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Zodiacal Meditations

Date post: 03-Jun-2018
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  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations




    The Tibetan

    On the Origin of the Zodiacal Meditations..........................................................................1



    Meditation Formula for Aries......................................................................................13


    Meditation Formula for Taurus....................................................................................17

    emini................................................................................................................................18Meditation Formula for emini...................................................................................2!

    School for Esoteric Studies275 ". French #road A$enue

    Ashe$ille% &' 288!1


    These )a)ers are for the )ersonal use of students in the "chool for *soteric "tudies

  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations



    1. These 12 meditations ha$e t+o im)ortant ,)oints of crisis-

    a. The 12 seed thoughts that contain the )otent factor in the )rocess.

    /. The 12 s0m/ols that constitute the )reci)itating agenc0 of the energ0 in$oed and e$oed.

    2. The 12 s0m/ols are

    a. *)ressi$e of the ualit0 of the 4ising "ign.

    /. Indicati$e eotericall0 of the relation /et+een the 4ising "ign and the "un "ign.

    c. reci)itating the e$oed energ0.

    3. The o/6ecti$es of the meditation )rocess are

    a. To )roduce a relation /et+een the "un "ign and the 4ising "ign.

    /. To /ring in the )otenc0 of the 4ising "ign to the )ersonalit0 life in full e)ression


    c. To fuse the three energies of the "un "ign% the 4ising "ign and the O))osing "ign /0 the

    )rocess of in$ocation and e$ocation.

    . These three )otencies are

    a. reci)itated /0 the s0m/ol.

    /. Fused in the seed thought.

    c. Transmitted /0 the esoteric )lanet to the reuired rece)ti$e center.

    The )oint of ma6or rece)tion is e$er the a+aening head center% and the inflo+ing energ0 is

    distri/uted from there to the recei$ing )oint.

    5. The )rocess in the consciousness of the disci)le is as follo+s

    a. The disci)le focuses himself in the "un "ign.

    /. e meditates u)on the )otencies and ualities of the 4ising "ign.

    c. e $isions fulfillment and achie$ement in the O))osing "ign.

    9. These meditations are onl0 art 1 of the full meditation formula.

    a. The0 are concerned +ith the reali:ation of the )ur)ose of the energ0% em/odied in the 4ising


    /. The0 deal +ith the effects of the e$oed energ0 in relation to the "un "ign.

    c. The0 release the energ0 of the 4ising "ign% e)ress "oul )ur)ose and /ring the ;ill into



  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations



    In the concluding section of the "cience of Triangles < +ritten during ;orld ;ar T+o < => made the

    follo+ing )rediction

    The old eoteric astrolog0 +ill still )ersist and )ro$e its usefulness +here the a$erage )erson is in

    uestion% focused in his )ersonalit0 life and oriented to+ard the material +orld. Much )rogress to+ardright understanding of astrolog0 +ill come later +hen certain ne+ meditations on the t+el$e signs of the:odiac are made a$aila/le. ;hen the +orld again settles do+n to calmer li$ing% and conditions are

    ad6usted to a more sta/le rh0thm% these ne+ meditations can form a )otent source of usefulness in

    ,/rightening the +e/ of life- and in )roducing more effecti$e s)iritual li$ing among men.

    Esoteric Astrology% ). ?8

    As these +ords +ere +ritten% the Ti/etan had alread0 em/ared% or +as a/out to em/ar% on the dictation

    of these ne+ meditations and the accom)an0ing information to AA#. It must ha$e /een a com)le )ro6ect%

    /ecause each meditation +as an e)ression of a )articular formula and reuired a )articular seed thought.

    There +as also a ;ord of o+er to /e /rought into the meditations.

    o+e$er% there is a sense in the a/o$e )aragra)h that the time for the ne+ meditations had not 0etarri$ed due to the ;[email protected] li$ing conditions needed to /e sta/ili:ed. In an etract a))arentl0 +ritten earlier see

    the /eginning of the IntroductionB => ehi/ited no such reser$ations and )lanned to issue the meditations as

    soon as his anal0sis of the :odiacal constellations Esoteric Astrology% )). ?!C!B +as finished.

    As the Introduction indicates% => +ent ahead +ith the )ro6ect /ut ga$e out the meditation formulas

    incom)lete% +ithholding the seed thoughts altogether. e mentions here that the seed thoughts +ere entrusted

    to AA# and Allen Murra0 an Arcane "chool coC+orerB% /ut so far the0 ha$enDt turned u). In a tal tostudents on Ma0 1% 1?3% AA# said that she found the meditation formulas $er0 interesting% e$en if

    incom)lete. "he added% ,I ha$e the +ords Eseed thoughts that should go in. I do not no+ +hat the0 mean.

    ;hat +e are reall0 doing is /uilding for the students and disci)les at the end of the centur0.- This concurs

    +ith =>% +ho +rote that the meditations +ould /e )racticed ,later in the centur0 +hen there +ill /e adee)ened astrological res)onse% a resultant understanding due to an increasing research into the nature of the

    :odiacal forces and a /etter )s0chological understanding of the human /eing.- "ee the Introduction%

    )aragra)h 3.B &e$ertheless he )roceeded% sa0ing% ,the time has come to outline the )rocesses and techniues

    and gi$e the E)artial formulas.-

    o+e$er% the Ti/etanDs la/or /roe off after the emini meditation and% a))arentl0% +as ne$er resumed.

    ;hat remains is a tantali:ing /eginning and a )romise of great things to come if it could e$er /e reali:ed.

    => affirmed his faith that intuiti$e disci)les +ould ha$e the a/ilit0 to do their o+n research +ith the aid of

    hints. There is also the )ossi/ilit0 that the material is still a$aila/le to the ierarch0 and that the missing

    )ortions could still /e transmitted.

    There is indirect e$idence that at the time => discontinued this )ro6ect he ased that this material /e

    filed a+a0 and not gi$en out. &o+ that the end of the centur0 has come and gone% it seems a))ro)riate to

    circulate these teachings so that as)irants and disci)les can learn of an em)o+ering ne+ +a0 to align +ithand strengthen the "oul )ur)ose that chose our indi$idual astrological configurations.

    "chool for *soteric "tudies


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Introduction


    Gou +ill remem/er that in an earlier instruction +hich I ha$e ased AA# to inter)olate hereB I )romised

    to gi$e 0ou certain teaching a/out some future meditations that +ill /e )racticed later this centur0 +hen the

    esoteric side of astrolog0 is /etter understood and humanit0 has come through the )resent +orld crisis. At

    that time I said

    ;hen +e ha$e finished our anal0sis of the t+el$e :odiacal constellations% I +ill gi$e 0ou t+el$e

    meditations that +ill /e suita/le for the t+el$e t0)es of disci)les that the0 re)resent% thus gi$ing 0ou that

    techniue in meditation )rocesses that +ill ena/le the Heo indi$idual% for instance% to /ring a/out more

    ra)idl0 the fusion of the higher and the lo+er sel$es. I +ill also gi$e 0ou t+el$e seed thoughts u)on

    +hich the :odiacal su/6ect can +or for the )eriod of one 0ear or a longer time if needed. There is an

    occult significance in t+el$e months of oneC)ointed effort% ho+e$er% that as)irants +ould do +ell to

    consider% assigning themsel$es that c0clic )eriod for a definite and earnest effort.

    #efore )roceeding to gi$e 0ou the first of these meditations% I +ould lie to s)ea a fe+ +ords a/out the

    )rocess and also remind 0ou of certain facts that it is necessar0 to /ear in mind if these ,magical formulas-

    are to )ro$e effecti$e. These meditations are not being given out for general use. The0 +ill not /e em)lo0eduntil later in this centur0 +hen there +ill /e a dee)ened astrological res)onse% a resultant understanding due

    to an increasing research into the nature of the :odiacal forces and a /etter )s0chological understanding ofthe human /eing. #ut the time has come to outline the )rocesses and techniues and gi$e the formulas. These

    latter are /eing sent out incomplete% for it is notdesired that the0 should /e used% )articularl0 at a time +hen

    humanit0 is undergoing ecessi$e tension and strain. The com)leted formulas are in the hands of AA# and

    AM EAllen Murra0.

    I shall not% therefore% ela/orate the instructions. I shall onl0 gi$e those indications that +ill /e sufficient

    to ena/le the true and earnest occult student to )enetrate into the heart of the m0ster0 himself. umanit0 has

    reached the )oint +here there is adeuate intellectual de$elo)ment to ena/le the disci)le to do his o+n

    research +ith the aid of [email protected] humanit0 has )assed out of the stage +herein it must learn orall0% lie infants%

    from a teacher.

    I +ill /egin +ith the follo+ing conditioning remars

    1. These meditations < as I earlier stated < are onl0 for those +ho are u)on the ath of =isci)leshi). The0

    are not for use /0 an0one ece)t pledgeddisci)les. An indi$idual must no+ +ithin himself that he is

    irre$oca/l0 )ledged to the ser$ice of the ierarch0 and of humanit0 in $irtue of his conscious lin +ith

    his "oulB /efore he can achie$e an0 success in the use of these formulas or can% +ith safet0% use them.

    2. The )otenc0 of the entire meditation )rocess is contained in the seed thought% for +hich all the first ste)s

    are sim)l0 )re)arator0 and the last are )reci)itating or anchoring. There is one seed thought for each

    sign. These are not /eing gi$en to 0ou at this time% hence the futilit0 of an0one attem)ting to use these

    meditations until the entire formula is in their hands.

    3. 'onnected +ith each of these t+el$e signs of the :odiac and their a))ro)riate meditations is a )eculiar

    s0m/ol that is esotericall0 called ,the )reci)itating [email protected] this ser$es < +hen correctl0 en$isaged < to

    focus the energies that the disci)le is seeing to in$oe and to use for his o+n /etterment and for the

    hel)ing of humanit0.

    . There are% as 0ou no+% t+o signs that are of significant% o)erati$e effect in the life of an0 indi$idual the

    "un "ign and the 4ising "ign. The "un "ign is the sign of the constellation I +ould ha$e 0ou note that

    )hrasingB in +hich the disci)le ha))ens to /e /[email protected] the 4ising "ign is the sign of the constellation the


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Introduction

    energ0 of +hich must /e used to fulfill Soul purposein an0 )articular life c0cle or incarnation. The "un

    "ign conditions the )[email protected] the 4ising "ign must condition the inner )erson and e$entuall0 dominate

    the "un "ign. These meditations are magical formulas or ,formulas of in$ocation%- and their o/6ecti$e is

    to /ring the )otencies of the 4ising "ign into fuller e)ression in the life of the )ersonalit0. There must%

    therefore% /e esta/lished a relation /et+een the "un "ign and the 4ising "ign.

    5. I ha$e )ost)oned the gi$ing of these meditations until certain /asic )ro)ositions re the "cience of

    Triangles had /een gras)ed /0 the student /ecause these meditation formulas are /ased u)on the )lanned

    fusion < /0 in$ocation < of three /asic energies those of the 4ising "ign% those of the "un "ign and those

    of the sign that is o))osite to that of the "un "ign noto))osite to the 4ising "ignB. a$e these three

    carefull0 in mind as 0ou stud0 the theme of these meditations.

    9. These three )otencies < co$ered /0 the s0m/ol% fused in the seed thought and )reci)itated /0 recognitionof the esoteric )lanet that go$erns theRising Sign< /ecome effecti$e in the e)ression of the disci)le in

    the three +orlds% through the medium of ser$ice to humanit0.

    7. ;e ha$e% therefore% the follo+ing technical in$ocation% e$ocation and demonstration of force

    O))osite "ign

    4ising "ign

    "un "ign

    *soteric )lanet

    'enter in the disci)leDs form nature

    A )hrase in The Old Commentaryis here e)lanator0

    When that which rises over the horizon the boundary becomes the guiding light the !ath runsclear from the highest to the lowest and lo the three are one" And then the little two of the lower

    system are lost in the final glory" The planet disappears" #ts lowest reflection disappears and only the

    triple sun is seen"

    8. It might here /e stated that the disci)le focuses in himself the "un "ign and this conditions his

    )[email protected] he sees to reali:e the )otenc0 of the 4ising "ign and this )roduces the ensuing conflict in

    his [email protected] he also as)ires to fulfillment in the )olar o))osite of his "un "ign +hich indicates )ersonalit0

    )erfectionB and thus sees to demonstrate the fusion of three forces% )otencies or energies.

    ?. The meditation formulas here gi$en are concerned onl0 +ith the reali:ation of the )ur)ose of the

    energies of the 4ising "ign and their effect +hen /rought into relation +ith the "un "ign. The0 are onl0

    the first )art of the )rocess of the meditation or of the e$ocati$e in$ocation that +ill release the energ0 of

    the 4ising "ign through the medium of the "un "ign. The0% conseuentl0% )roduce a greater e)ression of

    "oul intent and )ur)ose in the life of the disci)le.

    1!. This e$ocati$e )rocess /rings into acti$it0 the ;ill as)ect of the disci)le. This demonstrates in the

    )ersonalit0 as the a/ilit0 to $isuali:e the s0m/ol e)ressi$e of the nature and the ualit0 of the 4ising

    "ignB and to concentrate on the fundamental thought that ena/les the disci)le to in$oe% e$oe% and to)reci)itate the desired energ0 into his $ital or etheric /od0 $ia one of the esoteric )lanets and one of the


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Introduction

    se$en centersB. The )oint of rece)tion is e$er the head center from +hich )oint the incoming energ0 is

    distri/uted to the other centers in the etheric net+or.

    11. There are twelve symbols% one for each of the t+el$e :odiacal signs. These s0m/ols are $er0 ancient and

    are gi$en onl0 to )ledged disci)les. There are twelve seed thoughtsor formulas of +ords that% +hen

    related to the t+el$e s0m/ols% /ring through the needed energ0 from the t+el$e signs of the :odiac.

    12. These s0m/ols and seed thoughts are used in connection +ith the Rising"ign and ne$er +ith the "un

    "ign. ;hen the horosco)e is )ro)erl0 cast and the 4ising "ign is accuratel0 determined% then the

    disci)le% ,taing his stand u)on the firm foundation of his radiant sun% sees another sun arise o$er the

    hori:on. This second sun a))ears to him a goal. #et+een this sun and the second sun% he sees a form

    [email protected] he hears a ;ord go forth and < as the s0m/ol sha)es itself and as that ;ord e$oes res)onse < the

    second sun o/literates the first. And% +hen these t+o suns /lend and merge% a third is seen.-

    13. An illustration of this )rocess ma0 ser$e to clarif0 the mind ;e +ill tae% for instance% the case of a

    disci)le /orn in June

    The "un "ign emini

    The 4ising "ign isces

    The o))osing sign "agittarius

    The esoteric ruler luto

    Focused in the a))ro)riate center in the $ital /od0 of the disci)le

    The s0m/ol +ill eotericall0 de)ict the relationshi) /et+een the 4ising "ign and the "un "[email protected]

    esotericall0 it +ill )reci)itate the incoming energ0.

    The seed thought +ill e$oe the )otenc0 of the 4ising "ign through in$ocation.

    This is "tage One of the )rocess. "tages T+o and Three +hich relate to the o))osing sign and +hich

    )roduce :odiacal alignmentB cannot /e gi$en here.

    1. These meditations must al+a0s /e follo+ed /0 the disci)le taing an u)right% standing )osition% facing

    to+ards the constellation that is the 4ising "ign in an0 )articular incarnation% +here$er that constellationma0 /e in the circle of the ea$ens at the time of meditation. This he can al+a0s ascertain.

    15. e must then su/6ecti$el0 assume the right attitude of mind. There are three factors% therefore% that must

    /e carefull0 seen and recogni:ed

    a. The attitude to+ard the 4ising "ign.

    /. The recognition of relationshi) /et+een the )ersonalit0 s0m/oli:ed /0 the "un "ignB and the 4ising

    "ign indicating "oul )ur)oseB.

    c. A correct state of mind or consciousness.

    19. ;e can see% therefore% that the intent at this stage of the :odiacal meditation is

    a. To /ring a/out the alignment of t+o energies < that of the "un "ign and that of the 4ising "ign.

    /. To )roduce% /0 this alignment and conseuent inflo+% a fusion +ith the energies of the o))osite of

    the "un "ign in order that three energies ma0 )re)are the disci)le for initiation. The t+o energies

    ha$e to /e /lended in order to set u) an adeuate magnetic )ull so that res)onse ma0 /e forthcoming

    from the o))osite.

    c. To facilitate the e)ression of these energies in the dail0 life of the disci)le% through stimulating the$ital or etheric /od0.

    d. To )resent o))ortunit0 for the ;ill as)ect of the disci)le to dis)la0 itself.

  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Introduction

    e. To /ring into increasing acti$it0 the centers a/o$e the dia)hragm. It should /e noted in this

    connection that in the case of thepledgeddisci)le

    i The energ0 of the "un "ign is focused in the a$na center.

    ii The energ0 of the 4ising "ign )ours through the heart center.

    iii The energ0 of the sign in o))osition to the "un "ign ,+ill faintl0 stir- the head center.

    i$ The energ0 of the esoteric )lanet is focused through the throat center.

    17. I +ould lie here to refer to the )rocess of in$ocation and e$ocation% )ointing out the difference /et+een


    a. #nvocation)resu))oses intense acti$it0 on the )art of the in$oing agent% the disci)le in this case. It

    in$ol$es a )ersistent a))lication of the +ill% the focused intention of that +ill clearl0 a))rehended

    /0 the disci)le in his mindB and then a )lanned outgoing or a ,going forth +ith oneC)ointeddirection- to+ards the #eing or the energ0 to /e in$oed. The disci)le /ecomes sim)l0 and onl0 a

    focused% conscious% magneti:ed center% demanding res)onse and +oring scientificall0 to+ards that


    /. Evocationin$ol$es the res)onse acti$it0 on the )art of the in$oed #eing or [email protected] this res)onse is

    recogni:ed /0 the one +ho in$oes. The recognition has /een made )ossi/le /ecause the disci)le has

    )roduced that d0namic acti$it0 of the +ill that is /ased on +hat is esotericall0 called ,the

    )resentation of similarities.- There has to /e that in the disci)le that is similar in nature and alie in

    ualit0 to the energ0 and the #eing in$oed. It +ill /e a))arent% therefore% that onl0 those can use

    these meditations +ith efficac0 and +ithout danger +hose horosco)es are entirel0 [email protected] this

    means that the 4ising "ign can /e no+n +ith eactitude.

    18. The meditation )rocess falls into four definite stages% +hich +e can descri/e as follo+s

    a. The stage of preparation. In this stage the disci)le comes to an understanding of his )ro/lem%

    recogni:es the nature of the )otencies +ith +hich he is dealing and la0s the ground for action. In the

    recognition of the energies +ith +hich he is occu)ied% he reali:es that the0 are

    i The )otencies of the eui)ment +ith +hich his "un "ign has endo+ed him.

    ii The )otencies of the 4ising "ign +ith +hich it is the intention of his "oul to endo+ him.

    iii The )otencies of the o))osing sign that esotericall0 indicates the )oint of attainment possible

    through the fusion of the t+o other energies.

    This )re)arator0 stage is one of reflection% of mental )re)aration and of the raising of the

    consciousness to as high a le$el as )ossi/le. These meditations < to /e trul0 successful < in$ol$e the

    use of the Antah%aranaand the ca)acit0 of the disci)le to )reser$e simultaneousl0 t+o stages of

    meditati$e )rocess i.e.% the sustained consciousness of himself% the dedicated% attenti$e% $isuali:ing

    and rece)ti$e agent% the )ledged disci)le and < at the same time < the consciousness of himself as the

    "oul% e)ressing as far as )ossi/le in this life c0cle the energ0 of the 4ising "ign. These t+o

    recognitions are lie t+o )aralleling streams of consciousness% e)ressed in continuit0.

    /. The stage of invocation. From this attained dual consciousness% the disci)le focuses his intention /0 a

    definite )lanned act of the +ill and then /ecomes a )ositi$e [email protected] he net )ro6ects his forces

    out+ard and u)+ard s0m/olicall0 s)eaingB through the medium of the indicated seed thought% the

    magical formula or the ,sacred )hrases- of +hich he has /een )ut in )ossession. These magical

    formulas ha$e three clear significances the0 e$oe the energies of the 4ising "[email protected] the0 )enetrated0namicall0 < lie a shaft of )ure +hite light < to the sign that is in o))osition to the "un "[email protected] and

    the0 focus the energies of the "un "ign. This last )oint constitutes the )reliminar0 ste). ()on the


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Introduction

    de)th and the )enetrati$e ualit0 of the disci)leDs concentration +ill de)end the nature and the

    )ersistence of the ,in$ocati$e rite%- as it is sometimes called.

    c. The stage of evocation. This concerns the res)onse of the disci)le in the three +orlds or the reaction

    of the lo+er of the t+o continuous streams of consciousness earlier referred to. The higher state of

    a+areness or the higher stream of consciousness is focused and used in the in$ocator0 [email protected] thelo+er is used in the stage of res)onse or a))ro)riation. In this stage% the seed thought ha$ing done its

    magical +or and called forth res)onse% the s0m/ol is no+ used through correct meditation and

    $isuali:ationB as the agent through +hich the e$oed energ0 is )reci)itated and a))ro)riated /0 the

    disci)le% functioning in his etheric /od0 and so +oring consciousl0 +ith the centers. This is the true

    la0a 0oga that +ill su)ersede the 0oga of the centers as no+ taught and )reser$ed in the ancient

    formulas of India. "tudents +ould do +ell to note ho+ in the stage of in$ocation and through the use

    of the seed thought% a triangle of energies is considered and dealt +ith.

    O))osing "ign

    4ising "ign

    "un "ign

    These are the three constellations that condition the indi$idual +hether he recogni:es it or not. In the

    e$ocator0 stage a lesser triangle a))ears and is used

    esoteric )lanet

    head center some center in the $ital /od0

    Thus% e$entuall0 0ou ha$e the follo+ing relationshi) esta/lished

    The esoteric )lanet that is em)lo0ed as transmitter is the one that rules the 4ising "ign. These si

    )oints of energ0 < in$oing% e$oed and recei$ing < are% for the )ur)oses of these meditations%

    contained withinthe s0m/ol /eing em)lo0ed as the )reci)itating agenc0. This s0m/ol is% in its turn%

    /rought into li$ingness and usefulness through the medium of the seed thought or magical formula%

    rightl0 used.

    d. The stage of appropriation. This stage is the final one and /rings the disci)le ,/ac to earth.- It is a

    )eriod of dee) reflection and /rooding u)on the +or accom)lished. It falls into t+o )arts


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Introduction

    First% that in +hich the nature of the energies in$oed and e$oed are carefull0 registered and an

    attem)ted sensiti$it0 is de$elo)ed and an understanding is arri$ed at as to effects that these energies

    +ill )roduce u)on the disci)le in the three +orlds. e +ill reali:e that the effects of the

    i =0namic o))osite sign +ill )roduce the e$ocation of his +ill u)on the mental )lane.

    ii Magnetic 4ising "ign +ill )roduce effecti$e changes in his grou) life and +or% +hich +or isan e)ression of a correct a))reciation of lo$e and +ill demonstrate )rimaril0 u)on the astral


    iii Acti$e "un "ign +ill condition his ser$ice on the )h0sical )lane.

    "econd% that in +hich he registers consciousl0 in t+o centers% +hich res)ond as follo+s

    i The head center% +hich res)onds to the energies of the constellationsii The a))ro)riate center% ruled /0 the )articular esoteric )lanet% go$erning the 4ising "ign. *ach

    sacred )lanet% it must /e remem/ered% rules one or other of the se$en centers in the etheric /od0.

    &ote In stud0ing the a/o$e )oints% and in the effort to com)rehend the meditation )rocess% +e +ill use% as an

    illustration% the signs to /e found in the chart of a disci)le /orn in emini. I ha$e chosen this sign as a case in

    )oint /ecause the Master > has emini for is "un "ign% +ith isces rising. ;e shall ha$e% therefore% for

    elucidator0 and e)lanator0 )ur)oses the follo+ing setu) if I ma0 use such a termB.

    "un "ign emini Muta/le 'ross *soteric 4uler Kenus

    The ualities of relationshi) and intuition.

    The sign of the&essenger.

    4ising "ign isces Muta/le 'ross *soteric 4uler luto

    The ualities of $ision and )eace. The +ill to die for humanit0.

    The sign of the World Savior.

    O))osing "ign "agittarius Muta/le 'ross *soteric 4uler *arth

    The ualities of insight% com)assion. 'onscious controlled e$olution.The sign of the!ledged 'isciple.

    It is the clarit0 of these agencies of transmitted energ0 that lead me to choose them in maing this )rocess

    clearer to 0ou. All three constellations ha))en to /e on the 'ross of 'hange% mutation% flei/ilit0% human

    [email protected] all indicate the goal of the disci)le in training. In the case of the Master >% all three ha$e

    no+ /een reached% and all are demonstrating as achie$ed s)iritual consciousness% right relationshi)s and

    infinite com)assion.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Aries


    "un "ign Aries the 4am% the sign of /eginnings

    4ising "ign =etermined /0 the horosco)e and /ased on the moment of /irth.

    O))osite "ign Hi/ra% the /alance.

    *soteric )lanet The ruling )lanet of the rising sign% +hiche$er that ma0 /e.

    "eed Thought &ot gi$en here. 'o)ies of it are in the hands of AA# and A. Murra0."0m/ol i$en later in this )a)er.

    Hypothetical Relationship in Aies

    O))osite "ign Hi/ra

    4ising "ign Kirgo4uler the MoonB

    "un "ign Aries

    *soteric lanet Kulcan. 4a0 1

    The eart 'enter in this case

    (otes on this relationship)

    1. The Sun Sign)Aries indicates the eui)ment and setting of the )ledged disci)le. The disci)le is here

    consciousl0 treading the )ath.

    2. The Rising Signis Kirgo% in this instance% re)resenting the t0)e of "oul energ0. It connotes the acti$it0 of

    the ind+elling 'hrist. The "oul sees control of form.

    3. The Opposing Sign)Hi/ra re)resents monadic energ0. It signifies the +ill to achie$e /alance.

    . The esoteric planet% Kulcan% $eiled /0 the Moon% e)resses the +illCtoC/e% in this case to manifest as the

    "oul. The Moon% transmitting Fourth 4a0 force% e)resses the +illCtoCstruggle in order to be.

    The %eynoteof this meditation is the e$ocation of the Willcoming from the Monad% e$oed /0 the "oul%

    registered /0 the )ersonalit0.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Aries


    O/6ect To e$oe /0 in$ocation the energ0 of the 4ising "ign% set u) a relation +ith the

    O))osite "ign and fuse /oth +ith the "un "ign.

    #efore +e outline these meditations% I +ould lie to thro+ some light u)on three +ords that are

    freuentl0 used in connection +ith meditation and that ha$e a )eculiar significance in these )articularmeditations. I desire clarit0% if )ossi/le% in order that the +or can /e effecti$e in conditioning theconsciousness of the race later in this centur0. Familiarit0 +ith these ideas is )ossi/le toda0 and some

    )ractice gi$en to these formulas e$en if the seed thought is +ithheld for the )resent. These three +ords are

    !rocess Techni*ueand+ormula. Het us tae them in turn

    !rocess These meditations +ill /e of no ser$ice to the disci)le unless the0 e$entuall0 emerge in 0our

    minds as one com)lete +hole% and unless the0 )resent a s0nthetic series of e$ents in +hich 0ou are a

    )artici)ant. The0 differ from ordinar0 +oring rituals. The effecti$eness of ordinar0 rituals is de)endent

    u)on the )lanned intelligent thining that lies /ehind them +hile the0 are /eing used. The0 are intended to /e

    the result of understanding% organi:ed )ur)ose% )otent intent and a sta/le% )oised consciousness. The thin%ing

    that underlies them must precede their use. ;hile em)lo0ing ,formulas of e$ocation%- there is no such

    mental distur/ance as )rogressi$e thought. There is sim)l0 the attitude of in$ocation% a memori:ed ca)acit0to follo+ the meditation almost automaticall0% )lus an uns+er$ing focused intention /ased u)on the ;ill.

    This s0nthesis of attitudes can and +ill )reci)itate the energ0 in$oed and guide it to the rece)ti$e center%

    earlier determined /0 ra0% /0 need and ca)acit0.

    The )rocess referred to is that of the su/6ecti$e% conscious )re)aration that )recedes the meditation +or.

    #0 this I do not mean an0 )eriod of set +or done )rior to the in$ocati$eCe$ocati$e acti$it0. I refer to a

    constantl0 culti$ated attitude of mind% of continuous thining and of stead0 com)rehension of the +or to /edone. This can tae )lace at an0 time as the disci)le )roceeds a/out his current duties.

    ;hen he /egins the more formal ritualistic )rocess% much of the initial )re)aration +ill ha$e /een done.

    This disci)le +ill ha$e familiari:ed himself +ith the ualities% nature and o/6ecti$es of his "un "ign anda))reciates% therefore% the nature of the a))aratus and eui)ment +ith +hich he has /een )ro$ided /0 the

    "oul and has gras)ed /oth the good and the /ad as)ects +ith +hich he must deal. e no+s the nature of his

    )resent ra0 in relation to the "un "ign and has considered +hether this ra0 dominates his dail0 life or is

    conditioned /0 the "oul ra0. e is a+are% therefore% of his life )ro/lem% of his immediate o/6ecti$es% of his

    assets as a disci)le and of his limitations.

    e has studied also the nature and attri/utes of his 4ising "[email protected] he has )ondered u)on his "oul o/6ecti$es

    and goals and has lined the ualit0 of his "oul ra0 to his life +or% to his esoteric grou) and% therefore% to

    some one of the Masters under ;hose instruction he ser$es. Forget not that I told 0ou that onl0 )ledged

    disci)les can use these formulas in their full and com)lete formB. e reali:es that he must himself function as

    a recei$ing )oint for the /lended energies of the "un "ign and the 4ising "ign and that < as a recei$ing )oint

    < he )ossesses +ithin himself t+o )oints of rece)tion the head center and one other center% according to ra0%

    need or desired acti$it0.

    e is a+are lie+ise of the nature of the ualif0ing energies of the O))osing "ign% /ut no+s that until

    he has taen the third initiation and has recei$ed the second half of this meditation formula% that his

    )erce)tion% )o+ers of a))ro)riation and res)onse must remain largel0 theoretical and intellectuall0 )ercei$ed

    and that as 0et the a/ilit0 to fuse the third energ0 must remain in the realm of ,+ishful thining- and not in

    the realm of )ractical e)erience.

    e no+s that the d0namic +ill l0ing /ehind this meditation is that of a))lied +ill and of consistent%

    consecuti$e thought. At the )resent his +ill nature is largel0 em/r0onic /ecause +ill is not determination%


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Aries

    )ersistent intelligent effort or em)hasi:ed [email protected] it is the scientific a))lication of a )eculiar energ0 +hoseualities are s0nthesis% )o+er to ,detach from limitation%- the destruction of /oundaries or as it is sometimes

    called in the language of esotericismB the a/ilit0 ,to )erforate the ringC)assCnot of the /lended "oul and form

    and release the s)irit into the larger life.- It is% therefore% a d0namic scientific a))lication of energ0 in order

    to effect li/eration from limitation. It is the +illCtoC/e and is not the +illCtoCdo or the +illCtoCsee% /oth of

    these /eing as)ects of "oul and form.

    I +ould ha$e 0ou thin this out carefull0% for it is essential that some glimmer of understanding as to the

    nature of the +ill is )resent in our consciousness +hen I em)lo0 the +ord in these meditations. It is

    necessar0 that 0ou gras) the fact that the s)iritual +ill is not +hat 0ou ha$e ordinaril0 su))osed% /ut is a

    definite t0)e of energ0 < the highest )resent in our )lanetar0 life. To )rofit /0 these eercises 0ou must

    a))reciate this fact and stri$e for intuiti$e )erce)tion of the truth. All the )rocesses undertaen must )recede

    the use of the meditation formula. Once that is undertaen% thought must cease and a much higher acti$it0

    must su)er$ene. A )urel0 automatic formula +ill tae the )lace of ordinar0 meditation% and the disci)le

    /ecomes sim)l0 a )oint of [email protected] he )roceeds +ith the desired [email protected] the mental )rocesses end /ecause

    the0 ha$e /een )re$iousl0 so effecti$el0 carried for+ard. The disci)le has achie$ed in his consciousness

    1. A )oint or focus of illumination < he stands in the light.

    2. A )osition of intensi$e )olari:ation% as a "oul% focused in the head and mind.3. An orientation that is undistur/ed.

    . A reali:ation of the nature of the +or to /e done that is% for him% his highest )oint of clarification.

    Thought is therefore arrested% and another t0)e of +or taes its )lace. It might /e said in m0 effort to

    clarif0 this )rocess in 0our consciousnessB that these meditations are onl0 carried for+ard effecti$el0 +hen

    the stage of contem)lation has /een reached and that it is the "oul% in the last anal0sis% +ho em)lo0s these

    meditations. It is the "oul% as anchored in the /od0% using the mind and affecting the /rain that uses these

    meditations% and the )ersonalit0 ,standing in the "un- sees the realit0 ,rising o$er the hori:on.- Then% facing

    the imminent )ossi/ilities% the "oul in$oes the )olar o))osite ")irit or Monad% s0m/oli:ed /0 the ,"ign of

    'om)letion-B and% in the tension of the )oint of crisis )reci)itated% e$oes the +ill that unifies the three. This

    unification is the result of the correct use of the formula% )receded /0 man0 hours of uiet )rocess.

    Techni*ue. This gro+s out of a clear understanding of the goal% out of the su/6ecti$e acti$it0 of the

    )receding mental )rocess and a theoretical gras) of the formula. Techniue a))lies to the scientific handling

    of eui)ment% in this case the disci)leDs form nature or the inherited a))aratus < )h0sical% emotional and

    mental < +ith +hich his "oul has endo+ed him in an0 incarnation. This eui)ment% go$erned /0 the "un

    "ign% must /e made res)onsi$e to the energies emanating from the 4ising "ign and the relati$el0 /rief and

    c0clic inter)la0 that has characteri:ed the relation /et+een the "un "ign and the 4ising "ign. is eui)ment%through +hich the energies of the 4ising "ign must /e e)ressed% is fourfold in manifestation the mental

    /od0% the )s0chic nature% the etheric or $ital /od0 and the dense )h0sical $ehicle. For the handling of these%

    the disci)le has arri$ed at his o+n techniue% differing for each $ehicle. There is an interesting analog0

    /et+een the ad$anced occult +or he is no+ attem)ting to do and the $ital /od0% +hich might /e made clear

    /0 the follo+ing statements

    1. The $ital /od0 is usuall0 the reser$oir of the lo+er form energies% )articularl0 those of the emotional

    nature. These direct and condition the dense )h0sical /od0. The0 corres)ond to the function of the "un

    "ign as it conditions the disci)le on the )h0sical )lane in connection +ith his a))aratus of e)ression.

    2. The $ital /od0 must /e /rought under mental control% and +hen it is so controlled it mars a most

    im)ortant ste) for+ard in the life of the as)irant. This is a corres)ondence to the control of the 4ising

    "ign o$er the "un "ign.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Aries

    3. Hater% the $ital /od0 /ecomes the re)ositor0 of "oul energ0% and the "oul then directs the )h0sical )lanelife of the disci)le. This is a corres)ondence to the control of the Monad and therefore to the fusion of

    the O))osite "ign +ith "un "ign% $ia the 4ising "ign.

    The techniues of control that the disci)le uses as he first /rings the )ersonalit0 under the control of the

    "oul the "un "ign under the influence of the 4ising "ignB and later /rings these t+o < after the third

    initiation < under the control of the Monad the )olar o))ositeB are determined /0 ra0% )oint in e$olution%0oga )ractices and tem)erament. onder on this. These techniues must /e selfCinitiated and selfCde$elo)ed

    and are in the nature of su/6ecti$e determinations% o/6ecti$el0 a))lied.

    +ormulas. These formulas are ancient rituals% rh0thms% ceremonials% forms of a))roach or re)ositories of

    ;ords of o+er that are gi$en to the disci)le +hen he is read0% in order to /ring a/out certain fusions%

    needed crises% or esoteric e$ents. I no+ not ho+ else to con$e0 them to 0ou. The0 are not in an0 +a0

    de$elo)ed /0 the disci)le% nor are the0 the result of his o+n thining or )lanning. The0 are the )ro)ert0 of

    the reat ;hite Hodge% are of most ancient origin% and must not /e changed or modified /0 the disci)le in

    an0 res)ect or the0 +ill lose their )otenc0 and s)iritual effecti$eness. One of the difficulties +ith +hich +e

    are faced in con$e0ing them from *ast to ;est is that < in the )rocess of translation < uite a little of their

    )o+er and significance ma0 a))ear to /e lost. #ut it is in the intent and in the oneC)ointed concentration of

    their use that the disci)le +ill )ro$e their )otenc0% and in the hands of ;estern disci)les the0 ma0 )ro$e ofstill greater effecti$eness than in the hands of the *astern +orer% o+ing to the great mental )o+er of the

    a$erage ;estern disci)le. The0 are /oth )otent and effecti$e. These t+o +ords do notmean the same thing.

    "uch formulas as I am no+ attem)ting to gi$e to the +orld in these t+el$e meditations are ritualistic in intent

    and d0namic in result. The0 are% ho+e$er% de)endent u)on the inner )receding thought )rocesses of the

    disci)le and the +isdom of his selfCa))lied techniues. ;hen the0 fail to )roduce the needed e$ocation of

    the +illCtoC/e or a/ilit0 to stand in s)iritual #eing% and the reuired fusion of energies does not tae )lace% it

    +ill /e /ecause the disci)leDs su/6ecti$e )rocesses and his techniues are at fault. This is his )ersonal

    )ro/lem and also a )rotection from )remature success.

    More I ma0 not sa0 or im)art. It is for 0ou to /egin the tas of instituting the right )rocesses of thought

    and the esta/lishing of the right techniues of disci)line. I ha$e for 0ears +ored +ith this grou) of as)irants

    along the lines of techniue. I ha$e sought e$er to em)hasi:e in 0our consciousness the Techniue of

    Meditation% the Techniue of the resence and the Techniue of "er$ice. According to 0our success in

    understanding the a/o$e +ill lie 0our a/ilit0 to )rofit < as far as ma0 /e )ossi/le +ithout the seed thought

  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Aries

    Interlude of conscious "oul attention.

    Stage -) !recipitation and Appropriation.

    1. In this stage the s0m/ol is the )reci)itating agent.

    2. It is the stage of the descent of energ0 as a result of in$ocation% )roducing e$ocation% of rece)tion and oftransmission to the )articular center /elo+ the head center.

    3. The clima of this stage falls into three )arts

    a. The magnetic )o+er of lo$e comes into acti$it0 and dra+s do+n the energies e$oed and oriented in

    "tage 1.

    /. The esoteric )lanet +hiche$er it ma0 /eB% the highest head center and the center to /e stimulated

    form a ,triangle of rece)tion.-

    c. A definite act of rece)tion and conscious a))ro)riation.

    Interlude of )ersonalit0 assimilation.

    In m0 conditioning remars )). 5C7 a/o$eB I di$ided the +or into four stages. I am here sim)lif0ingthese. The stage of )re)aration% there called "tage One% is sim)l0 the stage or )rocess +ith +hich I ha$e dealt

    in this instruction. It also includes the stage of techniue. The stages of in$ocation and e$ocation are here

    )laced /0 me together under "tage 1% /ecause the0 are )urel0 su/6ecti$e% /egin at the highest )oint of

    alignment and orientation% and are follo+ed /0 an intensi$e interlude of "oul )erce)tion or of sensiti$e

    res)onse to the /lended energies of the O))osite "ign an e)ression of some )hase of the monadic +illB and

    the 4ising "ign an e)ression of "oul )ur)oseB.

    Then follo+s the stage of )reci)itation in +hich the disci)le u)on the )h0sical )lane < functioning

    through his dedicated )ersonalit0 < a))ro)riates% consciousl0 and +ith deli/eration% the descending energ0

    and thus /lends +ithin himself the energies of the O))osing "ign% the 4ising "ign and the "un "ign. This

    )roduces a focus of energies of enormous )otenc0 in the acti$e e)ression of the disci)leDs ierarchical

    ser$ice. Gou can see /0 the a/o$e% therefore% the need for caution on m0 )art in gi$ing out these meditation

    formulas. The0 are eceedingl0 )[email protected] the0 lead to a great increase of energ0 +here the 4ising "ign is

    accuratel0 determined and can onl0 /e safel0 em)lo0ed /0 the consecrated and )ledged disci)le +ho is

    dedicated to the ser$ice of humanit0 and the ierarch0.

    I +ould also call 0our attention to the fact that in an0 one incarnation the Monad +ors through the

    O))osing "ign% the "oul through the 4ising "ign and the )ersonalit0 through the "un "ign% and thesenecessaril0 $ar0 from life to life.

    After due )rocess of thought u)on the ualities and effects of the three signs and the nature of the

    esoteric )lanet% and ha$ing achie$ed the needed alignment% orientation and focused attention% the disci)le

    then ceases to reflect and thin and /ecomes a d0namic )oint of acti$it0. e then )roceeds +ith the +or.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Aries


    ;ith Kirgo 4isingB

    Stage ,) #nvocation and Evocation" !reparatory.

    1. #0 the )o+er of the creati$e imagination% the disci)le sa0s +ithin himself the +ords that com)ose the

    seed thought of the 4ising "ign% in this case using the eam)le of Kirgo.a. "eed thought not gi$en.

    /. e then +aits for one minute +ithout an0 thought )rocess /ut seeing the descent of energ0 into the


    2. This accom)lished% there follo+s an interlude of "oul attention to the act of fusion.

    3. e then climaes this fusion /0 the use of a $er0 ancient +ord% unno+n to modern scholars% of "ensa

    origin and no+n onl0 to the ierarch0. This +ord is not gi$en in this formula /ut is +ritten do+n for

    later use and is in the hands of AA# and A. Murra0.B

    Stage -) !recipitation and Appropriation.

    1. The disci)le% no+ing that the +or is accom)lished% /egins to +ithdra+ again +ithin himself. e

    remains focused in the "oul /ut )ermits himself to /ecome a+are of the +aiting )ersonalit0% +ithout

    losing the consciousness of the Hi/raCKirgo relation in this instanceB and their fusion in the "oul as +ill%

    )ur)ose% lo$e and o))ortunit0.

    2. Again% imaginati$el0% he carries his thought to the ruling )lanet in this case Kulcan% $eiled /0 the

    MoonB. e $isuali:es the crescent moon +ith the ,hammer of od- l0ing ath+art it. e sees this

    hammer come into li$ing acti$it0 and /egin to fashion the moon form% his

    )ersonalit0. The )rocess of fashioning is em)hasi:ed% not the +or of conseuent

    destruction. e sees the form /eing fitted for the inflo+ of the fused energies from

    Kirgo and Hi/ra. e sees himself descending in consciousness into the head center%

    carr0ing +ith him as a )art of himself the /lended energies and these he

    a))ro)riates% using the s0m/ol here de)icted as the chalice of the energies% as it is

    called. "0m/olicall0 s)eaing% the form the moonB has /een hammered into rece)ti$it0 and true

    e)ression /0 the acti$it0 of Kulcan.

    3. Then% /0 an act of the +ill and $isuali:ation% he )reci)itates the energ0 thus recei$ed into the heart center

    in this caseB% there to do its +or of /alancing forces% fostering the 'hrist consciousness and ena/linghim to carr0 out the )lan of his "oul in the *arth life to +hich he is tem)oraril0 committed.

    . Then follo+s an interlude of assimilation and of understanding fusion% +hen thought is again allo+ed to

    function. itherto it has /een the imagination )ure and intuiti$e% di$orced from an0 astral conditioningB

    that has /een the onl0 indication of /rain acti$it0.

    5. e then sounds the A(M se$en times not the OM% /ut the threefold sound < one letter standing for each

    of the three /lended energiesB. Finall0 and occultl0 he ,)roceeds u)on the ;AG.-

    I +ould ha$e 0ou note that it is onl0 +hen all t+el$e formulas of meditation are in the hands of the

    disci)le that he can carr0 out these meditations accuratel0. The seed thought of the 4ising "ign and the

    s0m/ol related to the esoteric )lanet ha$e to /e first ascertained% after the correct casting of the horosco)e%

    /efore the disci)le can do this meditation. The ancient ;ord of o+er or of Fusion is the same for all t+el$e

    meditations% /ut its meaning cannot /e gi$en.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Aries

    It is essential that 0ou gras) the need for the positivecessation of thought% the need for a ca)acit0 to$ision s0ntheticall0 and to gras) this meditation as a com)lete whole in consciousness% )rior to an0

    successful undertaing of its )erformance. There is a thought that lies /ehind the thining of the concrete

    mind. It is to that thought I refer and that mode of conscious acti$it0 that is needed.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Taurus


    "un "ign Taurus% the #ull% the sign of the illumination of the form nature.

    4ising "ign =etermined /0 the horosco)e and /ased on the moment of /irth.

    O))osite "ign "cor)io% the "er)ent% the sign of disci)leshi) and its tests.

    *soteric )lanet The ruling )lanet of the 4ising "ign% +hiche$er that ma0 /e.

    "eed Thought &ot gi$en here. 'o)ies of it are in the hands of AA# and A. Murra0."0m/ol i$en later in this )a)er.

    Hypothetical Relationship in Ta""s

    O))osite "ign "cor)io

    4ising "ign isces

    4uler lutoB

    "un "ign Taurus

    *soteric lanet luto. 4a0 1

    A6na 'enter in this case

    (otes on this relationship)

    1. The Sun Sign% Taurus% definitel0 )re)ares the +a0 for the sense of de$elo)ed dualit0 that is found )resent

    in the net sign% emini. I am s)eaing in e$er0 case in connection +ith disci)leshi). This )re)aration

    comes through the stead0 gro+th of Hight < the light of no+ledge first% and then the light of +isdom.

    Taurus is esotericall0 ,the Mother of Illumination- /ecause the leiades are to /e found in the head of

    the #ull% and these stand for su/stance and its inherent light. The disci)le is here consciousl0

    endea$oring to do t+o things

    a. Thro+ light the light of the "oulB increasingl0 into and u)on the )ersonalit0 nature% thus e$oing the

    light of the form nature and /lending it +ith the light of the "oul.

    /. #ring to an end the )o+er of the form% calling in the ancient rules that en6oin the ,death of the form-

    and the ,sla0ing of desire- and also terminate the c0cle of incarnations% of +hich the constant death

    of the )ersonal lo+er self is the ageClong s0m/ol. =eath of the )ersonalit0 is /rought a/out through

    the influence of Kulcan% and the ending of incarnations through the influence of luto% ruling in this

    caseB the 4ising "ign. The termination of the )rocess of incarnation comes from the matter as)ect%

    +hich is no longer a/le to res)ond to the needs of the "oul. luto is a nonCsacred )lanet and hencethis influence.

    2. The Rising Signin this h0)othetical case is isces% indicating to the disci)le that his goal is to tread the

    ;a0 of a ;orld "a$ior and also that his )ro/lem is com)lete control of the +ater0% astral nature. ;hen

    the astral nature is controlled and a/olished again through the influence of the First 4a0% functioning

    through Kulcan and lutoB then com)lete% undeflected illumination /ecomes )ossi/le.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Taurus

    3. The Opposing Signis "cor)io% )reeminentl0 the sign of disci)leshi)% ruled /0 Mars% the )roducer ofconflict. In the incarnation de)icted in this sign% the disci)le is in a most $i$id sense Ar6una% +ho must

    rise u) and fight% +ho sees through the inflo+ of lightB all ,forms gathered together in the Form of the

    od of ods.- e /egins +ith his o+n form% seeing it as )art of the +hole. In this case it is the Monad

    ;ho sees the Form and the forms through the e0e of the "oul.

    . The esoteric planet% luto% is )eculiarl0 connected +ith form u)on our *arth. luto destro0s or /ringsdeath to all that hinders relationshi) /et+een "oul and form% 6ust as Kulcan /rings to an end all that

    o/structs the light. This entire horosco)e concerns the death )rocesses on all le$els in the three +orlds.

    The %eynoteof this meditation is the death% therefore% of all that )re$ents the disci)le from treading the ;a0

    of the ;orld "[email protected] it e$oes the )eculiar ,)o+er to endure%- +hich is an as)ect of the ;ill nature of =eit0.

    This as)ect is the outstanding characteristic of all ;orld "a$iors.


    Ob$ect To e$oe the energ0 of the 4ising "ign% +hiche$er this ma0 /e in this case% iscesB%

    set u) a relation +ith the O))osite "ign and fuse /oth +ith the "un "ign.

    I +ould here remind 0ou that these meditation formulas are /uilt around and in connection +ith the

    4ising "ign. Therefore% in each case% the0 can /e used in connection +ith an0 "un "ign. All the disci)le has

    to do is to find one of the signs +here the h0)othetical 4ising "ign is the one reuired. e can then utili:e

    the information gi$en a/out the 4ising "ign and its indi$idual formula +ith +hat he no+s in connection

    +ith the "un "ign. This he does in the )eriod of reflection )rior to the definite meditation. I shall co$er all the

    t+el$e signs% using each one of them as a h0)othetical 4ising "ign.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Gemini


    "un "ign emini% the T+ins% the sign of dualit0 and the ultimate trium)h of "oul o$er form.

    4ising "ign =etermined /0 the horosco)e and /ased on the moment of /irth.

    O))osite "ign "agittarius% the Archer u)on the +hite horseB% the sign of the oneC)ointed disci)le

    < no longer s+a0ed /0 the )airs of o))osites or the $ictim of dualit0.

    *soteric )lanet The ruling )lanet of the 4ising "ign% +hiche$er that ma0 /e."eed Thought &ot gi$en here. 'o)ies of it are in the hands of AA# and A. Murra0."0m/ol i$en later in this )a)er.

    Hypothetical Relationship in Ge$ini

    O))osite "ign "agittarius

    4ising "ign Heo4uler the "unB

    "un "ign emini

    *soteric lanet The "un. 4a0 2

    "olar leus 'enter in this case

    (otes on this relationship)

    1. The Sun Sign% emini% indicates the )ro/lem% +hich in this sign is al+a0s that of esta/lishing right

    relations% i.e.% the control of the di$ine% immortal /rother the "oulB o$er the earthl0 mortal /rother the

    )ersonalit0B. This is co$ered /0 "t. aul +here he sa0s ,The first man is of the *arth% [email protected] the second

    Man is the Hord from ea$en.- This control of the higher s)iritual as)ect is graduall0 /rought a/out in

    the furnace of e)erience. The incarnated "oul is torn /et+een the )airs of o))osites

    a. ood and e$il or right and +rong.

    /. The astral )airs of o))osites.

    c. The "oul and the )ersonalit0.

    d. The =+eller on the Threshold of InitiationB and the Angel of the resence.

    This is the )ro/lem of the disci)le% successi$el0 faced and sol$ed.

    2. The Rising Sign% in this case Heo% gi$es the disci)le the clue to his e$entual success. The "econd 4a0 ofHo$e /ecomes )otentl0 a$aila/le% thro+ing light and +isdom u)on the affairs of the disci)leDs life +hile

    the influence of Heo% gi$ing focused consciousness and the strength of the indi$idual +ill% maes the

    )ro/lem solu/le in time. The ma6or o/6ecti$e of the emini disci)le is to /ecome focused in the

    integrated )ersonalit0 +hile oriented unde$iatingl0 to+ard the "oul. This the Heo force maes )ossi/le.

    3. The Opposite Signholds out to the su/6ect a $ision of his goal% the accom)lished dream of the future and

    the assurance of final trium)h. "agittarius mars that )oint in the e)erience of the emini su/6ect +hen


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Gemini

    there is no further fluctuation /et+een the )airs of o))osites /ut onl0 the focused intention of the +illCtoCattain the higher s)iritual o/6ecti$e% as $isioned and understood at an0 one )oint in the life e)erience.

    . The e.oteric and the esoteric planets are in Heo the same% /ut in this )articular case% at one )hase of the

    +or% the "un is seen as $eiling &e)tune% the transmitter of 4a0 "i and its force. ere the "un uses this

    )lanet as a transmitter of a /lend of the "econd 4a0 and the "ith 4a0. The "un maes a$aila/le the

    +isdom and lo$e of the "oul. Though the life of the emini disci)le is e$er one of great difficult0 /otheoteric and su/6ecti$eB% he al+a0s +als in a measure of light and is seldom the $ictim of glamor. e

    lo$es and li$es in the light. This in itself constitutes a )ro/lem% for the emini disci)le is often the $ictim

    of his ma6or $irtues. The light in +hich he +als is so clear that he is almost /linded /0 it and has to

    learn to /e discriminati$e in handling his life currents. e no+s so much that he is a)t to /e im)atient

    +ith the less s)irituall0 informed or% if he is not im)atient% to e)ect too much of them. #ut the influence

    of the "econd 4a0 in this )articular case +ill hel)% and he +ill e$entuall0 mae his final irre$oca/le

    decision in "cor)io and /ecome the acce)ted disci)le in "agittarius.

    The %eynoteof this meditation is light and lo$e% )oured out on the difficult road the emini disci)le has e$er

    to tread. e sees al+a0s /oth the goal and the limitations and < torn as he e$er is /et+een the higher and the

    lo+er < he must +al the ,no/le middle ;a0- in the light of his "oul% forgetting himself in the lo$e of all

    that li$es.


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Gemini


    ;ith Heo 4isingB

    Stage ," #nvocation and Evocation" !reparatory.

    1. After a )eriod of reflection and focusing% the seed thought is here used. It is the seed thought of the

    4ising "ign < in this case Heo.a. "eed thought is not gi$en.

    /. A minuteDs silent thought no+ follo+s and the stead0 $isuali:ing of the descent of energ0 into the

    "oul. This has to /e done /0 the use of the creati$e imagination% for the disci)le unless he is an

    initiate of the third initiationB is not a/le 0et to contact the ")iritual Triad and dra+ do+n the higher

    s)iritual and monadic energ0 into the "oul. The consciousness must /e held as steadil0 as )ossi/le at

    the $er0 to) of the head.

    2. This accom)lished% there follo+s an interlude +herein the disci)le discontinues the use of the creati$e

    imagination and acts as the "oul% consciousl0 )erforming an act of fusion.

    3. e then climaes this fusion or )rocess of atConeing /0 the use of the $er0 ancient +ord < unno+n to

    modern scholars% /ut that is of "ensa origin% no+n to the ierarch0. This ;ord of o+er is not gi$enhere.B

    Stage -" !recipitation and Appropriation.

    1. The disci)le% satisfied +ith +hat has taen )lace and conscious of successful acti$it0% +ithdra+s much

    dee)er no+ +ithin himself. In this Heo meditation used in connection +ith emini% /ut +hich can /e

    used in connection +ith an0 of the t+el$e signsB% he regards himself as a )oint of conscious )o+er%

    standing mid+a0 /et+een the )airs of o))osites% at the )oint of eact euili/rium. It might /e said that

    this meditation is susce)ti/le of use on man0 different )lanes% and the disci)le should endea$or so to use

    it. e can no+ himself as

    a. Treading the ,no/le middle ath- u)on the astral )lane% /alancing the )airs of astral o))osites and

    therefore negating their effects and influences.

    /. "tanding /efore the door of initiation and there recogni:ing the =+eller on the Threshold and the

    Angel of the resence. e +ors at the tas of /lending these t+o the )urified +aiting )ersonalit0%

    the matter as)ect and the "oul% the reflection of ")iritB.

    c. Focused in the "oul% as the result of a successfull0 accom)lished fusion% he sees to /lend the lo+er

    Triad and the ")iritual Triad on "oul le$els.

    d. 4ecogni:ing initiate status% he can% at a later stage% arri$e at a com)rehension of the fusion of s)irit

    and matter from the angle of the Monad.

    2. ;ithout losing a+areness of the "agittariusCHeo relationshi)% he dra+s the )ersonalit0 under the "un

    "ign of emini in this caseB into a conscious relation +ith these t+o other forces. This means carr0ing on

    a tri)le line of thought% simultaneousl0 and s0ntheticall0. The disci)le must learn to understand this

    )rocess through definite e)erience.

    3. e then carries his thought to the ruling )lanet% the "un $eiling and transmitting at this stage the forces

    of &e)tune% )rior to the third initiation% and the forces of (ranus after that initiationB. e )roceeds to

    $isuali:e the follo+ing s0m/ol


  • 8/12/2019 Zodiacal Meditations


    Zodiacal Meditations Gemini

    In this s0m/ol% t+o )airs of o))osites are seen as contrasted in

    the 'ross. The0 are

    "oul ")iritual Triad

    a. The "oul and the threefold )ersonalit0.

    /. The "oul and the ")iritual Triad.

    The 'entral ")iritual "un of the indi$idual Hife i.e. the MonadB

    is seen at the center. The stream of energ0% )la0ing /et+een the

    Triad and the "oul is $isuali:ed and seen as a $i$id electric /lue%

    +hile that /et+een the "oul and the )ersonalit0 is seen as a

    golden li$ing 0ello+. The "un of the Monad is seen as )ure

    "oul ersonalit0

    +hite light. This s0m/ol is eceedingl0 )otent in )re)aring the

    disci)le for initiation and must /e /uilt seuentiall0. The line of light /et+een the Triad and the "oul

    must /e esta/lished first of all and then the line /et+een the "oul and the )ersonalit0. The "un of the Hife

    is then su)erim)osed in consciousness and deli/eratel0B u)on the center and then it o/literates the lines

    of force so that the final s0m/ol is some+hat as follo+s

    This is an esoteric s0m/ol of fi$efold man and is% in realit0% the

    resolution of the fi$eC)ointed star into the fi$e circles of the s)iritual

    life. I +ould as 0ou to )onder on this.

    . #0 an act of the +ill% the disci)le then gathers these /lended energies together and )ours them into the

    s)iritual center% as into a reser$oir of d0namic energ0. The effect is then to /urn u) all lo+er desire% to set

    u) such a )otent $i/ration that heart and solar )leus /eat s0nchronousl0. Of this )rocess% the follo+ing

    is the s0m/ol

    The higher octa$e of desire +hich is as)irationB is itself e$entuall0

    transmuted into +hat is technicall0 and esotericall0 called ,the

    o/literation of ahanara.- *$en the s)iritual consciousness of ,I amThat- gi$es )lace to that of ,I am That I am.- In the +ords of 'hristian

    esotericism% ,The 'hrist returns to the Father and then the Father rules.-

    This indicates a $er0 ad$anced stage.

    5. As the disci)le +ors at this )rocess of reali:ation% he reaches the )oint a )oint that $aries ascendingly

    as he )rogressesB at +hich thought fades out and a silent )rocess of assimilation taes )lace. The "oul%

    the mind and the /rain s0nchroni:e their acti$ities.

    9. e then sounds the OM not the A(MB fourteen times and /0 an act of the +ill commandsand directs

    the fusion of the su/6ecti$e and the o/6ecti$e energies +ith +hich he ma0 /e dealing at the time. This

    )rocess falls into t+o stages

    a. The conscious fusion of the energ0 of the 4ising "ign +ith the "un "ign.

    /. The fusion < /0 an act of the s)iritual ;ill < of the energies of the O))osite "ign +ith the blended

    energies of the "un "ign and the 4ising "ign.

    Gou can a))reciate the necessit0% therefore% for the disci)le to ha$e some reali:ation of the nature of the

    energies that flo+ through the constellations and of the significance of the nature of the "un in relation to

    Heo in this )articular caseB in its tri)le as)ect of the )h0sical "un% the eart of the "un and the 'entral")iritual "un.