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Zoe McIntosh HNS Ambassador

Date post: 21-Mar-2016
Author: katie-halchishick
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Zoe McIntosh is a model with Bella Models in Australia and Milk Model Management in the UK. She is also a Healthy is the New Skinny ambassador. Learn more about Zoe and get inspired!
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HNS Model Ambassador Zoe McIntosh
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! HNS Model Ambassador Zoe McIntosh

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ZOE   Zoe was born in Colombia, raised in Scotland (Edinburgh), and when she was 12 she moved to England and went to boarding school for 3 years before going onto college and then university to study ‘Hospitality Management’ in Gloucestershire, England. She is the youngest of 4 girls. She started modelling at 16 but as she didn’t live in London found that it got in the way with school work so put it off until she finished my degree and signed with Excel Models in the UK. She met my boyfriend, Sam, in January last year and after 9 months of long distance moved to Sydney to be with him and this is where she signed with Bella Model Management and could not be happier. She have two wonderful agents and she love the opportunities modelling has given her. She has walked in Milan, London and Australia and modelling has taken her to some great places. Healthy is the New Skinny is so proud to have Zoe on our team as an Ambassador, she is beautiful inside and out.  

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Why do you feel Healthy is the New Skinny is important and why do you want to be apart of the change?

I want to be part of this movement because as a young girl, I only saw skinny as an option, a lot of my friends and myself included would diet together and encourage each other to get thin. Plus size models and curvy role models were not as popular and common as they are now, and until my older sister became a plus size model I felt skinny was the only way forward and having her around me and visiting her in London seeing how confident she was and how people re-acted to her made me realize that being skinny didn’t mean beautiful and it doesn’t get you all the things you think it will, such as popularity and boyfriends. I came to realize that being skinny wouldn’t make me happy but taking care of yourself, respecting you and your body would!  

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Why do you believe in Healthy is the New Skinny? I feel that Healthy is the New Skinny is helping girls realize that there is more to beauty than a size 0-6. It’s helping girls realize that beauty comes a lot deeper than just a dress size and its making them realize that "Living a healthy life style of exercise, self respect and confidence is the way forward.” When you think about the word “Happiness" what does it look like?    When I think about happiness, I see myself surrounded by people who care about me, and who are there for me during the good and the bad times. Happiness to me is being with my friends, it could be in the park, at the beach, in a club/bar or just hanging out in my apartment watching a movie and having a good gossip.

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�What is the funniest, most awkward, or embarrassing thing that has happened to you working as a model? It was during Milan fashion week whilst changing outfits backstage and I was stood in a pair of heels, no bra a g-string and having a dress stuck on my head because it got attached to my hair and just standing there whilst the dresser tried to prize it off so I could change quickly into my next outfit, and there were alot of people backstage at this point, all I could do was laugh! It must have been a funny thing to see. !!What knowledge have you gained from your experience in the industry that has helped you realize what is important in your life? It’s made me realize more what straight size models who are not naturally thin have to go through, and how good plus size models have it. Alot of people think ‘Plus Size’ means over weight, and un-healthy. I have realized that by working in the industry and meeting so many different inspirational characters that “There is a huge community of people who are really fighting for a better healthier image to be portrayed to not only young girls but to everyone!”    Do you think if more women could better understand the industry, they would be able to have a more clear perspective of what is most important in their lives? I think that when women stop worrying about what they can eat, and what they look like, and start living a healthy active lifestyle, you start to enjoy the simple things and you realize that friends , family and doing the things you are passionate about are the most important things in life. Learning to kick back and relax surrounded by your favourite people is the best feeling in the world.  

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       What do you love most about being a woman?    Ladies night! J LOL, And all the options we have, we can do anything! But I think the best thing about being a woman is how we support each other as a group. Woman are more open with each other than men and from my experience, woman are great at supporting each other and being there for their friends. There is nothing better than getting together with your girlfriends and feeling comfortable and able to say whatever you want without feeling like you won’t look cool or will be judged. And I think men don’t really share their feelings with each other as freely women do as it is seen as ‘un-cool’, but with the girls you can just be yourself!   What do you want other girls to know?   As I said before, I want girls to realize there is so much more to life than just being skinny, photos are airbrushed not everyone has perfect skin, being skinny does not bring you popularity or boyfriends, and if you starve yourself to be skinny and that is not your natural shape then you won’t be happy or healthy. Once you stop worrying about it and start taking care of yourself, by regular exercise and eating the right foods you will naturally feel better, look better and have more confidence. Accept your body, learn to love it, and embrace a healthy life style!

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  If you could go back in time to bring a message to your high school self.... what would you tell her and why?   I would tell myself ‘Stand up tall, don’t be shy, and embrace life’ (I always used to hunch over because I had bigger boobs and was taller than my friends, so I was always trying to blend in with the crowd).

When you are alone and left with only your thoughts and dreams, what do you wish for? This is a tough one.....I think about my future and I hope that I will be happy, successful and have a family. I hope to be able to support my parents when they are older and I dream to somehow make a change to the world even if it’s just a small one. !

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Zoe’s Favorite Things-  Food- Smoked salmon can’t get enough of it, with wasabi! YUMMM!!! T.V. Shows-Glee, The Inbetweeners (UK show), Miranda and Absolutely Fabulous Fashion-Scarves....lots of them, they can liven up any outfit, scarves just add that little something special. Sports-Basketball, I played for my university team, I have never been completely sure of the rules or the best player but it is such a great work out and a great team sport. I always felt I was just doing a sprint from one end of the court to the other with the hope of catching the ball! J

What is something people wouldn't know about you if they judged you off your appearance alone?  I secretly want to wear adidas shell suits all day everyday and be Sue Sylvester from Glee!!!

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Zoe McIntosh Height- Talll Size- Healthy Weight- Who Cares… Representation- Bella Model Management, Australia and Milk Model Management, UK.    “I want to see plus size models being used more to help portray that Healthy is the new Skinny”-Zoe

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