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  • 1. Asalamualaikum WR.WBronounsP( )Di Susun oleh :Zulva Yolanda PutriSubject and object Pronouns

2. START !!!Click Here to start , 3. Please Loading !!! 4. SubjectandobjectPronounsPronounsSTKIP MUHAMMADIYAHSubject pronouns function as thesubjectOf a clause or sentenceObject pronouns function as theobjectsOf verbs And prepotisitions 5. SubjectandobjectpronounsSTKIP MUHAMMADIYAHpronouns 6. SubjectandobjectpronounsSTKIP MUHAMMADIYAHpronounsExamples :a. Anna is marry she has two children .S.Pb. Susi is my friend , I know her well .O.Pc. Ahmad has a new bicycle , he bought it yesterday .S.P O.P 7. SubjectandobjectpronounsSTKIP MUHAMMADIYAHpronounsExamples in the sentences :Anna is my friends ,she still young andbeautiful girl. She has a tall body and her body isthin . Anna has a two sisters , they are Ani and Ina.Their come From the rich family so, they arealways happy because their can buy anything withTheir money .Note :Red is subject pronounsBlue is object pronouns 8. SubjectandobjectpronounsSTKIP MUHAMMADIYAHpronounsExercises :1. Mrs. Lee wrote a note on my test paper . ( she / her ) wantedto talk to ( I / Me ) after class .2. Nick dinner with ( I / Me ) .3. Give the money to ( She / her ) .

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