It's one of those switches that don't staypushed down.) Go through this corridor, killing the Keese with your Slingshot,

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    then open the next steel door. In here, you'll fight a couple of Lizalfos.Wait until they slash with their dagger, then jump slash them to damage them.Continue this until both are dead, and this will open the next door. Headthrough down the corridor and you'll fight some REAL Dodongos. Wait until theyuse their fire breath attack, then get behind them and jump slash them to killthem. Kill them all, then use a bomb from a bomb flower to destroy thebombable wall. Behind the steel door is just a Business Deku Scrub who'll sellDeku Sticks for 15 Rupees a piece. Only go here if you are out of Deku Sticks,since you need one to pass. Light a Deku Stick from one of the torches in theDodongo room, and light all the unlit torches here to open the door. Continue.You're at the main room again. Step on the switch in front of you to open thesteel door across the pool of lava. Drop down, (there's a bombable wallcontaining a Gossip Stone over at your right) then head to the other side.Head through the steel door. (There's a Business Scrub at the far left on thisside. He sells Deku Shields for 50 Rupees each. Very useful if you lost yourDeku Shield.)

    In here is a room with at least a dozen bomb flowers all surrounding astaircase. There's a gap in the sequence of bomb flowers. Grab a bomb fromthe lone bomb flower and place the bomb in that gap. Once it blows up, it'llstart a chain reaction. Once all of them blow, the staircase will lower. Goup it, and find a Gold Skulltula on some vines. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 020 out of100) Head back down the stairs, then blow up the wall across from it. Headinside the steel door. In here, there are three statues surrounding a large

    treasure chest. The front one is an Armos, a live statue. Touch it to wakeit, then throw a bomb at it to kill it. (It hops toward you before it blows, sowatch out.) Open the chest to get the COMPASS for this dungeon. Head back tothe staircase, climb it, then head to the exit up here. You're now gonna workon the second floor of this dungeon. In here are a few Fire Keese. Kill themwith the slingshot, then take care of the statues here. Three are Armos, sokill them, then move the statue away from the ladder. Climb up it, then hitthe switch to unlock both doors. Head forward into the next new room.

    We're at the higher level of the main room. Kill the two Fire Keese, then hopacross the bridges to the next opening. In this room are a bunch of spiketraps and pillars. Just go to the opposite side, climb up the block, thendouble back and jump up onto the low pillar. Open the small chest for a Red

    Rupee, then pick up a bomb. Wait until it flashes red really rapidly, thenthrow it towards the weak wall to blow it up. (It's right where the ladder is.)Head through it. In here, simply hit the gold eyeball switch to lower thefire, then jump across, through the Baby Dodongo infested corridor, then intothe next room. In this room are two more Lizalfos to fight. Kill them both toopen the next door. (Seems to be a pattern here.) This room is also the upperfloor of the first Lizalfos battle room. Head into the next door. This nextroom is basically the same as the other one. Hit the gold eye switch acrossthe room with the slingshot to lower the fire on the first platform, then turnleft and fire another Deku Seed at the second gold eye switch in the alcove tolower the fire on the second platform. Jump across back to the spike traproom, except on the north side.

    Jump across, then open the large treasure chest to finally get a BOMB BAG forsome BOMBS. Head into the next opening. (The weak wall below is nothing toworry about. Behind it are just two Deku Scrubs selling either Deku Seeds orDeku Nuts.) Step on the switch ahead of you to make a platform in this mainroom go really high. Now, you can reach the second floor without having to usethe staircase room. (It's necessary to get a Gold Skulltula.) Head to thebridge, and drop bombs right at the gaps. If you do it well, the bombs willblow up inside the giant Dodongo head's eyes. Do it on both eyes to open themouth of the large head. Across the bridge is a weak wall with a small chestcontaining a Blue Rupee behind it. Drop down to the bottom floor (it's

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Epona's SongSaria's SongSun's Song



    UPGRADE ITEMS:Gold Skulltulas: 21Heart Pieces: 7 (3)Upgrades: 3 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 20, Deku Nuts: 20)Boss Heart Containers: 2


    Total Health: 6 Hearts

    X---------------------------XHyrule Collection Quest 2 [Wlk7]Now that we have Bombs, we can get even more Gold Skulltulas. Head down thepath that leads to Kakariko Village, and watch for a discolored section of wall

    on the left side. When you see it, (make sure it's night, remember you can usethe Sun's Song to change from day to night and vice versa) bomb it and you'llsee a Gold Skulltula there. Kill it, then climb the normal wall to grab thetoken. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 022 out of 100) Head back to Goron City. (Whilegetting there, there's another discolored section of wall you can bomb. Asmall chest containing a Purple Rupee worth 50 normal ones is behind it.) Atthe top level, you can head to a room full of rocks. Use bombs on the brownrocks to break them and try to get through this maze. At the end you shouldfind a Gold Skulltula inside a crate, plus two small chests with a Purple Rupeein each. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 023 out of 100) Head to the third floor where thebig Goron is rolling around. Get into the little enclosure where the sign is,and wait for him to come. When you see him, plant a bomb in such a way that itexplodes as he goes over it. If successful, he will unroll. Talk to him and

    he'll give you a BIG BOMB BAG for your effort. This holds 30 Bombs, and trustme, Bombs are important in this game, and you need a lot of them.

    Now, exit Goron City and head to that flag you've been seeing. This is a markwhere you can continue up to the summit. Do so, blowing up boulders. The lastone reveals a Secret Cave. Drop inside to get some Rupees, Recovery Hearts,and a cow. (What is that doing there?) You can use the cow to fill an EmptyBottle with Lon Lon Milk if you wish. Continue up the summit, where red rockswill be falling. Be sure to guard with the Hylian Shield. At the end is agiant climbable wall. Kill the Skullwalltulas first, then climb up to the top.That owl should greet you again. He says whenever your business here is done,he'll let you ride him down to Kakariko Village. Bomb the bombable wall here,then head inside. This is a Great Fairy Fountain. Stand on the Triforce emblem

    and play Zelda's Lullaby to summon the Great Fairy of Power. She'll teach you anew move that requires magic power. You now have a magic meter. The techniqueis a powered spinning slash. Hold B until your sword glows yellow, then releaseto spin around and unleash a magic wave over a long distance. Great for crowdcontrol if you can time it right. By the way, the Great Fairies in this gamewear nothing but boots and are covered in vines. Don't get your hopes up to seeanything....hot.

    Now for something risky but necessary. Head into the Crater, which is rightbeside the owl. Yes, it's very hot down there, and you only have a limited

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    time to stay inside before you succumb to the intense heat, but we need to do acouple things. Also, make sure you enter at full health, because the amount ofhealth you have determines how long you can last there. Anyway, once youenter, find the boulder surrounded by a circle of rocks. Destroy the boulderto reveal a Secret Cave. Drop inside for a small chest with Bombs inside. Exit.Now, head to the north edge, and walk slowly off it. Link should grab the wall,and it turns out to be a climbable wall. There's another Piece of Heart in analcove here. Collect it to complete another heart! (HEART PIECES: 08 out of 36)Now you have some extra time to escape, so do so. Before you exit, destroy thecrate near the exit to reveal a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 024 out of100) Now let's get out of this hell hole.

    We're done visiting places involving fire and intense heat, so you can equipyour fully-usable Deku Shield if you want. Talk to the owl and agree to lethim take you to Kakariko Village. He'll drop you off on top of a house normallyunreachable. Fall off the east side of the house and make it so that you landon top of the chicken pen. Enter the door here and you'll be inside a cage witha Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 09 out of 36) Head into the Skulltula House.Talk to the other guy (lower left person) and he'll reward you with the STONEOF AGONY, an item that activates the Rumble Pak whenever you are near secrets.Now, start off at the lone tree in the village, and walk toward the stairsleading to the well. When the Rumble Pak rumbles, plant a bomb. It shouldreveal a Secret Cave. Inside are two Redeads. Kill them easily by playing theSun's Song first, and after they're gone, a chest will appear containing a Huge

    Rupee, worth a whopping 200 Rupees. Well, if you were broke, consider yourselfrich again. It might be a good idea to keep this Secret Cave in mind when youabsolutely need some money.

    Head to the Graveyard and go back into the chamber that contained the HylianShield. Bomb the wall, and follow the hall to reveal a Fairy Fountain. Yay.Come here if you need some fairies and you're in Kakariko Village.

    Head to Goron City again. Remember the entrance to Lost Woods I told youabout? Head through there for a quick warp. Blast the boulder here to reveala Secret Cave. Inside is a small chest containing a Blue Rupee. Exit thiscave, then head east, then left, then straight, then finally left to see aboulder here. Blast it and head down this cave to see a Business Deku Scrub

    that'll sell you a DEKU NUT UPGRADE for 40 Rupees. Take it if you have themoney. (I'm sure you do; we haven't been spending money lately.) The otherBusiness Scrub just sells you Deku Seeds at a very expensive price. Thisupgrade lets you carry 30 Deku Nuts. Now head to Hyrule Field. Head to thedrawbridge, then head left from it. You'll see three trees and a boulder.Blast the boulder and head down the Secret Cave. There's a small chest with aBlue Rupee. Keep heading left in the Field until you get to a river with sometrees. Cross the river and blow up the boulder (careful of the Peahat) anddrop in to find another Fairy Fountain. Take some fairies if you want. Keepheading south and you'll see some fences in what seems to be a box formation.Head inside the box, then plant a Bomb in the center to reveal a Secret Cave.Inside is a Business Scrub who'll sell you a Piece of Heart for a very cheap 10Rupees. You'd be a fool to turn down this deal! (HEART PIECES: 10 out of


    There's another Secret Cave right by here with a small chest containing a BlueRupee. Finally, you should be near a mini-forest. Find the boulder here andblast it open for a Secret Cave. (Lots of them in Hyrule Field, as you cansee.) Inside is a small chest containing a Red Rupee. That's it for SecretCaves in Hyrule Field. Head to Hyrule Market. Make sure you have your maximum200 Rupees. (Break the pots in the guard shack until you're full up.) Head intothe Bombchu Bowling Alley. It's the two-story building. (There are stairsoutside you can climb.) In here, you get a random prize for winning. We're

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    looking for two prizes: a BOMB BAG UPGRADE and another Piece of Heart. Ittakes 30 Rupees to play a game, and you have 10 Bombchus to play with.Basically Bombchus are mobile bombs that scurry along the ground until theyblow up. You have to place a Bombchu appropriately so that they run over thehole in the wall (they blow up on contact with the hole). The first alley iseasy. You just have a spike trap to avoid. The second adds a Cucco in the way.The third adds a Huge Cucco in the way. Some tips:

    - The first one is very easy. Just stand at the center and release a Bombchuso it won't hit the spike trap.

    - The second hole is always at a random spot. If it's at the center near theceiling, just use the same strategy as hole 1, but this time wait until theCucco is out of the way. Remember you have no time limit so you can take anhour to do this if you wish. (I suggest not, because you'll get bored. :P) Ifit's on the side, simply stand at the complete opposite side and plant aBombchu at a diagonal angle towards the hole and it'll almost always hit it.

    - The third hole stays in the same place, but to do this successfully andpretty much flawlessly, stand right on the third black mark from the left ofthe middle blue arrow, wait until you're all clear, including the Huge Cucco,and drop a Bombchu straight ahead, not at the hole. Yes, doing this lets theBombchu go just to the left of the hole, but there's actually a ledge after theindentation with the Huge Cucco in it that makes the Bombchu turn towards the


    With these tips it's pretty much hard to lose. You might want to get BOMBCHUSas a prize while you're here, so you can have an item in your Inventory screen.They're needed eventually anyway, so the sooner the better. After getting theprizes we need, head out. (HEART PIECES: 11 out of 36) If you're low on Rupees(chances you are after that ordeal) fill up in the guardshack, then head to theHappy Mask Shop, the building right of the Castle Grounds path. Talk to theowner and agree to be a Happy Mask Salesman. The way this place works is theowner lends you a mask and YOU have to sell the mask. Then you have to go backand pay the owner his price, no matter how much money you made. You can onlyhold one mask. Let him give you the Keaton Mask as a start. Exit.

    Before we sell the mask, let's get something while we're here. Head back tothe Castle Grounds, and head past the gate like last time. You might have seena sign with a boulder behind it as you were sneaking around here. Blast theboulder to reveal another Great Fairy Fountain. Head in here. Summon her withZelda's Lullaby and she'll give you Din's Fire, a special magic power. This isa C item you can use anytime. With Din's Fire, Link pounds the ground with hisfist, unleashing a wave of fire in all directions. Now, head to KakarikoVillage with that Keaton Mask. Remember that guard guarding the entrance ofDeath Mountain Trail? He mentioned something about his son wanting a KeatonMask. Talk to him with the mask on and he'll buy it for 15 Rupees. You made alittle profit. Head back to the Happy Mask Shop and give the owner the 10Rupees that the mask is worth. Next, borrow the Skull Mask from him, and headto the Lost Woods.

    The person to sell this mask is the Skull Kid just left of here, but before youdo that, head right, left, right, left, then left again to get to a grassyarea. Find the butterflies flying around, and walk around there to find aSecret Cave. Put on your Skull Mask, and head forward. A bunch of Deku Scrubswill pop up. We're looking for the leader of this pack. Talk to the leaderand he'll give you a DEKU STICK UPGRADE which allows you to carry 30 DekuSticks. Now head back to that Skull Kid and he'll buy it for 10 Rupees. It'sworth 20 Rupees, so you lost some money. Head back to the shop and pay theowner 20 Rupees. Now borrow the Spooky Mask. Head over to Kakariko Graveyard,

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    making sure it's day. You should see a very small kid. He wants to imitateDampe, so give him the Spooky Mask and he'll pay the full price for it. (30Rupees) Well, head back to the owner and pay 30 Rupees. You didn't make anymoney, but you didn't lose any either. Alright. Borrow the Bunny Hood. Now,the person to sell the Bunny Hood to is not available at this point in thegame, so keep it for now. Finally we can head towards the next dungeon.

    --------------ITEM SUMMARYEQUIPMENT:Swords: Kokiri SwordShields: Deku Shield, Hylian ShieldTunics: Kokiri TunicBoots: Kokiri BootsOther: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's Bracelet, Stone ofAgony

    ITEMS: (shown left to right)Deku SticksDeku NutsBombsDin's FireFairy Slingshot

    Fairy OcarinaBombchus

    OCARINA SONGS:Zelda's LullabyEpona's SongSaria's SongSun's Song



    UPGRADE ITEMS:Gold Skulltulas: 24Heart Pieces: 11 (3)Upgrades: 7 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 30, Bombs: 40)Boss Heart Containers: 2

    GREAT FAIRY UPGRADES:Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)Din's Fire (C Item)

    Total Health: 7 Hearts

    X---------------------------XThe Zora King's Trouble [Wlk8]A bonus for the Bunny Hood is that while you're wearing it at night in HyruleField, the Stalchilds won't attack you. Sweet! Anyway, Zora's River is next.It's south from the entrance to Kakariko Village. The entrance is where thesource of this river is. Once you're there, the owl will greet you. (Make sureyou have 200 Rupees.) Roll into the tree to knock down a Gold Skulltula, (GOLDSKULLTULA: 025 out of 100) then bomb the rocks. Continue on, and you'll finda fat guy who eats a lot. Talk to him and he'll sell a Magic Bean for 10

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Rupees. Now you see, this guy is a real scammer. Every time you buy a MagicBean from him, he raises the price of it. But you have no choice. You need allthe Magic Beans he has. When you can't buy anymore, (you should have 5 MagicBeans) find some Rupees so you can buy a sixth Magic Bean. Now, head toKakariko Village. Remember that Secret Cave I told you about? Open it up, thenhead inside, kill the Redeads, and grab the Huge Rupee from the chest.

    Go back to the Magic Bean guy and you'll be able to buy 2 more Magic Beans.Now, there's a quick Rupee collecting trick. During the day, head to thedrawbridge and stand on one of the chains. Either wait for night or have itcome immediately by playing Sun's Song and the drawbridge will go up, takingyou with it. Now, walk along the narrow drawbridge edge and you'll find threehidden Red Rupees. After you collect them, make day arrive, then enter throughthe drawbridge. Exit, and the Red Rupees will have reset. Keep doing thisuntil you're filled again. Keep buying Magic Beans and using that quick moneytrick until he's out of beans. (There should be 10 total, I think.) Now, plantone of your Magic Beans on the plot of dirt beside this guy. It'll grow later.Don't worry about this section of dirt, as it's the only one not containing aGold Skulltula.

    Grab the Cucco that you've seen, and use it to fly over the river. Keep itheld, then follow the path over to the other side, throwing the Cucco up to aplatform when you need to climb. After the second platform you need to hop up,head to the southwest edge. You should see a strip of land beside a large

    cliff. Use the Cucco to hop off this edge and hover over to the strip. Throwthe Cucco anywhere, as we don't need him right now. Climb up the ladder andyou'll find a Secret Cave, a boulder surrounded by smaller rocks, and anotherCucco. The Secret Cave contains a small chest with a Red Rupee (I suggestslashing the bushes here for some bugs to put in one of your Empty Bottles, asthere are still some of those dirt plots with Gold Skulltulas that needuprooting.) Blasting the boulder reveals another Secret Cave which is a regularFairy Fountain.

    Grab this Cucco up here. Now see the Piece of Heart on the pillar? First getup to the other platform then use the Cucco to glide over to the Piece. (HEARTPIECES: 12 out of 36) Yet another heart is completed! (You can also get thispiece by crossing that very small gap near where the pillar with the Piece,

    then looking towards that just-out-of-reach platform. Jump off and throw theCucco just before you reach it so you can grab the ledge and climb up it. Fromhere is just a simple jump to the pillar with the Piece.) Grab a Cucco again,then continue all the way to the end where the waterfall is. (Make sure it'snight as well.) At the top bridge, use the Cucco to get to the west ledge whichcontains another Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 13 out of 36) Now if it'snight, drop below where the ladder is and you'll see a Gold Skulltula. Kill itwith the slingshot then collect its token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 026 out of 100)Head back to the pillar area, and you'll see a log extending to the water.(Navi should fly over to the lighter edge of the log.) Get on the end and getout your Ocarina. Play Zelda's Lullaby and a frog will grow large and give youa Purple Rupee in return. Get out the Ocarina again, and play Epona's Song.Another frog will grow large and give you another Purple Rupee. Play Saria's

    Song and yet another frog will grow large and give you another Purple Rupee.Play the Sun's Song last and another frog will grow large and give you a PurpleRupee. There's still one frog left that's small, but we need to learn anothersong. Head back to the waterfall and stand on the special mark in front. PlayZelda's Lullaby and the waterfall will recede, allowing you to enter.

    In Zora's Domain, follow the path up to King Zora's Throne Room. Beforetalking to him, head through the left corridor and you'll see a Zora holding aDiving Game. Talk to him to play this game. He'll throw a bunch of Rupees downbelow, and you have to dive to get them in a limited time. Fall from here down

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    where he threw the Rupees and make sure to grab them all by diving. (Hold A todive for three seconds.) If you get them all, he'll ask you to come back up toreceive a prize. Do so, and he'll give you a Silver Scale, which allows you todive down for 6 seconds. Now that you have this, get back to King Zora's ThroneRoom, light a Deku Stick with one of these torches, then head down the stairsto light this torch. (It'll forever stay lit from now on.) Now, this is hard,but if you can pull it off, you will get a Piece of Heart for your trouble.Light another Deku Stick from this torch, and head left down the spiral path,lighting all these torches (they don't stay lit for long), the final twotorches are behind the waterfall. (Rolling helps.) You may need a new DekuStick before getting to the torch far at the shallow water area. If you litthem all, a treasure chest with the Piece will appear. (HEART PIECES: 14 out of36) If you're having trouble, another strategy is to light the torch on thespiral ramp, then go to the ones behind the waterfall. Use Din's Fire to lightboth, then light the other torches. Credit for this tip is detailed in thePiece of Heart Locations section.

    Now talk to the Zora King by standing on the pedestal in front of him. He'llcomplain that his daughter, the Zora Princess is missing. Well, let's give himsomething to let us find her. Head into the water here and find the caveentrance underwater. Get near it and use the Silver Scale to enter. Now you'rein Lake Hylia. Below the Zora here is a letter in a BOTTLE. Grab it. Now youhave the third bottle in the game. Before heading back, we can do a few thingshere in Lake Hylia. First of all, head to the two scarecrows and pull out your

    Ocarina in front of the one closer to shore. Play any 8 notes of your choice(write down the notes you play) and the scarecrow will remember the song youplayed. Make sure you remember it too. Now, you see the island with the grave?Get over there by way of the bridge, talk to the owl to make him leave, thenpull the gravestone to reveal a hole. Inside are three Deku Scrubs who justsell you generic items you can pick up from enemies. Head toward the islandwith a large tree. Ahead is a platform with pillars on it. Head over there atnight to find a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 027 out of 100) Now, headover to the building (it's the Lakeside Laboratory) and drop some bugs fromyour Bottle to make another Gold Skulltula appear. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 028 out of100) Once you've gotten it, plant a Magic Bean at that plot of dirt.

    Now, head over to the hut at the far end. This is the Fishing Pond. Head

    inside. At the cost of 20 Rupees, you can fish for as long as you want. We'relooking at getting a 10 lb. fish. They usually congregate at the center of thepond, though sometimes a 10 lb. fish will simply sit above the submerged U-shaped log. (It's by another log that you can stand on, by all the lilypads.)Fishing controls are as follows:

    Control Stick before casting: Move Link around.Control Stick after casting: Wiggle LureA Button before casting: Attack during runningA Button during casting: Brake the lineA Button after casting: Reel in, hook fish while pressing down on the ControlStickB Button: Cast Line/Small Wiggle

    Z Button: Target a fish (L Button on the Gamecube version)R Button: When used in conjunction with A, holding these two buttons reels infaster.

    Use these controls to catch a fish. Try to be near the fish you want to easethe tension. It may take a while, but when you eventually get that 10 lb. (ormore) fish, bring it to the fisherman and he'll give you a Piece of Heart.(HEART PIECES: 15 out of 36) Now we've gotten all that we can here, so headback to Zora's Domain the same way you entered this area. Once back there,show the letter in that bottle to the King Zora. This letter is in Princess

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Ruto's handwriting, and after he reads it, he'll move over so that you canenter Zora's Fountain, home of the Zora's god, Jabu Jabu. Before headingthere, capture a fish in that bottle that had a letter in it. (You can find afish in the shallow water beside Zora's Shop.) NOW you can head to Zora'sFountain.

    Once you enter, you'll see Lord Jabu Jabu, and he's quite humongous. Beforedoing anything else, head to the far end where the island is. Roll into thetree to knock down a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 029 out of 100) Plant abomb near the white rock to blow up the wall behind it. Head through it toenter a Great Fairy Fountain. Summoning this Great Fairy will get you Farore'sWind, another C item. When first used, this item remembers the location youfirst used it. Whenever in another area, using it a second time will warp youto the first time you used it. It's kinda complicated to explain, so try usingit yourself at least once. Now that that's done, head over to Jabu Jabu's headand drop that bottled fish right in front of him. He'll open his mouth andinhale the fish, along with you in it. Ruto is trapped inside this big fish'sbelly, and we're to rescue her, as well as cure what's ailing this god fish.

    --------------ITEM SUMMARYEQUIPMENT:Swords: Kokiri Sword

    Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian ShieldTunics: Kokiri TunicBoots: Kokiri BootsOther: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's Bracelet, SilverScale, Stone of Agony

    ITEMS: (shown left to right)Deku SticksDeku NutsBombsDin's FireFarore's WindFairy Slingshot

    Fairy OcarinaBombchusMagic Beans (8)

    OCARINA SONGS:Zelda's LullabyEpona's SongSaria's SongSun's Song



    UPGRADE ITEMS:Gold Skulltulas: 29Heart Pieces: 15 (3)Upgrades: 7 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 30, Bombs: 40)Boss Heart Containers: 2

    GREAT FAIRY UPGRADES:Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    Din's Fire (C Item)Farore's Wind (C Item)

    Total Health: 8 Hearts

    X---------------------------XInside Jabu-Jabu's Belly [Wlk9]This is nothing like you've seen before. You're inside an actual animal.You'll see when you enter two Octoroks and some bubbles, presumably gas bubblesfrom its stomach. Kill the Octoroks and pop the bubbles, then target theappendage hanging from the ceiling. I guess this is its uvula. Hit it with aDeku Seed and Jabu Jabu will open its throat. Head inside. There's a Biriright when you enter. Stay away from it, as any contact will electrocute you.The Advanced Spin Attack will kill it, though. Head across to the nextopening, and you'll find Princess Ruto. After some talk, (she sure seemsangry) she walks away and falls into a hole. Fall down the hole after her andtalk to her twice. She'll now allow you to carry her. Pick her up, then headtoward the next opening. Drop her and pop all the Shabom bubbles, then takeher over to this gap with a strange button on the bottom. Drop down it withher, throw her up to the other side, then kill all the Stingers. Now, use theFairy Slingshot to kill the Gold Skulltula on the vines, then raise the waterlevel by hitting the switch to collect the token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 030 out of100) Get across to the other side by using the raised water level, kill the

    rest of these enemies, then carry Ruto over to the opening. It's locked, sohit this next uvula-like thing to open it and bring Ruto with you. Immediatelyafter entering, set Ruto down, and deflect the rock the Octorok spits out tokill it. Grab her again, and wait for a platform to come down. Ride it up,then take the opening near the crates to head back to the room with all theholes.

    Don't drop down any of them, and instead head straight onward to the next room.You may encounter a Bari, a larger version of the Biri. Just kill it with anAdvanced Spin Slash. Ahead are some Tailpasarans, long enemies with their onlyweak point being their tail. The easiest way to kill them is again an AdvancedSpin Slash. (Seems to be very useful in this dungeon...) Once you kill them,carry Ruto over to the right fork, and step on the switch to open the door.

    Head inside with Ruto. Inside are more of those Stingers. Once you kill themall, a large chest containing the BOOMERANG appears. Assign this to a C buttonnow, as this is very essential to finishing this dungeon. Exit this room withRuto, then head to the left fork this time. This blue switch here requiressomeone to stay on it in order to keep the opening....opened. So drop Ruto onthe switch, then head into the next room. You'll encounter a large tentacle.In order to kill it, you have to hit its narrow part. Hitting it once willmake it retract into the ceiling. Getting closer to it will make it loweritself and swing itself to attack. Get close to it and keep moving whilehitting the narrow part with the Boomerang (Z-targeting is excellent here)until it's dead. A large chest will appear. Open it to get the DUNGEON MAPfor this dungeon. Exit, and grab Ruto again. Left of the switch used to be ared tentacle blocking the way. It's now gone. Head inside with Ruto and

    you'll be in a room filled with Shaboms. You have to pop them all in 40seconds. If successful, a large chest will appear. Opening this will get youthe COMPASS for this dungeon. Grab Ruto and leave this room.

    Head over to that switch that opened the door to the Boomerang room, and headleft from it, head through the door, and you'll encounter another tentacle.It's colored differently, but the way to defeat it is the same. Once thisone's killed, the center corridor should now be opened. Head through this withRuto, and kill this green tentacle to clear these halls of tentacles. (Isuggest killing all the Biri in here before taking on the tentacle.) Head back

  • 7/27/2019 Zelda Ocarina of Time - N64 Walkthrough


    to the room with all the holes. You may have recalled there being a greententacle in this room. It's now gone. Head down the hole (with Ruto ofcourse) where it used to be to be at the other side of that large room whereyou first picked up Ruto. Look along the wall and you'll see two, yes two,Gold Skulltulas. Kill them and retrieve their tokens with the Boomerang. (GOLDSKULLTULAS: 32 out of 100) Head through the west door. In here is theSpiritual Stone Ruto lost. Throw her up to the platform with it and she'llgrab it. If you try to move now, she'll be trapped up into the ceiling and agiant Octorok will fall down to try to stop you.

    ---------------MINI-BOSS: Bigocto

    Like Navi says, you have to attack this enemy from behind. Instead of using myimpossible "Boomerang it then hurry to its back", just Boomerang it as you'reheading to its behind (Z-Target is your friend here) and you will have aneasier time attacking the green spot behind it. Thanks Emiliee!---------------

    Once it's dead, hop onto the center platform to have it take you up to thefirst floor. Head over to the next area, killing the Biri (the Boomerang isable to kill them) along the way. (There's some pots behind you. One of themhas a fairy.) In this next room is an Octorok and two weird red muscle tissuesthat flail around. Hit them with the Boomerang to calm them down then continue

    to the next room. Jump to the ledge and it'll lower to a familiar room. Yousee those small crates? Grab one and plant it on that blue switch to keep itdown, then head through the door. In this next room, kill all the Biri, thenfind a Gold Skulltula on some vines. Use the Boomerang to kill it and retrievethe token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 33 out of 100) Now climb up the vines. Up here isa another uvula-like switch, but it's blocked by a glass wall. (Glass? In ananimal's belly?...) Head to the left of the glass wall, Z-Target it, and throwthe Boomerang. If you got it right, it should just clear the wall and curve tohit the switch. Enter the door it just opened to enter the boss's room.

    ---------------BOSS: Barinade, Bio-electric Anemone