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Product Index WINTER 2011 EffEcTIvE JAN. 1 sT , 2011 19” & 21” Z3 ULTRA HAMMERED CHINAS WINTER 2011 EffEcTIvE JAN. 1 sT , 2011 QUESTIONS? Cast Bronze Drumset Cymbals r68 y! Check out our array of Sheet Bronze cymbals from the ZBT, ZXT, and ZHT ranges. Z3 Ultra Hammered China Call our award-winning Customer Support Staff at 781.871.2200 A Zildjian Swish Knocker
  • Pricelist and Product Index

    WINTER 2011 EffEcTIvE JAN. 1sT, 2011

  • QUESTIONS?Call our award-winning Customer Support Staff at 781.871.2200

    Z3 Ultra Hammered China r68

    19 & 21 Z3 ULTRAHAMMERED CHINASZildjian adds two new china models to the loud and penetrating Z3 line. Two new bone crushing Z3 Ultra Hammered Chinas in 19 and 21 are made to explode like none other. Both the 19 and 21 sizes have a new inverted volcano bell which combined with the extensive amount of large hammer marks provide a sound that is trashier than their 18 and 20 Z3 China counterparts. They are medium in weight and have a polished finished, like all Z3 cymbals.

    Pricelist and Product Index

    WINTER 2011 EffEcTIvE JAN. 1sT, 2011

    22 A ZILDJIAN SWISH KNOCKERZildjian introduces a newly designed 22 A Zildjian Swish Knocker which adds a smoother and sweeter knock to the sound. While were calling the design new, it was actually developed specifically from the famed model that Mel Lewis used when he played with his orchestra at the Village Vanguard. This new model features a slightly higher profile and a cup that is not as curved as the model it is replacing. It still features 20 rivets and comes in the legendary A Zildjian traditional finish. A Zildjian Swish Knockery!

    Cast Bronze Drumset Cymbals p3

    Sheet Bronze Drumset Cymbals p9 Check out our array of Sheet Bronze cymbals from the ZBT, ZXT, and ZHT ranges.



    Sheet Bronze Drumset Cymbals p9

    Band & Orchestral p13

    Gen16 p16 Gen 16 is the result of our effort to bring our knowledge of cymbals and their sounds to the modern digital environment. digital sound samples and more.

    Drumsticks p18 Play with ColorZildjian now offers your favorite models in a great shade of blue. Unique and colorful just like your style of playing.5A BLUE WOOd | 5A BLUE NYLON | 5B BLUE WOOd | 5B BLUE NYLON Refueled ClassicsTaking a new twist on the dennis Chambers Artist Series stick, Zildjian now also offers a nylon black-tip version of this classic. 7A drumsticks have also just gotten Super-Sized. Now with a longer reach. dENNIS CHAMBERS ARTIST SERIES NYLON | SUPER 7A WOOd OR NYLON

    Zildjian Gear p20 5 New Caps to cover your dome. A new gong set, clock and bar stool to dress up your space. Along with some gear to dress yourself!

    Accessories p17 Practice PadsOur new pads feature eye catching artwork from Tre Cool and Travis Barker to compliment their excellent feel. Available in 6 and 12 sizes, they all feature a solid base with a 8mm threaded insert so that they can be mounted to cymbal stands.

    Tr Cool Drumstick and Cymbal BagsThe new Tr Cool bags contain his signature along and new houndstooth design to create a unique look and feel.

    Zildjian Professional Crotales. Zildjian announces the release of its Professional Crotales. Made in the U.S. from Zildjians famous 80% copper/20% tin content bronze alloy. Each note is hand selected for sustain, vibrato speed, and vibrato prominence.

    To accompany our new crotales we have totally redesigned our crotale bars and carrying bag. Russet Leather Cymbal Handles and PadsThese natural color handles and pads offer a full and comfortable feel. Philharmonic Cymbal StrapsThese professional grade straps provide great control in your hand, and they may be used to suspend the cymbal as well.




  • Cymbal Type Cymbal Weight Model Name Cymbal Diameter Best Seller Finish

    cYmBAl SElEcTIONaNDOrDeriNggUiDe

    cYmBAl OrgaNiZaTiONSound PaletteThe Zildjian Sound Palette provides an overall structure for the Zildjian cast and Sheet Bronze cymbal offering. This product index is organized by Series according to the color-coded palette of sounds shown on the opposite page.

    cymbal Typecymbals in each Series are arranged in columns by type Rides, crashes, HiHats and Special Effects to help you see, at a glance, the breadth of choices in each range.

    cymbal Weight / Diameter cymbal weight and diameter are among the basic cymbal characteristics that all drummers rely on when finding their own voice among the diverse choices.

    Within each model listing, cymbals are organized by diameter from smallest (the shortest sustain) to largest (the longest sustain). models are also designated by weight, from heaviest (loudest) to lightest (softest).


    mODElDeSCriPTiONSmodel NameZildjian cymbal model names often reference a unique characteristic of its weight, diameter, shape, hammering, finishing or other design details. If these names sound familiar, its no surprise: some are over seventy years old.

    Best SellersProducts that have become best sellers year-after-year are noted in a bold face type.

    New modelsProducts that are new to the line in this product index are represented by

    cYmBAlFiNiSHeScymbal FinishesZildjian cymbals are available in two finishes:

    Traditional The lathing process is the final step in these cymbals manufacture.* Their unaltered tonal grooves provide a pure, full sound and a classic Zildjian look.

    Brilliant High-speed buffing smooths out the tonal grooves in these cymbals. They feature a natural gold color and a slightly warmer, smoother sound that some drummers prefer.

    *Due to the organic nature of our alloy, unlathed portions of our cymbals may show natural blemishes or discolorations that would normally be removed during the lathing process. These imperfections do not affect the sound or the quality of the cymbal in any manner.

    cYmBAlriVeTSAll Zildjian cymbals, even HiHats, can be ordered with rivets. Rivets produce a sustained sizzle sound, always popular in Jazz and increasingly popular with other types of music.

    Special OrdersRivets (nickel plated steel) can be ordered in two configurations:

    Traditional The classic rivet pattern includes six rivets spaced evenly around the perimeter of the cymbal about 1-1/2 from the cymbal edge.

    Three-Rivet cluster One group of three rivets, spaced about 1-1/2 from the cymbal edge and about 1 apart. Provides a subtler, more controlled sizzle sound.





    ZIlDJIANWarraNTYAll cymbals now carry a two-year warranty!Zildjian cymbals purchased after October 1st, 2009 are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for two years from the date of original purchase. A replacement may be issued at no charge providing that the cymbal shows no signs of mistreatment or improper use. For additional information concerning our warranty and proper use of your Zildjian cymbals please log on to zildjian.com/support.


  • cYmBAl SElEcTIONaNDOrDeriNggUiDe

    Rich, Dry + complex

    Dark, Warm + Expressive

    fast, Modern + shimmering

    Bright, full-Bodied + Natural

    Power, Projection + Playability

    Ethereal, Atmospheric + creative

    Each Zildjian Cast Bronze cymbal is individually cast from the secret Zildjian alloy formulated over 380 years ago. Using finishing processes refined over centuries, craftsmen create the legendary cymbals played by the worlds greatest drummers.

    The Original Zildjian Alloy Copper: 80% Tin: 20% Silver: Traces



    Matt GreinerAugust Burns Red


    Zildjian Cast Bronze80% Copper, 20% Tin, and Traces of Silver Castings individually poured, hammered and lathed. Rich, full-bodied, natural and expressive.

    Sheet BronzeZHT SHEET BRONZE ALLOY:88% Copper, 12% Tin ZXT, ZBT SHEET BRONZE ALLOY 92% Copper, 8% Tin Bright, focused sounds consistent within each respective model.

  • Brilliant and Traditional Finish combinedBT

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    T B

    RidesSz FinishPart# List Inv Ord

    Custom Ride u20 B k20889 $xxx pp

    Custom Medium Ride y20 A k0854 $xxx pp22 A k0856 $xxx ppTraditionalFinishtop,BrilliantFinishbottom

    Custom Dark Ride t20 A k0965 $xxx pp22 A k0967 $xxx pp

    Custom Dry Ride y20 A k0886 $xxx pp

    Custom Hybrid Ride y20 k0998 $xxx pp 21 k0999 $xxx pp

    Custom Session Ride t20 B k0997 $xxx pp

    Custom Dry Light Ride t20 A k0966 $xxx pp

    Custom Special Dry Ride t21 A k0969 $xxx pp

    Custom Left Side Ride, with 3 Rivets t20 A k0986 $xxx pp

    Custom High Definition Ride t22 A k0989 $xxx pp

    Custom Flat Top Ride t20 A k0882 $xxx pp


    amODerNJAZZ vOIcE.This is where the Zildjian Sound lab goes into innovation overdrive. K customs arm you with a collection of modern K voices like no other. In this range you will find sounds that set the standard for modern cymbal design.

    Punk, metal

    Alternative, Rock

    country, Pop

    latin, Funk


    CymbalWeighte Paper Thin

    r Thin

    t medium Thin

    y medium

    u medium Heavy

    i Heavy

    o Extra Heavy

    KCustomCymbalPricing(excludes Special Effects)

    8 $xxx9 $xxx10 $xxx11 $xxx12 $xxx13 $xxx*14 $xxx*15 $xxx

    16 $xxx17 $xxx18 $xxx19 $xxx20 $xxx21 $xxx22 $xxx24 $xxx

    manufacturers suggested list prices*HiHat Pairs cost 2x

    CrashesSz FinishPart# List Inv Ord

    Custom Dark Splash e8

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